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John Smy, 1805 Suffolk

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John Smy, 1805 Suffolk

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If anyone can add to the info below please get in touch, willing to exchange info.

Best Wishes

Descendants of John Smy

Generation No. 1

1. JOHN1 SMY was born Abt. 1805 in Sutton, Suffolk, and died 27 January 1867 in NBI, Brandeston, Suffolk. He married MARY A 29 October 1827.

Children of JOHN SMY and MARY A are:
2. i. GEORGE2 SMY, b. Abt. 1839, Debenham, Suffolk.
ii. SARAH ANN SMY, b. 12 February 1831; d. 23 March 1836, Burial Date....Debenham, Suffolk.
3. iii. JOHN SMY, b. Abt. 1833, Debenham, Suffolk.
4. iv. EMMA SMY, b. Abt. 1837, Debenham, Suffolk.
5. v. JOSEPH WILIAM SMY, b. 15 January 1842, Debenham, Suffolk.
6. vi. JAMES SMY, b. Abt. January 1845, Debenham, Suffolk.

Generation No. 2

2. GEORGE2 SMY (JOHN1) was born Abt. 1839 in Debenham, Suffolk. He married EMMA.

Children of GEORGE SMY and EMMA are:
7. i. FREDERICK3 SMY, b. 21 January 1861, Kenton,Suffolk.
ii. ALICE SMY, b. 12 August 1863.
iii. FANNY JANE SMY, b. 24 January 1866.
iv. ARTHUR SMY, b. 12 April 1868.
v. SAMUEL EDWARD SMY, b. 24 August 1870.
vi. ALBERT PHAROAH SMY, b. 12 February 1873.
vii. GEORGE FRANK SMY, b. 16 May 1875.
viii. FLORENCE M SMY, b. Abt. 1879.

3. JOHN2 SMY (JOHN1) was born Abt. 1833 in Debenham, Suffolk. He married ELIZA SUSANNA Abt. 1855.

Death Cert Informant: 7 March 1918, Daughter Mary Burrows(Smy)

Children of JOHN SMY and ELIZA SUSANNA are:
i. GEORGE E SMY3 ?, b. Abt. 1855.
ii. ROBERT SMY, b. Abt. 1860.
iii. JOHN SMY, b. Abt. 1862.
iv. MARY SMY, b. Abt. 1864; m. BURROWS.
v. SARAH ANN SMY, b. Abt. 1866; d. Abt. 1870, Parish Records,Kenton,Suffolk..
vi. JAMES SMY, b. 17 May 1868, Kenton,Suffolk.
vii. THOMAS SMY, b. 17 April 1870, Kenton,Suffolk.
viii. RICHARD SMY, b. Abt. 1872.
ix. SARAH ANN 2ND SMY, b. Abt. 1874, Kenton,Suffolk.
x. ELLEN SMY, b. Abt. 1876.
xi. EDGAR E. SMY, b. Abt. 1879.
xii. WILLIAM SMY, b. Abt. 1858, Kenton, Suffolk.

4. EMMA2 SMY (JOHN1) was born Abt. 1837 in Debenham, Suffolk. She married EMMANUEL HALL 22 October 1855 in Brandeston,Suffolk.

Children of EMMA SMY and EMMANUEL HALL are:
i. ARTHUR WILLIAM3 HALL, b. 2 August 1857.
ii. EMANUEL HALL, b. Abt. 1860.
8. iii. ALFRED HALL, b. 3 July 1862, Brandeston,Suffolk.
iv. EMMA HALL, b. Abt. 1865.
v. SAMUEL HALL, b. 7 June 1868.
vi. FREDERICK HALL, b. Abt. 1872.
vii. CLEMENTINE HALL, b. 28 June 1874.
viii. ISAAC HALL, b. 25 December 1876.
ix. ADA ALICE HALL, b. 10 September 1878.

5. JOSEPH WILIAM2 SMY (JOHN1) was born 15 January 1842 in Debenham, Suffolk. He married ELIZABETH.

Children of JOSEPH SMY and ELIZABETH are:
i. WILLIAM3 SMY, b. Abt. 1867.
ii. ERNEST SMY, b. Abt. 1869.
iii. WALTER SMY, b. 5 January 1873; d. Abt. 1874, Framsden,Suffolk.
iv. ALFRED SMY, b. 6 May 1875; d. 4 January 1876, Framsden,Suffolk.
v. BERTHA SMY, b. Abt. 1877.

6. JAMES2 SMY (JOHN1) was born Abt. January 1845 in Debenham, Suffolk. He married BERTHA BAKER 19 October 1884 in Tenby, South Wales.

Children of JAMES SMY and BERTHA BAKER are:
i. JOHN EDWARD3 SMY, b. 30 October 1885.
ii. FRED CHARLES SMY, b. 20 March 1887.
iii. MARY DOROTHY SMY, b. 23 August 1888.
iv. ALICE ADA SMY, b. 21 January 1890.
v. ERNEST HERBERT SMY, b. 29 May 1891.
vi. GEORGE HENRY SMY, b. 5 December 1892.
vii. EMMA SMY, b. 21 August 1894.

Generation No. 3

7. FREDERICK3 SMY (GEORGE2, JOHN1) was born 21 January 1861 in Kenton,Suffolk. He married ELLEN CURTIS 1886 in Hoxne.

9. i. EMMA SOPHIA4 SMY, b. 25 December 1894, Framlingham, Suffolk; d. 13 February 1966, Newmaket General Hospital,Exning,Newmarket..
ii. ALICE EVA SMY, b. 24 December 1901, Framlingham, Suffolk; m. ALBERT FIRMAN.
iii. FLORENCE MAY SMY, b. 13 April 1897, Framlingham, Suffolk.
iv. ARTHUR SMY, b. 24 November 1889, Kenton, Suffolk.
10. v. VICTOR CHARLES SMY, b. 12 July 1887, Kenton, Suffolk; d. 18 June 1917, WW1,France.
vi. LUCY JANE SMY, b. 26 July 1892, Framlingham, Suffolk.
vii. JACK PHARAOH SMY, b. 25 February 1907, Framlingham, Suffolk.

8. ALFRED3 HALL (EMMA2 SMY, JOHN1) was born 3 July 1862 in Brandeston,Suffolk. He married ALICE FLATT 4 November 1882 in Thorington, Suffolk.

i. ALICE ADA4 HALL, b. Abt. 1883; m. WILLIAM BAKER.

Generation No. 4

9. EMMA SOPHIA4 SMY (FREDERICK3, GEORGE2, JOHN1) was born 25 December 1894 in Framlingham, Suffolk, and died 13 February 1966 in Newmaket General Hospital,Exning,Newmarket.. She married JOHN HENRY RATCLIFFE 5 October 1919 in Bedfield Parish Church, son of GEORGE RATCLIFFE and EDITH FREWIN.

Children of VICTOR SMY and HENRIETTA PIPE are:
i. FREDERICK WILLIAM5 SMY, b. 11 February 1912, Framlingham, Suffolk.
ii. VICTOR SMY, b. 17 May 1912, Framlingham, Suffolk.

Generation No. 5

11. JOHN DENNIS5 RATCLIFFE (EMMA SOPHIA4 SMY, FREDERICK3, GEORGE2, JOHN1) was born 29 October 1922 in Enfield. He married DOROTHY MAY TIMMS 3 December 1945 in Aldershot Registery Office, daughter of VICTOR TIMMS and SARAH LONG.

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