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Marion Harland's handwritten Genealogy of the Smiths of Montrose (Virginia)

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Marion Harland's handwritten Genealogy of the Smiths of Montrose (Virginia)

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Surnames: Smith, etc
I transcribed this submitted by digital eye so as to create a searchable resource. Any mistakes, please let me know:

Genealogy of the Smiths of Montrose

This branch of the Smith family in Virginia is descended in direct line from the brother of the famous Capt. John Smith. The compiler of this record has conversed with members of the family recollect having seen the Smith coat of arms (the three Turks’ heads) which was preserved for many years, but has unfortunately disappeared.

A John Smith married Hannah in England and settled in Charles City Virginia in the latter part of the 17th century.
B Their son Obidiah Smith married Mary, daughter of William Cocke.
C Their daughter was Mary Smith born October 6th, 1726 died November 15th, 1804
AA William Smith married Anne Sterling in England, and settled in Gloucester County Virginia in the latter part of the 17th or early in the 18th century.
BB Their son Robert married Mary Axx.
Their children were:
1 William born November the 18th, 1720 died January the 16th, 1719. He married Mary (C) daughter of Obadiah Smith (B).
2 A daughter married Francis Armistead
3 A daughter Mary married William Smith of Olney, Henrico County. Father of William Sterling Smith, he was born Dec 20th, 1758.
x See Page
4 George Smith
5 Isaac Smith
6 Robert Smith
7 Francis Smith
CC William Smith was born Nov 18th, 1720, married Mary Smith (C) February 18th, 1742, and died January 16th, 1790. Tradition says he was fatally injured by a fall from a colt he was trying to break. He removed not long after his marriage to Montrose (then Primrose) Powhatan (then Cumberland) County and settled on Deep Creek, where Josiah S. Smith his great-grandson now 1880 resides.

He was a loyal subject of George II and in theory a member of the church of England or its daughter the Church of Virginia. With his wife, whose relatives resided not far from one of the Rev. Samuel Davies' churches, perhaps Pole Green, he occasionally attended the preaching of that eminent clergyman. Mrs. Smith having been converted under the ministrations of Mr. Davies, her husband was greatly annoyed, and for some time discouraged, if he did not actually forbid her further attendance on the 'Dissenter' services. In time, however, his wife's influence prevailed, and he also became a communicant in the Presbyterian Church, and an elder in the Cumberland Church. This organization covered the territory then constituting Cumberland County, which included what is now Powhatan so much of Prince Edward as was not occupied by Briery and Buffalo churches. He and his wife continued to attend the preaching of Mr. Davies in Hanover, sometimes in the summer season fording James River on horseback, each carrying a child. With one exception all their descendents whose church connection is known have been Presbyterians.
The children of William and Mary Smith of Montrose were;
1 Robert Smith born July 1st, 1743, married Elizabeth James June 17th, 1763, lived near Montrose, and died September 23rd, 1784, aged 41 years.
2 Elizabeth Smith born October 1st, 1746, married Jessie Pleasants May 4th, 1769, lived in Halifax and died 1810, aged 55 years.
3 Jacob Smith born November 8th, 1747, died July 16th, 1755.
4 William S. Smith born May 25th 1750, married Betsey Bagly May 22nd, 1783, resided in Chesterfield and died October 4th, 1802, aged 52 years.
5 George Smith born December 25th, 1750 died August 11th, 1755.
6 Mary Smith born July 4th, 1755 married James Morton November 5th, 1782, resided at Wellington, Prince Edward County, died 1815 aged 60 years.
7 Frances Smith born November 18th, 1751, married Patty Allen August 28th, 1782, settled at Scott Green, near Farmville, Prince Edward County, died 1821 age 64 years. He was the only member of the immediate family who lived beyond threescore.
8 Anne Smith born April 6th, 1760 married Rev. Drury Lacy DD of Ararat, Prince Edward County December 25, 1789, died 1815, aged 55 years.
9 Martha Smith born March 17th, 1762, died March 24th, 1774.
10 Josiah Smith born January 8th, 1765, married Judith Michaux Mosby December 31st, 1793, resided at Montrose, and died January 4th, 1819 aged 54 years.
11 Obadiah Smith, born August 23rd, 1767 died August 22nd, 1782.
12 Judith Smith born August 2nd, 1769 married her cousin William Sterling Smith of Olney, Henrico County December 31st, 1801, died 1820, aged 57 years.
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As far as known, the brothers of William Smith of Montrose settled in Prince Edward, Chesterfield and Lunenburg Counties, and in North Carolina, his sons and daughters in Henrico, Chesterfield, Prince Edward, and Halifax counties.

I Robert Smith married Elizabeth James, and lived half a mile east of Montrose.
Their children were;
1 William Smith married Martha Sampson
Their children were;
a Frank Smith who married Miss Lockett and moved to Mississippi. A daughter of theirs married a Mr. Lemley.
b Eliza Smith married Frank Sampson
Their children were;
aa Frank Sampson married Miss Shifflett
bb Martha Sampson
Emily Sampson married John Sublett of Richmond Virginia
dd Julia Sampson married Captain Wrenn(?) of Powhatan
ee Mary Ann Sampson married Hannibal Harris
c Jefferson Smith married Miss Baugh late in life
d Martha Smith married R F Graves of Powhatan Co. Their daughter Virginia married Powhatan Dance M.D.
they have several children
2 Pauline Smith married William Sterling Smith of Olney, his first wife.
Their children were;
a Robert Smith married three times. By his first wife he had one daughter Julia A. who married Robert Parrish of Goochland and died without issue.
b Betsey (Elizabeth) who married first Rev. Thomas W. Limpkin of Charlottesville Virginia Dec 28th 1808. Mr. Limpkin died seven month of their marriage, before the birth of their daughter, Mary Thomas Limpkin born November 23rd, 1809 died 30th 1852.
Betsey married second Rev. J E Curtis, a native of Wethersfield Connecticut afterwards pastor in Hanover and Powhatan Counties Virginia, his wife died 1845, his death occurred in 1859.
The children were;
aa Pauline Smith Curtis died aged 28 years
bb Anne Eliza Curtis died aged 16 years
c Mary Smith married Jacob Ledbetter of Goochland about 1821, she had five children and died in 1856.
3 Lucy Smith married Jacob Salmon of Goochland, nothing is known of her children
4 Francis Smith married Martha Poole, and moved to Georgia. He returned to Virginia with his family in 1830, and was drowned in James River.
The children were;
a Frank Smith married first Miss Cowles, second Miss Mildred Shelton, 3rd Mrs. Crump. By his first wife he had one daughter Lydia Smith, who [married] William Nash of Cartersville. His children were Frank, John, and others, names unknown. By his second marriage Frank Smith had one daughter, Mildred.
b Martha Smith
c Edwin Smith married Mary Elizabeth McCurdy of Richmond.
5 Robert Smith married Betsy Shelton, and is supposed to have moved to Columbia Tennessee. He was the only know professor of religion in the family other than a Presbyterian, he was a Methodist.
II Elizabeth Smith married Jesse Pleasants and lived in Halifax.
Their children were;
1 Elizabeth W. Pleasants. She married Rev. Moses Waddell DD of South Carolina.
Their children were;
a James P. Waddell, professor in the University of Georgia
b Rev. Isaac N Waddell
c Rev. John N Waddell DD chancellor of the University of Mississippi
2 Mary Pleasants married John Keen Pittsylvania C H Virginia
3 Nancy Pleasants married John Woodson of Bear Garden Buckingham County Virginia
4 Joseph Pleasants
5 Martha Pleasants married Mr. Rowlett
6 Judith Pleasants married Mr. Ligan
7 John Pleasants married Nancy Thoreat(?)
Their children were;
a Dr. William B Pleasants dentist ? Va
b John Pleasants
c Josiah Pleasants
d Nancy Pleasants
III William S. Smith married Betsy Bagby, and settled in Chesterfield
their children were;
1 Harriet Smith married William Groves of Powhatan. Among their children she had one remarkably beautiful daughter Julia who married Barratier(?) Harris of Powhatan a very wealthy farmer at the time of their marriage, but who is believed to have died poor.
2 Betsy married Dr. William B. Smith (her cousin)
3 Abner Smith married Emmeline Moseby

IV Mary Smith married Major James Morgan of Wellington
their children;
1 Mary Morton married Dr. John H. Rice, first pastor of the first Presbyterian church in ? Virginia, and founder of Union Theological Seminary Prince Edward
2 William married E C Minor
their children were;
a Mary Morton married Thomas Wood of Charlottesville Virginia
b James Woodson Morton married Louisa Minor (his? Cousin). He was killed at the battle of Gettysburg 1863.
Their children were;
aa William S. Morton
bb Raymond Minor Morton
cc Elvira C Morton
dd Mary S. Morton
c John Blair Morton married Anne Bourman (his own cousin). He died in 1867 leaving three children.
3 Mary S. Morton married James McNutt
their children were;
a Samuel McNutt died young
b James Morton McNutt married Mary C. Venable
their children were;
aa Elizabeth McNutt married Dr. Henry Watkins of Prince Edward, she has several children
bb Milly McNutt married Mr. Brooks of Rockbridge, she has one child living, one dead
cc James McNutt died young
dd Flora McNutt
ee Isabella McNutt
ff Margaret McNutt
gg Samuel McNutt
c Mary McNutt married Rev. Henry Brown
their children are;
aa William Brown
bb Aurelia Brown
cc James Morrison Brown married Miss Steele
d Margaret McNutt married Andrew Withrow of Rockbridge
their children were;
aa Mary Withrow
bb Sally Withrow married first Mr. McKelsing 2nd John Withrow
cc John Withrow married Alice Johnson
dd James Withrow
ee Kate Withrow
e John Rice McNutt married first Fannie daughter of Rev. James Morrison of Rockbridge
their children were
aa James M McNutt M.D. married Miss ___ of Gloucester
bb Mollie McNutt
John Rice McNutt married second Miss McCorkle. He now lives in Missouri and has several young children.
f Robert McNutt married Miss Galley
g Franklin McNutt
h Eliza McNutt married Mr. McBride
i Joseph McNutt
j Anne Rice McNutt married Mr. Steele (dead)
4 John Blair Morton never married
5 Eliza Fisher Morton married Rev. James Wharey
their children were;
a Elvira Wharey died young
b Harriet Wharey died young
c Mary Wharey married the Rev. Mr. Currie of North Carolina and left two children.
aa James Currie
bb Bessie Currie
d Ann Wharey married Rev. Halbert-Hill of North Carolina
e Thomas Wharey married Miss King of Georgia
f James M. Wharey married Mrs. Davidson nee Blanton, he has two children
V Francis Smith married Pattie Allen and lived at Scott Green Prince Edward County Virginia
their children are;
1 William B. Smith married Betsey Smith (his cousin)
2 Elizabeth A. Smith married Mr. Wilkinson, her only daughter married the Rev Drury Lacy DD
3 Mary M Smith married Theodore Williams, a play actor of England, she had one child, Mary Britannia Williams who married ___Nelson of North Carolina
4 Robert Smith
5 Sterling Smith
6 Franklin Smith
VI Anne Smith married Rev. Drury Lacy DD
their children were;
1 Wm A Lacy DD married 1st Sally Graham (daughter of Edward and Margaret Graham (nee Alexander) of Lexington Virginia.
Their children were;
a Edmund Graham Lacy born August 1817
b Rev. Beverly Tucker Lacy DD of Missouri. He married his cousin Miss Agnes Alexander. Their son Alexander Lacy is a lawyer in Missouri.
c William Alexander Lacy born May 1821.
d Horace Lacy lawyer born June 1823. He married Miss Betty___. They have several children, their daughter Agnes married Rev. JP Smith Pastor Fredricksburg church
e Campbell Lacy born March 1825 died April 1825
f Ann Smith Lacy born April 26, 1826 died February 1827.
g John Randolph Lacy born August 1827
h Drury Lacy M.D. born in September 1829. He lives in Mississippi
i Sallie Lacy born 1844
j Margaret born and died July 1832 with her mother.
William S. Lacy married second Miss Julie Eldridge of New Hampshire August 1833.
Their children were;
a Mary Eldridge Lacy born September 1834
b Sterling Smith Lacy born October 1841
c Archibald Alexander Lacy born September 1843
d Fannie Lee Lacy born September 1847
2 Elizabeth R Lacy married Rev. Samuel Davies Hoge
their children were;
a Rev. Moses D. Hoge DD married Miss Susan W. Wood
their children were;
aa Bessie Hoge
bb Mary Hoge married Mr. Gilliam a lawyer of Richmond Virginia

cc Fannie Hoge
dd Susie Hoge
ee Guenevere Hoge
ff Lacy Hoge
These four [above] died in infancy or childhood.
gg Moses Hoge
hh Hampton Hoge
b Elizabeth Hoge married Mr. Marquiss. They had several children, one of whom is the Rev. William H. Marquiss of Missouri.
c Rev. William J. Hoge married first Miss Mary Swift-Ballard.
Their children were;
aa Addison Hoge professor in Hampden Sydney College
bb Lacy Hoge married Rev. Mr.__of Kentucky
Rev. William J. Hoge married second Miss Virginia Harrison daughter of the Rev. Peyton Harrison of Clifton Fluvarna(?) County Virginia
their children were;
aa Mary Swift Hoge
bb Peyton Harrison Hoge
There were three others who died in infancy, one of whom William was baptized at his father's deathbed
3 J Horace Lacy MD married first Pauline Lyle daughter of Rev. Matthew Lyle, pastor of Briery and Buffalo churches Prince Edward County Virginia
their children were;
a Sally Lacy
b J Horace Lacy MD
c Bessie Lacy
d Nancy Lacy
e Rev Matthew Lyle Lacy married Miss Susan Watkins daughter of Dr Joseph Watkins of Charlotte County Virginia
f Drury Lacy
Dr. J. Horace Lacy married 2nd Miss Mary Allen of Prince Edward County Virginia
their children were;
g Samuel Lacy
h Mary Lacy
i Judith Lacy
4 Judith S. Lacy married first Rev. JH Brookes who resided first in Ohio, then in Tennessee where he died. By this marriage she had two children, one of whom is the Rev. James H. Brookes DD of St. Louis.
Judith Lacy Brookes married second Mr. Rogers: by whom she had a daughter who married Cortlandt Goodrich
5 Rev Drury Lacy DD married 1st Miss Willianna Wilkinson daughter of his cousin.
Their children were;
a Bessie Lacy born 7th August 1832, married Prof. Thos W Dewey of Charlotte NC Oct 19th 1853.
Their children were;
aa Charles Dewey born September 6, 1854 died August 31, 1855
bb Mary Dewey born September 25, 1856
cc Bessie Dewey born January 22, 1858
dd Anne Leticia Dewey born May 30, 1859
ee Hazel Weller Dewey born April 7th 1861
ff Grace Singleton Dewey born October 31, 1862
b Horace Lacy died when first graduating with great distinction at the University of North Carolina
c Drury Lacy died shortly after marriage to Miss__ of Wilmington NC
d Rev. William S. Lacy pastor of the church in Buffalo North Carolina
e Agnes Lacy
f Benjamin Rice Lacy
g John Rice Lacy
VII Josiah Smith of Montrose married Judith Michaux Mosby, daughter of Littlebury Mosby of Powhatan.
Their children were;
1 Mary M Smith born July 18, 1799 died January 1852.
2 William L. Smith born December 11, 1803, married Susan daughter of Smith Payne of Buckingham County Virginia December 13, 1826.
Their children were;
a Josiah P. Smith born May 25, 1828, married Miss Shifflett of Albemarle. He was killed instantly by a cannon ball in defence of Richmond September 1864.
Their children were;
aa William Smith
bb Thomas Smith
b Margaret Smith born December 23, 1830, married William C. Hagan Christianburg August 1854.
Their children were;
aa William C. Hagan
bb Lee Hagan
cc John Hagan
dd George Hagan
ee Susan Hagan
ff Edward Hagan
gg Benjamin Mosby Hagan
c Judith Smith born June 7, 1833 died suddenly at Seven Islands 1857.
d Virginia Lee Smith born 1843 married Richard Sherril of Tennessee.
3 Judith E. born April 14, 1806 died February 6th 1816.
4 Josiah Smith born April 26, 1808 married Mary Williams, daughter of William S. Dance of Powhatan in 1843.
Their children were;
a Josiah Spencer Smith born February 1845, married Fanny daughter of William Royal of Powhatan, they have one child Royal.
b Willis Benjamin Smith born February 1855.
5 Benjamin M. Smith born June 30, 1811, married October 31, 1839, Mary oldest daughter of Rev. James and Fanny Morrison (nee Brown) granddaughter of the Rev. Samuel and Mary (Moore) Brown, he being the "Indian Captive".
Their children were;
a Josiah Morrison Smith born September 30th 1840 died October 10, 1868
b Mary Moore Smith born March 21, 1843, married the Rev. PP Flournoy August 3, 1866.
Their children were;
aa Nelly Morrison Flournoy born October 2, 1868
bb Mary Moore Flournoy born Feb 3rd 1871
cc Corke Poindexter Flournoy born July 1873
c Fannie Brown Smith born May 3 1846 married the Rev. John W. Rosebro May 15th 1873, they have one child John W. Rosebro born April 1874.
d Emily Michaux Smith born November 24, 1848
e a son born and died August 16th 1851
f Elizabeth Smith born October 7, 1852 died October 26, 1852
g Elizabeth Courtlandt Smith born October 26, 1853.
h Benjamin Mosby Smith born March 29, 1857
i Harriet Rochè Smith born October 22, 1859 died October 16, 1861
j a son born and died September 1861
k Robert Dabney Smith born December 21 1862 died January 16, 1864
l Lavinia Rutherford Smith born February 4, 1865
6 Emily Smith born March 26, 1814, married Richard Booker of Amelia February 1842
7 Judith Eliza Smith born May 15, 1816

VIII Judith Smith married William Sterling Smith (her cousin) of Olney Henrico County Virginia December 31, 1801. William Sterling Smith died at Olney March 18, 1829.
Their children were;
1 Judith Anna born May 9th 1806 married SP Hawes (merchant) a native of Rochester Massachusetts January 27, 1825, died July 9, 1874.
Their children were;
a William Edwin Hawes born May 1827 died 1832.
b Anna Almeria born June 11, 1829, married John C. Miller (merchant) of Scotland 1859.
Their children were;
aa Caskie Miller born May 1860
bb Anne Miller born October 1861
cc Herbert Horace Miller
dd Mary Elizabeth Miller
ee Blair Miller
ff Edward Terhune Miller born 1870
c Mary Virginia Hawes born December 21, 1831 married the Rev. EP Terhune DD of New Jersey September 22, 1856.
Their children were;
aa Edward Hawes Terhune born September 9, 1857 died September 14, 1861
bb Chrissie Terhune born June 13, 1859
cc Alice Hawes Terhune born March 7, 1863 died January 1, 1874
dd Virginia Belle Terhune born May 21, 1865
ee Myrtle Terhune born February 4, 1869 died September 30, 1869
ff Albert Payson Terhune born December 21, 1872
d Herbert Henry Hawes born January 21, 1834, married Harriet Bouldin daughter (Hon) Judge James Bouldin of Charlotte Co Virginia died January 1906.
Their children were;
aa Alice Hawes born 1863
bb Louise Contesse Hawes
cc Samuel Pierce Hawes
dd Mary Virginia Hawes born 1869
ee Herbert Bouldin Hawes born 1872
e Samuel Horace Hawes (merchant) born June 5th 1838, married Martha C Heath of New Jersey October 3, 1867, married second Mary Blair Fills
Their children were;
aa Horace Sterling Hawes born 1868
bb Heath Woodruff Hawes died in infancy
cc Katherine Heath Hawes born 1876
f Alice Hawes born September 20, 1840, died December 31, 1862.
g Myrtle Hawes born December 29, 1842, married William S. Robertson (merchant) of Richmond Virginia, October 17, 1867, died 1893.
Their children were;
aa Edward Terhune Robertson born April 25, 1870
bb Ellen Hawes Robertson born January 17, 1873, married JH Capers Jr of Richmond
cc William Sterling Robertson born June 25th 1880
h George Percy Hawes (merchant) born June 29, 1846, married first Jeanie Wortham of Richmond Virginia April 8th 1874, she died June 6, 1884.
Their children were;
aa George Percy Hawes born February 17, 1876
bb Charles Morris Hawes born May 21, 1878
cc Morton Hutcheson Hawes born July 31, 1882, died June 16th 1883
George Percy Hawes married second Elizabeth Ragsdale Charles daughter of Thomas de la Mare Charles on April 29, 1891.
2 Josiah Drury Smith born 1808 married Susannah Davis of Henrico County Virginia April 28, 1835 and died 1857
Their children were;
a Marcellus Sterling Smith born February 22 1836
b Eliza Maria Smith married James Binford (dead)

Marion Harland, Genealogy of the Smiths of Montrose, handwritten 1880, submitted by digital eye, transcribed by Susie Helme, London 2010.
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