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Surnames: SIMS, BULLOCK,etal

(8) (MAJOR) JOSEPH SIMS Born Ca 1791 Warren Co., NC Died Dec., 1850 (Len Henley Sims Bible) Raleigh Register gives his death date as Nov 13th, 2 days after the 1850 census was made, Caddo Par., La-See census below

Marriages & Death Notices. North Carolina Gazette
Died, Major Joseph Sims, of Franklin Co., Nov. 13, in Caddo Parish, La (RR Jan 11, 1850

Joseph Sims Was a partner w/bro-in-law William Burt in the Winchester
Springs Hotel, Franklin Co., Tn (Sleepy Hollow)
(Planter in Nov, 1850 Caddo Par, La)

1820 Warren Co, NC Joseph Sims
1 M 26-45 1 Fe 26-45? 7 People Eng in Agriculture, 13 slaves

1830 Warren Co. NC P 579 Joseph Sims (May be wrong one)
1 M 30-40, 1 M 20-30, 1 M 15-20, 1 M 10-15
1 F 30-40 & 30 slaves

1840 Franklin Co., NC P 081 Joseph Simms
1 M 40-50, 2 M 20-30, 1 M 10-15-NO Females & 8 slaves
Moved to La 1848 per deed, below

Nov 11th, 1850 Caddo Par., La-Albany Iles Beat P 359 HH 70-73
Joseph Sims 63 M NC Planter
James B. Sims 26 M NC Planter
Virginia " 22 F NC (Ridley)
Josiah " 3 M NC
James E " 6/12 M La
Bartlett H Freeman 31 M NC Farm Overseer

(M) Catherine Bullock, May 18, 1822 Warren Co., NC-Sec: David Dancy
She died PR to 1850
Their son James Bullock Sims, of Longwood, Caddo Par., La wrote letter
to Cousin Richard (Swepson) Sims (Jr) Brunswick Co., Va dated Sept 3, 1869
(Below) in file of Cathy Harris Helms
a. James Bullock Born Ca 1824 NC Tn Died: Caddo Par., La Pr to 1880
Planter, 1850-1870 Caddo Par., La
(See his 1869 Letter, below)
(M) Virginia Louise Ridley Aug 18, 1846 NC
Born 1830 NC Died 1875 Shreveport, Caddo Par., La
Raleigh Register-"Married , James B. Sims, of Franklin Co. to Virginia L. Ridley,
of Granville Co., NC" Aug. Oxford, RR Aug 18, 1846
Children: Sims
1. John Died young
2. Joseph David Born Ca 1847 NC Died Young
3. James Edwin Born Ca 1849 Caddo Par., La Died @ aged 5 yrs
4. Florence Amelia Born August, 1852 Caddo Par, La
Had 7 children, 7 living 1900 Harrison Co, Tx (M) 30 Yrs
(M) John N Saunders Ca 1870
Born Aug, 1849 Tx
Farming 1880 Pct 2, Harrison Co, Tx
Farming 1900 Pct 2, Harrison Co., Tx (M) 30 yrs
a. Jessie Born Ca 1872 Tx
b. Ridley Born July, 1873 Tx
Gro. Clerk, 1900 Marshall, Harrison Co., Tx
(M) Meade _____ 1898
Born June, 1876 Tx
1. Lawrence Born Sept., 1899 Tx
c. Norment Born Ca 1875 Tx
d. Virginia H. "Virgie" Born July, 1878 La Single, 1900 Harrison Co, Tx
e. Laura L. Born Aug., 1880 Tx Single 1900 Harrison Co, Tx
f. John A Born Jan, 1887 Tx
g. Roy D. Born Nov, 1894 Tx
5. Ridley died young
6. Swepston died young
7. Catherine Bullock "Caty" b: 31 Mar 1858 in Caddo Par., La died 1952
Amarillo, Tx (Rootsweb World Connect)
8. Leonard "Len" b: 1859 Caddo Par, La single Farmer, 1880 Caddo Par., La
9. Virginia Isidore Died young
10. Howell Cobb b: 1865 Texas Lived w/o sister Florence Saunders, 1880
Harrison Co, Tx
11. Madiline Celestia (Mattie) b: 1868 Caddo Par., La
Lived w/Sister Florence Saunders, 1880 Harrison Co, Tx
b. Sallie Born Tn

Know all men and persons by these presents that we William BURT of Winchester Springs Franklin County, TN. and Joseph SIMS late of North Carolina, who is now at the Winchester Springs on his way moving West say to Texas or Louisiana and that we William BURT and Joseph SIMS have this day come to a settlement and that the understanding and agreement is that the said William BURT have two thirds and Joseph SIMS one third part of the Real Estate purchased of (both?) L.P. SIMS and Richard SIMS including all improvements now on the premises which bargain and settlement we bind ourselves and heirs respectively to abide by and stand to. In witness of our hands & seals this 23rd day of October 1848. Wm BURT (Seal)
Jos. SIMS (Seal)

State of Tennessee: Personally appeared before me Wm. E. TAYLOR Clerk of the County Court of Franklin County, in said state, Joseph SIMS, one of the bargainers named in the above settlement or agreement with whom I am personally acquainted and who acknowledges the same to be his act and deed for the purposes therein contained. Witness at office this 23rd day of October 1848. Wm. E. Taylor Clk.
State of Tennessee: Personally appeared before me Wm. E. TAYLOR Clerk of the County Court of Franklin County, in said state, John Streeter & Nash H. BURT, subscribing witnesses to the within article of agreement who being duly sworn depose and say they are personally acquainted with William BURT, one of the bargainers named therein, and that he acknowledges the same to be his act and deed for the purposes therein contained. Witness my hand at office this 23rd day of October 1848. Wm. E. Taylor Clk.
At the hour of 3:50 o'clock PM Oct he 24th 1848 the foregoing settlement was filed for Registration & it with the Certificates thereof duly Registered. Jesse T. Wallace Reg.
Franklin Co., TN - Deed Book U, p101 -


Longwood, Caddo Parish, Louisiana

September 3rd 1869

My Dear Cousin Richard [Sims],

It has been a long, long time since any of our branch of the family have heard of any of you all; in fact, I am at a loss to know where to direct this letter, but will try and manage so that it may reach some one of the family.

My dear father died, as you doubtless know, in the year 1830*(1850) in Nov (?) two years after visiting La; he had what the Drs called a thickening of the mucus coat or membrane of the colon. He litterally [sp] perished <indecipherable>. This disease was brought on by his excessive fatigue in hunting deer; he was very fond of hunting and about (?) at it all the time. I am living at the same home place we settled when we first came to this county. I have been quite unfortunate with my children, having lost six out of eleven. All our first children but one, a daughter, died young of croup and flux. Our oldest, Florence Amelia, is now 17, next Catherine Bullock after my mother is 12, next Leonard 10, next Howel Cobb after my wife's relations five, next Madeline 1 year. Our first was named John after my wife's father, our next Joseph David, next James Edwin. All these died, then Florence, then Ridley & Swepston died. Then Caty & Len. <indecipherable> died. Then Howel & Madeline. So you can see the order of them all. The longest any one lived was James Edwin. He lived to be 5, rest died from 4 years old down to 6 months. The war <indecipherable> me as every other Southern man. <indecipherable> left nothing but some land & stock. But I am glad to say we are doing pretty well. Most of my [page 2] old freedmen are with us and I am making only good crops and really clearing as much as I did before the war

Cousin Len Langley is living about 16 miles off from us; he has no living children but (?) <indecipherable> big in the North (?) Caty's age. <indecipherable> (Cos Len's brother) (Thoimas-see below-sgs) is living in Marshall, Harrison Co. Texas. Looks very old though not so old as Cos Len. He never married, is now nearly blind. He is very well off, has several thousand dollars laid up for hard times. Cousin William the Dr. is dead, his widow married again and some of his children stay with Cousin <indecipherable>. He died not very well off. Cousin Dick Sims who married their sister Sarah is also dead, died in Tenn. where he was raised, his wife died many years since. They left several children who were all living in Tenn. when I last heard from them. Aunt Susan Burt was living near Cousin Dick when I last heard from her. I do not know if she is alive or not. Our family are <indecipherable> all over the South and there are many Sims in this county from Georgia and some from So. Car.

*Transcription error-Joseph Sims is a planter in Nov., 1850 Caddo Par., La-sgs

Cousin Richard, please write me and tell me how all our Brunswick relations are. Will you if you can possibly do so send me the No. of National Intelligencer which has Cousin Edward's [Edward Dromgoole?] obituary in it. Or the Notice of his death. If you have not the paper please let me know what No. it is in. I know it is in the tri-weekly about the year 1841 or 42. I think. I am anxious to get it & if I know the No. would send to Washington for the paper. Is Ed Dromgoole's Jim alive, the one who was at college with us also, Mr. Sims who [page 3] was there at the same time. Where is Mr. Southall (?) with his family. I have regretted many times not visiting (?) you all whilst (?) <indecipherable> So. Car. & Va. so often. But both times I had my family and my wife was sick and it would have been <indecipherable> Cousin you are <indecipherable> now Cos Swepston and all of <indecipherable>.

I am yet in hopes times may be such that I will be enabled to go to No. Car. & Va. again if I should I will be sure to go to Brunswick. No one writes me now but Uncle John Bullock who lives at Pa's (?) old place in Warren Co. Cousin Len Langley's oldest daughter Virginia married a Mr. Wm Hill, a Methodist minister. He had one or two children by her. Volunteered in the war and held Captain's Companion (?), was killed at the Battle of Donaldson's First Tenn. He was very much beloved by every one and popular as a minister. He had three other daughters, one single yet just grown, one dead, other married. He has one son living, Thomas, who is very uprightly (?), a lawyer living in Marshall unmarried about <indecipherable> years old.

<indecipherable>, but it is a hard matter to get the <indecipherable> over to pick it out. They are getting very trifling, more so every year. I believe that some planters have made arrangements to bring on Chinese laborers this winter. I doubt their efficacy however and will wait until others try theirs first. If their families are brought with them they may do, I think not without.

We have a healthy country. I think I have never lost one of our family with fever since we have been here. The soil is sandy with red clay foundation, red peat (?), black [page 4] oak & hickory growth very much like the land & growth of Franklin Co. No. Car. Excellent water springs & wells.

The river bottoms are much richer, of course, but then they are devoid of drinking water, and have mosquitoes to <indecipherable> you day & night. <indecipherable> unhealthy. The <indecipherable> on Red River. I am living about 18 miles from the river bottom, 25 miles from Shreveport, our parish site. Shreveport is a flourishing place of about 12,000 inhabitants. There is about 100,000 bales cotton which is shipped & pass through there every winter. About 20,000 (?) are sold there and the money invested then in goods of different kinds for the back country of Texas, Ark (?) & Indian Nation. 20,000 bales cotton will make about 5,000,000 dollars to lift them up <indecipherable> out the commercial circulation.

Well, Cousin Richard, I must close my letter. You must excuse the straggling manner in which it is written. I have written a much longer one than I first intended is why it is so unconnected. If you are too old to write, get some one to answer it for you and address it to Powelton Harrison County Texas. I am living near the Texas line and our P.O. is in the adjoining county & state. Wishing this letter may find you all well. My wife joins me in love to all our relations in Va. Florence is off with some young ladies enjoying herself. She finished school some time since. I will direct this letter to Blakely Brunswick Co. Va. Any of the family can read & answer it.

I am as ever,

Your most affectionate cousin,

James Bullock Sims

Susan (Sims) Burt lived next door to Richard H Sims, in 1860 Bedford Co, Tn. James Bullock Sims in his 1869 letter stated Cousin Dick (Richard) Sims family lived near Susan Burt when he last heard from them, but that he was now "dead" (1869) his wife having passed several years since, and refers to his wife as "Sarah" (Langley) sister to the Langley men he was discussing in the same paragraph. .

His wife was Jane Jeffries Langley, according to DAR Applications on their descendants, she having died in 1851. Also, Richard H Sims appears in 1870 Census of Bedford Co, Tn., so he was not "dead" when the 1869 letter was written.

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