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The origin of 3,400,000 Filipino who live in the Philippines who had Caucasian / white ancestry

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The origin of 3,400,000 Filipino who live in the Philippines who had Caucasian / white ancestry

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Surnames: simon
I was born and grew in the Philippines and I always asked myself why my last name is different from other Filipinos.
Who had Filipino last names.

I was interested where did my last name came from.
During my reseach I found out that in 87 million Filipinos living in the philippines, 3.6% or 3,400,000 estimate who had Caucasian/white ancestry.

Maybe so I had Caucasian ancestry.
When I was living in the Philippines I can see other Filipinos there who had different facial futures and skin complextions.

I trace the history of the Philippines,we are colonized by Spain for 333 year in exact. In my reseach the church does not prevent spanish intermarriage with native Filipinos- Malay and etc.

Because of that many Filipinos had a mix blood of Spanish.
During that time there is a Manila Galleon Trade. There are other numbers of European people who came to Philippines to make business,german,ducth,english and etc.

Then the European-American came starting 1900. after Spain. Bunch of American also marriage to Filipinos.
New bread appear.

During my living in the Philippines I see Filipinos who had last name that is English - Such as Roax and etc. and
they facial and physical features is not Filipinos.
like me, they have already brown eyes and black hair,but their physical built is European. They are tall,pointed nose,big round eyes, this is what retain from thier European ancestry.
In the Philippines, you can see that many had different
skin tone. There are who are brown,and ligther smooth skin.
It depends what was left to thier Europian ancestry.
2% ,5%,10%,20% 25%.
Most are 2%,5% 10% 25% since Spanish had long gone.

We Filipino also knew that we came from various ancestry.
Spanish,Europian-American,Chinese,other Europian people who went to Philippines and built a business during Spanish era.
We never aske each other why one has a big nose,big round brown eyes,lighter skin tone, and etc.
We knew our history and we are happy with that.
We did not discriminate each other or we look different each other.
The only discriminating factor in the Philippines is the life status. I mean is rich people hang out with rich and poor people hang out with poor, rich people don't like to hang out with poor people. Only few rich people like to hang out with poor people. Unless they are middle class.
That is what good thing about Philippines. They will not
discriminate you according to your skin color.
I nearly had a g.f. in the Philippines who look like Caucasian. She has has light skin,greyish hair, I believe she is 25% to 35% Spanish descent. and I have a brown skin,big nose,big brown eyes who had 10% Europian-American descent. He-he-he-he. Sounds perfect.
During my reseach of the origin of SIMON last name here,
I found out that most SIMON last name came from Germany,from French and England.
I do ask myself do I have a German blood? Does color of the skin,and hair is the only factor to know that you have a
Caucasian race?
What about my character and personality? Do I act more Filipino or German? No, I tend to act more like a German who wanted the a job task done or move quickly.
All of my Father character and personalities are like this where I got my last name.
I wanted to go to Germany and find the the rooth of my ancestry. Since I reseach that NOrthern part of Germany has a black hair or brown hair,brown eyes.
Where did my Ancestry came from? Maybe to the Europian-German maybe who went to Philippines ang built a business during spanish era. or from the Europian-American during 1900.
If you ask me,if where do I'am happy living here in the U.S. or in the Philippines. I'am more happy living in the
Philippines because I have a place here, Probably here in this country,since I have a brown skin and black hair I will not have a good progress, such as running in politics.
since I brown, I will not get a vote or win for election.
Well, I do not want to run for any public office in this country, I just want to be a private person.Too much problem to be a politician.
I'am happy of what I'am.

I'am what I'am

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