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William B Simmons Bible Record:NC/Ga/Al/Tx

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William B Simmons Bible Record:NC/Ga/Al/Tx

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(found this today while poking around Crawford Co. Ga website, hope it helps somebody) Janice Watts Lester

William B. Simmons Family Bible

William B. Simmons son of William Simmons & Ann Ring {King} was born October the 8 1785 in North Carolina

Dority Henderson daughter of William Henderson & Hanner Johnson born March 19 1798 Wilkes Co. Georgia
William B Simmons & Dority Henderson married December 28 1815
Elisha H Simmons first son born January 21 1817 Jasper Co. Georgia
Emily Frances Simmons born September 29, 1819 Jasper Co., Georgia
James Allen Simmons born August 19, 1821 Jas. Co., Ga
Martha Brown Simmons born August 27, 1823 Jasper Co. Ga
John Burrell Simmons born September 1 1825 Jas Co. Ga
William Warren Simmons born December 21 1827 Crafford Co Ga {Crawford}
The Seventh Son born August 1829 & died the same day
Bryant Alford Cummings born May 13 1812 Jefferson Co. Ga
Eldies Askew born Aprel 11 1824 Larrence Co Ga
Gappa Thompson Yelverton born March 2 1814 North Carolina
Mariah Louisa Roach born Oct 10 1830 Hancock Co Ga
Sarah Sophia Fitzpatrick Sepember (sic) 15 1835 Pike Co Ala
Bryant A Cummings & Emily F Simmons was married June 5 1836 Macon County Georgia
Martha Bryant Frances Cummings there (sic) first child born March the 10 1853 in Coffee Co Ala
Angus F Simmey & Martha B F Cummings was married October 12 1869 in Coffee County Ala
Elisha H Simmons & Eldies Askew was married December the 31, 1839 Macon Co Georgia
William Fredrick Simmons first son born February 20 1841 Macon Co Ga
James Thomas Simmon born Oct 6 1842 Macon Co Ga
Laura Dorithy Simmons born November 13 1843 Dale Co Alabama
Auguustas Leonards Simmons born February 18 1846 Dale Alabama
Fourth son born June 13 1847 Dale Alabama & died the same
Elisha Burell Simmon born June 16 1848 Dalevill Ala
Mary Frances Simmons born June 16 1850 Dalevill Ala
Emma Eldies Simmons born May 29 1852 Dalevill Ala
Edna Simmons born July 30 1854 Coffee Springs Ala
Willey Henderson Simmons born August 3 1856 Geneve Cofffee Ala
Gappa T Yelverton & Martha B Simmons was married Aprel the 12 1840 Macon Co Georgia
William Gidson Yelverton there (sic) first son born July 26 1841 Dale Ala
Frances Virginia Yelverton born Aprel 19 1843 Dale Co Alabama
George Goldthwate Yelverton born August 16 1845 Dale Ala
Narcisa Eugena Yelverton born August 22 1847 Dale Ala
Henry Bryant yelverton born January 2 1851 Coffee Co Ala
Mary Alabama Yelverton Feburary 25 1854 (sic) Coffee Cont Ala
John Gappa Yelverton born July 28 1856 Coffee County Ala
Martha Blanch yelverton born March 29 1859 in Elba Coffee County
Christiana Eldies born September 29 1862 in Coffee Ala
Laura Elenor 6 daughter born April 19 1865 Coffee Ala
James A Simmons & Mariah L Roach was married Oct 11 1845 Dale Co Ala
Richard Henry Wils Simmons first son bon (sic) July 22 1848 Dale Co Ala
William Jonathon Simmons born January 4 1854 Coffee Ala
Mary Dorithy Simmons born July 25 1852 Coffee Ala
Louisa France Simmons born Aprel 29 1856 Trinity Co Texas
Martha E Simmons born January 17 1858 and died the same in Texas
James Warren Simmons born January 30 1859 in Texas
Robert F Simmons 1861 in Texas
Thomas W Simmons born July 20 1863 in Texas
William W Simmons & Sarah S Fitzpatrick was married July 27 1850 in Texana Texas
Sarah Hersen Simmon first daughter born December 11 1851 in Coffee Ala
Warren Fitz Simmons born January 19 1853 Coffee Ala
Salley Warren Simmons born Feburary 1 1856 (sic) Coffee Elba Ala
Penelope Alford was born January 22 1779 North Carolina
Gray Cumming born August 18 1786 North Carolina
Mary Lofley first child of Penelope Lofley & her deceased husband {Pitmon/Pitman Lofley} was born Novemeber 10 1802 (sic)
Elizabeth Cumming first child of Penelope and Gray Cumming born April 3 1811 Jefferson Count Georgia
Bryant Allford Cumming born May 13 1812 Jefferson Ga
James Washington Cummings born August 30 1813 Jefferson Ga
Levina Cumming born Feburary 16 1815 (sic) Jefferson
Frances Cumming born January 25 1817 Warren County
Seborn Jones Cummin born April 20 1820 Warren County
Benjamin Gray Cummings born January 26 1823 Warren County
James W Gray Cumming
James Washington Cumming born Feburary the 8 1839 (sic) Macon Co Georia {James Washington Gray Cumming was the son of James W Cummings & Mary Bryan}
F and G W Johnston born July 6 1836 Houston County Ga {children of Elizabeth Cumming & Moses Johnston/Johnson}
Mary Alabama Yelverton daughter of G T and M B departed May 11 1856 age 2 years 2 months 16 day Elba Coffee Ala
Elishe H Simmons departed this life December 25 1856 aged 39 year Coffee County Geneve Ala
William Warren Simmons departed life Janaury the 2 1857 aged 29 year and 11 days in Elba Coffee Ala
Martha E Simmons died in Texas January 17 1858 infant
William F Simmons son of E H and Eldies departed life May 23 1862 at Corintha Miss age 21 year 3 months and 3 day and was buried the 29 in Coffee County Ala 1862
Bryant A Cumming departed September 22 1868 aged 56 year in Coffee Co Ala
William B Simmons departed life July 29 1853 age 68 years Coffee County Ala
James T Simmons son of E H & Eldies Simmons departed October 9 1842 age 3 day Marion Co Georgia
Augustas L Simmons departed July 28 1846 aged 6 months Daleville Ala
Their fourth son died June 13 1847 aged 2 hours Daleville Ala
George G Yelverton son of Gappa T & M B Yelverton departed July 14 1849 age 3 year 11 months Coffee Ala
Sarah H Simmons daughter of W W & Sarah Simmons departed Aprel 29 1852 age 4 months and 18 day Coffee Ala
Warren Fitz Simmons their son departed Feburary 6 1854 aged 1 year & 16 day Coffee Alabama
Sarah Sopia Simmons wife of W W Simmons died February 9 1856 Elba Coffee Ala age 21 year 5 months
James W Cumming departed life December 26 1838 in Macon County Georgia
Gray Cumming departed life Sept 13 1844 Macon Co Georgia
Elizabeth Johnson departed 1851 in the early part of the year in Louisiana
Penelope Cumming departed this life Sept 22 1868 in Georgia
Laura D Simmons and William G Callwell married November 5 1867
Charley first son born August the 22
Francis V Yelverton daughter of M B & G T Yelverton married F N Rushing June 28 1859 in Elba Coffee County
There firs daughter born May the 17 1861 Martha Alabama
William F Rushing bor July 12 1863 Coffee County Ala
John B S Rushen born December 11 1865
Gappa M Rushing born Feb 16 1868
William G Yelverton & Eliza A Callwell was married December 24 1865
Susan B Yelverton daughter of W S & E A born Oct 13 1866 Coffee Ala
Mary V Yelverton born Feb 3 1869

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