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William H. Sickles, NY, WI, WA 7th Wisconsin Infantry

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Primary Records, Zacharias Sickel Family

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Through the kind agency of Lorine McGinnis Schulze and Laurie Lightfoot, the following data and information was gathered for me. They have graciously permitted me to post these to this message board in an effort to help Sickels/Sickles descendants find their correct ancestry.

In our conversation, the question was asked of Laurie and Lorine whether they could find any evidence at all that Zacharias had ever used a "van" with his name, as in 'Zacharias Van Sickel'. The question was prompted by the assertion by some that Zacharias had, but that he "dropped it" and that later generations had reverted to its use again. The corollary to this assertion is that Zacharias "van" Sickel was somehow closely related the Ferdinandus Van Sickelen, immigrant progenitor of the Van Sicklen/Van Sycklen/Van Sickle, etc., family.

There is no genealogical evidence or proof that there is any family connection between "Zack" and "Ferd" but the suggestion continues to be made around the 'Net and on the various genealogical forums.

Kindly gathered by Lorine McGinnis Schulze

Here is the beginning of this court doc. (V. 1 Early Records of the
City and County of Albany and Colony of Rensselaerswyck. V 1=

"Appeared before me Johannes La Montagne, Senior by the Heer
director general etc, Zacharias Sickels Van Weenen, who in
presence of the afternamed witnesses declares that he has granted
thrasferred and assigned to and for the behoof of Reyndert Janssen
Hoorn for goods received to his content and satisfaction, the sum
of thirty-six guilders and ten stuivers to be received in fatherland for
his monthly wages and subsistence which he, on the Island of
Curacoa in Fort Amsterdam, in the service of the Heer directors of
the privileged West India Company, .... [rest sent this morning]

I think the question is "Where is Weenan" ? Pearson declares it to
be Vienna Austria but as Richard knows, I don't trust Pearson one

Have you checked the Curacao records? There are some WIC
records remaining too although most were destroyed in the 1880s

The Curacao papers from 1640 exist thanks to Charles Gehring

Curacao papers, 1640-1665

translated and edited by Charles T. Gehring

I'd also search the Amsterdam notarial records because another
court doc on p. 8 v. 1 refers to Zach as

"Zacharias Sickels Van Weenen, dwelling at Fort Orange......
he does appoint and empower Adriaen
Simonse.... to demand of the Hon. Directors of the West
India Company of the Chamber at Amsterdam, the payment of
such moneys as are due to him for services rendered...
on the island of Curacao.... of date 1655.." Dated at Fort
Orange 4 Nov. 1656.

There may be a record in Amsterdam of what happened.

p. 26 v. 1 states in part "..he [Jan Janssen Van Kroxenborch]does
appoint Sacharias Sickels corporal at Fort Orange, in his name to
demand of the commissary of the WIC in New Netherlands the
settlement of his wages earned... Dated 13 Apr 1657.

It may be that Zach travelled to Amsterdam personally for this

In a doc dated "fort orange 3 Aug 1657: one of the witnesses is
"Zacarias Sickelssen" He signs as "Zacharyas Seckels"

In a doc dated "fort orange 20 Aug 1659" one of the witnesses is
"Sacharias Sickels" H e signs as "Sacharyas Syckelse"

In Oct 1659 he is called "Zacharias Sickels Van Weenen" but I
note that when he is a witness, he loses "Van Weenen" and when
he is the person actively participating in the case, he is Van
Weenen. in this doc he signs as "Sacharyas Syckelse"

It seems to me fairly obvious that he considered his name to be
Zacharias Sickels. Van Weenen was a descriptive geographic term
he added, or the courts added, in an official capacity, i.e. to ensure
it was a proper legal document. So far I haven't found him signing
as "Van Weenen" and certainly not as "Van Sickles"

In a doc dated "Fort Orange 25 Aug 1660" one witness is
Zacharias Sickels" he signs "Zacharias Syckels"

And again, as a witness in Fort Orange on 16 July 1664 he signs
his name "Sacharias Seckels"

In 1670 Zach accepted the post of cowherder. In the docs he is
called "Sacharias Sickels (Apr 1670) and signs in Albany as
"Sacharias Seckels"

In 1671 he is called "Sacharias Sickels and in 1672 same name.
A child is mentioned but not named in the 1670 doc "..provided he
with his youngster and the cattle ...." so obviously this child was of
an age to help with herding the cows!

Here's a good one -- in V. 3 of ERAR

p. 485
"indenture of apprenticeship of Lambrecht Sickels to Meyndert
Fredericksen to learn the smith's trade" 9 Feb 1679/80 in Albany

"Sacharias Sickels acknowledges that he has hired out his son
Lambrecht Sickels now about 14 years of age..." etc.

He signs as "Zacharias Seckelsz"

Is he Zach, the s/o Zacharias (Seckelsz) ?

maybe this one will also please you: V. 3 ERAR p 585
Indenture of apprenticeship of Zacharias Sickels Junior to Johannes
Beeckman to learn the smith's trade. Dated 1 Feb. 1685/6

"Sacharias acknowledges that he has hired his son named
Sacharias Sickels now about 16 years old....

So now you have confirmed births of

Lambrecht (named after his wife's father) b ca 1665
Sacharias (Jr) (named after Zach's father?)b ca 1670

The Van Valkenburg book (v. 1) gives:
Anne (named after his wife's mother) m Abraham Isaacs (no further

Robert m 1686 Albany Geetruy Ridderhaus (no further info)

Lambrecht m1 Maria Janse m2 wyntie Dykman 7/19/1717 (no
further info)

Elizabeth m WIlliam Barentse. (no further info)

Zacharias m Marytie Janse Brevoort 1693 NYC (no further info)

Thomas m 1702 Jannetje Janse Brevoort (no further info)

Grietje bpt 1684 Albany (no further info)

(from the online records I found:
1684 May 17. Grietje, of Zacharias Sickels. Wit.: Lambert Van
Valkenborg, Robbert Sickel. By Rachel Lambertsz. ) Lambert VV
is my ancestor, and the maternal grandpa. Rachel is his dau, and
thus sis to Anna Lambertse [Van Valkenburg] who m. Zach. Is
Robert Zach and Anna's son b ca 1660??

Lea bpt 1687 Albany (no further info)

(from online records: May 8. Lea, of Zacharias Sikkels. Wit.:
Lambert Van Valkenborg [maternal grandpa], Abraham Isaaksz
[marr to baby Lea's big sister Anne]. By Folkje Pietersz. )

I find the following in the online bpt. for Albany and New

Albany 1691. Willem, of Willem Barent and Lysbet Sikkels. Wit.:
Anna Sikkels.
Albany 1693 March 1. Maria, of Wilhem Peeren and Lysbeth
Sikkell. Wit.: Abram Isaksz (hubby of Lysbeth's sis Anne), Rachel
Rattelis. (Rachel is Rachel VV who m Jan Radcliff)
RDC, NYC 1695 18 Aug; Willem Parrent, Elisabeth Sickels;
Josias; Robbert Sickels, Geertruyd Riddenaerts
RDC, NYC 1697 26 Sept; Willem Paren, Elisabeth Sikkels;
Elisabeth; Sacharias Sickels, Judith Verwey

Albany Jan 10, 1692 Sacharias, of Abraham Isaksz and Anna
Sikkel. Wit.: Isak Isaksz, Catelyntje Abramsz.
Albany 1694 Feb. 18. Jacob, of Abram Isaksz and Anna Sikkels.
Wit.: Herbert Jacobsz, Tryntje Wendell.
Albany 1695 Jannetje, of Abram Isaksz and Anna Sikkels. Wit.:
Melchert Abramsz, Rachel Van Valkenborch.
RDC, NYC 1697 3 Nov; Abraham Van Deursen, Anna Sickels;
Abraham; Isaac Van Deurse, Judith Verwey
RDC, NYC 1700 25 Feb; Abraham Van Deurse, Anna Sickels;
Johannis; Sacharius Sikkels wife Maria Brevoort
RDC, NYC 1701 23 N ov; Abraham Van Duersen, Anna Siekels;
Anna; Thomas Sickels, Margriet Van der Poel
wife of Johannis Van Zant

Albany 1686 Apr. 5. marriage of Robbert Sikkels, y.m., and
Geertruy Riddenhaas, y.d., both l. in the vicinity of N.A.
Albany 1688 March 11. Maria, of Robbert Sikkels. Wit.: father,
Hendrik A. Riddenhaas. By Maria Sikkels.
Albany 1690 July 27. Sophia, of Robbert Sikkels. Wit.: father,
Lambert Van Valkenborch. By Sophia Riddenhaas
RDC, NYC 1692 14 Aug; Robbert Zickels, Geertruydt Riddenaes;
Henricus; Lambert Zickels, Abel Riddenaes,
Maria Jans
RDC, NYC 1707 13 Aug; Robbert Sikkels, Geertruy Rednars;
Elizabeth; Thomas Sikkels, Jannetje Sikkels.

RDC of New York City has 1692 18 Dec; Lambert Sickers, Maria
Jans; Johannes; Robbert Zichels, Judith Ver Wey
RDC, NYC 1703 9 May; Lambert Sickels, Maria Jans; Alida;
Anderies Brestede, Antie Van Bossen

RDC, NYC 1694 29 Jul; Zacharius Zickels, Maria Jans; Johannes;
Johannes Brevoort, Maria Romen
RDC, NYC 1695 17 Nov; Zacharias Zickels, Maria Jans; Jacobus;
Jan Willemszen Romen, Jannetje Jans
RDC, NYC 1698 4 Sept; Sacharias Sickels, Maria Breevoort;
Sacharius; Abraham Van Deurse, Annetje Ellessen
wife of Johannes Brevoort
RDC, NYC 1700 12 Jun; Sacharias Sickels, Maria Jansen;
Sacharias; Hendrik Jansen, Annetje Bastaanse wife of
Jan Hendrix
RDC, NYC 1703 28 Mar; Zacharius Sickels, Maria Jans; Thomas;
Thomas Sickels, Grietie Thomasse

RDC, NYC 1704 23 Feb; Thomas Sickels, Jannetie Brevoort;
Sacharius; Jan Brevoort, Annetie Ellison
RDC, NYC 1712 13 Apr; Thom. Sickels, Jannetje Brevoort;
Wilhelmus; Willem Jannetje Rome
RDC, NYC 1714 13 Sept; Thomas Sickels, Jannetje Brevoort;
Marretje; Willem Rome, Jannetje Lanoy
RDC, NYC 1715 2 Nov; Thomas Sickels, Jannetje Brevoort;
Roberdt; Abraham Van Deurse, Anna Sickels
RDC, NYC 1717 2 Jun; Thomas Sickels, Jannetje Brevoort;
Annetje; Abraham Van Deurse Sr. wife
Anna Sickels
RDC, NYC 1718 30 Nov; Thomas Sickels, Jannetje Brevoort;
Jannetje; Johannes Van Seysen wife Judith
RDC, NYC 1720 18 Sept; Thomas Sickels, Jannetje Breevoort;
Jannetje; Isaac Van Deurse, Judith Ver Wey

RDC, NYC 1706 25 Aug; Lea Sickles; Martha; Abram Van Duerse,
Thomas Sickles, Geertruy Sickles

Kindly Gathered By Laurie Lightfoot:

---Calender of Wills--1786-1790, page 244
Lambert VANZICKLE, of Morris Co.
---will dated 16 Oct 1786---proved 8 Apr 1790
---est. inv. 20 Mar 1790, value: L278.3.6
---inv. done by Daniel LOWRANCE John BATSON
wife: Ann---"to remain on the farm with my son, Isaac"
sons: John,Jacob, Abraham Isaac VANZICKLE
---Isaac to receive "my real estate"
daus: Mary SCHULLER, Rachel CLAWSON, Meriam HAMLER Ann
VANZICKLE---"Ann to remain with her mother".
Executors: wife, Ann son, Isaac
Witnesses: Jacob SCHULLER, Danile LOWRANCE Peter HEIEL.
[Lib. 30. p. 447.]

In the NJ records I've been able to review thus far, I've found NO
interaction between the descendants of Zacharias those of

It is my belief that the following records also pertain to a Zach.
descendant in NJ:

It has been suggested that this Abraham may well be the 'unknown' 5th
son of Reinier^2. To date, 31 Mar 2000, I've found no evidence of

Baptismal records:
5 May 1725, New Utrecht RDC
Marya, d/o Abraham VAN ZICKELEN Elizabeth
---witnesses: Abraham HEGEMAN Marya VAN ZICKLEN
[NYBGR, vol 112,p206, "New Utrecht Baptisms"]

12 Jan 1729, First Reformed Church, Raritan (Somerville, Somerset Co)
Abraham, s/o Abraham Elysabeth VAN SICKELEN
---no witnesses recorded.
["First Reformed Church, Raritan (Somerville) Baptisms"---Somerset
County [NJ] Historical Quarterly---Vol. 2, No. 3 (Jul 1913)

22 Oct 1732, same
Jakop [sic], s/o Abrahm wife, Elisabeth VAN SIKELEN
---no witnesses recorded.
["First Reformed Church, Raritan (Somerville) Baptisms"---Somerset
County [NJ] Historical Quarterly---Vol. 2, No. 3 (Jul 1913)

The witnesses of the 1725 bpt are not identifiable as connected to the
Ferd. VnS families. Abraham Hegeman could be related to the mother;
Marya Van Zicklen could be the wife of Ferd^3 or Cornelius^3, either
being daughter-in-law to Reinier^2 (seems doubtful) OR she could be a
*sister* of the father IF he is of the Zacharias line. The lack of
witnesses to the 1729 1732 bpts is detrimental to identification of
the parents; location would suggest relationship to Reinier^2 whose
sons Jan/Johannes Cornelius definitely were residing at the time,
however, have found no interaction between this Abraham and any of
Ferd's descendants. It should also be noted that some descendants of
Zacharias SICKLES were also in NJ at this time and were apparently at
times recorded under the name Van Sickle or a variant thereof.
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