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Welll, if you want some information, here it is:

You quote or paraphrase WHITAKER: Peter Shelton, Brother of John of Rural Plains...b. 1664 married 2 march 1684 ..they were living in Middlesex Co Va at the birth of ther son Ralph. Ralph b 1709 married Mary 1731. His widow remarried.
her children mentioned in her will were, Ralph, John, Crispin, Benjamin and James, and a grandson Reuben Shelton - (please note the name Reuben as in the early generation)...Most of these children were born in Christ Church Parish, Middlesex Co Va.

I do not know your line so I am not aware of what research you may have done on the Middlesex Shelton line but I do know there is a great deal of misunderstanding in the above paragraph.

There is absolutely no data, no record -- nothing -- ever been found, except in the tree concocted by Whitaker to get herself on the Rural Plains tree, that connects this Ralph to Peter Chilton of Middlesex who married Susannah Jaxon.

In Middlesex County, a Peter Chilton married Susan Jaxon on March 2, 1685. This is the first record of a man whose name is in his records as "Chilton", "Chelton" and "Shelton" over the next 30 years. Three of his sons’ births are recorded in the Christ Church Parish Register as "Chilton", but his own name occurs in his 1718 will as "Chilton", "Chelton" and "Chellton:. He signed his name by mark, "Peter Chellton". There is no evidence in either the Parish Register or the county records to support the claim of Mrs. Whitaker in THE SHELTONS OF ENGLAND AND AMERICA that Ralph Shelton of Middlesex was a son of this Peter and that this Peter was a descendent of the non-existent son, James, of Sir Ralph Shelton whom she asserts came to Virginia. Peter's will names sons Peter (deceased), William, Thomas and Zebulon, and no others. A fifth son, Henry Chelton, so noted in the Register, had predeceased his father, aged about 26 and probably unmarried.” (from the unpublished research of Kenynon Stevenson). [My Note: Try joining the "FFVs" being the "First Families of Virginia" on descent from Mrs. Whitaker's "James Shelton" who came to the Virginia Colony with his uncle Lord de la Ware and one will be very quickly educated to the fact that this man was "James Skelton", which is actually who he was; not a Shelton.]

A FamilyTree DNA database for Shelton, Chelton, Chilton and Skelton descendants has been established and has Testers from The New Kent line. These DNA tests are held by many, if not most, to be descended from the Peter Chilton discussed in the above paragraph. The Peter Chilton genealogy is discussed in the book entitled WE COUSINS by a lady who I think may have been named McElroy.

The Middlesex line, of course, is that of Ralph Shelton disussed above. The DNA tests of the New Kent line and of the Middlesex line do not match. (I assume that everyone who reads this will understand that this DNA test is possible because it is a Y-chromosome test; if not, go to the site of Family Tree DNA and check out the theory of the tests.)

By the way, Whitaker, in the above quote from you, stated Peter was brother of John Shelton of Rural Plains, Hanover County, Virginia. Well, take a look at this DNA test:

SH-58 John Shelton of Rural Plains d 1725

There is absolutely no question about the fact that the above test is the benchmark test for Rural Plains, since I know who the Tester was. If your family Tester does not match this test, you are not of Rural Plains descent.

If Whitaker was correct that John and Peter were brothers, then the New Kent line and the above test should be a perfect match. Well, you probably already know they do not match. Therefore, Peter and John were no kin whatever.
The sons of the same father carry the same Y-chromosome.

Further more, according to Whitaker as stated above, Middlesex Testers should match SH-58 above. Now, everybody who is a member of Knights5 knows that ain't so.

Now about Whitaker's mangling of the Middlesex Shelton line genealogy, I submit the following and invite anyone who cares to do so, to verfiy what I say in the sources.

In the Christ Church Parish Register is recorded the births of the following children to Ralph Shelton and Mary, his wife (no record of this marriage has been found; no one has found the surname of this Mary. That she and Ralph were married is testified to by the format of the entry in the parish register of the birth of their children because the child of an unmarried woman, though baptized was recorded therein in exactly the following words: "John, bastard son of Mary Doe":
Thomas, baptized November 9, 1707, died March 24, 1742
Ralph (II), baptized October 23, 1709
Crispin, born April 1, 1713
Reuben, born Febrauary 1, 1715, died 10-8-1715
Mary, born January 21, 1716, died July 18, 1719
Catherine, born January 26, 1719
John, born July 14, 1722
James, born February 23, 1726
Benjamin, born June 18, 1724
Daniel, born May 17, 1729
There is also a daughter Elizabeth who was born about 1711 who is not in the Register.

Thomas married Mary Probert on January 14, 1720

Ralph,II, married Mary Daniel on June 10, 1731. Mary did die but no one seems to have found a record of date. When this Ralph died in Henry County, Virginia, in 1789, his widow, who sued the estate, was named "Elizabeth", and there are several land deeds in the years before his death in which Elizabeth released her dower rights. No one has found a record of this marriage. The children of this Ralph, mentioned in his will, on file in Henry County Will Book 1, page 170, probated March 30, 1789, were Azariah, Ezekiah, Aesop, Jeremiah, Mary, John, Ralph(III), Paletiah, Roger, Abbegial, Eliphasz, Liberty, James, Katherine, Sarah, Elizabeth, Derina and Susannah. His eldest son, by the way, was John and he is frequently, through a misreading of his father's will, referred to as "Cut-Off John".

The death of the father, Ralph Shelton, is recorded in Christ Church Parish Register on page 189 of the published copy from which I was recording this data. His Will is recored in Middlesex Will Book B, 1712-1734, pages 418-419, dated March 10, 1733. Unfortunately, only fragments of his will are extant. This man lived on the land left to Ralph Shelton in the will of Thomas Meriwether and he left this land to his son Ralph,II. The son of the deceased Thomas named Reuben lived on this land until it was sold in 1770.

The widow of Ralph,I Mary married a second time to a Mr. Clark, not "Clock", according to the record of her will on file in Pittsylvania County, Virginia, Will Deed and Will Book 5,page 369. Her will was made in Nottoway Parish, Amelia County, Virginia, on June 30, 1750, and proved in Pittsylvania County, Virginia, on August 29, 1771. She appears on the Amelia County Personal Property Tax Lists in 1748 in the household of her son Crispin Shelton as the Widow Clark, paying on slaves. He will named as her heirs all of the children, or (in case of deceased ones) a grandchild to get the child's part, of the children recorded born to her and Ralph Shelton in the Christ Church Parish Register.

Now, I have a question. Mrs. Whitaker writes the following:
"QUOTING WHITAKER: “As to the Shelton origin let history speak for it. The line goes back through Alfred the Great to Adam. This surely should satisfy the most ambitious descendants, and the family is descended from fourteen (some records say sixteen, but I have only fourteen traced) of the twenty-five Barons who were Sureties for Magna Carta (only seventeen of these men left issue), and from at least forty-seven Knights of the Garter.”

Do you suppose she really believed that stuff????? That she honestly believed an average American could trace back through records that far? I think, for some reason, she must have had a great need to know her ancestry and I wonder why, because John Gilmour Shelton seems to be a quite pleasant person based on the records he left.

My comment: I cdertainly think that should "satisfy the most ambitious descendants"! Who was it that said they could believe 6 impossible things before breakfast??? Can't remember at the moment.

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