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Surnames: Shaw, Blair
Just came across your post about seeing Robert Shaw and his father's name in Chalkleys. I was doing some research about the Shaws and Blairs for my cousin and thought I would check out Chalkleys for Shaws. I created a timeline of all the Shaw events that I could find in Chalkleys and then added information that I had about my Robert Shaw family. I believe that there were three distinct Robert Shaws. The first Robert Shaw purchased 95 acres from Francis Gardiner in 1757. He later sold this land to John Woods in 1768, with wife Grace releasing her dower to the land in 1779. The administration of his estate is recorded in 1777. The next Robert Shaw marries Esther Blair in 1763, supposedly in County Antrim, Ireland. His first child is born the next year. In 1777, he agrees to purchase 375 acres of land from Robert McClanahan. By this time, six children have been born to Robert and Esther, with five surviving. In 1779, Robert Shaw receives grants to two other properties, both adjoining the land purchased in 1777, and containing 400 acres and 220 acres. And in 1793, he receives another grant for a parcel of land containing 220 acres. This Robert Shaw dies in 1799. The third Robert Shaw is son of James and apprentice of Archer Matthews in 1770. Robert is assigned a new instructor since his father "is incapable of bringing him up in a Christianlike manner" and Archer Matthews is unable to continue as instructor. It does not seem feasible that this is the same Robert Shaw that purchased land from Francis Gardner in 1757 and who died prior to 1777. Neither does it seems possible that Robert Shaw, husband of Esther, could be the same Robert Shaw, apprentice, since he is already married with at least two children in 1770. I have included the timeline below and would be interested to hear your comments. I would also be interested in any further information that you might have about the Shaws in Augusta and Rockbridge County, Virginia.

Shaw Timeline in Augusta and Rockbridge Counties, Virginia

1750, July 29th--John Shaw, 200, on North River, joining John
Brownlee's land.

November 27, 1751.
(206) Grand Jury Presentments: Elisha Job, swearing more than four oaths;
Owen Crawford, for drinking health of King James and refusing to drink to
King George; James Shaw, swearing three oaths; Robert Armstrong, a
common swearer; John Grems, a common swearer.

225 wolf-heads turned in—Nov. 22.
Cornelius Bryan given permission to cut a road at his own expense from
the "bent" in Buffalo to Michael Dougherty's. Members of grand jury, Nov. 20:
Robert Bratton, James Lockridge, John Anderson, William Caruthers,
Archibald Alexander, John Paxton, and Samuel McClure. James Trimble,
foreman. John Paxton road overseer from Edmondson's mill to Fork Meeting
House. Order for a road from Campbell's schoolhouse to the Renick road.
Samuel Walker, overseer. Workers: John Allison, Samuel Allison, Stephen
Arnold, Richard Burton, William Burt, William Byers, James Frazier, Henry
Fuller, John Hutchings, Sr., John Hutchings, Jr., John Maxwell, John McColley,
Richard Mathews, Sampson Mathews, William Noble, John Peteet, Joseph Ryan,
Thomas Shaw, John Smith, Joseph Smith, John Sprowl, John Peter Salling,
George Salling, Mathew Vance, Samuel Walker.

Page 7.--19th January, 1754. Andrew Lewis enters 400 acres on Peters
Creek, a branch of James River, between the upper survey of Adam Dickinson's
and the Indian Patch, also 200 acres on the Warm Springs mountain
joining tract formerly Harden's, etc.; three 400 surveys on head
branches of Tames River near a survey made for Wm. Warwick and on
some of the head branches of the Back Creek, and Thomas Lewis's 200
acres on the Cow Pasture where John Shaw lives and 200 acres where
Harklas Wilson lives, and 200 acres in the Bull Pasture at the foot of the
mountain. Robert McClenachan.

Page 8.--28th February, 1754. Thos. and Andrew Lewis, 200 acres of
land joining Harcklas Wilson on the cow pasture and two 200 surveys near
John Shaw's land, two 200 acres joining Lewis' line near head of Bull Pasture,
and two 200 surveys near foot of mountain, north side of Bull pasture
not far from Bodkin's land, and 200 acres joining George Wilson, and a
survey of the Reed Hole and towards Hicklin's land, and 200 acres at a
small meadow between the Warm Springs and Jackson's land, and 200
acres about 5 miles from the Warm Springs near the path from said Spring
to Harden's land on the mountain, and one survey on Cedar Run near a
survey made on said Run, and 200 acres in the Calf Pasture joining the
west and north lines of Samuel Gay, and 200 acres on a ridge near Dunlap's
old place where Meek made some improvements. Robert McClenachan.

Page 86.--15th March, 1755. Benjamin Copeland's additional
appraisement, by Robert Patterson (mark), Jos. Bryan (mark), John Brown
Daniel Henderson's note; John Macau's note; Gabriel Pickin's note; John
Shaw's note (run away); James Gamble's note; Alex. Craig's note;
Repentance Townsend's note; Henry Cryswell's note; Joseph Write's bonds.

Page 518.--17th November, 1757. Francis Gardiner ( ) to Robert
Shaw, £5, 95 acres.

Page 184.--16th August, 1759. Geo. Wilson and Elizabeth to James
Shaw, £10, 100 acres on Cowpasture River. Delivered: Jno. Bodkin,
October, 1765.

Page 413.--8th July, 1760. Robert Ramsey's additional appraisement
and sale bill, by Andw. Hamilton, James Calile. James Campbell--To Robt.
Hall, James Given, James Hall, James Shaw, Daniel Harrah (O'Hara);
to liquor at the vendue; balance due the orphans.

Page 394.--19th August, 1760. Loftus Pullen to James Shaw, £9, 240
acres on Great River Calfpasture, conveyed to Pullen by James Patton and
Lewis, 17th July, 1745; cor. land formerly in possession of John Miller and
now in posession of Jno. Ramsey; cor. Robert Bratton. Delivered: Jno.
Bodkin by your order, October, 1765.

August 12, 1763-Robert Shaw Senior married Easter Blair.

August 10, 1764-Mary, daughter of Robert and Easter (Blair) Shaw, born.

Page 366.--25th May, 1765. Col. Andrew Lewis and Mr. Robt.
McClenachan to James Shaw, £20, lot 15 in Staunton being that half of the
lot joining the lot in Staunton now in the possession of Samuel Moore,
containing 1/4 acre. Teste: Wm. Crow. Alexander Gibson, Wm. Kinkead.

Page 191.--21st August, 1765. Robert McClenachan and Andrew Lewis
to Samuel Furguson (Farguson), £2.10, 1/4 acre in Staunton, part of County
lot 15, of which James Shaw is now possessed. Delivered: Samuel Farguson,
17th August, 1772.

Page 30.--23d January, 1766. James Shaw to George Wilson and Wm.
Crow, certain horses and cattle, £16. Teste: Archibald Mathews, James
Huston. Delivered: David Bell, February, 1770.

Page 31.--7th August, 1766. James Shaw to John Botkin, £26, 100
acres on both sides Cowpasture River. Teste: Charles Lewis, John
McCreery, Thos. Feemster, Jno. Montgomery. Delivered: Jno. Lewis, 7th
June, 1770.

Page 145.--20th November, 1766. James Shaw to Robert Hall, of Orange
County, North Carolina, £4, 1/4 acre, part of Samuel Furguson's lot No.
15 in Staunton. Teste: Robert Martin, Thomas Brown and James Crow.

November 20, 1766.
(349) John Murray, Deputy Sheriff, returned list of prisoners in jail, to wit:
Edward Peyton, George Wall and James Shaw. Edward Shaw, son of
James Shaw, to be bound to James Hill.

May 25, 1767.
(154) James Shaw--no inhabitant.

Page 388.--20th November, 1767: George Shaw, son of James Shaw,
orphan, bound to James Hill.

Page 366.--31st March, 1768. James Shaw to John Ramsey, £45, 240
acres on Great Calfpasture, conveyed to Loftus Pullen by James Patton and
Jno. Lewis, 17th July, 1745. and to James Shaw by Loftus, 19th August,
1760; corner land formerly in possession of John Miller, now in possession
of Jno. Ramsey; corner Robert Bratton. Teste: James Crockett, John
Stewart. Delivered: John Ramsey, August, 1770.

Page 111.--17th August, 1768. Robert ( ) Shaw to John Woods, Jr.,
£40, 95 acres, corner Francis Gardner's land. Teste: Patt. Cunningham.
Delivered: Mary Woods, 13th August, U73.

August 9, 1770--John, son of Robert and Easter (Blair) Shaw, born.

November 29, 1770-
(177) It appearing that Archer Mathews is no longer capable of instructing his
apprentice, Robert Shaw, as an apprentice, and that James Shaw, Robert's
father, is incapable of bringing him up in a Christianlike manner--to be bound
to John Frogg, to learn the same trade.

April 20, 1772-Matthew, son of Robert and Easter (Blair) Shaw, born.

Page 433.--18th August, 1772. Samuel Forgason and Mary to John
Readpath, part of lot 15 in Staunton, the other part belonging to James

Page 32.--17th November, 1772. Robert Hall and Isbel (Elesbet) ( )
to John Readpath, of Staunton, 1/4 acre, one of County lots conveyed to
James Shaw and by Shaw to Robert, north of Samuel Moore's lot, and
part of Samuel Forgason's lot No. 15.

September 9, 1774-Hannah, daughter of Robert and Easter (Blair) Shaw, born.

September 9, 1775-John, son of Robert and Easter (Blair) Shaw, died.

Page 21.--20th August, 1776. Mary Henderson, relict and executrix of
Halbert McClure, deceased, to James Patton. Teste: Archibald and Joseph
Alexander. James Lyle and Robert Shaw.

December 9, 1776-Easter, daughter of Robert and Easter (Blair) Shaw, born.

1777-Robert McClanahan grantor to Robert Shaw grantee a certain tract or
parcel of land containing 375 acres in Augusta County (now Rockbridge County)
on Maury branch of James River adjoining McClung and Campbell. (See Chancery
case of Abraham Clements vs. Robert Shaw 1786.)

August 19, 1777.
(215) Following recommendations: Anthony Reader, as Captain, vice Adam Reader;
Thomas Boggs, as Captain, vice Martin Humble; William Lowderson (West Fork),
as Captain; Benj. Wilson (Tygers Valley), as Captain; Robert Shaw, as Second
Lieutenant, and Richard Madison, as Ensign, in Capt. Thomas Smith's Company.

November 18, 1777.
(245) Admn. of estate of Robert Shaw granted to James Hill, greatest creditor.

18th November, 1777--James Hill, administrator of Robert Shaw;
Barbara Bosang, administrator, c. t. a., of David Bosang.

1778 Tithables
Robert Shaw-3

(109) 21st September 1779. Grace ( ) Shaw, widow of Robert Shaw, deceased.
Receipt to John Woods and release of dower to Joseph Redmond.

October 6, 1779-In consideration of 40 shillings sterling paid into the Treasury
of the Commonwealth there is granted to Robert Shaw a certain tract or parcel
of land containing four hundred acres lying in the County of Rockbridge adjoining
Mcclung, Shaw's old line, and Maury Creek.

November 10, 1779-In consideration of 25 shillings sterling paid into the Treasury
of the Commonwealth, there is Granted to Robert Shaw a certain tract or parcel
of land containing two hundred twenty acres in Rockbridge County, Virginia,
adjoining Williamson and Shaw's old line.

November 16, 1779-John Lyle, son of Robert and Easter (Blair) Shaw, born.

7 March 1780 100 lbs 1/2 Acre Lot #15
Trustees of Town of Lexington to Robert Shaw.
Along Main St. 195 ft; along Henry St 128 1/4 ft; along line
of Lot #12 195 ft; along line of Lot #16 128 1/4 ft.
Rockbridge County, VA Deed Book A, p. 244.

Page 229.--26th June. 1781. Robert Campbell Cutler's will--To wife,
Mary; to eldest son, George, the Round Hill plantation, 140 acres joining
Geo. Bright and home plantation. Also 200 acres, likewise 50 acres more
adjoining Robert Shaw and David Williamson; to 2d son, Robert, home
plantation 200 acres; also the Maple Swamp plantation 150 acres; also
200 acres of an entry adjoining Geo. Bright and the Mill place bought of
David Williamson; to daughter, Jannett, tract between home plantation
and Beverley Manor; to wife. Executors, wife Mary and sons George and
Robert and daughter Jannet. Teste: William and Mary Forgason. Proved,
16th April, 1782, by the witnesses. Widow Mary qualifies.

November 25, 1782-Robert Blair, son of Robert and Easter (Blair) Shaw, born.

1783*-Robert Shaw vs. Robert McClanahan in Augusta County, Virginia court,
regarding land that McClanahan sold to Shaw in 1777 at that time in Augusta
County but now in Rockbridge County, Virginia.

6 August 1783 60 lbs Lot #15 in Lexington
Robert Shaw to Robert Cleghorn
1/2 Acre Lot, Running with Main St. 19 poles then back 8 poles.
Rockbridge County, VA Deed Book A, p. 402.

1785---Page 1, orphans bound by order: (March), Mary Scott, 19 years
old last August; Lewis Spearman, 14 years old, to Peter Grass; (February),
Betsy Bell, daughter of Agness Wood; (March), the children of widow
Dabage; (May), Sarah Hatfield to John Hooper, Mary Moody to William
Blair, Ally Peery, daughter of Jane Peery; (August), Henry Hatwell, son
Mansfield Hatwell, deceased, aged 10-1/2 years; Andrew McKnight, son of
Margaret McKnight; (Sepetember), Cathrine Reid, daughter of Barbara
Reed; (November), John Norwood, son of Jinney Kindred; Elizabeth
Boyle to Isabella Burnes, aged 14 years; (December), James Hunter to John
Dalhouse, Abraham Laywell to Jacob Peck, Henry Cease (aged 6 years,
3 months) to Francis Huff; Peter Reed (aged 7 years, 20th April last) to
Abram Grove; page 7, Edward Erwin, Mossey Creek; page 8, Dennis
Lanachan and Margaret, his wife, late Cravens, executrix of John Cravens;
page 10, Archer Mathews, Greenbrier; page 13, Christopher Bryants,
Greenbrier; page 18, Benjamin Yeorly (or Yardly); page 24. William Allen,
Kentucky; page 29, William Lyle, Rockbridge; page 33, David Pinkerton,
infant; page 36, Archibald Rhea, Rockbridge; page 39, William Allen,
Smoky Row; page 43, James Nealy, Rockbridge; page 44, Samuel Todd,
Botetourt; page 45, John Pope, Jr., Amherst; page 47, John Lewis. Warm
Springs; page 51, Philip Bowman, a foreigner; page 53, James Bruister,
Rockingham; page 55, Christopher Bryan, Greenbrier; page __, Captain
James Bratton; page 58, George Clendenning, Greenbrier; page 59, John
Campbell, Pennsylvania; page 60, Reuben Coutts, Richmond; page 61,
William Crow, Botetourt; page 64, Thomas Smith, Major; page 66, Francis
Eccord, infant; pages 114-68, William Young, smith; page 71, John Oliver,
Captain; page 78, Thomas Madison, Botetourt; page 80, James Peyton, or
Pedan; James Pedan, or Peyton; page 87, Andrew Reid, Rockbridge; page
109, Robert Shaw, Rockbridge; page 110, Michael Deck, Rockingham
page 113. David Harnett, Rockingham; page 114, Alex. Nelson. Richmond
page 121, John McNutt, Rockbridge; page 128, Alex. Thompson, Colonel
page 129, Stephen May, Botetourt; page 130, John Lewis, Warm Springs;
page 133, Hugh Kelso, Rockbridge; page 135, John Anderson, Woodstock;
page 136, James Huston, Greenbrier; pages 141-136, William Elliott,
Amherst; page 138, John Stuart, Greenbrier; page __, Gawin Hamilton,
Rockingham; John Thomas, Rockingham; page 139, Goodman Barksdale,
Albemarle; page 141, Henry Gay, Rockbridge; James Bohanan, Jackson's River;
John Crawford, North Mountain; page 148, William Allen, N. M. (Point);
page 156, John Bell, eldest son of James Bell, deceased, and Agness Bell,
executor of said James.

Abraham Clements vs. Robert Shaw--Ejectment, October 12, 1786*, Rockbridge
County. Abraham Clements, heir-at-law of Abraham Clements, deceased, who
was heir-at-law of Ezekiel Clements, demise 18th June, 1746, 400 acres,
known as Broad Spring. Patent (copy) to Robert McClenachan, 375 acres on
Mary Branch of James River, cor. James McClung, cor. Robert Campbell, dated
24th March, 1740. Mary Roberts deposes, February 28, 1788, in Frederick
County, Maryland, that she was a near neighbor of Ezekiel Clements, of
Hopewell Township, County Huntindon, New Jersey, and knew the family 15-20
years. Ezekiel, and eldest son, Abraham, went out to purchase land; said
they had bought in the backwoods. Abraham married and had three children,
one of whom was a son named Abraham. Copy deed from Bordens' executors to
Ezekiel Clements, 1746, in Augusta. This land lapsed on October 18, 1753,
and reverted to the Crown.

1787--March 6, George Shaw and John Griffin, George Shaw and Nancy
Mays, daughter of Rebecca Mays (consent). Teste: Charles Stewart,
Charles Donnelly.

1787, March 16--By Rev. Saml. Shannon: George Shaw and Nancy
Maiss; March 27th, John McCreery and Margaret Black; April 24th, John
Devericks and Mary Peples; May 29th, Isaac Snediger and Elenor Story;
May 31st, John Stuart and Hannah Hicklin; June 5th, Wm. Johns and
Sarah Wood; June 7th, James McLaughlin and Mary Stuart; June 14th,
James Gray and Elizabeth Dooran (?); June 18th, Joseph Mays and
Agness Hicklin.

Index Number: 1789-011*
Plaintiff(s) Defendant(s)
Chancery case of Robert Shaw vs William Moore.

January 20, 1789.
(673) Admn. of estate of James Shaw granted his brother, George Shaw.

November, 1789 (I to Z).
Robert Shaw vs. Alexander Brownlee.--Rockbridge County, April 17, 1779.
Bought of Robert Shaw one hay house for four hundred pounds for the use
of the legion for which I promise to pay the above sum in full on demand.
Given under my hand this 17th April, 1779. (Signed) Alexander Brownlee.
N.B.--By order of the General.

Index Number: 1790-006*
Plaintiff(s) Defendant(s)
Chancery case of William Moore vs. Robert Shaw.

Page 468.--350 acres patented to Edward Erwin, 5th _____, 1748.
Teste: Cullen Earp, Nathaniel Bagwill. Acknowledged before James
Shaw, a justice for Johnston County, North Carolina.
Last deed recorded 15th June, 1790.

George Shaw vs. James Megonegal--Ejectment, lot in Staunton, No. 17,
demised 1781. Verdict for defendant.

Page 434.--7th June, 1791. Robert McClenachan's will--To wife, Sarah;
to daughters, Agnes Dean, Jene Sinclair, Lettis Kizer; to son, Alexander,
plantation in Rockbridge whereon Robert Shaw lives; to grandsons, John
and Robert McClenachan, sons of son Robert McClenachan, deceased, all
Kentucky lands. Executors, Alex. McClenachan and Alex. St. Clair. Teste:
Michael Bowyer, Alex. Humphreys, James St. Clair. Proved, December
Court, 1791, by two of the witnesses.

Rockbridge marriages: 1791--July 5th, Jos. Patterson and Jean Walker;
August 13th, Isaac Johnston and Margt. Parker; August 30th, Jno. Fletcher
and Elizabeth Harvey; September 9th, Math. Shaw and Elizabeth Parker;
October 4th, Jno. Armstrong and Mary Kirkpatrick; October 13th, Robt.
Anderson and Margt. Walker; October 18th, Steven Ligget and Margt.
Nucomer; October 18th, Chas. Kirkpatrick and Nancy Boyd; November
15th, Hugh Keys and Margt. Miles, alias Brown; November 17th, Nathl.
Taylor and Mary Patton; December 1st, Richd. Denton and Joan Smiley.

May 1795--Mary, daughter of Robert and Easter (Blair) Shaw married
Peter Masterson.

Rockbridge marriages: 1795--July 24th, James Jackson and Han. Shaw;
August 25th, William Walker and Elizabeth Caskell; September 4th,
Robert Young and Elizabeth Hutton; October 29th, Alex. McClure and
Martha Elliot; October 29th, Jas. Bailey and Esther Shields; December
23d, John Sterrett and Polly Maynaught; December 31st, Archi. Alexander
and Isabel Patton.

Rockbridge marriages: 1796--March 22d, John Shaw and Sallie Paxton; May 10th,
John Cowanand Margaret Weir; June 2d, Hugh Rhea and Rebecca Smiley.

October 30, 1797-Mary Masterson, wife of Peter Masterson and daughter of Robert
and Easter (Blair) Shaw, died.

Page 318.--13th January, 1798. John (mark) Davidson's will,
plantationer--To son, John (infant); to wife, Sarah; to children, viz: Agnes
Daugherty. Elizabeth Tankers (Tankersey), Sarah Davidson, Mary Davidson,
Margaret Davidson; to son, Daniel; to granddaughter, Margaret
Daugherty. Executors, wife Sarah and son-in-law Obadiah Tankersley.
Teste: Robert Shaw, Thomas Boyd, John Hall. Proved, 16th October,
1798, by Shaw and Boyd. Executors qualify.

April 24, 1798-In consideration of two Land Office Treasury Warrants numbers
twenty two thousand two hundred and sixteen thousand nine hundred and five,
there is granted by the Commonwealth unto Robert Shaw a certain tract or parcel
of land containing two hundred and nine acres by survey bearing date the twenty
ninth of November one thousand seven hundred and ninety three, and being in the
County of Rockbridge on the South Mountain and on the waters of Maury Creek
adjoining Solomon Cloyd's line.

August 6, 1798-Easter Shaw Senior, wife of Robert Shaw, died.

1799--May 30, Robert Shaw and Michael Garber, Sr., surety. Robert
Shaw, widower, and Elizabeth Boyd, widow of John Boyd, deceased.

December 2, 1799-Robert Shaw Senior, husband of Easter (Blair) Shaw, deceased, died.

JUDGMENTS. APRIL, 1800 (M to Z)*.
Robert Shaw vs. Clements (Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Gersham & James)--
Trespass. Rockbridge 375 acres, cor. James McClung; cor. Robt. Campbell.

JUDGMENTS. APRIL, 1801 (A to H).*
Major Dowell, agent for Abraham Clemens, of the State of Pennsylvania,
vs. Mathew Shaw--Ejectment.

May 13, 1801-Easter Shaw, daughter of Robert and Easter (Blair) Shaw, married
Daniel Matthews.

Richard Greaves vs. George Shaw--Both of Bath County, 6th July, 1792.

Index Number: 1803-006
Plaintiff(s) Defendant(s)
Chancery case of Mathew Shaw vs. William Moore.

Page 55.--9th April, 1803--Robert Shaw's appraisement.

Index Number: 1804-004*
Plaintiff(s) Defendant(s)
Chancery case of William Moore vs. Heirs of Robert Shaw.

February, 1806 (M).
Mustoe vs. Graham.--Deposition of Charles Arbuckle, 1st November, 1805, in Greenbrier.
He possesses a receipt by Jacob Skiles, 6th April, 1792, from George Clendennin for
collection from War Department at Philadelphia, pay roll of ninety-two privates, one captain,
one lieutenant, two ensigns, four sergeants, also list of rations, allowing each officer and
private a ration per day for 153 days. Certificate of ammunition furnished all for service in 1790.
George, receipts, 24th April, 1793, for having received the several allowances for services of the
Kanawha Rangers. William Clennondon, of Mason County, taken first Tuesday of October, at
house of John Vanhever, in town of Point Pleasant, before Justice John Boush and John Henderson.
Brother of George Clendenon. Letter of Joseph Graham from Monroe County. Certificate, 1st
September, 1791, by George Shaver, Lieutenant, and Andrew Lewis, Ensign, that Joseph Graham
has served as a soldier at Kanawha. Deposition of Reuben Slaughter, 14th May, 1805. He
negotiated sale of goods by Mustoe and Chambers to the soldiers in Kanawha County in 1791.
Col. George Clendenin was considered paymaster. Joseph Grahm was a soldier on Kanawha
River in 1791 and came down from Greenbrier with George Shaw, who was lieutenant. George
died about 1796. Order, 11th May, 1791, by William Miller on Col. George Clendennin for his
pay as soldier accepted by George. David Johnson's similar order. Ditto James Robertson,
David Johnston, James Spencer, John Sharp.

April 23, 1807--Robert Blair Shaw, son of Robert and Easter (Blair) Shaw, married Judith Glover.

1809--Joel Campbell m. Easther Shaw.

Index Number: 1826-014*
Plaintiff(s) Defendant(s)
Chancery case of William Moore vs. Heirs of Robert Shaw.

From: Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish by Chalkley, Vol. 1, 2, 3
History of Rockbridge County Virginia by Morton
Rockbridge County Virginia files found online
Hines, Martz, Matthews, Shaw Bible
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