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Jacob See: Draper Manuscript: transcribed by Sara Patton

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Jacob See: Draper Manuscript: transcribed by Sara Patton

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Surnames: See Shelp McNiell
This was sent to the group over 10 years ago so I thought some new people might want it.

Draper Mss Collection -- Kentucky Papers 11CC: #7: 144-146. Fayette Co.
Interview with Ephraim Sodowsky of Jessamine County, KY. Adventure of
Jacob See, John Shelp, John and Joe McNiell [sic]. no date. [Transcript
for microfilm of original by Sara Patton].

"Jacob See, John Shelp, and John & Joe Mc Niell, etc. all came over on to
this side of the river to hunt; and made their encampm’t; in the head
dreans [sic] of Clear Creek. Shelp’s wife’s previous name was Mc Niell–
these 2 young McNiells were step-sons (Shelp’s). See came over these
ridges (out^) and met w[ith] a strange dog, whose ears were cropped, and
wh[ic]h: he took to be an indn: dog. He found also a piece of Wampum. He
s[ai]d, in fact, he tho’t he co[ul]d smell inds: He went back to the
encampment, & told to Shelp his apprehensions. Shelp rec[eive]d them in
perfect jest, and wo[ul]d treat them in no other way. This produced a
coolness between them and See w[ith] the sulky indifference peculiar to
them reckless times, determined to share the danger of whatever fate might
be impending. After lying in wakeful mood, a long time, he heard sounds
wh[ic]h he knew not whether were indn: or wolf steps. A surly growl of his
dog was heard, and then the retreating footsteps of the sound. See now got
up, put on his hunting shirt, tied his belt around him, w[ith] knife & shot
pouch–and taking his gun, lay w[ith] it in his arms, the muzzle down
between his legs, & the britch [sic] in his arms. In this attitude, he
fell into a quiet sleep. About the time the owls begin to hollow ^? just
before day, he hears footsteps all around him, approach where they lay, but
was unable to rouse himself from his slumbers. Suddenly a dozen (great
no:) [number] of guns fired in upon them, and scattered the fire all over
them. See jumped up, and ran off the distance of 75 yds., w[ith] all his
strength. Somehow, however, he had the impression that he was shot in the
hips; and stopped at 70 yds. in his course, on the opposite of a large
tree, to ascertain the extent of his wound. While standing there, 2
indns:, who had seen him start, and were in pursuit, came up behind the
same tree, stood a moment to listen, and then passed on. See finding his
wound not dangerous, or rather that he co[ul]d run, for he had no wound at
all, left his 2 friends further to pursue their course alone, while he
sho[ul]d turn aside, and reach the other side of the encampment, to get the
horses. (He stopped the bells on the horses and loose the hobbles. ((Had
he done this, and tied them up, on the 1st alarm?)) He untied them, and
made off w[ithou]t delay for Hdsbgh: [Harrodsburg]

"Jos: McN[iell], the elder of the 2 boys, got out, and got into a tree
top. Next morning he s[ai]d he co[ul]d hear the indns: whooping and
hallooing about the camp, till at length they went entirely off, and the
noise (sound of this^) died away in the far distance. After the indns; had
left awhile, J McN. s[ai]d he heard See’s dog – passing all around through
the woods, howling, & moaning; and discovered at length, that he encircled
the spot where he was, coming nearer every round, till at last he came and
looked into the very tree in wh[ic]h he was, and on seeing his ____m,
fondled on him w[ith] great delight. Finding the indns: ____were now
finally gone, McN left his retreat, and dire__ted his course tow[ar]ds
Hdsbgh:; striking the K[entuck]y R[iver] at______ the mouth of Shawnee
Run. The dog here got in the chase of some elk in the bottom, and it being
too late to cross the r[iver], Mc N. went on up the bank to seek a place of
lodg[in]g for the night. He found some projecting cliffs, w[ith] recesses
in the rocks, into one of wh[ic]h he crept. While he there lay, he saw
distinctly 2 wolves pass the mouth of the cave. A 3d came along, and had
gotten 1/2 way along, when it turned its head, and accidentally saw the
boy. Starting back, it gave a bark, and then bounded in. The boy
screamed, and the wolf was still frightened & kept at bay. In the meantime
the dog came to his rescue, the boy crept farther in, and the dog and the
wolves were snapping at each other all that night. The next morning he
crossed the riffle (ripple?) at the mouth of Shawnee Run, and came on,
striking the Harrodsburgh trace– This wo[ul]d h[ave] led him straight; but
he took the wrong end. (on reaching it) the dog started the other way, &
wo[ul]d go some distance. The boy then called to him, and coaxed him
on. The dog wo[ul]d come, jump up, and fondle on him, but all at once,
wo[ul]d fall down, & run off, w[ith] his tail hanging down, untill nearly
out of sight.

They got into H’dsbgh: that night. The 1st thing See knew of his dog, was
a salutation, w[ith] every expression of joy, as See met the dog on the
next morning after the dog cam.

Mc N got up and run, when See did; and the indns: seeing See run, didn’t go
up to the camp immed[iate]ly, but waited till morning. McN s[ai]d when he
got up to run, he saw Shelp bleeding at the breast. But See tho’t Shelp
had started to rise, before the indns: had yet seen him. Shelp was
scalped. His head has been found down in this nghbhd: (neighborhood)
w[ith] the marks of the scalping knife on it since I’ve been here.

When the dog circled the camp, every time he came near the tree top into
wh[ic]h the boy had jumped, he would lift up his head & smell. At last he
jumped right on him."

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