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Joseph Rowland B 1821-Tenn

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Rowland family

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yes, there is good reason to believe my early family, that of Augustine Rowland, may have settled for a while in old Bute Co., which encompassed Franklin, Granville and Warren.

There should be very little dispute over the following.
IX. AUGUSTINE ROWLAND (I), was born, about 1729, in Surry/Sussex Co. VA, Circa. 1750 he married Mary Ragsdale, b. abt 1729, the daughter of Benjamin Ragsdale (his first wife was Martha or Mary Jones)and his 2nd wife Mary Lightfoot Talley (widow of Richard Talley). Mary Lightfoot was the daughter of Sherwood Lightfoot, a member of St. Peters Parish, New Kent Co., VA. This is where the Sherwood name appears in Rowland births.
Martha Jones was, probably, the daughter of Captain Peter Jones and his wife Mary "Battie" Jones. The Jones family was thought to be a close neighbor of the Ragsdale family. As a matter of record, Benjamin Ragsdale witnessed the will of Peter Jones, in Prince George County, VA, on Jan. 9, 1726. The Jones ancestry, allegedly, goes back to Sir William Mallory who died in 1586.
The major problem with Augustine Rowland is the order of wives, if you believe there were two, and which was the mother of which, and the number of sons and their names.
According to records, Augustine lived in Amelia Co., VA later called Lunenburg Co., VA, where he appears as a constable in 1756.. He was a Colonial Soldier in the Indian War, along with his brother in law John Ragsdale. In this same time period Augustine reportedly purchased another tract of 1,250 acres of land in Lunenburg Co., VA. This land, located on Alien's Creek, became part of Lunenburg Co., in 1764, Mecklenburg Co., VA, was created in 1765. In this same time period he was found to have purchased more land with his son Sherwood Rowland, obviously named after his father in law Sherwood Lightfoot. It is because of this name that I place my proof for the marriage to Mary Lightfoot Talley, and some measure of proof that she was the mother. According to some sources, this land fell into Mecklenburg County in 1786. I have also found the names; John Talley, Sr.; John Talley, Jr.; William Talley; and Richard Talley, listed on the List of Titheables, below Deep Creek, in Amelia County. Prior to 1734-5, this area was in Prince George County or Brunswick Co.. This puts the Talley family in the right area at the right time.
Note; In the Virginia Marriage Index, 1740-1850, I found a marriage of Sherwood Lightfoot to Elizabeth Brewer on 13 Jan., 1762, in Charles City County, VA. This, Sherwood Lightfoot, may be the son or a grandson or nephew of etc. of the "Sherwood Lightfoot", the father in law of Augustine Rowland. It is interesting to note how the Rowland family married into the Brewer family on 16 June, 1820, when Creed T. Rowland married Matilda Brewer, who is believed to be a descendant of John Brewer of the Virginia House of Burgess 1629-30.
Augustine was shown to have owned 9 slaves in the Census of 1800. He reportedly died in Montgomery Co., NC in circa 1800-1810, maybe while living with his son Thomas. It is possible that father and son died together in North Carolina as Thomas Rowland has also been reported to have died around the same time. Maybe it was from illness or accident or Indian attack etc.
Note, Mecklenburg Co. Was formed in 1765 from Lunenburg Co, which , in turn, was formed from Brunswick County. Brunswick, in turn was formed from Prince George County. Mecklenburg Co. was on the border of North Carolina.

The will of Benjamin Ragsdale leaves his son in law, Augustine Rowland, ten pounds and 100 acres of land on the south side of Bluestone Creek, etc., adjoining the land of John Ragsdale. (Lunenburg Co., records, Book 5, p. 34) Note this is not the first mention of Bluestone in the Rowland record.
The Rowland family history of Botetourt/Augusta mentioned a son of Robert Rowland who was summoned from Bluestone.
It is now a good time to tell the story about the Battle of Guilford Courthouse. This battle may well be one, in which many Rowlands took part, the Rowland family of Botetourt and the Rowland family of Prince George/Amelia/Lunenburg. Guilford County N.C. is the county now surrounding the city of Greensboro.
Rowlands are known to have inhabited Caswell County, just a few miles North East of Guilford, and they are known to have inhabited Chatham County just South East, of Montgomery County, which is just South, and Rowan County which is just South West. In addition there were many Rowlands in the adjacent Virginia Counties of Patrick, Henry and Pittsylvania.
The name George Rowland has been located in Caswell, Guilford and Rockingham counties in North Carolina in the early 1770s. He is believed to have settled in the Guilford area by 1775. He probably had many cousins living in the surrounding counties in 1775. Also note that the Dunbar Rowland papers indicate that his ancestor, Michael Rowland, fought in the battle of Guilford Courthouse. The Ragsdale family was also well settled along the VA, NC border in the counties of Mecklenburg, Halifax, and Pittsylvania, as well as Caswell County, NC and may also have been part of this battle.
Insert Guilford info here.

Children of Augustine Rowland and Mary Ragsdale may have included:
A. Sherwood Rowland b. c. 1750-52, He was named after his father in law and he may have had son named Sherwood Rowland Jr., b. abt 1770-75..
B. Richard Rowland b. c. 1751-54, He reportedly married Rachel Ragsdale on 12/10/1781. Rachel Ragsdale was the daughter of Thomas Ragsdale. One researcher listed one son of this marriage. This son was John Rowland, born May 20, 1827. It is apparent 1827 is too late for a birth of a child to the above couple. The date may have been copied wrong and may have been meant to be 1777 or 1807 (note a 7 can look a lot like a 2) etc., or the John Rowland, born in 1827 may be another Richard Rowland or the son of a son of Richard Rowland.
One researcher has identified a, "Sherwood Rowland, b. 1778", as a son of Richard Rowland. This Sherwood reportedly married Rebecca Puckett on Nov. 5, 1834. The marriage took place in Coweta, GA. The reader can already see the difficulty of picking out the "correct" Sherwood from a choice of Sherwood's.
I believe, in the possibility that, it is by this, the Richard Rowland branch, that the first Rowland entered North Mississippi. It is possible?, that Richard Rowland had a son named William, thereby a cousin of my William Thomas Rowland, who also settled in the North Mississippi or North Alabama area around 1836.
By some route, I believe it is possible, that a man named William Madison Rowland, possibly born about 1850, who married (Arabella?)Francis Luna (the daughter of Lunsford L. (Long) Luna and Mary Davis Currin) in Tippah Co., MS, could have been the son of John Rowland, b. May 20, 1827, who was the son or grandson of Richard Rowland and Rachel Ragsdale.
It is known that one Abel Ragsdale resided in Tippah County, Mississippi in 1836-37. Abel Ragsdale may be the connection to Rachael Ragsdale Rowland. Or, it could be, as other researchers have stated, William Madison Rowland was also the son of Andrew Jackson Rowland.
I believe, in the possibility, that the son of William Madison Rowland and Francis Luna, may have been William Jacob (Will Jake) Rowland, b. 1874, who in turn married Mattie Justine Luna/Looney on Dec. 27, 1894.
I have recently been informed that Francis Arabella Luna and William Madison Rowland had two children, Mary Elizabeth, b. 1888 and Sally C.(Currin) born 1886 so all of the above speculation probably has been fruitless. But the cemetery records of Enon-Rowland cemetery, in Tippah county, MS, show a grave marker for; Susan Craig Rowland, b. 1862, d. 1963, "the daughter of W. M. A. and Francis Rowland. Maybe his full name was William Madison Augustine Rowland. More on this line is presented later in this report.
Note the William Madison Rowland name is never listed by any of the Rowland family. The listing on what is believed to be his grave marker says "W.M. R. ROWLAND 1889", this presumes his death in 1889. In the 1850 Census, the son of John and Cassey Rowland is shown as Wm. R. Rowland, possibly the stone cutter made a mistake and combined the abbreviation for William i.e. Wm. as two initials W and M. None of this family is believed to be in the 1860 Census of Tippah County, MS. But, who knows, maybe his full name was "William Madison Ragsdale Rowland!"
(Note; In the 1870 Census of Tippah County, MS, "W. M. Rowland", is listed as a "Head of Household", p. 122, residing in Township 2, range 7. He is on the same census page as G. W. Rowland and J. H. Rowland?, and one page after D. B. Rowland and A. J. Rowland.)

Children of Augustine Rowland, continued.
C. Thomas Rowland (VI), b. c. 1756 (1760?), believed to be my line.

D. James Rowland (III) b. c. 1756-58, where are his children ?

E. Christopher Rowland (III)b. c. 1756-60, one, "Christopher Rowland", is shown as head of family 1782-85, residing in Mecklenburg, Co. With 6 whites and 6 blacks in the family.
He may have married Ann ??, Children alleged are;
1. John Rowland,
2. Agnes Rowland,
3. Sarah Rowland
F. Augustine Rowland Jr. b. c. 1757-61, what of Augustine Jr's children ? I do have a mention of Augustine Rowland, in land patented in Tennessee. Researcher, Mark Rowland found the following information. In the Land Deed Genealogy of Bedford County Tennessee 1807-1852, compiled by Helen C. Marsh and Timothy R. March are the following records which may be related to my family.
On page 18- a Grant for 65 acres....for Military service by William Rowland to North Carolina, Assigned by John Bedford Co. on the south side of the Duck River, surveyed in 1808.
On page 64- a Grant to Jason Thompson, assignee of Wm Rowland...240 acres..on the waters of the Duck River.
On page 274-Benjamin J. Bethlehem Church..Trustee...Augustine Rowland...bounded by James Clardy..1847. See Hosea Rowland below.
On page 504-Joseph Steel's land on Falling Creek...1827...witness Wm. Rowland.
Add info here
The following names are conjectural.
G. Robert Rowland (III) ?, no information is available on his marriage or family.
H. Elizabeth Rowland ? b. About 1760 in Edgecomb Co, NC, she may have married John White. (The family is full of Ann's, Sherwood's, William's, Thomas' and White's)
I. Hosea Rowland? (Claimed by some researchers), I have not yet had the chance to review any information on Hosea Rowland. Some researchers have indicated that he too had a son named Sherwood. (Another "Sherwood?) I found one bit of information on Hosea Rowland in the Family Search@Ancestral Files. This Hosea, b. abt. 1765, a son of Augustine Rowland, reportedly had a son named Benjamin J. (John?) Rowland, b. abt. 1789 in Montgomery Co., NC. He reportedly died in Alcorn County, MS about 1863. He married Sarah Johnson on Aug. 19, 1819 in Rutherford County, NC. Sarah Johnson was born about1799NC, and died about 1862-65 near Reinzi, MS.

They had a son, Joseph Marcus Rowland, b. Jan. 25, 1827NC, and died Oct. 24, 1885 in Booneville, Prentiss Co., MS, and another son Joseph Rowland, born about 1886. Joseph Marcus Rowland, married Francis Coates, b. Nov. 2, 1829TN, and died Jan. 3, 1908 in Booneville, MS. J. M. Rowland and Francis (Coates) Rowland, were married Aug. 29, 1848TN. List land Patents
J. Isaac Rowland?, (claimed by some researchers)
K. Ausbum or Asbury Rowland?, (claimed by some researchers), note that Ausbum and Asbury are known surnames, it is also possible one or the other has been misspelled or quoted in records. Is it possible that this name was mispelled by someone trying to read some type of civil record or Census record and the name was really Augustine?

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