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History of the ROBERTS family

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History of the ROBERTS family

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Surnames: ROBERTS>Shut>Schnell>Sprauge>Hall>Bankes>Butt>Pennell>McAuley>Brewster>Pettit>Stanberry>Whitaker>Nelson>Gordon>Baker
Please contact me if you have information about anyone listed in this letter. Thanks. Sherry

History of the ROBERTS family
written by: Cyrus M. Butt abt. 1914

The early part of this came to me as family legendary history. A Mr. Nathan Roberts lived in England, was in good circumstances there. Had two sons, Samuel and Nathan; the eldest son was the heir so Nathan, getting some help from his father, came to Pennsylvania and settled in Delaware County. Got a large tract of land, then married and settled down to life as a farmer. He had two sons, Samuel and Nathan. Samuel again inherited the property and again Nathan disappeared, going south and was never head from except as possibly his descendants may have come to light. The names Nathan and Samuel appeared to be family names.

About the year 1845 an old man stopped at my father's house in Ohio and gave his name as Nathan Roberts and said he lived in Perry County, came North from Tennessee. He and my mother, who was a Roberts talked over family matters and concluded they were second cousins - one of that man's sons came to Wisconsin (Vernon County) and died, leaving his children here, some of whom are here yet and claim a kinship which I can not dispute. The oldest son has a good local reputation for honesty and ability.

The Pennsylvania Samuel Roberts became quite wealthy, and very active on side of the Colonists leading up to the war of the Revolution in which he took an active part, becoming Captain, and remained in the Army until close of the war. His wife was a Miss Skein of Philadelphia. They had two children, a son Nathan Roberts, my grandfather, who became deaf on bursting of a cannon over which he stood at a 4th of July celebration, was a farmer, died in 1846; and a daughter Sarah. Captain Samuel Roberts never would take any pay for his services in the Army, and after his death his two children, who could have drawn it, also refused it. So that remains yet unpaid, and I am told it amounts to about fifteen thousand dollars. During the war the Captain's wife died and the two children fell into other hands to be raised as the Captain never married again but became a kind of crack billiard player and horse racer, and died not rich.

The two children Nathan and Sarah both married. Sarah married a Mr. John Shut and Nathan married Christina Schnellinger, and lived in Pennsylvania for some years and then emigrated to Ohio. The daughter Mrs. Shut, and husband settled in Muskingum County Ohio, and the son Nathan settled at Tridelphia in Morgan County, Ohio. The male children of the Shut Family were Samuel, Nathan, and David (I can not say of the females), all farmers. David preached some, a local preacher . Samuel located in Morgan County at Tridelphia, had one son Hamilton. Nathan remained in Muskingum County. David settled in Vinton County, Ohio. The male children of Nathan Roberts, my grandfather, were Nathan (father of Captain Cyrus M. Roberts), Samuel and Joseph. Captain Cyrus died but recently a retired merchant, a daughter Martha Roberts Sprege, wife of Congressman Sprege, dead. A son of Samuel Henry Roberts, my cousin, lived eleven years since at Portersville, Perry County, Ohio. I know nothing of the other children of Samuel Roberts, only there was one daughter, name not know.

The children of Joseph Roberts were, Dr. Jason Roberts, living (if Living at Paceola, Iowa (*Osceola, Iowa). Nelson Roberts, living at McConnolsville, Ohio, and Hiram Roberts died some years ago in Iowa. A daughter, name not now remembered, married a Mr. Hall, residence not now known. Another daughter, name not known, living (if living) in Iowa.

The female children of Nathan Roberts, my grandfather, were Sarah, who married Adam Bankes, her children all dead; Hannah, who married Edward Butt, her children, Charles E. Butt, whot (*shot) at the Battle of Gettysburg and died after a while of his wound (no family), Sarah Elizabeth Butt Pennell died in 1869 (no family). Two children both died soon after their mother.

Cyrus M. Butt, the writer hereof, now eighty years of age, lawyer at Viroqua, Wisconsin, served over four years in the war of the Rebellion, came home a Colonel. He married Margaret Elizabeth McAuley, a collateral relative of Lord McAuley of Scotland.

Living children are Ester F. Butt at home, Jane Hannah Butt, professor in Normal school in San Diego, California, Margaret Elizabeth Butt Smith, now living at Cleveland, Ohio, Dr. William E. Butt residing at Viroqua, Wisconsin.

Ann Roberts Brewster, wife of Harvey Brewster home in Vinton County, Ohio, post office was McArthur, so many children I never knew all of them. Seth C Brewster, a son, died at McConnelsville, Ohio. Two sons, thought merchants, Amanda Brewster Pettit died, and the other of the Brewster children I can not tell you of only one of the girls did live at Bloomington, Ill., some years since.

Christina Roberts Stanberry, one child by Stanberry, a daughter, Letitia, who married a Mr. R. Whitaker and lived at Tridelphia, Ohio. When Stanberry died, she married a Mr. Baker and they lived in (James) Mclean County, Illinois, had two sons, Harrison, dead for some years, and James G. Baker now living at Ridgeway, Missouri.

Dorothea Roberts Laughlin died at Tridelphia, Ohio, no children.

Elizabeth (Betsy) Roberts Butt married David Butt, died at Portersville, Perry County, some years since. She left four children, Leroy Butt (school man) NewLexington, Perry County, Ohio; Sumner Butt, Crooketown, Ohio; Ella Butt Gordon died very recently: Ruth Butt Nelson, dead some years, husband and family on farm near Portersville, Ohio.

Now as to myself; I have been Secretary of the Board of Education 27 years, 10 years on the City Council, Mayor 1 years, 4 years in the Army, 2 years State Senator, 4 years County Treasurer, 12 years County Judge and 18 years President of the Board of Trustees for Insane of Vernon County, Wisconsin, now on my 7th three-year term. I am eighty years old and feel if I might add another twenty.

In politics I am a Democrat. Been twice candidate for Congress, once candidate for Assembly, once candidate for Secretary of State, once for Governor, twice for Senator and was beaten. I am by profession an attorney and practiced law more or less steadily for fifty years.

Mr. Butts letter, seems it had to have been handwritten around 1914 as Cyrus Butt shows in the 1850 census in Deerfield Twp. Ohio., as a 16 year old son of Edward and Catherine Butt. He speaks of service in the War of the Rebellion, do not find him as enlisting from Morgan Co., more likely he enlisted from Wisconsin.

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