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Rivenbark list

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Rivenbark list

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Surnames: Rivenbark
I have a list of Rivenbarks that I am working on, if you see any names there that you are looking for or you have any info on any of these people please e-mail me at . I would be happy to exchange info with you. I have info on alot of these but I am always looking for more and some of them I need info,I don't have much on them. I have more names but the rest of them I have, only have a first name for them.

Abner Coy
Aca Colton
Ada P.
Addie Delores
Alease Delores
Alex D.
Alice Diane
Alice Pearl
Alice Susan
Allen Keith
Alvin Woodrow Jr.
Alvin Woodrow Sr.
Amanda Jane
Andrew Jackson
Angela Loraine
Annie Bell
Annie Jane
Annie Laura
Annie Louise
Anthony Lee
April Love
Archie Jacob (jakie)
Archie Jacob jr.
Arthur Douglas
Arthur Sidney
Atlas T.
Aubrey Kent
Audrey Lee
Barbara (Tince)
Barbara Ann
Barbara Ann
Barbara Reid
Becky Cheryl
Benjamin Graham Jr.
Benjamin Graham Sr.
Berita Ann
Betty Alma
Betty Jane
Betty Jean
Beverly Carol
Brain Kent
Carl Lee
Cary Douglas Jr.
Cary Douglas Sr.
Catherine Maria
Charles Elliotte
Charles Ray
Charles Rae Jr.
Charles Rae Sr.
Charles Worth
Cheryl Pauline
Christopher Ray
Clara Eunice
Clayton Baxter Jr.
Clayton Baxter Sr.
Cleveland Morse
Clifford Wayne
Council C.
Cynthia Ann
Daisey C.
Daniel Wayne
Danny Ray
David Alfred
David Clayton Jr.
David Clayton Sr.
David M.
David Richard
David Yates
Deborak Le Ann
Donald Gabriel Jr.
Donald Gabriel Sr.
Donald Thompson
Donna Abigail
Dora Frances
Earl Rae
Edna Ruth
Edward D.
Edward Timothy
Eliza Catherine (Katie)
Elizabeth Alice
Elizabeth Aline
Elizabeth Ann
Elizabeth Jean
Elizabeth Kay (Lisa)
Elizabeth Margaret
Ella Tait
Ellen C.
Ellen Louise
Elma Aubrey
Elma Aubrey Jr.
Emma Lucille
Eric Landon
Essie Williams
Estelle Merle
Eunice Martha Etta
Finnie Charles
Floyd L. Jr.
Floyd L. Sr.
Forrest Stanley
Frank Alan
Franklin Pierce
Gail Marie
Garland E,
Geneva Viola
George Meredith
George S. Jr
George S. Sr
George W.
George Washington
Georgia Kay
Gerald Van
Gladys Evelyn
Gloria Ann
Gordon Earl
Gretchen Carol
Harold Maurice
Harold White
Harris Bradford
Henry Whedley
Hepsey Maria
Herbert Crowell Jr.
Herbert Crowell Sr.
Horace Moore
Howard Lee
Ida M
Isabelle Yvonne
Jack Everrett
Jacob Bruce Jr.
Jacob Bruce Sr.
Jacquelyne Faye
James Allen
James Andrew
James Baxter Jr.
James Baxter Sr.
James Bradley
James Edward
James Henry
James Lewis
James Marion
James Timothy
James W. Toby
Jan Meredith
Janet Pauline
Janice Lynn
Janie E.
Janie Estelle
Jean Venturas
Jeffery Allen
Jennie Maude
Jeremiah Jacob Jr.
Jeremiah Jacob Sr.
Jerusha Vantrous
Jesse S.
Jesse Wells
Jimmy Allen
Jimmy Wesley Jr.
Jimmy Wesley Sr.
Jo Ann
Jo Ann Francis
Joe E.
John C.
John David
John Duncan Jr.
John Duncan Sr.
John Edward
John Fitzhugh
John Jackson
John N.
John Nick
John Phillip
John Vann
John Washington
Joseph Calhoun
Joseph Gerard
Josephine V.
Judy Ann
Julia Mae
Junius Edward
Justin Meredith
Kate S
Kstleen Nichole
Kimberly Ann
Krista Leigh
Kristi Lynn
Lannie Viola
Lee Audrey
Lemuel Phillip
Leon Demascus
Leon Stuart
Lester Gay Jr.
Lester Gay Sr.
Lillian Annette
Lillian Rocella
Linda Marie
Lois Marie
Lola Orecia
Loretta Faye
Lottie Dell
Lucy S.
Lydie Lottie
Malvin Roy
Margaret Ann
Margaret Elizabeth
Margaret Faye
Margaret Matilia
Margaret Sophia
Maria Augusta
Maria Elizabeth
Martha Catherine
Martha E, Mattie
Martha Jennette
Martha Louise
Martha Mildred
Marvin Armstrong
Mary Ailene
Mary C.
Mary Catherine
MAry Elizabeth
Mary Ella
Mary Ellen
Mary Helen
Mary Jane
Mary Lou
Mary M.
Matthew Joel
Melinda Ann
Meredith Dawn
Michael Eric
Michael Scott
Michael Shane
Michael Timothy
Michelle Renee
Monica D'Orange
Nancy Jo
Nancy Lynn
Nathan Carl Jr.
Nathan Carl Sr.
Newkirk Southerland
Norman Gene
Norman Hollis
Odell Dolphus
Opal Diane
Oscar Langston
Patricia Ann
Patricia Dawn
Patricia Mae
Paul Hanson
Paul Nicholas Jr.
Paul Nicholas Sr.
Pearl McQueen
Phillip Boney
Raeford Earl
Randy Sue
Rebecca Jane
Regina Gay
Richard Ralph
Richard G.
Richard Mark Jr.
Richard Mark Sr.
Richard Vann
Richard Warren
Roan F.
Robert Allen Jr.
Robert Allen Sr.
Robert Anthony
Robert Boney
Robert Clifton
Robert Glenn
Robert Hershel
Robert James
Robert James
Robert M.
Robert Tait
Roberta Lynn
Robin Marie
Rodney Lee
Roger Bryan
Rolland Dean
Rolland Parrish
Ronald Wells
Ronny Stuart
Rosa Marie
Rose Maria
Roxie Elizabeth
Roy Lee
Rufus Bartemus
Samuel Franklin Jr.
Samuel Franklin Sr.
Samuel Irving Jr.
Samuel Irving Sr.
Sandra Kay
Sandra Louise
Sarah A.
Sarah Bradford
Sarah Elizabeth
Sarah Ellen
Sarah Priscella
Scornwell Lester
Sean Derrick
Shannon Michelle
Sharon H.
Shirley Diane
Sidney Julian III
Sidney Julian Jr.
Sidney Julian Sr.
Sophia C.
Spicie Maria
Stephanie Elizabeth
Susan Elizabeth
Susan Kay
Teal Alexander
Terry Diane
Thelma June
Theodore Christopher Jr.
Theodore Christopher Sr.
Theodore Jackson
Theodore Thurman
Thomas E. Jr.
Thomas E. Sr.
Thurman Glenn
Timothy Alfred
Timothy Alfred Jr.(Tobe)
Timothy Alfred Sr.
Timothy Percy
Timothy Shawn
Tony Hanson
Tonya Renee
Virginia Anne (Gina)
Virginia Dare
Virginia Pearl
Viture Cyrus
Walter K.
Washington Lafayette
Wendy Lee
Wilbert Allen
William Harrison
William Alfred
William Andrew
William Aubry
William Currie Jr.
William Currie Sr.
William David
William Edward
William G.
William Ivey
William Owen
William Woodley
Wintie Langston
Worth H.

Thank you

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