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Ludwig, Caspar, Wilhelm RITTER brothers of Phiadelphia, PA

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Re: RITTER of Lehigh/Northampton Co., PA

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Surnames: Ritter, Keiter, Meyer/Moyer, Beisel, Balliet, Knass/Knauss,, Kloeckner/Kleckner, Moser/Masser/Mosser,
this is what I have on Casper & Anna Maria Ochs Ritter
Name: Casper Ritter, Sr.

Parents: Michael Casper Hittek Ritter (Est 1689-) and Ann Mary Unknown (Est 1689-)
Life Range: 26 Jan 1719 - 2 Apr 1792

26 Jan 1719 Birth: Pfalz, Germany.
1 1720 Spouse: Anna Maria Ochs (1720-1803). born in Germany. Died in 1803 in Bethlehem Twp., Northampton Co., PA.
13 11 Sep 1732 Immigration: under 16. Philadelphia Co., PA.
13 11 Sep 1732 Immigration: Ship Pennsylvania--from Rotterdam. Philadelphia Co., PA.
26 Abt 1745 Marriage: Anna Maria Ochs (1720-1803). in Lower Milford Twp., Bucks Co., 1752 Northampton Co., 1812 Lehigh Co., PA.
27 20 Jul 1746 Daughter born (#1): Margaret Ritter (1746-1791). born in Schoenersville, Northampton Co., 1812 Lehigh Co., PA. Died on 30 Mar 1791.
28 24 Jul 1747 Son born (#2): Casper Ritter, Jr. (1747-1824). born in Lower Milford Twp., Bucks Co., 1752 Northampton Co., 1812 Lehigh Co., PA. Died on 2 May 1824 in Schoenersville, Hanover Twp., Lehigh Co., PA.
29 Abt 1748 Son born (#3): Michael Ritter (Abt 1748- ). born in Lower Milford Twp., Northampton Co., 1812 Lehigh Co., PA.
30 5 Apr 1749 Son born (#4): Martin Ritter (1749- ). born in Lower Milford Twp., Northampton Co., 1812 Lehigh Co., PA.
31 1 Feb 1750 Daughter born (#5): Barbara Ritter (1750-1828). born in Lower Milford Twp., Northampton Co., 1812 Lehigh Co., PA. Died on 28 Mar 1828 in Schoenersville, Hanover Twp., Lehigh Co., PA.
32 Abt 1751 Daughter born (#6): Susanna Ritter (Abt 1751- ). born in Lower Milford Twp., Northampton Co., 1812 Lehigh Co., PA.
33 1752 Daughter born (#7): Anna Maria Ritter (1752-1781). born in Upper Milford Twp., Northampton Co., 1812 Lehigh Co., PA. Died in Jan 1781 in Dryland (Hecktown), Bethlehem Twp., Northampton Co., PA.
34 6 Jul 1753 Daughter born (#8): Elizabeth Ritter (1753- ). born in Lower Milford Twp., Northampton Co., 1812 Lehigh Co., PA. Died in York, Menallen Twp., Adams Co., PA.
37 26 May 1756 Daughter born (#9): Anna Catharine Ritter (1756-1785). born in Lower Milford Twp., Northampton Co., 1812 Lehigh Co., PA. Died on 14 Dec 1785 in Schoenersville, Northampton Co., 1812 Lehigh Co., PA.
39 4 Aug 1758 Son born (#10): Daniel Ritter, Sr. (1758-1836). born in Bethlehem Twp., Northampton Co., PA. Died on 29 Aug 1836 in Hecktown, Easton, Northampton Co, PA.
45 27 Dec 1764 Son born (#11): John Ritter (1764- ). born in Bethlehem Twp., Northampton Co., PA.
47 14 May 1766 Daughter born (#12): Barbara Ritter (1766-1857). born in Bethlehem Twp., Northampton Co., PA. Died on 4 Apr 1857 in Turbotville, Turbot Twp., Northumberland Co., PA.
61 1780 Tax list: Northampton Co., 1812 Lehigh Co., PA.
63 16 Apr 1782 Occupation: clerk of courts. Bethlehem Twp., Northampton Co., PA.
73 1792 Military: Pvt. in Captain Balliett's Co., 3rd Batallion 2nd Co., 5th Class.
73 1792 Probate: Northampton Co., PA.
73 2 Apr 1792 Death: Dryland (Hecktown), Bethlehem Twp., Northampton Co., PA.
73 Aft 2 Apr 1792 Burial: On Farm, Dryland, Bethlehem Twp., Lehigh Co., PA.
84 30 Jan 1803 Will Proved: Dryland (Hecktown), Bethlehem Twp., Northampton Co., PA.
War records: Revolutionary War Soldier.
Fact 1: crossing of the Delaware River & battle of Trenton w/George Washington.
Land: 150 acres purchased from brother Paul. Upper Milford Twp., Berks Co., 1752 Northampton Co., 1812 Lehigh Co., PA.
Occupation: constable.

General Notes: History and Records of Christs Church, Schoenersville, Pa., Christ Lutheran, and Reformed Cemetery
Caspar Ritter July 24, 1747 May 2, 1824 76-9-8
Anna M. Ritter July 20, 1746 Mar. 30, 1791 44-8-10
Daniel Ritter Aug. 25, 1816 July 30, 1845 28-11-5
Christina Ritter Oct. 17?, 1792 March 23, 1857 64-5-6
Christina Ritter Oct. 12, 1752 Mar. 19, 1797 44-9-7
John Ritter Feb. 25, 1782 Oct. 26, 1867 85-8-1
Margaretta E. Ritter April 4, 1785 Nov. 7, 1857 72-7-3
Maria Ritter Mar. 15, 1795 Mar. 13, 1875 79-11-29
Marie E. Ritter May 7, 1784 Apr. 18, 1855 77-11-11
Michael Meyer Feb. 11, 1742 May 1, 1817 75-2-21
Barbara Meyer Feb. 1, 1750 Mar. 28, 1828 78-1-27

Pa Naturalizations 1740-1773 Record
Casper Ritter
10 Apr 1754 Northampton Co., PA
The Ritter Family by
Barbara A. Ritter Morgenstern
Bath, PA 18014
Casper Ritter landed at Philadelphia in 1750, and tradition tells us that he and his brother Martin first settled in Delaware, but as the soil and climate did not suit them they came into Pennsylvania. Casper proceeded to Easton, then the county-seat of what is now Lehigh and Northampton counties, and was granted a patent for a tract of 510 acres located on Fels creek, a few miles west of its confluence with the Lehigh river. The present town of Laury's is situated where the Fels creek joins the Lehigh river. Casper Ritter's original farm included the farms now owned by Reuben Saeger, Prof. David S. Keck and John and Jeremiah Schneck, with perhaps a few smaller tracts. No doubt the tract granted him was forest land and required clearing, the log house had to be built and the soil brought to cultivation from its primitive state. The old log house which sheltered him and his family was razed to the ground only a few years ago. Whether his wife accompanied him across the ocean, or whether he secured her in this country, is not known, but it is known that six of his children reached maturity: Jacob, Mrs. Johannes Frantz, John, Heinrich, Mrs. Nicholas Saeger and Mrs. Heinrich Frantz. Casper Ritter and his wife were both buried on their farm, on a small elevation a short distance from the house, and their graves are still to be seen. With the exception of a few of the children of Mrs. Heinrich Frantz who moved to Clinton county their descendants settled in the same community, and they are still numerous in that locality. Their annual reunions are notable events. Most of the Ritters living in Leigh and Northampton counties north of Allentown, and many living in Allentown, are descended from this Casper Ritter.

CHAPTER XXVII. TAXABLES IN NORTHAMPTON, 1780. THE following is a list of the taxable inhabitants of the present county of Northampton, together with their occupations, and the assessed value of their property in the year 1780. It is copied from the original "Return for Northampton County, of the eight-monthly tax. Beginning from the 1st of January and 2 the 31st of August, 1780."
Ritter, Casper farmer 1840
Ritter, Michael miller 420
Ritter, Martin farmer 360
Ritter, Casper farmer 592
info from Judy Marten
came over in 1732

Caspar Ritter sold his land on Nov. 28, 1758, to Joseph Eberhard, for £250, who bequeathed it to his son, Joseph Eberhard. Jr. Henry Ritter secured by a warrant dated March 16, 17371 a tract of 170 acres, 14.9 perches, at that time in Bucks county, but when Northampton county was erected in 1752, 74 acres fell in the new county and the balance, 96 acres, remained in Bucks county. This land is situated on the line of Lower Milford township, west of the Great Swamp Reformed church. On this tract of land Henry Ritter built in 1739) a log house, with a stone chimney, which stood until a few years ago. The cellar and part of the chimney can still be seen. The log over the fireplace was removed by the present owner, Squire 0. C. Keiper, and the section of it containing the date 1739 was presented by him to the Lehigh County Historical Society.

Research Notes: !HISTORY: Casper Ritter, under sixteen in 1732, lived in lower Milford Township, Northampton County, Pennsylvania for a number of years. About 1757, be moved to Dryland in Bethlehem Township, where he was constable and a member of the Dryland Church. He died in 1792.

!BIOGRAPHY: Casper served as a clerk in "Bethlehem Township April l6teen 1782 List of Captin Jacob Ballead Compynee" (PA, 5S, V8, p 392). The wills of Casper Ritter and his wife, Anna Maria, of Bethlehem Township, probated April 2, 1792 and January 30, 1803, state that their daughter, Barbara, was the wife of Jacob Balliet, also two grand children were mentioned-Barbara and Susanna Balliet.
Caspar bought his brother, Paul's farm in Upper Milford Township after Paul left for Oley, PA. He later moved to the Nazareth area. Caspar Ritter was a member of Hecktown Church. He was also a constable. He was also a Pvt. in Captain Balliett's Co. 3rd Batallion, 2nd Company, 5th Class in 1782.
Hanover Township
From: History Of Lehigh County, Vol 1, Copyright 1914; Compiled by Wilbur L. King
The territory which was set off in compliance with the petition of 1798 embraced the present townships of Hanover in Lehigh and Northampton counties and the defendants to the ejectment suits of 1795 were settlers in the combined territory. Among the defendants were note that the names of Hartzell, Frankenfield, Ritter, Ehrig, Smith, Santee, Johnson and Koehler. The township remained, with its original territory, until the year 1812, when Lehigh county was erected and Hanover township was divided, about two thirds of its territory being formed into Hanover Township in Lehigh County.

The Manhatten Hotel at Rittersville is now owned by J. Widman & Company and conducted by C. J. Widman. The hotel is a long established stand and was built originally by Michael ritter. The present proprietor took charge in Sept. 1907, and succeeded Widman & Brey who took charge in April, 1906. The hotel is conducted along modern plans and has twenty rooms. It is a three story building with large proches all around the house on the first and second floor. The present building was erecte din 1896, the one previous to it having been destroyed by fire in Feb. 1896, and was built of logs. A store and hotel was conducted in the same bulding. James Smith was proprietor one year and Smith and Huber conducted it six years previous and Cornelius Acker managed it for some years for the Lehigh Valley Traction Company.

Title to the tract of three acres and twenty puerches was given for 2 pound, 17 shillings and 11d., on November 5, 1801, by John and richard Penn through their attorney, John R. Coats, to Casper Ritter, of Hanover township, trustee for the Lutheran Congregation and Peter Beisel, of Allen township, trustee for the Reformed congregation. On this tract the log church was built and the two congregations worshiped therein unitl the year 1819 when a second church, a stone structure, was erected. The cornerstone was laid on Ascension Day, May 20, in that year, and the edifice was dedicated on the following Christmas. This church was built on ground purchased by george Brader and George Schaeffer, trustees of Zion's Church of Hanover township, for $166.25, and comprising a tract of only one hundred and 33 perches. On Aug. 13, 1828, another tract of 92 perches was purchased from Peter Koehler by George Jung (Young) and Peter Kelchner, trusttees of Christ Church for $34.50. The fourth purchase was the ground lying south of the present brick church, comprising nine and seven thenths perches for one dollar. The parties granting the deed to Owen ritter, Milton Kurtz, and Martin Zellner, trustees of Christ Church, were George Deily, Francis Deily, Sarah Deily, Samuel Colver, Robert j. Yeager, Clara Deily, John Kent, D. W. Levan, Mary Kent, and E. Ford Kent. the deed bears the date march 30, 1883.
The Lutheran congregation has been under charge of the following pastors: rev. Johann Frederich Ernest, 1780-1792; Rev. George Joseph Wichterman, 1792-1793; Rev. John Conrad Yeager, 1793-1832; Joshua Yeager, 1832-1885; Rev. A. R. Horne, 1885-1902; rev. E. H. Eberts, 1903-1904; Rev. A. O. ebert, 1904-1906; Rev. I. B. Ritter, l906 to the present time (1914).

Medical Notes: PROBATE: 1792 PENNSYLVANIA, Northampton County.
RITTER, Caspar, Sr.
Bethlehem yeoman 26-1-1791 - 2-4-1792
wife Maria. Children: Caspar Michael Daniel John Elizabeth (GILBERT)u
Susanna (DEITEL) Barbara (BALLIET)
granddau. Maria KLECKNER grandson Casper KLECKNER
granddaughters Barbara and Susanna BALLIETT
ex wife Maria and son Casper
wit Daniel RITTER and Johannes DUEBLER

Yes I am also related too the one of 4 brother's that arrived here in 1732. But my line stayed in PA

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