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New and improved Annotated Rigsby Census

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1910 -- Texas to West Virginia

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Classification: Census
Surnames: Rigsby
Note: In this census, people were asked to state where
their parents were born. I have shown this as, for example,
KY/NC/TN. In this example, the person was born in Kentucky,
their father in North Carolina, and their mother in
Tennessee. For children in this listing, I have shown only
their birth place if both parents were in the household.

Note: Also in this census, the relationship between each
person and the head-of-household is shown. I have used the
following abbreviations:


"B" at the end of a line indicates Black or Colored; "MU"
at the end of a line indicates Mulatto.


Angelina Co

[R35.3.4.1] Lewis J Rigsby 43 TX/AL/MS
wife Helen 41 TX/TX/TX
son Prentiss 20 TX
son Virgil 17 TX
son Louis 14 TX
dau Leona 12 TX
dau Irma 10 TX
dau Bernice 8 TX
dau Ruth 5 TX
dau Ruby 5 TX
dau Dorris 1 11/12 TX

Austin Co

[R91.8] G W Rigsby 39 TX/US/US B [George]
wife Sarah 35 TX/US/US B
son George 18 TX B
dau Lesmona? 15 TX B
dau Tennessee 13 TX B
dau Willie V 12 TX B
son Elijah 4 TX B

Bexar Co

John Rigsby 39 MO/MO/MO
wife Mag? 23? IN/IN/IN
dau Roda? Lee 7 OK
son Roy 4 OK
dau Viola 2 TX

married 8 years

Mrs Rigsby 63 KY/KY/KY [widow of R05.2.2.4 William]
son Elgie F 38 KY/KY/KY
lodger Birdie Parre?
lodger Abb K Parre?
mother Mrs Margaret Doyel 83 KY/KY/KY
lodger Belle Graham

p234b (hotel or boarding house)
lodger [R05.] William C Rigsby 44 KY/unk/KY
lodger Mrs William C Rigsby 32 TX/FRA/GER

Bosque Co

[R56.1.2.6] Isaac K Rigsby 32 TX/MO/MO
wife Ozela B 18 TX/TX/TX
son Elijah 3 TX
dau Julia A 2 TX
son Luther 1 TX
boarder Charles Dyer

Bowie Co

Zack or Jack Rigsby 70 GA/unk/unk B
wife Patsy 44 GA/unk/unk B
son Carl 9 TX B
son Norman 6 TX B
dau Lessie? Jackson 25? TX
gson Lorence Jackson 2 TX

married 21 years

Coleman Co

p142a (very faded)
[R35.3.6.1] Thomas Rigsby 40 TX/TX/TX
wife Violet 38 TX/US/TX
dau Mabel 16 TX
son Raymond 13 TX
son Glea 12 TX
son Vernon 9 TX
son Prestont 5 TX
dau Edna 2 TX

Collin Co

[R14.] Henry Rigsby 25 TN/TN/TN
wife Euna J 20 TX/TN/TX
son Earnest V 2 TX

Comanche Co

[R14.10.9.4] Dock B Rigsby 47? AR/TN/TN [Dexter]
wife Bethie 46 TN/TN/TN
bro-in-law Lewis? Rosson

Cooke Co

[R05.] Sidney Rigsby 37 KY/KY/KY
wife Maggie 35 TX/TN/TN
son Gus 10 OK
dau May 8 TX
dau Winnie 6 TX
dau Fannie 1 10?/12 TX

Dallas Co

E W Rigsby 28 TN/TN/TN
wife Bessie 23 TN/TN/TN
dau Daisy 7 TN
dau Lillie 5 TX
dau Rosa 1 7/12 TX

married 9 years

[maybe R14.10.9.5 Eli?]

[R35.4.2.1] Loyd C Rigsby 43 TX/GA/KY
wife Laura D 42 MS/MS/MS

[they also have 22 boarders and a servant]

El Paso Co

p23a (Ft Bliss)
soldier [R06.] Walter B Rigsby 20 NC/NC/NC

Erath Co

[R05.] William C Rigsby 55 KY/KY/KY
wife Mary 54 KY/KY/KY
son Tommie 16 TX
gson Willie Sheffield 11 TX/TX/TX
gdau Ina Sheffield 9 TX

Fannin Co

[R05.] W L Rigsby 25 KY/US/US [Walter]
wife Carrie 24 TX/TN/TX
son Edwin 3 TX
son Hugh 1 TX
boarder William Smith

[R05.] J H Rigsby 23 KY/KY/KY [James]
wife Anna 22 TX/KY/KY
son Edward 2 OK
son Haywood 6/12 OK

Fisher Co

[R05.] Riley N Rigsby 42 KY/KY/KY
wife Lizzie 46 TX/NC/NC
dau Mary 14 OK
dau Fannie 11 OK
dau Larra 8 OK
son Riley 4 OK
dau Nelly? 9?/12 TX

Galveston Co

Sylvester Rigsby 30 TX/AL/TX B
wife Stela 30? TX/TX/TX B
son Howard 3 TX B
son Thomas 1 2/12 TX B
bro Thomas H 28 TX B
sis-in-law Bulah 24 LA/KY/AL MU
niece Mary B 4 TX
lodger William Larkin
lodger Mattie Larkin

married 4 years

Grimes Co

Homer Rigsby 58 TX/NC/AL B
wife Lizzie 50 TX/US/US B
son Sam 17 TX B
son Rufus 14 TX B
son Jesse Lee 12 TX B
dau Alberta 10 TX B
son Doav? 7 TX B [Ancestry says Dock]
gson Thomas 10 TX/TX/TX MU
gson Ruby D 9 TX MU
gson Willie Randle 7 TX B

[all children single]
married 31 years

Harris Co

Emma Parker household
lodger Carrie Rigsby 24 TX/TX/TX B [widow]

Harrison Co

(illegible name) household
clerk [R35.] William L Rigsby 17 TX/TX/LA

Edward Fraley household
wife Irma 29 LA/LA/LA
bro-in-law [R35.] Jeff Rigsby 20 TX/TX/TX

[How can that be? Jeff had no sisters.]

[R05.2.9.4] A R Rigsby 45 MO/US/US
wife Hattie 40 IL/IL/IL
dau Olive 12 KS
dau Marie 9 TX
dau Dot Ackternacht? 21 MO
son-in-law Fred Ackternacht 21 MO/US/US
gdau Ada V Ackternacht 1 2/12 TX

Hill Co

Iva G Markham? household
gmother Elizabeth Rigsby 77 TN/US/US

Howard Co

John Read household
hired man Richard Rigsby 25 KY/KY/KY

Jasper Co

Willie Rogers household
boarder [R35.] Earl Rigsby 12 TX/TX/TX
boarder [R35.] Douglas Rigsby 9 TX

[They are also listed with their father in Calcasieu Par LA.]

William Hancock household
boarder [R35.3.8.2] Charly Rigsby 28 TX/TX/TX
boarder Ollie Rigsby 24 TX/TX/TX
boarder Harmon Rigsby 5 TX

[R35.3.5] Benjamin Rigsby 66 TX/TX/TX
wife Jullie 62 TX/AL/AL
son Frank 17 TX

[R35.3.8] Wiley T Rigsby 61 TX/GA/GA
wife Sarah E 54 TX/US/US

[They also have 21 boarders, a cook, and a servant]

Jefferson Co

Joe Rigsby 30? US/US/US B

Johnson Co

[R56.1.2] A J Rigsby 68? TN/TN/TN
wife Sarah J 65 MO/TN/TN
son V A 28? TX
son Robert H 44 TX
dau S F D Taylor 28 TX
gson Louis? Taylor 8

Knox Co

[R02.2.6.1] E I Rigsbee 49 TN/TN/TN [Everett]
wife Daisy E 32 GA/TN/VA
son James 16 TX
dau Annette 13 TX
dau Winnie 10 TX
dau Christine 5 TX
son Everette O 3 TX

Leon Co

Gris? Johnson household
wife Sarah 27 TX/US/US B
sdau Pearlie Rigsby 13 TX/US/US B
sdau Eulas Rigsby 11 TX B
sson Harvey Rigsby 10 TX B
sson William Rigsby 8 TX B
sson Willis? Rigsby 7 TX B

Loyd Rigsby 26 TX/TX/TX
wife Bessie 20 TX/AL/MS
son Dale 1 6/12 TX

married 2 years

Nomie? Rigsby (f) 21 TX/TX/TX B
dau Mabell? 1 1/12 TX/TX/TX B
sis Margaret 19 TX B

[Nomie is single]

Clide Rigsby 21 TX/US/TX B
wife Tenar? 18 TX/US/US B

married less than one year

John R Atkinson household
servant Margaret Rigsby 80 VA/VA/VA B

Belle Rigsby 26 TX/TX/TX B
son Herbert M 9 TX/TX/TX B
dau Vadie 7 TX B
dau Verdie 4 TX B

Jim Rigsby 50? TX/TX/TX B
wife Mattie 48? TX/TX/TX B

married 4 years; second for both

Liberty Co

Alex Noble household
boarder Jene? Rigsby (m) 23 TX/TX/TX B
boarder Mary Rigsby 18 TX/TX/TX B

married 1 year

Limestone Co

[R14.7.4.3] John M Rigsby 52 TN/TN/TN
wife Samantha 50 TN/TN/TN
son James 29 TN
dau Bobbie 22 TN

[Where are all the children? Frenchie died in 1903, but the
rest should be alive.]

[R14.] John C Rigsby 28 TN/TN/TN
wife Beatrice 23 TX/FL/TX
dau Willie M 6 TX
dau Bertha L 2 TX

[R53.1.2] George Rigsby 55 NC/NC/NC
wife Annie 51 TN/US/US
sis Ann Copley 42 NC
nephew J D Copley 17
niece Vera Copley 15
niece Ida May Copley 8
orphan boy Jesse Johnson
hired man Charley Williams

Missouri Rigsby 41 TX/US/US B
wife Minnie 40 TX/VA/TX B
dau Arnia? 14 TX B
dau Mamie 13 TX B

married 17? years

[R53.1.1.1] John W Rigsby 37 TN/TN/TN
wife Mary A 33 MS/MS/MS
dau Georgia L 14 TX
dau Ruby H 8 TX
dau Lola A 5 TX
son Charlie M 9/12 TX

Madison Co

Sobb Rigsby 61 AL/AL/AL B
wife Honey 40 TX/MS/VA B
dau Lucy 18 TX B
son Sobb 14 TX B
dau Pearl 12 TX B
dau Mattie 10 TX B
son Tom 8 TX B
son Alex 7 TX B
son Carl 4 TX B
dau Mollie 2 TX B
son James 6/12 TX B

married 25 years

Matagorda Co

John Henry? household
wife Victora? 38 TX/TX/TX MU
sson Sammy? Rigsby? 22 TX/TX/TX MU
sdau Laria? Rigsby? 18 TX MU
sdau Hattie? Rigsby? 15 TX MU
sson Andrew Rigsby? 13 TX MU
sdau Beatry? Rigsby? 11 TX MU
sdau Destellar? Rigsby? 10 TX MU
sson Rosvlt? Rigsby? 8 TX MU
sdau Roneles? Rigsby? 5 TX MU
sson Ellis? Rigsby? 3 TX MU
father?-in-law Burch? Wabo? 68 TX/US/US

McLennan Co

[R11.7.8] Allen R Rigby 58 AL/GA/GA
wife Barbara 45 AL/AL/AL
son Calvin 18 AL
son Robert 14 AL
dau Rosie 11 AL
dau Bettie 9 AL
son-in-law Jack Short 41 AL/AL/AL
dau Dora Short 25 AL
gdau Jennie Short 4 AL

[R05.] Jack I Rigsby 48 NC/NC/NC
wife Ida A 40 TX/TN/TX
dau Bertie May 15 TX

Nacogdoches Co

[R94.3] Dan Rigsby 30 TX/AL/AL B
roomer Geo Patton

Jim Rigsby 56 AL/US/US B
wife Anna 47 TX/US/US MU
son Eulas 24 TX MU
son Hail? 22 TX B
dau Ellen 20 TX B
dau Georgia 17 TX MU
dau Lizzie 14 TX B
dau Bertha 12 TX B
son M G 8 TX MU
son Custer 3 TX MU

married 11 years

Navarro Co

Hugh Sloan household
hired man [R91.7] Calvin Rigsby 36 TX/TX/TX B [sb 40]

Cora Rigsby 44 NC/unk/unk B
son Louella 18 NC/NC/NC B
dau Willie 23 NC B
son James 11 TX B

Newton Co

Wilburne? Miller household
roomer [R35.3.5.8] Roy Rigsby 20 TX/TX/AL

Orange Co

Seaborn Harmon household
son-in-law [R35.3.8.2] Charles S Rigsby 28 TX/TX/TX
dau Olive Rigsby 28 TX/TX/TX
gson Charles H Rigsby 5 TX

Palo Pinto

[R05.] Arch A Rigsby 24 TX/KY/KY
wife Matty 25 TX/blank/blank
dau Willie 3 TX

[R05.] Lonie A Rigsby 24 KY/KY/KY
wife Bessie 18 TX/AR/AL
dau Jewel 1 3/12 TX

Etta B Rigsby 49 TX/OK/MS
son Henry B 27 TX/AL/TX
dau-in-law Winifred 22 TX/AL/TX
niece Mary L Bailey

Henry married less than one year

Polk Co

James Goolsbee household
wife Anne 54 TX/GA/GA
sis-in-law [R35.3.10] Frances Rigsby 59 TX

Robertson Co

James M Davis household
wife Linnie 38 TX/GA/KY
mother-in-law Laura A Rigsby 60 KY/AL/KY [widow of R35.4.2 William]

San Augustine Co

[R35.] Prentice Rigsby 20 TX/TX/TX
wife Hettie 22 TX/TX/TX
son Herbert P 5/12 TX

Travis Co

Mildred Givens household
boarder [R06.1.9.11] Palph Rigsbee 24 NC/TX/NC

Tyler Co

(unknown page -- Ancestry image missing)
[R94] Bass Rigsby 59 TX/US/GA B
wife Dina 43 TX/GA/GA B
son Charlie 23 TX B
son Johnie 18 TX B
dau Aphers? 16 TX B
dau Paralee 14 TX B
son William 13 TX B
son Flord? 9 TX B
son Kirby 7 TX B

[R94.1] Lenard Rigsby 32? TX/US/US B
wife Carrie? 28 TX/US/US B
son Egil? 7 TX B
dau Lena? 4 TX B
boarder John Williams

Claud? Rigsby 20 TX/TX/TX B
dau Effie 4 TX/TX/TX B

Ophelia James household
dau Mattie Rigsby 15 TX/TX/TX B

Walker Co

William Rigsby 28 (or 20?) TX/TX/TX MU
wife Rosetta? 19 TX/TX/TX MU

married less than one year

Wichita Co

Matthew Ruhl? household
Grover D Rigsby 25 IN/MO/KY

[s/o George from Boone Co IN]


Bland Co

[R26.7.1] William M Rigsby 69 VA/NC/VA
wife Mary L 66? VA/VA/VA
gson Henry H 13? VA/VA/VA

William A Davis household
wife [R26.7.1.3] Laura A 36 VA/VA/VA
sson Tomy Rigsby 11 VA/VA/VA

Dickenson Co

Samuel P Biss household
wife Martha 26 VA/VA/VA
sis-in-law [R17.1.8.5] Did Rigsby 10 VA
bro-in-law [R17.1.8.4] Jacob Rigsby 18 VA

[R17.1.8 Henry didn't have a daughter Martha that I know of.]

[R17.1.8.2] William A Rigsby 23 VA/VA/VA
wife Hettie L 19 VA/VA/VA
dau Mary L 2 VA
son Fred S L 3/12 VA

[R17.] Manson G Rigsbee 41 KY/KY/KY

Sarah Gouge 36 VA/TN/VA [ex-wife of R17. Manson]
son Whitelaw R Rigsby 18 VA/KY/VA
son Dewit Rigsby 16 VA
dau Loly D Rigsby 12 VA
son Garrit Rigsby 6 VA

Fluvanna Co

[R13.3.6.1] James R Rigsby 51 VA/VA/VA
wife Virginia 50 VA/VA/VA
dau Mary A 20 VA
dau Girtie 17 VA
son Lester 14 VA

[R13.] Richard Rigsby 31 VA/VA/VA
wife Luna 31 VA/VA/VA
dau Rose 9 VA
dau Gwen? 7 VA
dau Anna 5 VA
dau Alley 3 VA

[R13.] Ivanhoe Rigsby 25 VA/VA/VA
wife Ada W 26 VA/VA/VA
son Robert Quillen 4 VA
dau Sarah A C 3 VA
dau Tenanna? 1 x/12 VA
dau Elsie Vachtie? 1 x/12 VA

Goochland Co

[R13.] (illegible) Rigsby 52 VA/VA/VA [George Washington]
son Elmo J 21 VA/VA/VA
son Ester H 19 VA
son Erly A 14 VA
son Robert L 10 VA

[R13.] Edward F Rigsby 58 VA/VA/VA
wife Sarah M 52? VA/VA/VA
dau Hattie G 23? VA
son Norvel J 22 VA
son Edgar 21 VA
son Roy C 18 VA
son ? 15 VA [Leslie]
dau Viola A 14 VA
dau Lillie? A 13 VA
son Ray D? 10 VA
dau Okey? S 8 VA

[R13.3.4.6] Robert H Rigsby 58 VA/VA/VA
neffew ? B Martin? 48
niece Vermitta? J? Martin? 48

Halifax Co

[R67.7] Henry E Riggsby 41 NC/NC/NC
wife Mollie 32 VA/VA/VA
dau Bertha 14 VA
dau Nora 12 VA
son Lacy 9 VA
dau Dicie 7 VA
dau Mandy 5 VA

Lee Co

[R26.3.4] Job Rigsby 68 NC/NC/NC
wife Christina I 68 NC/NC/NC
dau Emma N Edds 37 NC [widowed]

[R26.3.6] William A Rigsby 64 NC/NC/NC
wife Louisa 58 VA/VA/VA
dau Flora V 19 VA
dau Mattie N 18 VA
son George B 16 VA

[R26.3.6.4] Charles A Rigsby 29 VA/NC/VA
wife Tisha B 32 VA/VA/VA
son William R 8 VA
dau Sarah L 6 VA
dau Edith M 4 VA
dau Mossie K 1 7/12 VA

[R26.3.6.7] John H Rigsby 23 VA/NC/VA
wife Lillie M D 21 VA/VA/VA
dau Pearl 11/12 VA

Louisa Co

[R13.] Charles S Rigsby 33 VA/VA/VA
wife Eddie M 25 VA/VA/VA
dau Mary H 5 VA
dau Zelma M 2 VA
dau Ethel A 10/12 VA
brother Early A 16 VA

[He didn't have a brother age 6 on the 1900 census.]

Ransom? P Parrish household
dau Blanche E Rigsby 34 VA/VA/VA [widow of R13. William]
gson Carl H Rigsby 7 VA/VA/VA

[R13.] Peter J Rigsby 47 VA/VA/VA
wife Susan M 46 VA/VA/VA
son Ollie A 8 VA
dau Ellie J 8 VA
son Marvin H 3 VA

[R13.3.4.7] Andrew W Rigsby 54 VA/VA/VA
wife Harriet S 56 VA/VA/VA
son Ollie E 30 VA
son Walter S 24 VA
dau Edda I 21 VA
son Clarence W 18 VA

[R13.] Noel O Rigsby 25 VA/VA/VA
wife Ester L 22 VA/VA/VA
son Edward G 4/12 VA

Norfolk Co

Charles Lane household
wife Bettie 29 NC/NC/NC
sis-in-law Neta Rigsby 18 NC/NC/NC
bro-in-law [R15.x.6.2] Joseph H Rigsby 23 NC/NC/NC

[Bettie isn't his sister. Probably Bettie and Neta are

[R15.x.6] Joseph B Rigsby 52 NC/NC/NC
wife Lillian 49 NC/NC/NC
dau Bessie 25 NC
dau Mattie 19 NC
dau Ronnie 10 NC
dau Fannie P 7 NC

Powhatan Co

[R13.] Thomas J Rigsby 33 VA/VA/VA
wife Rosa 32 VA/VA/VA
dau Lilly 12 VA
son Everett 11 VA
dau Nellie 9 VA
son Frank 6 VA
dau Sallie 4 VA
son Oscar 2 VA
dau Louisa 4/12 VA

Richmond city

[R53.4.1] John Rigsby 45 NC/NC/NC
wife Millie 44 NC/NC/NC
son D Thomas 20 NC
son Lonnie M 17 NC
son Henry L 14 VA
dau Alma W 12 VA
dau Nellie D 11 VA
son Early A 9 VA
son Louis B 5 VA
dau Edith V 3 VA

married 26 years

Russell Co

Charley H Kelly household
servant Mary Rigsby (age illegible) VA/VA/VA


Clark Co

[R05.] George A Rigsby 27 MO/KY/KY
wife Mittie B 23 KS/OH/KY

King Co

[R05.5.7.1] James Rigsby 31 WA/WA/WA
wife Gerda 28 WA/IA/OR
dau Dorothy 2 WA

[R05.] Horace L Rigsby 30 KY/WV/WV
wife Henrietta 22 MN/NOR/NOR
dau Hellen E 3 WA
son Walter E 2/12 WA

[R05.5.8.2] Radford W Rigsby 24 WA/MO/TN
wife Mary B 21 WA/OH/WA

Lewis Co

[R26.7.4.3] Erastus B Rigsby 29 WV/WV/WV
wife Sally A 29 WV/WV/WV
dau Loretta E 7 WV
son Lawrence E 4 WV
dau Delana? M 2 WV

[R26.7.4] Thomas L Rigsby 59 VA/NC/VA
wife Elizabeth 54 WV/WV/WV
son Frederick E 21 WV
dau Minnie 17 WV
dau Azola D 14 WV

[R26.7.4.2] D William Rigsby 32 WV/KY/WV
wife Effie L 30 WV/WV/WV
son Arden H 8 WV
dau Mamie M 4 WV

[William and Effie are at the bottom of p246b. A different
family begins at the top of p247a. P258a is marked as a
supplemental sheet.]

Spokane Co

William C Rigsby 34 KY/KY/TN
wife Dossie 27 KY/TN/KY

married 2 years

[maybe R13.]

Walla Walla Co

p159a (boarding house)
Robert J Rigsby 21 NE/IL/IL

[Most of this page, including Robert's line, has been x-ed
out, but no explanation is given.]

Whitman Co

Frank Gustafson household
father-in-law [R05.5.8] Walter Rigsby 75 WA/unk/unk

West Virginia

Berkeley Co

Margaret E Rigsby 47 WV/IRE/IRE [widow of R23.6.1 Oliver]
dau Maria B 20 WV/WV/WV
mom-in-law Maria J 76 WV/WV/WV
sis-in-law Mary B 47 WV

Fayette Co

[R17.] Rufus Riggsby 32 KY/VA/VA
wife Francis 29 KY/KY/KY
son Carl 9 KY
son Frank 6 KY
son George 4 KY
son Fred 2 WV
dau Fanny? 1?/12 WV

Greenbrier Co

[R26.7.2] Archy Rigsby 63 VA/NC/VA
wife Catherine 53 VA/VA/VA
dau Polly 22 WV
son William S 18 VA
son John 16 VA

[R26.7.14] Summers Rigsby 29 VA/VA/unk
wife Edithe 25 WV/WV/WV
dau Silvie 5 WV
son Elmer 3 WV
dau Thelma 1 1/12 WV

[R26.7.2.3] E Z Rigsby 21 VA/VA/VA [Alexander]
wife Bessie 31 WV/WV/WV
son Willie 4 WV
son James 3 WV
son Albert 2/12 WV

Mercer Co

p42a (faded)
William Ba_____ household
boarder F___ (maybe H___) Rigsby (m) 28? VA/VA/VA B

Nicholas Co

[R26.7] Thomas Rigsby 92 NC/NC/NC
wife Spence 65 VA/VA/VA
dau Blanche 25 IA
gdau Neoma 8 WV/WV/IA
gdau Bonnie 4 WV
gdau Captola 2 WV

[I'm fairly sure the grandchildren are from Blanche.]

[R26.7.9] William H Rigsby 36 IA/IA/IA
wife Mollie 31 WV/WV/WV
boarder Mattie Welcher
boarder Myrtle Ford
bro-in-law Albert Samples 19 WV

Pleasants Co

Harry Roney household
wife Amanda 22 KY/KY/KY [R20.]
sis-in-law Minnie Rigsby 19 KY [R20.]

Wayne Co

John B Rigsby 53 KY/KY/KY
wife Fannie 44 KY/KY/KY
son Ossie 26 KY
dau Maude 16 WV
dau Doxie 5 WV
dau Tallahasse 3 WV

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