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Miscellaneous Rigsby notes

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R17 Drury

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256. Drury Rigsby, born January 15, 1744/45 in Farquier Co., VA; died Aft. 1834 in KY.

Notes for Drury Rigsby:
Born by the Rappahannock River


Drury Rigsby of Lawrence Co. in the State of Kentucky
who was a private in the company commanded
by Captain Hudley of the Regt commanded
by Col._________ in the N.Carolina unit
line for 1 yr for 1779
Inscribed in the Roll of Kentucky
at the rate of 40 Dollars --- Cents per annum
to commence on the 4th day of March 1831.
Certificate of Pension issued the 15 day of Febru
ary, 1831 --- and sent to _______________
Johnson _________
Arrears to the 4th of Sept 1835 - $180.--
Pensions allowance ending 4 March 36 20.--

Revolutionary Claim\
Act June 7, 1832\

Recorded by Wm. Williams Clerk,
Book 62 Vol. 7 Page 42

Pension Office,
April 15, 1834
The evidence in support of your claim, under the act of June 7, 1832, has
been examined, and the papers are herewith returned. The following is a statement of
your case in a tabular form. On comparing these papers with the following rules, and
the subjoined notes, you will readily perceive that objections exist, which must be removed,
before a pension can be allowed. The notes and the requlations will show what is
necessary to be done. These points to which your attention is more particularly directed,
you will find marked in the margin with a brace, ( thus: ). You will, when you return\
your papers to this Department, send this printed letter with them; and you will, by
compling with this request, greatly facilitate the investigation of your
__________________________________________________________________________ _

A Statement, Showing the Service of Drury Rigsby
__________________________________________________________________________ _
Period when Duration of Rank Names and Rank of Age at present Proof by which
the service the claim- of the the Field officers and place of the declaration
was render- ant's ser- Claim. under whom he abode when he is supported.
ed. Yr/Mo/Day served. entered the ser.
__________________________________________________________________________ _
1779 6 V~ Cap. Hudley 89 Traditions
1780 1 " Col. Lytle N.C.
1871 9 "
1872 3 "

There were no engagements made to serve in
the militia for as long a period as one year or nine months.
The different expeditions were under engagements to were as
not _____. The time occupied in actual service
should be stated.

I am, respectfully,
Your obediant servant,
Commissioner of Pensions.


State of Kentucky
Lawrence County
On this 11th day of March 1834 personally appeared before me a "Justice of the Peace
in and for the county of Lawrence" DRURY RIGSBY, resident in the County of Lawrence and State
of Kentucky aged Eighty nine years, who being first duly sworn according to Law doth under oath
make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the act of congress passed June 7,
1832. That he entered the service of the United States under the following named officers and
served as herein stated. That he entered the service as a common soldier on the 19th day of
April 1779 under CAPTAIN HUDLEY in Rowan County North Carolina COL. LYTLE for six
he was drafted for the time aforesaid from Salisbury he marched to through Randolph County,
and to the Hawfields in the month of May he was marched down on the Haw and duck river
during that year, in July he got back to Salisbury the tories had attacked again at the Hawfields
and being assisted by the scotch people the militia under COL. LYTLE, marched and came up
with them at the Hawfields and a smart engagement ensued between the Scotch, and advanced
guards and the tories were at length beaten by the militia, there being no regular officers in the
country or in North Carolina, a few of the tories were killed and some few taken prisoners after
this he was marched down to Guilford at Martinsburg and returned to Rowan County in Sept.
1779. He there staid until he was ordered out on a scouting party against the tories on the
Adkin river his captain being sick his liutanant STOKES took the command of the company
they arrived at the river but the tories had run away the night before and had gone into Burke
County high up on Catawba river he was then marched back to Salisbury the place of rendevous
-- he got back on the fifteenth day of October 1779. he there remained until the 17th day and he
received his discharge from CAPT. HADLEY for six months he was not out of the state during
his service and was in but one battle which was hardly called one in those days.
On the 2nd day of April 1780 he volunteered for one year to go to South Carolina under
CAPTAIN DAVIDSON. he immediately set out in that month for Charleston South Carolina. and
he thinks he crossed the river Adkin and the Catawba also. and marched directly into South
Carolina after getting down on the Congaree information was received that the british moved
all around Charleston and that we could not join them before the regiment got far down into
South Carolina many deserted and went home the whole of us received orders from COL.
DAVIDSON to return to North Carolina which was done, and before we got back the british had
taken Charleston and the whole army in Charleston given up to the british the company to which
he belonged arrived in Salisbury by the way of Charlotte in North Carolina he staid a few days
and then marched to the highlands against the Tories, and was in a battle at Colstars Mills
GENL. DAVIDSON was wounded this was in the summer of 1780 he thinks the men from Camden
most all came back and he staid Salisbury where many of them came and afterwards went to
Charlotte to that place he marched and remained for two weeks he guarded some baggage from
Salisbury then he again returned to Salisbury and here COL. DAVIDSON was wounded and he
served under COL. MALRIDGE, but he went off to Charlotte he still remained at Salisbury, and
militia men were every day coming in from everywhere to join GENL. GREENE and DAVIDSON
he again marched from Rowan to Charlotte to guard ammunition under his quartermasters
orders to the army, from Charlotte this time he marched to the state of South Carolina, and
remained there until the battle of Cowpens he retreated to North Carolina with the army for
a few days, but was sent forward to prepare the country for defense he marched through
Hillsborough, and went to Salisbury he was marched back under COL. DAVIE and
and at the ford of the Catawba the british and this detachment engaged right in the river and
after a long fight, and being greatly outnumbered we was forced to retreat, COL. DAVIDSON was
wounded and he thinks was killed on the ground he knows the troops so, this, was in January
1781. Or may have been in February it was cold raining weather, in this battle there was but a
few hundred on our side and GENL. SUMNER --- DAVIE. From this place he retreated to the army

and got up with them and he marched with the army into Virginia - and then he marched back
over Dan river and was in until the battle of Guilford in which he states he was in; in this battle
many of the militia gave way and many never stoped short of home; he remained in the army
until the british army retreated down to the sea shore and his time having now expired he
received his discharge for twelve months service; and he went down to Chatham Courthouse,
and remained in that county, he was discharged on the 2nd of April 1781, He states that he
substituted for a man by the name of WILLIAM COALES for nine months, under
CAPT. WILLIAM JAMES, he marched to South Carolina to Cheraw Hills but the army had gone
further down the country, he engaged in the above services in June (the day he has forgotten
for he gave COALES the discharge) 1781. from the Cherew Hills he marched back to Chatham,
and from there to a place called Hillsborough in North Carolina, and after staying there
guarding some prisoners that had been taken he then was marched back to Chatham in North
Carolina he remained on duty until his time expried without ever being in a battle and the
tories had generally all left Chatham and the counties surrounding it he served with no
continental officers this time but was entirely in the Militia Service at Chatham COL. HIGHTOWER
was displaced in the command and COL. WADE was his Col. under whose command he
remained until the spring following. he was stationed about a mile from the courthouse he got
back to Chatham in December 1781 and there remained in the barracks which had some sick
and wounded in it and it was in March he was discharged from the service at Chatham, and it
was in March he was discharged by COL.WADE, who signed his discharge which he delivered
to COALES, being his (Coale's own) in order to exempt him from another Tour, In May near the
1st 1782 a call was made for men and was he drafted and compelled to go his former service of
nine months did not exempt him and he was placed under COL. THOMPSON, for three months
this was in the county of Chatham he marched immediately for South Carolina he went by the
way of Camden and from Camden he guarded the baggage clear down to Georgetown he crossed
Peedee river about six miles from Camden; and kept the main road down to Georgetown, in
South Carolina, he arrived a Georgetown, which was then in the possession of the Americans
and remained there until his time expired and he received a discharge from the service he
returned home with some of the men that went out with him, in the time of this service he did
not once fire a single gun he saw british prisoners at Camden and some at Georgetown. There
was many Continental officers, but he served with but few the weather was very warm & it was
very unhealthy in Georgetown, he recd his discharge from his Captain in August 1782. He
moved from Chatham to Wilkes County in the year 1810, and from Wilkes County N.Carolina to
Lawrence County Kentucky in the year 1830. his memory is not now very good but he thinks
that he has given the dates of his services correctly. he has not documentory evidence in his
favor, he took no care of his discharge after the revolution was over, the only time discharges
for which services was kept was to exempt from serving more tours than the law authorized,
he does not now know what has become of his discharges for he is not certain that he has
ever saw either of them for forty years; he has no documentory evidence in his possession
but he can prove the most of his services by some who served with him except the Tour he
went to Georgetown he knows of none living that know positively of his services there but only
circumstances, he knew many Militia officers and many continental ones also, he knew COL.
who the
and his own officers he cannot state how they were placed sometimes a militia Captain would
be a continental officer the next day and a Soldier knew very little about other officers then their
He hereby relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension on annuity except, the
present and he declares that his name is not on the pensioner roll of the agency of any state,
Sworn to and Subscribed the day and year aforesaid.

(his signature)

Mr. Elias Kesee ___________ a clergyman visiting in the county of Lawrence and
state of Kentucky and Wesley Sparks residing in same do certify that we are well acquainted
with Drury Rigsby who has sworn to a subscribed the above declaration that we believe him to
be Eighty nine years of age, that he is reputed and believed in the neighbourhood where he
resides to have been a soldier of the revolution and that we concur in that opinion. Sworn to
and subscribed, the day and year aforesaid.

Elias Kesee seal
Wesley Sparks seal


For State of Kentucky

Lawrence County

I Jas. M. Rice Clerk of the court for the county of
Lawrence do certify that Nathaniel Dawson is a Justice of
the peace, and that the foregoing is his general declaration
In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my
hand and affixed my seal of office. March 17th
Jas. M. Rice
1 - Where and in what year was you born
Ans: I was born in Faquier County on the Rappahannock
river Virginia on the 15th day of January 1745.

2 - Have you any record of your age and if so where is it-
Ans: I once had but I lost it.

3 - Where were you living when called into the Service
where have you lived since the revolutionary war and
where do you now live?
Ans: In Rowan County North Carolina and also in
Chatham County North Carolina. I moved from
Chatham to Wilkes County North Carolina and
from that county to this (Lawrence Ky) where I
now reside.

4 - How were you called into the service were you drafted,
did you volunteer or were you a substitute and if a
substitute for whom?
Ans: I was drafted for six months, I volunteered
again for one year, I substituted for nine
months, in place of William Coales and
was again drafted for three months.

5 - State the names of some of the regular officers who
were with the troops where you served and such
continental and militia regiments as you can recollect
and the general circumstances of your service.
Ans: I knew Genl. Greene, Genl. Gates, Col. Davis,
Genl. Caswell, Col. Pickins, Col. Washington
Col. Davidson, Col. Howard, and many more officers
I was first Drafted for six months and I was in the
battle with the tories at the Hawfields I then
afterwards volunteered for twelve months, I then
substituted for nine months, and lastly was
drafted for three months, he served out all his tours,
he was in the battle of Guilford and I was at the
Bartyford and Genl. Davidson was killed, he
retreated with the army under Genl. Greene; over
into Virginia, he served entirely in the militia
during the whole time he did serve, he then moved
after the revolution over to Wilkes County N. Carolina
and then moved to this County (Lawrence Ky) his
discharges he does not know what has become of them;
he also states that he was in Camden in South Carolina,
and also in Georgetown.

6 - Did you receive a discharge from the service and
if so by whom was it signed and what has become of it.
Ans: I recd a discharge each time, three for myself and
one for another man who I had substituted for which
I gave to him, and what has become of my own three
discharges I cannot say, for I have not seen them for
forty years that I know of as I deemed them of no
value after the revolution and not worth keeping.

7 - State the names of persons to whom you are known
in your present neighbourhood and who can testify as
to character for verasity and their belief of your
services as a soldier of the revolution.
Ans: Wm. Lyon, John Holbrook, Wm. Watters, Dab. Sparks,
Jas. Boggs, John Hale, John Chafin, Mathias Kelly,
Wesley Sparks, Peter Scaggs-Revd. Jas. Wheeler
Elias Kesee, Archibald Rice -

Drury Rigsby


State of Kentucky

Lawrence County

Drury Rigsby here amends his declaration for a pension, heretofore,
submitted He states at the commencement of the first tour of 6
months he entered and served, out the time, without lossing one
day - as to his 1 yr. service that was performed under a Winter
engagement and he has no recollection of having lost one single
day service, every man then in Carolina had to be up a doing,
as to this service he states that he served out his time, Its true that
the expedition did not last all the year, but that made no kind of
difference for it will be remembered that during the periods when
the service was alleged to have been performed, that more
danger was to be aprehended from the tories and their secret
friends than from Great Britain - As to the engagements let
me here explain this he substituted for the 9 months, and he
believes he was a state troop man of North Carolina, the time of
Coales engagements was 9 months, and that he served it out for
him as stated in his original declaration. - There is one mistake
in alleging there was no engagements, out of the continental
service during the Revolution for as longer term as 9 months a
_________being_________when__________would have from what
has been stated, that there was engagements for the term of 9 months,
they were all called enlistments and not drafts as to the last service stated
by him of 3 months he states everyday was not occupied in the
actual service, but was so considered but how much he lacked
to make up he now cannot state - he states he was constantly in
the service for the time he has stated - perhaps he lost some time
as many did, but he has no rememberence of having lost any -
and therefore repeats that the service alleged to be performed in
his original declaration are true that to detail all he suffered, all he
saw when he was in the service would require much labour and a great
effort of his mind, to great to be excercised by so
old a man as himself - he has given in his former statements, a
fair statement of facts, in some of them he may be mistaken, but
in the main after reconsidering them he insists they are true,
He prays the benefits of the act of Congress - and relinquishes,
as before. jc
Drury Rigsby


These documents provided by the National Archives, Washington D.C.
They are pension papers #S30681 for Drury Rigsby

I have transcribed these pages to the best of my ability from the actual
pension documents, not changing the spelling or wording in any manner
other then to capitalize names. dlw 10/22/1997

More About Drury Rigsby:
Buried in: possibly in Rose Cemetary in Lawerence Co., KY

Child of Drury Rigsby is:

128 i. Thomas Rigsby, born 1779 in NC; died Abt. 1860 in KY; married (1)
Linnea DeBord; married (2) Aggie Smith December 18, 1801 in Orange,

128. Thomas Rigsby, born 1779 in NC; died Abt. 1860 in KY. He was the son of 256.
Drury Rigsby. He married 129. Aggie Smith December 18, 1801 in Orange, NC.

129. Aggie Smith, born Abt. 1780 in NC; died Abt. 1830 in probably NC. She was the
daughter of 258. Absolom Smith and 259. Jestin Chandler.

More About Thomas Rigsby:
AKA (Facts Page): Thomas Riggsby

Children of Thomas Rigsby and Aggie Smith are:

i. Drury Rigsby, born 1802 in NC; died Unknown; married Nancy J. Rose;
born 1820 in NC; died Unknown.
64 ii. Lewis Rigsby, born Abt. 1810 in NC; died Bet. 1807 - 1857 in
Lawerence (?) Co., KY; married Elizabeth Unknown.

64. Lewis Rigsby, born Abt. 1810 in NC; died Bet. 1807 - 1857 in Lawerence (?) Co.,
KY. He was the son of 128. Thomas Rigsby and 129. Aggie Smith. He married 65. Elizabeth

65. Elizabeth Unknown, born Abt. 1810 in NC; died Unknown.

Notes for Lewis Rigsby:
Angus Ross vs. Garred Sparks and Walter Osborne, February, 27, 1844:

Angus Ross, appearing before Jesse Corum, Justice of the Peace for Greenup Co., Ky., says in 1838
or 1839 he gave to Garred Sparks, then a constable of Lawrence Co., Ky., notes for collection on
the following persons and for the stated amounts:

William Helton - $6.25
_____ Morris - $8.00
Meredith Edwards - $15.00
Anderson Rice - $12.00
Henry Gambill - $8.00
James Wheeler - $5.00
James Wheeler - $4.00
William Caudill - $5.00
Lewis Rigsby - $7.00
Jesse Lyons - $6.00
Henry Morris - $8.00

Ross, the compt., "prays that Sparks and Osborne as officials of Lawrence Co. be required to pay
over to your orator with interest whatsoever amount may have been received on said claims."

Answer of Sparks and Osborne: "The matters contained in the compt.'s bill are not good and sufficient
to charge them or make responsible in equity."

Final Decree: Case dismissed at compt.'s cost in November, 1844.

Children of Lewis Rigsby and Elizabeth Unknown are:

32 i. Willis E. Rigsby, born Abt. 1830 in Lawerence Co., KY; died Bet. 1859
- 1899 in Lawerence Co., KY; married Mary Jane Skaggs Bet. 1833 -
1876 in Lawerence (?) Co., KY.
ii. Lucinda Rigsby, born Abt. 1832; died Unknown; married John Skaggs;
died Unknown.
iii. Henry Rigsby, born Abt. 1834; died Unknown.
iv. Nancy Rigsby, born Abt. 1836; died Unknown.
v. Miles Rigsby, born Abt. 1837 in KY; died Unknown; married Martha
Sawgraves March 27, 1856 in Johnson Co., KY; born Abt. 1836; died
Notes for Miles Rigsby:
1856-1861, P. 1: MILES RIGSBY, 18, TO MARTHA SAGRAVES, 19.

More About Miles Rigsby:
Occupation: 1860, Farmer

Notes for Martha Sawgraves:
vi. Lornetta Rigsby, born Abt. 1841; died Unknown.
vii. Wilbourn Rigsby, born Abt. 1843; died Unknown.
viii. Martha Rigsby, born Abt. 1843; died Unknown.
ix. Meredith Rigsby, born Abt. 1847; died Unknown.
x. Elizabeth Rigsby, born 1855; died Unknown.

32. Willis E. Rigsby, born Abt. 1830 in Lawerence Co., KY; died Bet. 1859 - 1899 in
Lawerence Co., KY. He was the son of 64. Lewis Rigsby and 65. Elizabeth Unknown. He
married 33. Mary Jane Skaggs Bet. 1833 - 1876 in Lawerence (?) Co., KY.

33. Mary Jane Skaggs, born Abt. 1832 in Lawerence(?) Co., KY; died October 02,
1891 in Lawerence(?) Co., KY. She was the daughter of 66. Moses Skaggs and 67. Elizabeth

Notes for Willis E. Rigsby:
. 1850 FED. CEN. OF KY.,

More About Mary Jane Skaggs:
AKA (Facts Page): "Polly"

Children of Willis Rigsby and Mary Skaggs are:

i. Katie Rigsby, died Unknown; married Jess Seagraves; died Unknown.
ii. Elizabeth G Rigsby, died Unknown; married John Stevens; died Unknown.
More About Elizabeth G Rigsby:
AKA (Facts Page): "Betsy"
iii. Amanda Jane Rigsby, born Abt. 1855; died Unknown; married
Washington Phillips; died Unknown.
iv. Jeremiah Rigsby, born March 26, 1858 in Johnson Co., KY; died
December 24, 1921 in KY; married Cordelia Scaggs November 28, 1887
in Paintsville, KY; born February 18, 1868 in Johnson Co., KY; died
Notes for Cordelia Scaggs:
16 v. Louis M. Rigsby, born Aft. 1860 in Johnson(?) Co., KY; died September
03, 1947 in Johnson(?) Co., KY; married Laura Bell McDowell October
30, 1888.

16. Louis M. Rigsby20,21, born Aft. 1860 in Johnson(?) Co., KY22,23; died September
03, 1947 in Johnson(?) Co., KY24,25. He was the son of 32. Willis E. Rigsby and 33. Mary Jane
Skaggs. He married 17. Laura Bell McDowell October 30, 188826,27.

17. Laura Bell McDowell28,29, born December 24, 1867 in Martin County,
Kentucky30,31; died September 03, 194732,33. She was the daughter of 34. Jacob McDowell and
35. Sarah Jane Castle.

More About Louis M. Rigsby:
AKA (Facts Page): "Lewis" Rigsby
AKa (Facts Pg): Louis M. Riggby33

Notes for Laura Bell McDowell:

Date 530630 Age 085 Place BOYD
Residence BOYD Volume 028 Cert 13659 Deathvol 53

Children of Louis Rigsby and Laura McDowell are:

i. Goldie Rigsby, died Unknown.
ii. Lonnie Rigsby, died Unknown.
iii. Cecil Rigsby, died Unknown.
iv. Wertie Rigsby, died Unknown.
v. Burt Rigsby, died Unknown.
vi. Jake Rigsby, died Unknown.
vii. Ada Rigsby, died Unknown.
viii. Bessie Rigsby, died Unknown.
ix. Hattie Rigsby, died Unknown.
8 x. Estill Leo Rigsby, born February 08, 1892 in Gimlett, Elliott Co., KY;
died May 02, 1973 in Boyd Co., KY; married (1) Carrie Shaver
November 22, 1917; married (2) Catherine Unknown Private.

8. Estill Leo Rigsby5,6, born February 08, 1892 in Gimlett, Elliott Co., KY; died May 02,
1973 in Boyd Co., KY. He was the son of 16. Louis M. Rigsby and 17. Laura Bell McDowell.
He married 9. Carrie Shaver November 22, 19177,8.

9. Carrie Shaver9,10, born May 15, 1887 in Cane Creek, Greenup Co., KY; died
February 19, 1932 in Boyd Co. KY11,12. She was the daughter of 18. John Milton Shaver and
19. Mary Jane Gillum.

Notes for Estill Leo Rigsby:
Applied for social security card April 13, 1937 at age 45 while living in Rush KY and working for the
Coalton Coal Co.,
Date 730502
Age 081
Place BOYD
Residence BOYD
Volume 022
Cert 10606
Deathvol 73

More About Estill Leo Rigsby:
AKA (Facts Page): "Pops"

Notes for Carrie Shaver:

Date 320219 Age 044 Place CARTR
Volume 006 Cert 02882 Deathvol 32

AKA: may have been Catherine according to one source, but not
confirmed by any other source

More About Carrie Shaver:
AKA (Facts Page): Shafer or Shaffer

Children of Estill Rigsby and Carrie Shaver are:

4 i. Jay Edwin Rigsby, born February 02, 1919 in Honeywell, Greenup Co.,
KY; died June 20, 1983 in Boyd Co., KY; married Mary Magdalene
Woods 1942 in Boyd Co., KY.

ii. John Lewis Rigsby13,14, born February 25, 1922 in Rush, Boyd Co.
KY15,16; died May 23, 1980 in Boyd Co., KY17,18; married Thelma
Riffe Private; born Private.

Notes for John Lewis Rigsby:

Date 800523 Age 058 Place BOYD Residence BOYD
Volume 026 Cert 12977 Deathvol 80



Drury Rigsby 1745-01-15 Farquier Co VA d after 1834 in [Lawrence Co] KY.
Drury had a son Thomas c1779 NC d c1860 KY.

has descendants of James Thomas Rigsby 1775-10-17 NC or VA d 1864-10-16
Lawrence Co KY.
James' first son was Drury, so I'm sure he is the above Thomas.



James Thomas Riggsby 1775-10-17 NC or VA d 1864-10-16 Lawrence Co KY


Marriage 1 Aggie Smith b: 1779 in NC

Married: 13 DEC 1801 in Orange, NC


1. Drury Riggsby b: ABT. 1802 in NC
2. Travis Riggsby b: 1806 in NC

Marriage 2 Mopsy Gittson b: 17 SEP 1788 in NC

Married: 7 AUG 1807 in Surry Co NC


3. Lewis R. Riggsby b: 1 DEC 1810 in NC d 1882-12-31 Lawrence Co KY
4. Charity Riggsby b: ABT. 1815 in NC

Marriage 3 Dianna "Linna" Deboard b: ABT. 1822 in NC

Married: 5 JAN 1839 in Lawrence Co KY


5. Thomas Riggsby , Jr b: 1840
6. Sarah Riggsby b: 1843
7. Lucinda Riggsby b: 1849
8. Henry Riggsby b: 1853
9. Jacob Riggsby b: 1856
10. Clara Riggsby b: 1858

[I have real doubts about that third marriage]

1 Drury + 1834-02-27 Nancy J Rose 1820 NC d/o William Rose + Agnes Burchett

1.1. Sarah Riggsby b: 1835
1.2. Rhoda Riggsby b: 5 OCT 1836 in Lawrence Co KY d 1905-01-15 Morgan Co KY + 1858-04-07 John Jackson Fyffe 1836-02-29 Lawrence Co KY
1.3. William Riggsby b: 1839
1.4. Thomas Riggsby b: AUG 1841 in Lawrence Co KY
1.5. Larkin Rigsby b: 28 OCT 1846 in KY d 1921-03-18 Ashland, Boyd Co KY + Martha Jane Kimbler 1858-06-28 Scott Co VA d 1929-04-20 Ashland KY
1.6. John Riggsby b: 5 MAY 1849 in Lawrence Co KY d 1905-01-14 Johnson Co KY + Rebecca Eldridge 1848-09-03 KY
1.7. Andrew Jackson Riggsby b: 18 AUG 1854 in Blaine, Lawrence Co KY d 1918-12-01 Morgan Co KY

1.6. John Riggsby b: 5 MAY 1849 in Lawrence Co KY d 1905-01-14 Johnson Co KY
+ 1873-08-15 Rebecca Eldridge 1848-09-03 KY d 1931-03-17 d/o Jacob Eldridge + (unknown)

1.6.1 Susannah Rigsby 1874 Lawrence Co KY d 1959 + Meredith Kelly

1.7 Andrew + 1873-08-15 Sarah M Seagraves 1850 Carter Co KY d/o Steven Seagraves + Susannah Deboard

1.7.1. Susanah Riggsby b: 1874
1.7.2. Nancy Riggsby b: 21 DEC 1876 in Johnson Co KY
1.7.3. William M. Riggsby b: 1879

2 Travis + 1831 Ary Deboard c1816 NC d/o Joseph Deboard + Martha Prince

2.1. Susannah Riggsby b: 1837
2.2. Rebecca Riggsby b: 1838
2.3. John Riggsby b: 1840
2.4. Mary Riggsby b: 1843
2.5. Thomas Riggsby b: 1844
2.6. Latisha Riggsby b: 1845

2.1 Susannah + 1858-01-18 Elias Prince 1839 Lawrence Co KY

2.1.1. Sarah Prince b: 18 JUN 1859

2.3 John + Nancy J Johnson
2.3.1. Mason J. Riggsby b: 3 JAN 1875
2.3.2. William T. Riggsby
2.3.3. Nancy A. Riggsby

3 Lewis + 1826-12-21 Elizabeth Deboard c1810 NC d/o Joseph Deboard + Martha Prince

3.1. Willis Erastis Riggsby b: JAN 1830 in Lawrence Co KY d 1904-08-30 Johnson Co KY
3.2. Lucinda Rigsby b: 17 MAR 1833 in KY d 1907-04-05
3.3. Henry Riggsby b: 1834 in Ky
3.4. Sernetta Riggsby b: 1836 in Lawrence Co KY
3.5. Nancy Rigsby b: 2 DEC 1836 in Lawrence Co KY
3.6. Miles T. Riggsby b: 1838 in Lawrence Co KY
3.7. Wilburn Joseph Riggsby b: 1842
3.8. Martha Jane Riggsby b: 27 SEP 1843
3.9. Meridith Riggsby b: 1847
3.10. Elizabeth Riggsby b: 16 AUG 1855 in Laurel, Lawrence Co KY

3.1 Willis + 1853-07-28 Mary Jane Skaggs 1832-03-08 KY d 1891-10-02 d/o Moses Skaggs + Elizabeth Holbrook

3.1.1. Amanda Jane Riggsby b: 3 MAY 1855 in Laurel Fork, Lawrence Co KY + Henry Phillips 1849
3.1.2. Jeremiah "Jerry" M. Rigsby b: 26 MAR 1859 in Upper Laurel, Lawrence Co KY d 1921-12-24 Johnson Co KY + Nancy Cordelia Skaggs
3.1.3. Louis M. Riggsby b: AUG 1860 d 1947-09-03 Johnson Co KY + 1888-10-30 Laura Bell McDowell
3.1.4. Catherine Riggsby b: 1863 in KY + Jesse Vincent Seagraves
3.1.5. Jincey Elizabeth Riggsby b: 1866 + John C Stevens
3.1.6. Alma Riggsby

3.2 Lucinda + 1850-10-10 John D Skaggs 1826-04-10 d 1900-06-12 s/o Peter L II Skaggs + Clarinda Prince

3.2.1. Greenville Wesley Skaggs b: 30 AUG 1851 in KY d 1918-03-07 Portsmouth OH
3.2.2. Lemuel Skaggs b: 17 NOV 1852
3.2.3. Henry L. Skaggs b: 13 MAR 1855 in KY
3.2.4. James Bracken Skaggs b: 7 MAY 1856 d 1887-02-18 Johnson Co KY
3.2.5. John Charles Breckenridge Skaggs b: 7 MAY 1858 in Johnson Co KY d 1901-12-09 Johnson Co KY
3.2.6. Elizabeth "Betty" J. Skaggs b: 1860 d 1895-05-23 Johnson Co KY
3.2.7. Alma M. Skaggs b: 1864
3.2.8. Nancy J. Skaggs b: 1865
3.2.9. Willis M. Skaggs b: 1866 in KY d 1925-06-02 Boyd Co KY



[prob d/o R17.1 Thomas]

Ira Deboard (son of Isaac Deboard) was born Abt. 1808 in N.C., and died Bef. 1880.
He married (1) Martha Riggsby. He married (2) #1 Ann Middleton on June 13, 1827
in N.C..

More About Ira Deboard and #1 Ann Middleton:
Marriage: June 13, 1827, N.C..

Children of Ira Deboard and Martha Riggsby are:

i.+Louisa Deboard, b. December 1842, Pike Co. Ky., d. February 13, 1923,
Buchannan, Ky.-Lawrence Co..
ii.Andrew Deboard, b. 1844, d. date unknown.
iii.Colbert C. Deboard, b. 1844, d. date unknown.
iv.Martha C. Deboard, b. 1847, d. date unknown.
v.Marion Deboard, b. 1849, d. date unknown.
vi.James F. Deboard, b. December 1849, d. date unknown.
vii.Lucinda S. Deboard, b. 1854, d. date unknown.
viii.William Robert Deboard, b. 1855, d. date unknown.
ix.Mary Elizabeth Deboard, b. 1857, d. date unknown.
x.Elisha Deboard, b. 1858, d. date unknown.

LDS entries have Drury 1800 as Drewy c1802 NC + 1834-02-27 Nancy Ross; children:
Sarah Rigsby 1835
Rhoda Rigsby 1837
William Rigsby 1839
Thomas Rigsby 1839-08-xx Lawrence Co KY
Larkin Rigsby 1846-10-28 Lawrence Co KY d 1921-03-18

Drewy 1802 s/o Thomas Rigsby + Liney Deboard



says Drury 1802 s/o James Thomas Rigsby 1775-10-17 NC or VA d 1864-10-16 Lawrence Co KY + Aggie Smith.
James Thomas married Diana "Linna" Deboard later.




Rhoda Rigsby 1836-10-05 Lawrence Co KY d 1905-01-15 Relief, Morgan Co KY
+ John Jackson Fyffe 1836-02-29 Blaine Creek, Lawrence Co KY d 1921-05-23 Relief, Morgan Co KY s/o John II Fyffe + Anna Alford

1 Nancy Ann FYFFE 1861-05-22 Lawrence Co KY d 1909-09-20 Terryville, Lawrence Co KY
2 Joseph FYFFE 1863-09-22 Blaine Creek, Lawrence Co KY d 1945-09-24 Johnson Co KY
3 Sarah Elizabeth FYFFE 1867-02 Blaine Creek, Lawrence Co KY
4 Cambridge B. "Camel" FYFFE 1868-12-16 Blaine Creek, Lawrence Co KY d 1921-06-06 Relief, Morgan Co KY
5 Larkin Franklin "Lark" (twin) FYFFE 1870-04-16 Blaine Creek, Lawrence Co KY d 1937-03-30 Relief, Morgan Co KY
6 Miriam Frances (twin) FYFFE 1870-04-16 Blaine Creek, Lawrence Co KY
7 William FYFFE


Elizabeth Hay, born Abt. 1846 in Lawrence Co, KY; married Thomas Rigsby.
Elizabeth d/o James Hay + Elizabeth Johnson




Thomas Rigsby 1841-08-xx Lawrence Co KY
+ Elizabeth Hay c1846 Lawrence Co KY d/o James A Hay + Elizabeth Johnson

1 Surrilda RIGSBY c1871 KY
2 James Richard RIGSBY 1873-08 KY d 1917-03-28
3 Mary Polly RIGSBY 1874-04-20 Lawrence Co KY
4 Drewey "Bud" RIGSBY 1876-04-13 Lawrence Co KY
5 William RIGSBY 1877-11 KY
6 Nancy E. RIGSBY 1880-02 KY
7 Jesse RIGSBY 1882-04 KY
8 John RIGSBY 1885-04 KY + Lizzie (unknown) 1879 KY

2 James + 1893-06-03 Martha McDaniel 1870-08 KY d c1951

2.1 Newton W. RIGSBY 1892-09 KY
2.2 James F. RIGSBY 1894-08 KY d c1951
2.3 William Thomas RIGSBY 1896-02 KY d GER
2.4 Floyd RIGSBY 1898-01-24 KY d c1958
2.5 Autie Bryant RIGSBY 1901-10-15 KY d 1981-10-30
2.6 Arthur RIGSBY 1904 KY
2.7 Henry RIGSBY 1906-04-11 KY d 1989-01-18
2.8 Huey RIGSBY c1906
2.9 Janet RIGSBY

7 Jesse + 1908-03-31 Jennie Cox c1893 KY

7.1 Noah RIGSBY
7.2 Ethel RIGSBY
7.3 Nannie May RIGSBY
7.4 Walter RIGSBY
7.5 Fay RIGSBY
7.6 Bill RIGSBY

genforum message 62


Seeking info on the family of Richard Rigsby who married Martha McDaniel in
eastern Ky.
Richard Rigsby born unknown
Martha McDaniel born 1867

message 162 response to 62

Was your Richard, son of Jonathan and Mary "Polly" Sanders Rigsby ? He was born
in 1834 and married Clementine VanDeventer in 1854. Maybe he divorced her and
married Martha McDaniel .

[nope; different Richard]

message 177 response to 62

James Richard Riggsby (note the two G's) Who married Martha
McDaniel on 6/3/1893 in Morgan County Ky. He died on 3/28/1917 at
the age of 43, which puts his birth year @1850. I have just begun my
search for info on my Grandfather, John Floyd Rigsby, and my Dad says
all he knew about J. Richard was that he was just called "Dick". The last
of Grandfathers Brothers, Henry Rigsby, died in northern Indiana
around 1989

message 178 response to 177

Welllll...looks like we are cousins...distant but still cousins.
I do have a lot on the McDaniel line..
Martha was daughter of William T. McDaniel and Annie Wilburn Atkins.
Said William T. McDaniel was son of Hezekiah McDaniel and Sophia Fightmaster
I descend from John McDaniel the younger brother of said William T. McDaniel.
Please contact me at the following email addy have more info.

Shirley Buckler


DRURY Rigsby is my gggggrandfather.
According to his revolutionary war pension papers he states that he "was
born in Fauquier County on the Rappahannock River Virginia on the 15th
day of January 1745." He later moved to Rowan County North Carolina
where he fought over several years in a number of battles in the Rev. War.
About 1820-1830 he moved with his family to Lawrence County Kentucky.
He fought twice in place of a man named William Coales (Coles) during his
time spent in the Revolutionary war. There are many versions of spelling
for the Rigsby name. The Rigsby's have been in this country since the early
1600's maybe sooner, and I know that there were many
Rigsby/Rigby/Riggsbee/Rigbie etc in the Maryland Colony. I am trying to
locate Drury Rigsby's parents and a little backround history on his family
if anyone is researching the same I'd love to hear from you. Drury had at
least one son named Thomas, I suspect he also had a son named Hightower
Rigsby. Thomas married Aggie Smith, they had at least two children, Drury
& Lewis Rigsby who are fairly well documented in the Lawrence Cty area
of Ky. Drury and his wife Nancy Rose, had a number of children, Larkin
Rigsby/Riggsby being my gr.grandfather. Larkin Riggsby married Martha
Jane Kimbler, daughter of Anderson Kimbler, and their son Robert Riggsby
was my grandfather. All queries welcome. Debbie McClellan Wedder

[Larkin is R17.1.1.5]

Eastern KY maillist

I am looking for any one who knows of or is a descendant of Larkin
Riggsby and Martha Jane Kimbler. They are my great grandparents. Their
son Rufus Leonard Riggsby was my grandfather. He married Frances Locey
and they had seven children 5sons and 2 daughters. If anyone is
interested in more information on their other children I have a lot
more to tell you .

Waiting to hear from you.

[Larkin is R17.1.1.5]


Riggsby, Anderson December 23, 1879 WFT Est. 1880-1969 [R17.]
Riggsby, Charles A. December 17, 1910 1972 Car wreck, Catlettsburg, Ky, due to heart attack + Stewart, Mary Private [R17.]
Riggsby, Dewey August 05, 1898 WFT Est. 1899-1988 [R17.]
Riggsby, Harrison November 20, 1890 December 20, 1960 [R17.]
Riggsby, Henry February 24, 1893 March 15, 1941 [R17.]
Riggsby, Larkin October 28, 1846 Kentucky March 18, 1921 Ashland, Kentucky, Dixon Cemetary + Kimbler, Martha Jane WFT Est. 1870-1900 [R17.1.1.5]
Riggsby, Lizzie June 09, 1884 WFT Est. 1898-1978 + Savage, Robert WFT Est. 1898-1931 [R17.]
Riggsby, Robert August 12, 1888 Coalton, Kentucky December 16, 1950 Waterloo, Lawrence Cty, Ohio + Ward, Margaret September 13, 1919 Justice of Peace, Gallia Cty. Ohio [R17.]
Riggsby, Rufus Leonard February 16, 1878 May 25, 1948 [R17.]
Riggsby, Stanley Donald February 26, 1928 Waterloo, Lawrence Cty, Ohio d March 19, 1968 Ironton, Ohio, Lawrence Cty + Sharbarth, Ursula October 16, 1948 [R17.]
Riggsby, Susan March 31, 1895 November 01, 1937 [R17.]
Riggsby, Vivian Louise December 10, 1938 Waterloo, Lawrence Cty, Ohio d June 21, 1996 Bradenton Florida + McCardle, Lester Private [R17.]
Riggsby, William June 15, 1885 April 26, 1935 [R17.]



born June 28, 1858 in Scott County, Virginia, and died April 20, 1929 in at 7:30 p.m. , Ashland,
Kentucky. She married LARKIN RIGGSBY WFT Est. 1870-1900. He was born October 28, 1846 in
Kentucky, and died March 18, 1921 in 11:00 p.m. on Friday, Ashland, Kentucky, Dixon Cemetary.
[Martha d/o Anderson Kimbler + Elizabeth Coburn]

[Brøderbund WFT Vol. 21, Ed. 1, Tree #1326, Date of Import: Dec 2, 1998]

Mrs. Martha Jane Rigsby, 70, Died
at the home of her son, Henry Riggsby,
821 21st. street, Ashland, Saturday
evening at 7:30 o'clock, after an illness
of ten weeks.
The deceased was born in Scott
County, Virginia, but had resided in
Ashland for many years, being a de-
vout member of the First Christian
She is survived by one brother
William Kimbler, Otway, Ohio; and the
following children, Rufus Rigsby
of Omar, W.Va., Anderson Rigsby
of Whitman, W.Va., Mrs. Robert
Montgomery of Catlettsburg, William
Rigsby of Ashland, Robert Rigsby of
Waterloo, Ohio, Harrison Rigsby of
Ironton, Ohio, Henry Rigsby of Ash-
land, Mrs. W.C. Lane of Ashland
and Dewey Rigsby of Ashland.
(from newspaper clipping)

[Brøderbund WFT Vol. 21, Ed. 1, Tree #1326, Date of Import: Dec 2, 1998]

Larkin Riggsby was a volunteer soldier in the Civil War, he fought for the Confederate States of
He joined the 5th Regiment Company "K" at Salyersville, Kentucky on September 12, 1862, at the
age of
15. He possibly joined the CSA as a result of the death of his cousin Thomas Riggsby in that war.
Tradition states that he was captured by the North and was held prisoner, cooking for the soldiers,
until his release, at the time of his release he had to sign a promise that he would never again fight
against the North. He was discharged October 20, 1862, and sent home to his parents.

Marriage: WFT Est. 1870-1900


i. RUFUS LEONARD7 RIGGSBY, b. February 16, 1878; d. May 25, 1948.
ii. ANDERSON RIGGSBY, b. December 23, 1879; d. WFT Est. 1880-1969.
iii. LIZZIE RIGGSBY, b. June 09, 1884; d. WFT Est. 1898-1978; m. ROBERT
SAVAGE, WFT Est. 1898-1931; b. WFT Est. 1867-1887; d. WFT Est.
Marriage: WFT Est. 1898-1931
iv. WILLIAM RIGGSBY, b. June 15, 1885; d. April 26, 1935.
862.v. ROBERT RIGGSBY, b. August 12, 1888, Coalton, Kentucky; d. December
16, 1950, Waterloo, Lawrence Cty, Ohio.
vi. HARRISON RIGGSBY, b. November 20, 1890; d. December 20, 1960.
vii. HENRY RIGGSBY, b. February 24, 1893; d. March 15, 1941.
viii. SUSAN RIGGSBY, b. March 31, 1895; d. November 01, 1937.
ix. DEWEY RIGGSBY, b. August 05, 1898; d. WFT Est. 1899-1988.

THOMAS1) was born August 12, 1888 in Coalton, Kentucky, and died December 16, 1950 in
Waterloo, Lawrence Cty, Ohio. He married (1) SUSIE A. CLUTTER June 15, 1907 in Ashland,
Kentucky. She was born 1890 in Mason Cty Kentucky, and died WFT Est. 1914-1984. He married
(2) MARGARET WARD September 13, 1919 in Justice of Peace, Gallia Cty. Ohio. She was born
October 05, 1895 in Gallia County Ohio, and died August 31, 1989 in Ironton, Ohio, Lawrence Cty.

[Brøderbund WFT Vol. 21, Ed. 1, Tree #1326, Date of Import: Dec 2, 1998]


Articles from local Ironton Newspapers:

Ironton, Ohio, November 13--

Robert Riggsby, of Waterloo, veteran of World War One, was presented with a life
membership by Frank J. Goldcamp Post American Legion Thursday.

Riggsby, who had six sons in World War II, received the Distinguished Service Cross
from General Pershing personally and the Victory Medal for taking part in five of the
six American fronts during the first World War. The French also decorated him with
the Croix de Guerre and the Medal of Millitaires. He also received the Purple Heart.

The elder Riggsby with his six sons won a total of 14 medals during the two wars. He
was a member of the original New York 69th known as the Fighting Irish and later
the 165th known as the Rainbow Division.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------

Riggsby Awards Displayed at Bixby's;
Coveted Purple Heart, Others Included

Robert Riggsby of Sherritts, a World War veteran who was cited for gallant action
on October 14, 1918, is probably the most decorated veteran in Lawrence County.
So far as known he is the only living local veteran who has been awarded the
coveted Purple Heart of the United States.

Riggsby won the Croix de Guerre from France, the French Medaille Militaire and the
American Purple Heart and Distinguished Service Cross. And to add to those medals
he has the United States Service Medal award with five bars.

The medals of Riggsby and his citations form an interesting and timely display at the
window of the F.A. Bixby jewelry store. It should prove of much interest on
Decoration Day as it has already attracted much attention. In the upper window is a
picture of Frank J. Goldcamp, Ironton hero who won the D.S.C. but lost his life when
he went into No Man's Land for a wounded comrade.

Riggsby's citation recites that he displayed extraordinary heroism near Landres-et-St.
Georges, France, on October 14, 1918, when the advance of his platoon was halted by
German machine gunners. He went forward alone, killed one of the Germans, captured
five of the crew and silenced two machine guns, permitting advance of the platoon.

Capt. John Collier of Howitzer (?) Company, then a lieutenant, was an officer in Riggsby's
company of the 165th infantry, 42nd division. He tells that "Riggsby was attached to
the unit as cook but that he was a bear for fighting and went up into the lines and
advanced with the infantryman. And when the German machine gunners blazed
"stop" with bullets it was the company cook who went forward and silenced them."

"Lieutenant", said Riggsby to Collier one day at the front, "where are you from?",
"From Ironton" replied Collier, and Riggsby disregarded bars, office and all in giving
a joyous embrace. "Why, I'm from Ashland", was his reply and the two had many
pleasant times together thereafter.

Riggsby was gassed twice and is now suffering with tuberculosis, for which he
draws compensation from the government. He and his wife and their nine children
reside on a farm at Sherritts. He has a brother, Ben Riggsby, of Ironton who works
at the Solvay plant.


Date 3/23/1918
A.P.O. 315
Dear Father,
Just this little card to send you my best Easter Greeting on this day. Will be
home soon as we leave here the 2 of April. Hoping this card finds you in the
best of health.

Somewhere in France
January 26, 1918
Dear Mother,
Just a line to let you know I am well and enjoying the best of health and
hope all at home are the same. Mother I would like you to send me the children's
pictures as I would like to see them being so many miles away from them my
memory goes back to them often. Well Mother I have cooked in quite a number
of kitchens but this one is on wheels and moves and we cook as we go me and
my partner by the name of Johnson have some good times well Mother guess I will
close with regard to Brothers and sisters also Father & Mother in-law. I will close
with love to all I remain as ever
Your loving Son
Robert Riggsby
165th US of A______
P.S. I have made a police of insurance if anything happens to me the children will get



[Brøderbund WFT Vol. 21, Ed. 1, Tree #1326, Date of Import: Dec 2, 1998]

Parents of Susie Clutter:
Wm. Clutter, born Kentucky
Nancy Crawford, Ky
(this per marriage certificate)



[Brøderbund WFT Vol. 21, Ed. 1, Tree #1326, Date of Import: Dec 2, 1998]

Robert and Susie were divorced after having two children, and before he left for WWI

Marriage: June 15, 1907, Ashland, Kentucky

[Brøderbund WFT Vol. 21, Ed. 1, Tree #1326, Date of Import: Dec 2, 1998]


Margaret Riggsby, 93 of Ironton,
died Thursday at a local nursing
She was born Oct. 5, 1895, in
Gallia County, and was the daughter
of the late Monroe and Ella Kingery
She had spent most of her life in the
Waterloo area and attended Waterloo
schools. She moved to Ironton in
1950. She was a lifetime honorary
member of First United Methodist
Church of Ironton.
She was preceded in death Dec.16,
1950, by her husband, Robert Riggsby,
to whom she was married Sept.
13, 1919; one son, Stanley Riggsby;
six brothers; and three sisters.
Survivers include five sons,
Robert Riggsby of Vandalia;
Raymond Riggsby of Vine Grove,
Ky., Lewis Riggsby and Kenneth
Riggsby, both of Columbus, and
James Riggsby of Cape Coral, Fla.;
four daughters, Mrs. Clarence
(Margaret) Savary of Ironton, Mrs.
Fred (Dorothy) Likens and Mrs. Les
(Vivian) McCardle, both of Bradenton,
Fla., and Mrs. Adna (Helen) McClellan
of Hamilton; 30 grandchildren; and
44 great-grandchildren.
Services are Tuesday, 1 p.m., First
United Methodist Church by Dr.
Paul Cocklin and the Rev. Wayne
Beard. Buriel will be at Woodland
Grandma, Madge Ward Riggsby, was a small women, she had lovely auburn-red hair & gray eyes.
When I was very young she taught me how to thread a needle. She also taught me to put lots of sugar
in my tea, and don't stir it. She showed me how to take my ice cream and stir it until it became a
creamy milk shake. I used to go and stay with her and Aunt Vivian when I was little, they lived in a big
gray apartment building, upstairs with big rooms. (see Vivian) The apartment was like a big old brick
plantation home on a fine old street. Later in life, Grandma suffered with artheritis, her back became
humped over and she had much pain in her hands. Two weeks before Grandma went to the nursing
home, she was living with Aunt Margaret, I went with my sister Anne to visit her, we were sitting out
back in lawn chairs, side by side, it was very hot and I had shorts on, Grandma kept leaning over and
looking at my legs, I said Grandma what are you doing? And she said "looking at your pretty legs
Honey", to which I replied, "well Grandma I wonder who I can thank for them", and I leaned over and
looked at her legs, she just laughed and laughed like a young girl, that is my last fond memory of a
woman that I had loved for many years. Shortly after that she was tired and went to bed, she wanted
me to stay with her, she held my hands and cried so when I had to leave. I felt like she was saying
goodbye to me and it was very hard to go. She went into the rest home shortly after that and though
she lived for many more years it was hard for her and she did not always know people. I feel like I
had the best of her that day, that summer, before she went into the rest home.

Hair Pins
And Other Things
My Grandmother
takes down her hair,
I watch as she brushes,
Gray splashed with traces of auburn,
Hues of an era gone by
tumble down her back,
one long lovely curl.

My grandmother
takes down her hair,
Always the same,
Rolled at the knap,
Since I was a child.
I hold her hair pins
and remember




[Brøderbund WFT Vol. 21, Ed. 1, Tree #1326, Date of Import: Dec 2, 1998]

Record of Marriage from Grandma Riggsby's Bible:

Husband: Robert Riggsby
Birth date: August 12th, 1888
Wife: Margaret (Madge) Ward
Birth date: October 5th, 1895
Date of Marriage: Sept. 13th, 1919
Performed by: Squire Charles Upp
At: Court House, Ironton, Ohio

Wedding Attendents
Stanley B. Riley, Cousin of the Bride and
Elizabeth Savage, sister of the groom.

Wedding was at 1:00 P.M. on a Sat.
Beautiful sunshiny day, We left
home of Bride's sister, Mrs. Roy
Jones 502 5th and Scott Ave. about
12:00 Noon. Groom was attired in his
uniform of World War I and bride wore
a blue dress with white accessories.

Marriage: September 13, 1919, Justice of Peace, Gallia Cty. Ohio

i. CHARLES A.8 RIGGSBY, b. December 17, 1910; d. 1972, Car wreck,
Catlettsburg, Ky, due to heart attack.

1101. ii. STANLEY DONALD8 RIGGSBY, b. February 26, 1928, Waterloo,
Lawrence Cty, Ohio; d. March 19, 1968, Ironton, Ohio, Lawrence Cty.
1102. iii. VIVIAN LOUISE RIGGSBY, b. December 10, 1938, Waterloo, Lawrence
Cty, Ohio; d. June 21, 1996, Bradenton Florida.
1103. iv. HELEN FRANCES RIGGSBY, b. Private.
1104. v. RAYMOND M RIGGSBY, b. Private.
1105. vi. MARGARET ELLA RIGGSBY, b. Private.
1106. vii. LEWIS HOWARD RIGGSBY, b. Private.
1107.viii. ROY ROBERT RIGGSBY, b. Private.
1108. ix. DOROTHY ANNE RIGGSBY, b. Private.
1109. x. KENNETH EVERETT RIGGSBY, b. Private.
1110. xi. JAMES DALE RIGGSBY, b. Private.


Anderson Rigsby + Della Elam d/o James Hendricks Elam + Ada Nickell

[prob R17. James Anderson]



John Rigsby
+ Rebecca Eldridge

1. Nancy Ellen RIGSBY 1873-11-07 Johnson Co KY d 1950-08-08 Portsmouth, Scioto Co OH
2. Cynthia (Credia) RIGSBY 1886-04-20 Johnson Co KY d 1886-04-20 Johnson Co KY
3. Susannah RIGSBY 1884 KY d KY

1 Nancy + Squire Ville Rigsby [R17.]

2 Cynthia + Alonzo R Rigsby [R17.]

3 Susannah + c1903 Meredith Kelley 1879-11-24 KY d 1967-03 Lawrence Co KY s/o Peter F Kelley + Nancy Ellen Sagraves

1. Virgil KELLEY 1903-12-04 KY d 1983-05-06 Fayette Co KY
2. Arba KELLEY b: in KY
3. Cassie KELLEY 1906-10-12 KY d 1980-05-05 Elliot Co KY
4. Olva KELLEY b: in KY
5. Neva KELLEY 1910-12-29 KY d 1991-05-18 KY
6. Grettie KELLEY b: in KY
7. Ella KELLEY b: in KY
8. Herschel KELLEY 1915-05-31 Lawrence Co KY d 1985-04-11 Rowan Co KY
9. Hurston KELLEY 1917-08-07 Martha, Lawrence Co KY d 2000-05-21 Louisa, Lawrence Co KY
10. Elsie KELLEY b: in KY
11. Victor KELLEY 1921-08-05 Lawrence Co KY d 1981-11-29 Lawrence Co KY



Skaggs, Thomas Christian (1876 - ) - male
b. 7 FEB 1876
father: Skaggs, John (*1835 - )
mother: Sparks, Lucy (~1838 - )
spouse: Rigsby, Sena (*1880 - )
----------child: Skaggs, Florence (*1911 - )
----------child: Skaggs, Ballard (*1911 - )
----------child: Skaggs, Norman (*1911 - )
----------child: Skaggs, Van (*1911 - )
----------child: Skaggs, Escome (*1911 - )



Norman Skaggs, son of Thomas C. Skaggs and Dulcina "Sena" Rigsby.



Henry Rigsby 1880-11-15 KY d c1953-12-xx KY
+ c1907 Laro [Laura] O Boggs 1886-07-13 KY d 1946-03-23 Johnson Co KY d/o William M Boggs + Nancy Ellen Stinson

1. Bertha Rigsby b: ABT 1902 in KY
2. Marie Rigsby b: ABT 1908 in KY
3. Opal Rigsby b: ABT 1909 in KY
4. Ivory Rigsby b: 17 FEB 1912 in Lawrence Co., KY
5. Audie S. Rigsby b: 23 MAY 1914 in Lawrence Co., KY
6. Shelby Rigsby b: ABT 1918 in KY
7. John Rigsby b: 12 MAR 1918 in Lawrence Co., KY
8. William C. Rigsby b: 30 OCT 1920 in Lawrence Co., KY
9. Rhoda M. Rigsby b: 3 FEB 1923 in Lawrence Co., KY
10. Hobart G. Rigsby b: 23 DEC 1927 in Johnson Co., KY

[Note that R17 Drury Rigsby mentions a Boggs as a reference.]



Jesse Rigsby
+ Emma Barker

1. Kenneth F Rigsby 1916-05-03 Louisa, Lawrence Co KY d 1989-03-13 Columbus, Franklin Co OH



Rigsby, Elva
Gender: Female

Spouse: Butcher, Hayward Francis
Birth: 25 FEB 1908 Chillicothe, Ohio
Death: 13 APR 1969 Londonderry, Ohio
Gender: Male

Father: Butcher, Hugh W.
Mother: Bain, Dolly Susan


Butcher, Phullis
Gender: Female
Butcher, Irene
Gender: Female
Butcher, Sandy
Gender: Male

Campbell genforum message 9293

[R17., I'm pretty sure]

Anyone have any information on a William Campbell that married a Mae
Spencer. Or their Son Sylvan Campbell married Lou Zella Rigsby? They are
from Kentucky. In information is very much appriciated.



Andrew Riggsby c1875 [no, 1854]
+ Amanda Blair c1875 [no, 1852]

1 Franklin Leander Riggsby

1 Franklin + 1909-04-17 Sarah Jane Smith 1887 d 1974 d/o Thomas Sanford Smith + Serilda Keeton

1.1. Maxie RIGGSBY b: 1910
1.2. Hazel RIGGSBY b: 1911
1.3. Mary RIGGSBY b: 1915
1.4. Genoah Vire RIGGSBY b: 1916
1.5. Esther RIGGSBY b: 1916
1.6. Elsie Ruth RIGGSBY b: 1920
1.7. Lissie RIGGSBY b: 1922
1.8. Etta RIGGSBY b: 1924
1.9. Nanny Mae RIGGSBY b: 1927



Celia Rigsby
+ Millard Ferguson 1882-10-02 d 1945-04-27 s/o Richard Ferguson + Nancy Jane Ison

Lawrence Co KY maillist


I am researching Rigsby and ROSE. Especially trying to find out info on my
great grandfather Leander Franklin "Frank" RIGSBY. He was a Primitive
Baptist preacher and at one time lived at the Head of Blaine. He died
February 12, 1949. If anyone knows any info, I would appreciate hearing
from you.

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I need some info on a Frank & Sarah Rigsby of Morgan or Lawrence
County, KY. They had two children that I know of. One a daughter,
Vere (or Vera) married Glen A. Skaggs and another daughter, Etta
married a Keeton. I am trying to put together a family tree for a
friend and would love to be able to tell them some more about their
family. The dates on these would be in the late 1800's and early



Rigsby, Dock
Birth : 25 AUG 1891
Death : 11 OCT 1969 Fayette County, Kentucky
Smith, Levinna "Vinnie"
Birth : 25 JAN 1895 Morgan County, Kentucky
Death : 5 JUN 1981 Morgan County, Kentucky
Father: Smith, William Preston
Mother: Pennington, Nancy Jane



Asa Riggsby 1 Oct 1897 in Morgan Co,,KY Death: 14 Apr 1949 in Morgan Co,,KY
+ Virginia Burks b. 3 Mar 1903 in Morgan Co,,KY

Rigsby maillist

I have Merdecia Rigby md. Lewis Fyffe. Children
Harvey T.
Elizabeth J.
George W.
Ida Mae

Ida Mae md. Daniel Maupin (My Husbands Grandparents)

Merdecia was supposed to be pure Cherokee Indian
I have a picture of Corilda and she looks Indian
Ida Mae did also

Merdecia's parents were John Rigsby and Nancy Johnson

[John is R17.1.2.4, but I don't know of a daughter Merdicia for him.
I haven't found John on the 1880 census, so if Merdicia was born
after 1870 I wouldn't know about her.]



Thomas Rigsby was born Abt. 1845, and died date unknown. He married
Elizabeth Fields on March 22, 1866 in Carter Co., KY, daughter of James Carter
Fields and Mary Ann DeBoard.

Notes for Thomas Rigsby:

1880 Carter KY Olive Hill Pct 3 fam 10
Thomas Rigsby age 35 b KYNCNC, Eliabeth J. age 33 b KYKYNC, Rebecca age 43
sister b KYNCNC, Hattie Phillips age 6 adopted b KYOHKY

More About Thomas Rigsby and Elizabeth Fields:
Marriage: March 22, 1866, Carter Co., KY.

Marriage Notes for Thomas Rigsby and Elizabeth Fields:
Thomas Riggsby to Elizabeth Fields on 22 Mar 1866 in Carter wit Joseph Fields and
Wm Barker by j. Mauk (East Kentuckian June 1982 Carter Co Marraiges by Elizabeth
B. Cox)



EAGLE) was born Abt. 1810 in prob Iredell or Wikes, North Carolina, and died Bef. 1880. She
married LEWIS Rigsby December 21, 1826 in Lawerence County, Kentucky. He was born
December 01, 1810 in North Carolina, and died Bet. 1820 - 1857 in Lawerence (Floyd) County,
[Elizabeth d/o Joseph Deboard + Martha Prince]

TYPE Alt marriage
PLAC Rebecca Elizabeth Burgess Angus Ross vs. Garred Sparks and Walter Osborne, February,
27, 1844:
Angus Ross, appearing before Jesse Corum, Justice of the Peace for Greenup Co., Ky., says in 1838
or 1839 he gave to Garred Sparks, then a constable of Lawrence Co., Ky., notes for collection on
the following persons and for the stated amounts:
William Helton - $6.25
_____ Morris - $8.00
Meredith Edwards - $15.00
Anderson Rice - $12.00
Henry Gambill - $8.00
James Wheeler - $5.00
James Wheeler - $4.00
William Caudill - $5.00
Lewis Rigsby - $7.00
Jesse Lyons - $6.00
Henry Morris - $8.00
Ross, the compt., "prays that Sparks and Osborne as officials of Lawrence Co. be required to pay
over to your orator with interest whatsoever amount may have been received on said claims."
Answer of Sparks and Osborne: "The matters contained in the compt.'s bill are not good and
sufficient to charge them or make responsible in equity."
Final Decree: Case dismissed at compt.'s cost in November, 1844

Child of ELIZABETH DEBOARD and LEWIS Rigsby is:
11. i. WILLIS E6 RIGSBY, b. Abt. 1830, Lawrence County, Kentucky; d. Bet.
1859 - 1899, Lawrence County, Kentucky.

HONEYSUCKLE2, BIG1 EAGLE) was born Abt. 1830 in Lawrence County, Kentucky, and died Bet.
1859 - 1899 in Lawrence County, Kentucky. He married MARY JANE "POLLY" SKAGGS Bet. 1833
- 1876 in Lawerence County, Kentucky. She was born Abt. 1832 in Lawrence County, Kentucky,
and died October 02, 1891 in Lawrence County, Kentucky.

. 1850 FED. CEN. OF KY.,

Child of WILLIS Rigsby and MARY SKAGGS is:

i. LOUIS7 RIGSBY, b. Aft. 1860.



Lewis Rigsby. He married Elizabeth "Betsie" DeBoard, daughter of Joseph
DeBoard and Martha Prince.

Children of Lewis Rigsby and Elizabeth "Betsie" DeBoard are:

i.+Lucinda Rigsby, b. May 07, 1833, KY, d. April 15, 1907, Flat Gap, KY, Upper
Laurel Fork, Johnson Co, KY.
ii.Willis Erastis Rigsby, b. January 1830.
iii.Henry Rigsby, b. February 14, 1833.
iv.Nancy Rigsby, b. December 02, 1836.
v.Miles T Rigsby, b. Abt. 1839.
vi.Sernettia "Netty" Rigsby, b. February 1840.
vii.Wilburn Joseph Rigsby, b. September 18, 1842.
viii.Martha Jane Rigsby, b. September 27, 1842.
ix.Meredith Rigsby, b. Abt. 1847.
x.Elizabeth Rigsby, b. August 16, 1855.
xi.Joseph Rigsby.
xii.Thomas Rigsby.
xiii.Wallace Rigsby.

Lucinda Rigsby (daughter of Lewis Rigsby and Elizabeth "Betsie" DeBoard)
was born May 07, 1833 in KY, and died April 15, 1907 in Flat Gap, KY, Upper Laurel
Fork, Johnson Co, KY. She married John D Skaggs on October 10, 1850 in Lawrence
Co. KY, son of Peter Skaggs, Jr and Clarrinda Prince.

More About Lucinda Rigsby:
Burial: Flat Gap, KY, Upper Laurel Fork, Johnson Co. KY.

More About Lucinda Rigsby and John D Skaggs:
Marriage: October 10, 1850, Lawrence Co. KY.

Children of Lucinda Rigsby and John D Skaggs are:

i.+William B Skaggs, b. June 10, 1868, Johnson Co., Ky, d. November 04, 1929,
Flat Gap, KY & Ashley Corner.
ii.John Charles Breckenridge Skaggs, b. May 07, 1858.
iii.Greenville Wesley Skaggs, b. August 1852.
iv.Linville Van Buren Skaggs, b. November 1853.
v.Henry Skaggs, b. March 13, 1855.
vi.James Skaggs, b. November 15, 1856.
vii.Elizabeth Skaggs, b. 1860.
viii.Clarinda Skaggs, b. 1862.
ix.Nancy Ellen Skaggs, b. 1864.
x.Willis Ferguson Skaggs ??, b. 1868.
xi.Mary Frances Skaggs, b. May 1870.
xii.Melissa Elsey Skaggs, b. October 1871.

William B Skaggs (son of John D Skaggs and Lucinda Rigsby) was born June
10, 1868 in Johnson Co., Ky, and died November 04, 1929 in Flat Gap, KY & Ashley
Corner. He married Leota Barker on May 19, 1885, daughter of John Calhoun
Barker and Catherine Lemaster.

More About William B Skaggs and Leota Barker:
Marriage: May 19, 1885

Children of William B Skaggs and Leota Barker are:

i.+John Oliver Skaggs, b. September 14, 1890, Olive Hill, KY, d. September 11,
1948, Portsmouth, OH.
ii.Katherine Skaggs.
iii.Dorie Skaggs.
iv.Archibald Skaggs.
v.Brack Skaggs.
vi.Blutcher Skaggs.
vii.South Skaggs.
viii.Madge Skaggs.


births Lawrence Co KY


Phillips, Iredell M August 2, 1875 M A H H Phillips and Amanda J Rigsby LAW LAW [R17.]
Phillips, Samantha June 3, 1875 F A Henry Phillips and Mandy J Rigsby LAW LAW [R17.]
Prince, John April 12, 1859 M A Miles T Prince and Nancy Rigsby Big Blaine LAW [R17.1.3.4]
Segraves, Nellie M September 18, 1875 F A Gordon Segraves and Nancy Rigsby LAW LAW [? R17.1.3.4.x]
Trusty, Nathan ?? 5, 1857 M A Hiram Trusty and Sarah Rigsby Blaine LAW [R17.1.1.1]
Wheeler, M E May 5, 1876 M A George F Wheeler and Elizabeth Rigsby LAW LAW [R17.1.3.10.x]
Wheeler, William M May 5, 1876 M A George F Wheeler and Elizabeth Rigsby LAW LAW [R17.1.3.10.x]


1893-1894 Census Distr. No. 27

Census report for school year ending June 30, 1894.

This is to certify that an election was held at the school
house in District No. 27 Johnson Co., Ky., June 3rd, 1893 and J. P. Tilson
was unanimously elected trustee for three years.

J.M. Rigsby - Judge
W.W. Ross - Clerk
N. W. Williams - Chairman

Article of agreement made and entered into between the board of trustees of
District No. 27 of Johnson County. Ky., and M. L. Ross, teacher. It is
agreed that said teacher, M. L. Ross will teach said school according to the
common law of Kentucky for the term of five months for the sum of money due
said district for the school year ending June 30, 1894. The said trustees
also agrees to furnish such necessary apparatus as will will be used for the
advancement of the pupils of said school. Certificate grade no. 2

Stephen Ross - Chairman
J.M. Rigsby - Trustee
J. P. Tilson - Trustee
M. L. Ross - Teacher

School opened July 24, 1893 with M. L. Ross. Teacher and board of trustees
present. School was visited by Chairman and trustees once each month until
school closed. The school closed Dec 8, 1893

Parent Child Age Sex

J. M. Rigsby Scott Rigsby 12 M

Wilburn Rigsby Cora Rigsby 16 M
Alina Rigsby 14 F
Rilda Rigsby 12 F
Alonzo Rigsby 10 M

[J M is probably R17. Jeremiah M]
[Wilburn is R17.1.3.7]



Willis Erastis Rigsby
+ Mary Jane Skaggs

1 Amanda Jane "Manda" RIGSBY 1855-05-03 Laurel, Johnson Co KY
2 Jeremiah M. RIGSBY 1859-03-26 Upper Laurel, Lawrence Co KY d 1921-12-24
3 Lewis M. RIGSBY 1860-08 KY
4 Catherine "Katy" RIGSBY c 1863 KY + Jesse Seagraves
5 Gincy Elizabeth "Betsy" RIGSBY c1866 KY + John C Stevens 1859-03-21 Bruin, Carter Co KY d 1942-06-02 Carter Co KY [s/o Andy Stevens + Polly Blevins]
6 Alma RIGSBY + 1895-08-14 James H Sagraves

1 Amanda + 1873-03-31 Henry W Phillips c1849 Johnson Co KY

1.1 Samantha PHILLIPS 1875-06-03 Lawrence Co KY
1.2 Iredell M. PHILLIPS 1875-08-02 Lawrence Co KY
1.3 Mary A. PHILLIPS c1878 KY
1.4 John H. PHILLIPS 1881-07 KY
1.5 Irvin Grover PHILLIPS 1885-02 KY
1.6 Cynthia PHILLIPS 1888-11 KY
1.7 Omey M. PHILLIPS 1892-05 KY

[birthdate for 1.1 or 1.2 is wrong]

2 Jeremiah + 1887-11-28 Nancy Cordelia Skaggs 1868-02-18 Johnson Co KY d 1941-08-08 d/o Walter O Skaggs + Martha Johnson

2.1 Proctor K. RIGSBY 1888-10-31 Johnson Co KY d 1974-02-25 Johnson Co KY
2.2 Mary Martha RIGSBY 1891-01-16 Redbush, Johnson Co KY d 1951-06-19 Denton, Carter Co KY
2.3 Lonnie RIGSBY 1894-02-24 Johnson Co KY d 1950-12-24 Johnson Co KY
2.4 Malissa M. RIGSBY 1895-09-05 Johnson Co KY d c1973 Johnson Co KY
2.5 Walter I. RIGSBY 1898-01-21 Johnson Co KY
2.6 Drua Payton RIGSBY (m) 1900-10-13 Johnson Co KY d 1953-12-19
2.7 Ballard Oran RIGSBY 1903-03-31 KY d 1970-01-17 Redbush, Johnson Co KY
2.8 Glenn Foster RIGSBY 1906-01-09 Johnson Co KY d 1974-12-31 Redbush, Johnson Co KY
2.9 Minnie F. "Mousie" RIGSBY 1908-11-06 Johnson Co KY d 2000-01
2.10 Monnie Mable RIGSBY 1911-09-02 Johnson Co KY d 1979-11-15 Flat Gap, Johnson Co KY

3 Lewis + 1888-10-30 Laura Bell McDowell 1867-12-24 Martin Co KY d 1947-09-03

3.1 Goldy J. RIGSBY 1890-09
3.2 Estill RIGSBY 1892-02-08 Elliott Co KY
3.3 Lonnie RIGSBY 1894-01-24 Elliott Co KY
3.4 Cecil H. RIGSBY 1896-01
3.5 Wert Ervin RIGSBY 1898-02 KY
3.6 Jacob T. RIGSBY 1900-02 KY
3.7 Bessie Ann RIGSBY 1909-03-14 d c1977
3.8 Ada RIGSBY
3.9 Burt RIGSBY
3.10 Hattie RIGSBY



Jesse Vincent Seagraves, born July 1861 in KY; married Catherine
RIGSBY Abt. 1882; born Abt. 1861 in KY.

Jesse s/o Willaim Sagraves + Catherine Johnson

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Drury Rigsby, son Thomas, son Lewis, son Willis, daughter Gincy E + 1883 John C Stevens



Henry Rigsby
+ Nancy Skaggs

1 Clarenda Rigsby

1 Clarenda + Henry Slone s/o Martin Van Buren Slone + Rilda Frances Hall

1.1 Melvina Slone 1887-06-22 Elliot Co KY

1.1 Melvina + Roscoe Conklin Fouch 1880-01-22 Elliotville KY d 1961-06-13 Rowan Co KY s/o Millard Fillmore Fouch + Drucilla Abbott

1.1.1 Olive Fouch 1906-01-07 Rowan Co KY d 1983-06-15 Columbus OH



Henry Rigsby 1833-02-14 Lawrence Co KY d 1892-10-10 Magoffin Co KY
+ 1853-06-16 Nancy Skaggs 1834-03-16 Johnson Co KY d 1911-10-12 Magoffin Co KY d/o Peter L Skaggs + Clarinda Prince

1 Mary Jane Rigsby 1855-01-02 Laurel, Lawrence Co KY
2 John C. Brack Rigsby c1857 Lawrence Co KY
3 Sarah Ann Rigsby 1860-07-11 Laurel Fork, Lawrence Co KY d 1919-01-01 Morgan Co KY
4 Martha Rigsby c1861 Lawrence Co KY
5 Lewis Clayton Rigsby 1863-09 Magoffin Co KY
6 Margaret Rigsby 1865-10-11 Magoffin Co KY [must have died young]
7 Clarinda Rigsby c1867 Magoffin Co KY
8 Elizabeth Rigsby 1870-05-xx Magoffin Co KY
9 William Erastis Rigsby c1871
10 Henry Sanford Rigsby 1875-09-12 Magoffin Co KY d 1943-06-02
11 Peter Sherman Rigsby 1876-06-23 Magoffin Co KY d 1970-09-20 KY
12 Amanda Rigsby c1879 [must have died as infant]

1 Mary + 1880-12-30 Henry Clay Blair 1856-04-01 d 1914-10-16 Magoffin Co KY s/o John Goodwin Blair + Eveline Conley

1.1 Markie BLAIR
1.2 Marcia BLAIR
1.3 Flem BLAIR c1882 KY
1.4 James Harlen BLAIR 1884-04 KY
1.5 Dora A BLAIR 1887-10 KY
1.6 Nancy BLAIR 1896-09 Magoffin Co KY d 1944-04-23

2 John + Fannie G Boggs

2.1 Assie RIGSBY
2.2 Cuba RIGSBY
2.3 Dovie RIGSBY
2.4 Hassie RIGSBY
2.5 Maudie RIGSBY

3 Sarah + 1878 Henry Kelly 1856-11-17 Johnson Co KY d 1919-01-01 Morgan Co KY

3.1 Etta KELLY
3.2 Ida KELLY
3.3 Nancy A KELLY 1881-05 KY
3.4 Mary E KELLY 1884-07 KY
3.5 Missouri KELLY b: 15 Jul 1886 in Johnson County,KY d 1982-05-20 Morgan Co KY
3.6 Charlie Wallace KELLY b: 13 Jul 1890 in Johnson County,KY d 1974-07-05
3.7 Minnie Lee KELLY 1892-10 KY
3.8 Sanford KELLY b: 5 Jun 1898 in Morgan County,KY d 1972-12-28

5 Lewis + c1885 Clarinda Jenkins c1864-05 KY

5.1 Allie RIGSBY d young
5.2 Claude RIGSBY d young
5.3 Simon P Rigsby 1885-10 KY
5.4 Lora RIGSBY 1887-07 KY
5.5 Rena RIGSBY 1889-03 KY
5.6 Stella Rigsby 1892-07 Lawrence Co KY
5.7 Della RIGSBY 1894-01 KY
5.8 Forester RIGSBY 1897-04 KY
5.9 Pearlie RIGSBY c1902 KY
5.10 Flora RIGSBY c1908 KY

6 Margaret + Benjamin Phipps 1864-05-28 Magoffin Co KY d 1930-11-13 Pike Co OH
[This can't be right. Henry didn't have a daughter Margaret
on a census.]

6.1. George PHIPPS b: 17 Sep 1882
6.2. Harrison PHIPPS b: 20 Aug 1890 in Magoffin County,KY
6.3. Pearly Dove PHIPPS b: 18 Sep 1898 in Wheelers,KY
6.4. Bradford PHIPPS
6.5. Florence PHIPPS
6.6. Laura PHIPPS
6.7. Oscar PHIPPS

7 Clarinda + c1884 Henry T Slone c1866 Boyd Co KY d >1899 s/o Martin Van Buren Slone + Serrilda Frances Hall

7.1. Nancy Ellen Slone b: ABT. 1888
7.2. Turman Slone b: 2 JUN 1886 in CARTER Co. KY. d 1960-04-29 Boyd Co KY
7.3. Cynthia E. Slone b: ABT. 1891
7.4. Druzella "Druzie" Slone b: ABT. 1899

8 Elizabeth + c1884 Jesse Howard 1861-03 Wheelersburg KY

8.1 Ashton or Ashland HOWARD 1886-12 KY
8.2 Floyd HOWARD 1887-04 KY
8.3 Mintie HOWARD 1890-04 KY
8.4 Sanford Howard 1891-12 KY
8.5 Seymore Howard c1892 KY
8.6 Ervin HOWARD 1893-04 KY
8.7 Lonzie HOWARD 1894-12 KY
8.8 Mary E HOWARD 1896-11 KY
8.9 Nora HOWARD 1899-11 KY
8.10 Flora HOWARD c1902 KY
8.11 Ernest HOWARD c1904 KY
8.12 Kearny HOWARD c1906 KY
8.13 Nancy Jane HOWARD c1908 KY
8.14 Hassel HOWARD c1910 KY

10 Henry + c1894 Frances Cole Montgomery 1880-03 KY [d 1928-11-xx]

10.1. Virgie RIGSBY 1896-03 KY
10.2. John C. Breckenridge "Brack" RIGSBY 1898-09 KY
10.11. Floyd Rigsby c1901 Magoffin Co KY d 1981-08-28 Springfield, Clark Co OH
10.3. Bertha RIGSBY c1905 KY
10.4. Delpha RIGSBY c1907 KY
10.5. Dewey RIGSBY c1909 KY
10.6. Hayden RIGSBY [1910-01-29 KY d 1974-11-22]
10.7. Lunda RIGSBY c1915 KY
10.8. Adda RIGSBY c1916 KY
10.9. Ona RIGSBY c1918 KY

11 Peter + Susan Jenkins 1874-02-19 Magoffin Co KY d 1966-04-19 KY

11.1. Hettie RIGSBY c1903 KY
11.2. Zula RIGSBY c1906 KY
11.3. Cousie RIGSBY c1909 KY
11.4. Hulda RIGSBY c1909 KY
11.5. Ossie J. RIGSBY c1911 KY
11.6. Ruie RIGSBY c1914 KY
11.7. Madge RIGSBY c1916 KY



Mary Jane Rigsby 1855
+ 1880-12-30 Henry Clay Blair 1857-04-01 Johnson Co KY d 1914-10-16 Magoffin Co KY s/o John Goodwood Blair + Eveline Conley

162. iii. FLEMON BLAIR.
163. v. DORA A. BLAIR.

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my grandpa:Ranzie Haden Rigsby
my great grandpa:Simon Peter Rigsby
my great great grandpa:Lewis Rigsby

[Lewis is R17.]

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was born October 10, 1894 in Johnson County, Kentucky, and died May 08, 1974 in Wakefield,
Pike County, Ohio (Source: Social Security Death Index.). He married (1) CYNTHIA WRIGHT Bef.
1915 in Morgan County, Kentucky. She died Unknown. He married (2) STELLA Rigsby November
02, 1934 in Johnson County, Kentucky, daughter of LEWIS Rigsby and CLARINDA JENKINS. She
was born July 14, 1891, and died July 1979 in Wakefield, Pike County, Ohio



Nancy Rigsby 1834 Lawrence Co KY
+ Miles A Prince 1834 Carter, Lawrence Co KY d 1864 [1866-09-16] Oliver Hill, Carter Co KY s/o Thomas Prince + Hannah Terry

i. THOMAS J.5 PRINCE, b. 1856, Big Blaine, Lawrence County, Kentucky;
d. 13 November 1857.
ii. JOHN PRINCE, b. 1859, Big Blaine, Lawrence County, Kentucky; d. Bet.
1859 - 1959.

Seagraves genforum message 294


I have Elizabeth as the daughter of William L. Sagraves and Jenette Rigsby.
And that Elizabeth and Benjamin McDowell married in Lawrence Co., KY,



Johnson Co KY 1896-97 School Census District No. 27

Parent Child Age Sex

Wilburn Rigsby Bylda Rigsby 14 F
Alonza Rigsby 12 M

Prince genforum message 307


3.CLARENDA PRINCE,BN.,CA.,1804,VA. MAR.,20-MAR-1823,

Nicholas Prince b: 1802 in Virginia
married Charity Rigsby 4 January 1830 b: 1815 in North Carolina d: 1862


John D. SKAGGS b: 31 Aug 1826 in Lawrence Co., KY d. 2 Jun 1900 Burial: Near Flat Gap, Upper Laurel Fork, Johnson Co., KY
married Lucinda RIGSBY 10 Oct 1850 in Lawrence Co., KY b: 7 May 1833


Solomon SKAGGS b: 1833
married Sernetta RIGSBY 20 Sep 1855 in Lawrence Co., KY b: Abt Feb 1840 in Lawrence Co., KY


Nancy SKAGGS b: Mar 1834 in Lawrence Co., KY
married Henry RIGSBY 16 Jun 1853 in Lawrence Co., KY b: Abt Dec 1834 in Lawrence Co., KY


Peter French SKAGGS III b: 12 Feb 1844 in Lawrence Co., KY d. Abt 1900
married Martha RIGSBY ca1862 b: 27 Sep 1843


Arthur SKAGGS b: 15 Sep 1846 in Lawrence Co., KY d. Abt 1929
married Lucinda RIGSBY 18 Jun 1866 in Johnson Co., KY b: Abt 1851 in KY


Miles T. Prince b: 1834 in Carter, Lawrence Co., Ky. d: 1864 in Olive Hill, Carter Co., Ky.
married Nancy Rigsby 24 April 1853 in Lawrence Co., Ky. b: 1834 or 1836 in Lawrence Co., Ky.


Lawrence Co KY maillist


Need help locating more info and the parents of William PACK who married
Mary Elizabeth Rigsby (b. 1865 d. 1927). William & Mary Elizabeth has two
known children: John T. (b. Aug 1892 in Elliott Co, KY) and Ora/Ova (b.



THOMSON, SAMUEL1) was born Abt. 1863. He married MARY ELIZABETH RIGGSBY Abt. 1886,
daughter of MILES RIGGSBY and MARTHA SEGRAVES. She was born July 20, 1865 in Kentucky, and
died April 13, 1927 in Louisa, Lawrence Co., Ky., USA.
[William s/o Daniel Pack + Julia Ann Thompson]

Children of WILLIAM PACK and MARY RIGGSBY are:

i. JOHN T.8 PACK, b. August 1892, Kentucky; d. October 1948; m.
MYRTLE MAE ALLEY, Bef. 1915; b. Abt. 1892.
ii. OVIA O. PACK, b. August 1897, Kentucky; m. FRANCIS EDWARDS; b.
Abt. 1897.



Wilbourne Joseph Rigsby c1861 Lawrence Co KY d 1878-03-12 Lawrence Co KY
+ c1860 Delila Theresa Sagraves 1842-05 Carter Co KY d/o Stephen Sagraves + Susannah de Board

[his birth date obviously wrong]

1. Cynthia RIGSBY c1862 KY
2. Lydia RIGSBY c1866 KY
3. Rose Anna RIGSBY 1868-04-xx KY
4. Squire Ville RIGSBY c1870 KY
5. Cora RIGSBY 1878-06-xx KY
6. Amalda Almira RIGSBY 1879-03-20 KY
7. Alena RIGSBY 1880-03-xx KY
8. Rilda J. RIGSBY 1881-06-xx KY
9. Alonzo R. RIGSBY 1884-01-30 KY

4 Squire + 1890-01-04 Nancy Ellen Rigsby [R17.]

4.1. Hubert RIGSBY 1891-11-12 Johnson Co KY d 1967-09-07 Portsmouth, Scioto Co OH
4.2. Thurman RIGSBY c1892 Johnson Co KY
4.3. Lorna RIGSBY c1894 Johnson Co KY
4.4. Alva RIGSBY c1896 Johnson Co KY
4.5. Ford RIGSBY c1901 Johnson Co KY

6 Amalda + 1895-08-15 James H Sagraves

6.1. Arthona J. SAGRAVES 1899-02-xx Johnson Co KY
6.2. John Andrew (Andy) SAGRAVES b: in KY

9 Alonzo + Cynthia Rigsby [R17.]

9.1. Monty RIGSBY c1908 Johnson Co KY d c1936 Johnson Co KY
9.2. Flora RIGSBY b: in Johnson Co., KY
9.3. Edgar RIGSBY 1910-08-19 Johnson Co KY d 1936-11-05 Johnson Co KY
9.4. Bonnie RIGSBY b: in Johnson Co., KY
9.5. Chester RIGSBY 1916-02-05 Johnson Co KY d c1968 KY
9.6. Richard RIGSBY c1917 Johnson Co KY d 1985-11-09 Columbus OH
9.7. Beulah RIGSBY b: in Johnson Co., KY
9.8. Geneva RIGSBY b: in Johnson Co., KY

Little Sandy KY maillist


Alfred Skaggs my grandfather m. Mary Mandy Sparks
John Elliott ggrandfather Nancy Jane Sagraves
Solomon gggrandfather m. Jenetta Riggsby



Sernettia "Netty" RIGSBY 1840-02 KY
+ 1855-09-20 Solomon Skaggs c1832 KY d c1865 KY s/o Peter L II Skaggs + Clarinda Prince

1 Emily Jane SKAGGS 1856-09-08 Johnson Co KY d 1932-07-28 Johnson Co KY
2 Peter French SKAGGS 1857-11-29 Johnson Co KY d 1931-11-10 Louisa, Lawrence Co KY
3 Lewis Franklin SKAGGS 1859-09-02 Johnson Co KY
4 John Eliot SKAGGS 1861-06 KY d 1925-02-23

Sernettia + c1869 Willian Segraves 1829-03 KY

5 Elizabeth SEGRAVES c1871 KY
6 Martha SEGRAVES c1873 KY
7 Mary SEGRAVES c1876 KY
8 Julinna SEGRAVES 1879-08 KY
9 James A. SAGRAVES 1882-05 KY

1 Emily + George Keyser Moore 1858-08-10 Morgan Co KY d 1928-06-19 Catlettsburg, Boyd Co KY

1.1 Elizabeth MOORE c1879 KY
1.2 John M. MOORE 1880-04-30 Johnson Co KY d 1961-08-15 Hilliard, Franklin Co KY
1.3 James MOORE c1886 d c1955
1.4 Stella MOORE c1895 KY

2 Peter + Sarah E Skaggs c1864 KY d/o John T Skaggs + Lucy Sparks

2.1 Martin Lantford "Lant" SKAGGS 1879-09 KY d 1966-08-04
2.2 Cora Elizabeth SKAGGS 1881-01-08 KY d 1928-08-02 Lawrence Co KY
2.3 Clinton C. "CC" SKAGGS 1882-12-14 KY d 1969-08-11 Louisa, Lawrence Co KY
2.4 Leander Francis "Lee" SKAGGS 1884-12-10 Keaton, Johnson Co KY d 1964-01-28 Lawrence Co KY
2.5 John F. SKAGGS 1886-11 KY
2.6 Henry H. SKAGGS 1889-08 KY
2.7 William W. SKAGGS 1892-01-24 KY d 1966-02-03 Louisa, Lawrence Co KY

3 Lewis + (unknown)

3.1 Ambrose SKAGGS 1880-04 KY

4 John + 1878-01-03 Nancy Seagraves 1862-06-07 Johnson Co KY d 1906-01-14

4.1 Lettie Jane SKAGGS c1879 KY
4.2 Sarah Emily SKAGGS 1881-11 KY
4.3 Alfred Ward SKAGGS 1884-02-15 KY d 1934-07-11 Cabell Co WV
4.4 Felix SKAGGS 1886-09-27 Johnson Co KY d 1970-09-05 Louisa, Lawrence Co KY
4.5 Flora A. SKAGGS 1888-11-29 KY d 1901-05
4.6 Floyd A, SKAGGS 1891-07 KY d 1959-02-26 KY
4.7 Minnie SKAGGS 1894-01 KY
4.8 Thurman SKAGGS 1898-05-03 KY d 1914-11-30
4.9 Mary N. SKAGGS 1900-06 KY


Cintha A Rigsby c1862
+ John M Collier 1854 s/o William Collier + Nancy Barker


Mary Rigsby? c1870
+ Pleasant F Collier c1867 d 1933 s/o John II Colyer + Rachel Kelly

[Who is this? Cynthia above did not have a sister Mary.]

Collier genforum message 1806


Am seeking information on John Collier who married Cynthia Ellen Rigsby. I believe
they had 5 or 6 children including Mary, Rilda, Ebb, Joseph Roscoe (my gr
grandfather) and, Ollie Oscar.

From what I know so far, they lived in Lawrence Co. Kentucky (probably around
Blain). My guess is that John was born between 1845 and 1860.



Lydia Riggsby
+ 1885-03-25 William Harlan Blair 1864-03 Magoffin Co KY s/o John Goodwood Blair + Tabitha Burks

Notes for MARY A. BLAIR:
Died in childhood according to Sandy Blair. Email address:
iii. WILLIAM CODY BLAIR, b. Abt. 1884; m. MOLLIE BLANTON, September
06, 1913, Johnson County Kentucky; b. Abt. 1883.
168. iv. SAMUEL MANDER BLAIR, b. July 11, 1887; d. January 13, 1957.
1911; b. 1893.
vi. DONA JANE BLAIR, b. 1899, Magoffin County Kentucky; m. BERT
MCKENZIE, February 21, 1918, Johnson County Kentucky; b. 1899.

WASHINGTON2, GEORGE W.1) was born July 11, 1887, and died January 13, 1957. He
married MARY ALICE ESTEP, daughter of SAMUEL ESTEP and MARY ADAMS. She was
born May 09, 1892, and died June 14, 1977.

362. iii. FRANK BLAIR, b. Opossom Hollow.
363. vii. CECIL CHALMER BLAIR, b. May 11, 1916; d. October 30, 1997.
viii. EULA MAY BLAIR, b. July 22, 1920; d. April 23, 1997; m. FRED
ix. MAJOR JAY JENNINGS BLAIR, b. April 04, 1923, Johnson County
Kentucky; d. November 15, 1996, Highlands Regional Medical Center,
Prestonsburg, Kentucky (Floyd County).



Martha Jane Rigsby 1843-09-27 KY
+ c1862 Peter III Skaggs 1844-02 KY s/o Peter II Skaggs + Clarinda Prince

1 Angeline SKAGGS c1863 KY
2 Emiline SKAGGS c1865 KY
3 Alvin Daniel SKAGGS 1867-05-18 KY
4 Mary A. SKAGGS 1868-04 KY
5 Delana Alifare SKAGGS 1870-05 KY
6 Manford SKAGGS 1873-06 KY d 1945-05 Lawrence Co KY
7 Hereford SKAGGS c1875 KY
8 Landon SKAGGS 1876-11 KY
9 Lanferd SKAGGS 1880-06 KY
10 Fanny Jane SKAGGS 1882-06 KY

4 Mary + 1884-12-04 Stephen E Debord 1866-10

1 Stephen A. DEBORD 1885-12 KY
2 Laura J. DEBORD 1887-11 KY
3 Willie J. DEBORD 189-10 KY
4 Archie DEBORD 1894-10 KY
5 Marsillie DEBORD 1896-11 KY
6 Lelley J. DEBORD 1899-01 KY

6 Manford + 1895 Hester A Griffith 1876-09 KY d 1942-06-04 Lawrence Co KY

1 Maudie SKAGGS 1895-10 KY d c1970
2 Charles Walter SKAGGS 1898-03-04 Lawrence Co KY d 1978-01-11 Lawrence Co KY
3 Angie SKAGGS c1901 KY d 1943-05-30 Lawrence Co KY
4 Sophia SKAGGS 1902-09-12 Lawrence Co KY d 1978-01-11 Lomansville, Lawrence Co KY
5 Burns SKAGGS 1906-09-25 Lawrence Co KY d 1971-10-11 Huntungton, Cabell Co WV
6 Johnny SKAGGS 1908-07-13 KY d 1974-08 Columbus, Franklin Co OH
7 Cecil SKAGGS 1911-01-21 Johnson Co KY

genforum message 192

Meredith Rigsby + Sinda Johnson

[R17.1.3.9? His wife was Sina Sagraves.]
[There was another Meredith, R17.]

genforum message 457


Drury Rigsby, son Thomas, son Lewis, son Meredith, son Narley


[R17. Manorlis]

(unknown) Riggsby
+ Rachel Elizabeth Wilson 1878-12-18 d 1909-06-08 d/o Levi Wilson + Nancy Hannah Messer



Henry Rigsby
+ 1878-10-25 Rhoda McCoy 1857-12-08 d/o William McCoy + Elizabeth Couch

Salyers genforum message 338


Grandfather Robert Martin Salyers married Gladys Carrico, father was
Matthew Salyers and mother Virginia ?
Grandmother's father L.M. Carrico and mother Sarah Riggsby



Sarah Rigsby 1881-10-22 d 1951-05-31
+ Levi Mitchell Carico 1869-09-20 Dickenson Co VA d 1963-08-13 s/o Martin Joseph Carico + Rachel Wyatt

1. Julie CARICO
2. Worley CARICO
3. Bud E. CARICO
4. Gladys CARICO
5. Bertha CARICO
6. Clifford CARICO
7. Boyd Preston CARICO
8. Emory M. CARICO
9. Bonnie CARICO



Jacob Riggsby 1856 above d 1896
+ 1878-07-24 Nancy Ella/Ellen Perry 1859 KY d/o George Washington Perry + Thursey Ann Skaggs

1 Rosa L Riggsby 1879
2 Lilley RIGGSBY b: 1880
3 Thurman Major RIGGSBY b: 1890 d 1958
4 Lora Alma RIGGSBY b: 1893
5 Margaret RIGGSBY b: 1895

[Is Rosa the same as Lilley? I think so.]

Moore genforum message 10383


The Moore`s I am looking for are Peter F. Moore(he was a deputy
sherriff) m. to Lora Rigsby..he was s/o George Keyser m.Emily Jane Skaggs.


Drury Riggsby was born 23 January 1744/45 in Fauquier County, Virginia, and died
1834 in Lawrence County, Kentucky.

Children of Drury Riggsby are:

i.+Thomas Riggsby, b. 1777, North Carolina, d. Bef. 1860, Kentucky.

Thomas Riggsby (son of Drury Riggsby) was born 1777 in North Carolina, and
died Bef. 1860 in Kentucky. He married Diana DeBoard on 5 January 1839 in
Lawrence County, Kentucky, daughter of Joseph DeBoard and Martha Prince.

More About Thomas Riggsby:
Occupation: farmer.

More About Thomas Riggsby and Diana DeBoard:
Marriage: 5 January 1839, Lawrence County, Kentucky.

Children of Thomas Riggsby and Diana DeBoard are:

i.+Jacob Riggsby, b. 1856, Lawrence County, Kentucky, d. abt. 1896.

Jacob Riggsby (son of Thomas Riggsby and Diana DeBoard) was born 1856 in
Lawrence County, Kentucky, and died abt. 1896. He married Nancy Ellen Perry on
24 July 1879 in Johnson County, Kentucky, daughter of George Washington Perry
and Thursey Ann Skaggs.

More About Jacob Riggsby:
Burial: Unknown, Laurel Hill Ridge, Lawrence Co, KY...?.
Occupation: Farmer.

More About Jacob Riggsby and Nancy Ellen Perry:
Marriage 1: 24 July 1879, Johnson County, Kentucky.
Marriage 2: 24 June 1876, at Thursy Perry's home, M.B. 3, page 595. (Book 3, pg 596,
(1825-1878) Johnson Co, KY.

Children of Jacob Riggsby and Nancy Ellen Perry are:

i.+Thurman Major Rigsby, b. 20 January 1890, Flat Gap, Johnson County,
Kentucky, d. 15 March 1958, Portsmouth, Scioto County, Ohio.

Thurman Major Rigsby (son of Jacob Riggsby and Nancy Ellen Perry) was
born 20 January 1890 in Flat Gap, Johnson County, Kentucky, and died 15 March 1958
in Portsmouth, Scioto County, Ohio. He married Mary Sovilar McDowell on 21
May 1914 in Howland, Johnson County, Kentucky, daughter of Stephen Frances
McDowell and Aley Marthaney Johnson.

More About Thurman Major Rigsby:
Burial: 17 March 1958, Memorial Park, Wheelersburg OH.
Occupation: Steel Worker.

More About Thurman Major Rigsby and Mary Sovilar McDowell:
Location: C&O Depot, So Portsmouth, Greenup Co, KY.
Marriage: 21 May 1914, Howland, Johnson County, Kentucky.
Performed by: J.S. Barker, Minister.
Witnesses: Charles Perry & James Estep.

Children of Thurman Major Rigsby and Mary Sovilar McDowell are:

i.+Shelby Thurman Rigsby, b. 15 June 1931, Sciotoville, Scioto County, Ohio6,
d. 19 April 1976, Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio6.

[Shelby is R17.]

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