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reids from scotland

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Reid Clan

John Reid (View posts)
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I copied this from previous pagesSubject: The Reid Clan

Posted by: Karen Stanley
Message: Hi Lisa:

Saw your message, and thought you might be interested in seeing what I posted on the Clan. If you'll go back a few pages (10+) to 1/4/00, I've sent a message to my cousin on the clan. The Reid Clan, is the title.

We are included in the Donnachaidh Clan, which is also the clan of the Robertsons.

Donnachaidh is pronounced "donna-key"

Good luck on your's jolly good fun!
Message #202 Monday, January 10, 2000
Subject: The Clan (more than you asked for!!)

Posted by: Karen Stanley
Message: Well, I'm not an expert by any means; but will tell you what I do know.

Dad used to tell me that the Reid's in Scotland had their own Clan and plaid. I carried that thought with me over the years and in 1995 saw an advertisement for "The Scottish Highland Games and Gathering of the Clans" in our local newspaper. Bud and I decided to go and take it all in, and it was delightful. The population of Scotland used to be by "clans" and would unite together or fight against other clans. I don't know if the clans were just "regions" or villages, or if actually joined by marriage. Probably both. (It would be nice to have someone knowledgeable dialog about this on-line). Clans had chieftans.

Well, when we visited the booths at the gathering of the clans, we discovered the Reid Clan. Clan Donnachaidh seems to be headed by the Robertsons, but has many other surnames included, such as, Collier, Dobbin, Duncan, Hobson, MacRobert, MacRobie, Reed, Reid, Robbie, Roberts, Robison, Roy, Stark and Tonnochy. And many others.

We do, indeed have our own plaid(s) and they are worn today in the form of ties (for the men) and skirts for women, and of course kilts.

Clan Donnachaidh is generally considered to be the oldest of the the Highland clans. Our ancestors, kindred of St. Columba who established Christianity in Scotland, moved with him from Ireland, across the Western Islands and Highlands, to establish a monastery at Dull, in Atholl, during the 7th Century. Donnachaidh Reamhair (Stout Duncan) became the first Chief of the Clan Donnachaidh in the early 1300's. The Chiefs adopted the Surname Robertson after the 4th Chief, Robert Riabhach (Grizzled Robert) Duncanson, who captured Sir Robert Graham, who had assassinated King James I. There are no clan castles left in Scotland.

Now, I must tell you I've quoted a lot of the above from the literature I acquired at the Gathering of the Clans.

Also at the event was a very large bagpipe "band" and marching event. It just sent goosebumps up my spine. It was gorgeous and beautiful music.

If you get the chance to attend one of these events, you must go.

The Games portion included the log tossing and stone throwing contests. I've learned that the Scots were deprived of "real" weapons by the English who had subdued them, and so they had to become experts at what they could pick up and use, such as stones.

The Scottish dance "The Highland Fling" tells a story in itself. When the English conquered the Scots they required them to wear pants rather than kilts. In the Highland fling, you'll see the dancer kicking, which symbolizes kicking off the pants in order to put back on the kilt. England tried so hard to subdue Scotland and cause their customs and way of life to disappear, but never succeeded. Surely you've seen the movie Braveheart? There is so much historical information in that movie.

Well, I probably told you more than you were asking, so I'll apologize in advance. It's such a fascinating topic when you discover it.

The company for which I work has an office in Aberdeen Scotland, and it's such a pleasure for me to get to know them. Today we had the pleasure of having the President and Controller of that office visit us. The controller is actually transfering to our office for about 2 years. I love their humour, and have enjoyed speaking/emailing their staff.

When I told their sales manager that I belonged to Clan Donnachaidh, and that others in the Clan were the Robertsons, he said "Ahhh, tis a veddy fine name!" And, I went on, the Duncans, "ohhhh," was all he said, in a tone that thoroughly disapproved. So the Duncans must not have a shining reputation there. Ha!

Must go!

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