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Re: [PUTERBAUGH] DNA test confirming Brothers

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Re: [PUTERBAUGH] DNA test confirming Brothers

Elaine Schenk (View posts)
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This link will show you the results of the Y-DNA. You find Bartlebaugh names because I
started the project thinking there was a connection to Puterbaugh as our
Bartlebaughs lived right where the Puterbaughs lived in Bedford and
Buterbaughs in Indiana Co.. Y-DNA proved there was no male connection.
Still I think our Bartlebaughs could have been connected through Theil's
sister but Y-DNA can't tell us that.

Once at the page you have to click at the Y-Dna results button at the top of
the page.
Three Puterbaughs tested so far with the 3rd not matching line of John Peter
and George. Will be changing first known male for 2 of them as I think the reseach
has not been really proven for their father or grandfather yet.
Results show they maybe brothers but could be cousins. The Puterbaugh/Poterbaugh
from New Jersey did not match and results of these two and said no way
related in that time frame. Now we are waiting for the results for a 4th
person -- name Buterbaugh. He can 't find a connection in his research to
the line of the Thiel Puterbaugh family of John Peter and George either.

Here is part of a letter I got from someone interested in our research. He
gave us some food for thought.

The story that Johann Peter and George were half brothers was invented later
by those who knew that they were considered brothers but that if Johann
Thiel was the father of Johann Peter then he couldn’t be the father of
George because Thiel had died well before George could have been born. There
is nothing in the early research on Puterbaugh’s to suggest that people
believed this initially. What your DNA research has proven is two things:

That Wilbur Linder was on the right track when he thought that these two men
were related and immigrated at the same time.

And that the story that they were half brothers was false, an invention.

What hasn’t been proven is that Johann Thiel was the father of Johann Peter
who arrived in 1752 and if he was, what was Johann Thiel’s relationship with
the other Puderbach’s who undoubtedly lived in Oberhonnefeld parish at the
same time as he did.

So there are at least two possibilities

That Johann Thiel was the father of Johann Peter and that George was a
cousin of sorts or that both men were sons of someone else from that area.
None of the documents I have seen so far conclusively link Johann Thiel's
son Johann Peter with the one who immigrated to America. There is one
document written in German in March 1749 (3 and 1/2 years before Johann
Peter immigrated) that used the words "nach Americam" or "nachher Americam"
(afterwards American) so there are a lot of questions around this supposed

What this really suggests is that some of the researchers interested in
Germany should get the Puderbach’s still living in that area involved in
your DNA project.

Our little group will help anyone interested in this type of research with
Y-DNA. Hoping
the other 2 men get back to us that asked questions also. The more we can
get to take the
Y-DNA, the more I think you will see there are other families not connected
to the Md.and Pa. Puterbaugh/Buterbaughs.

My Y-DNA person mentioned another Puderbaugh.
According to info in one of Hank Jones' books, there was a Henricus Puderbaugh (think that's the spelling) here in 1707. He was a sponsor when an Embers child was baptized.


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