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Thomas Powell of England

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Surnames: POWELL

According to HISTORY AND GENEALOGIES OF THE POWELLS IN AMERICA (compiled by Charles S. Powell and published in 1935), William POWELL age 15 came over from London on the ship "Truelove" on June 10, 1635 (p. 6). I think you said your William Powell was b in 1620 (do you know on which side of the ocean he was born?). The compiler also states that in 1623, a Thomas Powell and his wife Gody were living in VA "on the eastern shore" (p. 6), and that "there was a Thomas Powell in VA in 1660" (p. 10). The latter Thomas Powell had a son Seymore Powell who was there in 1694. Seymore had a son Thomas Powell who was there in 1735 and the latter Thoams had a son Seymore who was there in 1776.

(Compiler) Charles S. Powell also states that in 1626, Thomas Powell (the elder brother of Captain Nathaniel Powell), then living in England, petitioned the Government in regard to his estate. They stated that William Powell, who had gotten possession of all of Nathaniel Powell's estate in VA, was no relative of Nathaniel Powell. How the matter was decided there is no record, but in 1653, George Powell, Richard Powell and Mary Powell, supposed to have been the niece and nephews of Nathaniel Powell, made petition for the property, which would indicate that Nathaniel Powell and William Powell left no lineal descendants in VA or elsewhere" (p. 10).

On April 24, 1635, a Mary Powell age 23 came over from London on the ship "Ann and Elizabeth" (p. 6).

I do not know if the following references are all to the same Nathaniel Powell or to more than one person by that name, but I thought I would provide you this information as well (from Powell's book):

Nathaniel Powell, kinsman of Captain William Powell, had been elected by vote of the people in 1619, until the arrival of YEARDLEY (p. 10). Captains William and Nathaniel Powell had large grants of land from the Crown (p. 10). Captain Nathaniel Powell, who came to Jamestown, VA in 1607, wrote much of John SMITH's "History of Virginia," and it was he who made the first Map of Virginia, and sent it back to England,where it is now preserved in the British Museum (p. 9). In 1618 Captain Nathaniel Powell was Governor of Virginia for a short time. He was appointed a member of the Council in 1621. He married a Miss TRACY, daughter of William Tracy, who brought a Colony to Virginia in 1620; she was the granddaughter of Sir John Tracy (p. 9). "Captain Nathaniel Powell and all his family were massacred by OPECHANOUGH (spelled OPECHANCANOUGH in William & Mary Quarterly), at Powell's Brook, March 22, 1622; twelve in all were murdered. No person was better known among the Indians; yet they slew him and his family, haggled their bodies and cut off his head to express their utmost scorn and cruelty" (p. 9).

In THE VIRGINIA MAGAZINE OF HISTORY AND BIOGRAPHY vol. III for the year ending June, 1896 (whatever that means), mention is made on p. 404 (#253) of Captain Powell's land adjoining the "Pyne Poynt" over against (whatever that means) James Town Island in 1635. In vol. 5 (1897) under Additions and Corrections regarding James Powell COCKE, "we note that in 1635 Henry HARTE patented 350 acres 'on the south side of the main river over against James Town island adjoining Captain Powell's land.' This was in what is now Surry County [VA; there is also a Surry Co. NC]...In 1619 Capt. William Powell was a member of the first House of Burgesses, and represented James City. He was the 'Capt. Powell' of 1635, as we know from the fact that in the allotments of land in the year 1620, in the 'Territory of Tappahannock, over against James City,' 200 acres, planted, were allotted to Capt. William Powell" (p. 85).

The following is from a different source, but it seems to relate to the massacre of Nathaniel in 1622, don't you think? Recall that Nathaniel above was called a kinsman of Capt. William Powell, and that Thomas Powell who lived in England in 1626 was the elder brother of Captain Nathaniel Powell. (Correct me if I'm making "bad" connections.) The following is from WILLIAM AND MARY QUARTERLY Vol. XVI (4): APRIL, 1908 "Some Old Surry Families."

"The southern shore of James River from Upper Chippokes Creek to Swann Point is divided into a number of old plantations, which in great measure still preserve their ancient name and identity.... This region, in 1607, was situated in the territory of the Quioughcohannock Indians...Nearby, in 1607, was the chief town of the Quioughcohannock Indians....Mount Pleasant [one of the old plantations] appears to have been a part of Four Mile Tree, and is interesting for the obelisk which stands near the house cut with the names of the Cocke family pedigree. [We are told in VA HISTORICAL MAGAZINE vol. 5 1897 (mentioned above) that "In regard to the marraige of James Powell Cocke, with Martha HERBERT, we find on going over our notes, that in the Henrico Clerk's office there is a record of the Inventory of Herbert Powell in 1690. His mother must have been a Herbert, and his father one of the Powells of 1620 and thereabouts. The children of Thoams Cocke were not by his second wife Margaret JONES, but by his first wife, and she was probably a Powell" (pp.84-85).] 'Four Mile Tree' has many associations. It obtained its name from a tree, distant four miles from Jamestown, which marked, in 1619, the western limit, on the south side of James River, of the corporation of James City, as defined by Governor ARGALL. Here, according to a patent given to George PACE, in 1628, his father, Richard Pace, obtained a grant of 400 acres from Sir George Yeardley, the governor, dated December 5, 1620. Among the sttlers at 'Pace's Pains' (as the place was called) at the time of the Massacre, in 1622, were Richard Pace, Isabella, his wife, Francis CHAPMAN, and William PERRY. They had among their servants two Indian brothers, who had embraced the Christian religion, one in the employ of Mr. Pace and the other in the employ of Mr. Perry. On the night of March 22, 1622, appointed by Opechancanough for the general slaughter of the whites, the two Indians discussed the plan of murdering their masters in conjunction with the massacreing party which was to arrive the following morning. As soon, however, as his brother was asleep, the Indian in the employ of Mr. Pace, named CHANCO, arose and repairing to his master, informed him of the entire murdering plan. Mr. Pace was not slow in heeding the warning, and at once placing Pace's Pains in a state of defence, hastily rowed across the river down to Jamestown and warned William Powell, Captain of the fort, who sent off boats in all directions to the settlements within striking distance of Jamestown. In the morning four boats full of Indians hove in sight, but as soon as the muskets opened upon them they retreated in a cowardly manner. By means, therefore, of the noble act of Chanco and the energetic measures of Richard Pace and Captain Powell, the design of Opechancanough for the entire extinction of the English was frustrated. As it was, 346 of the settlers out of a total of 1,240 fell in the course of a few hours under the tomahowk of the savages" (p. 222).

Now I'm going to repeat a previous statement from Charles S. Powell's book: "Captain Nathaniel Powell and all his family, were massacred by Opechanough, at Powell's Brook, March 22, 1622" (p. 9).

Can someone pinpoint the location of Powell's Brook?

Could Thomas Powell (elder brother of Captain Nathaniel Powell) who lived in England in 1626, be the father of your Thomas Powell b 1600? Do you think he was the same Thomas Powell who lived in VA in 1660? The latter Thomas Powell is the one who had a son Seymore who had a son Thoams who had a son Seymore.
Do you have any Seymores? Do you connect with the Cocke line of Surry Co. VA?

I guess I saved the best for last, but there's bad news and good news. The good news: Charles S. Powell included in his HISTORY AND GENEALOGIES OF THE POWELLS IN AMERICA (1935) biographies of Thomas Powell and William Powell. The bad news: I don't have that in my files. Charles included a map in the front of his book of "Bethpage (L. I.? or L. D.?) purchased by Thomas Powell from the Marsopeque (I'm reading script and I may not have gotten the spelling right) Indians 1695...Indians reserved the privilege of hunting, etc. Thomas Powell had possession of a part of the Purchase in 1688. In 1700 he reseved 40 acres for his homestead and deeded one third of all the remaining to Thomas WHITSON." The map shows the location of a house of Thomas Powell, first erected in 1700, still standing and occupied in 1935, a Village of Farmingdale, a BETHPAGE STATE PARK located in present-day Nassau Co. very near the Suffolk Co. line, an Oyster Bay Tonwship, and a Manneth Hill Road. THE map shows some land owned by Thomas Whitson and Thomas Davis. If you happen to figure out who this Thomas Davis was (parents, siblings, wife, or children), please let me know.

My mother was a Powell. I'm looking for an Abraham Powell from VA who had a wife named Mary (there were several Abraham-Mary Powell couples) and a son Hezekiah born in TN in the 1820's. Hezekiah fought in the Civil War and afterward walked back to Tuscaloosa Co. AL from the Mobile area. He married Caroline STAPLETON in 1865 and worked as a constable and bailiff in Northport, AL where my grandfather was born in 1869. Any help with my line GREATLY appreciated. Mary in TX
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