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1. ABNER5 PITMAN (JOSEPH4, ROBERT3, THOMAS2, CAPT. THOMAS1) was born about 1758 in Edgecombe Co NC, and died about 1819 in Edgecombe Co NC or Marion Dist SC. He married SARAH PITT Bef. 1790 in Edgecombe Co NC, daughter of JAMES PITT and ANN WEST?.

Kinfolks of Edgecombe Co NC 1788-1855
Abner PITTMAN bought land of Joseph PITMAN at sheriff's sale formerly granted to Elizabeth Pitman, 5-1-1788. Deed book 5 # 91.

Pitman Abner -- NC EDGECOMBE Halifax District -- 055 1790 01-01-03-00-05
Pitman Abner -- NC EDGECOMBE -- 229 1800 31010-0011009
Pitman Abner -- SC MARION DIST -- 080 1810

Edgecombe County NC Estate Records, NC State Archives, C.R. 037.508.97
PITTMAN Abner - 1819 - George? DUNLAP, admin. charge of trespass v. Joseph BATTS.

From Kinfolks of Edgecombe County by Alan Watson 1969
Deed book 5 # 91 Abner Pitman bought the land of Joseph Pitman decd. at Sheriff's sale formerly granted to Elizabeth Pitman, May 1, 1788.
Deed book 11 # 561 Abner Pitman of Maryan (Marion District) SC was son of Joseph Pitman Feb. 19, 1806

"My grandfather was John Henry Pittman, son of Biscoe. Henry Elias was his grand father, his great grand father was Joseph. Joseph's father was Abner, who was Joseph's son moved to Edgecombe county about 1738. In 1806 Abner lived in Marion, SC.
I have an orginal of Hobson Pittman's biography written by Donald Gordan. Years ago mom gave it to me, because I have been research the Pittmans at the state of NC archives. I don't know where she got it, but Hobson was her uncle.
Also there was a family bible that listed Abner and Joseph. It only had them and no spouses or children. My mom didn't know who they were. There names were just in it on a page with no reference.
I have searched for Abner, but had a hard time. The counties changed so much, and they kept going back to Va, and occasionaly to SC, buying and selling property.
On the 1800 census I found that Joseph had a male 45 and up. I feel like that was Abner. That makes him born before 1755, Hobson's bio says he was born in 1758.
I have all the Pitmans listed that I found. Edgecombe county roll 30 vol 2, micro copy 1957. Abner purchased the land of Joseph decd. at a sheriff's sale which was formerly granted to Elizabeth. May 1 1806. Deed book 5 # 91. Now I know about when Joseph died. I am still searching myself, I thought if I could get enough on Joseph, father, Joseph son, then it would help me in my reasearch." Commieanne Dowdy, Feb 2001

"Abner Pittman was married to Sarah Pitt daughter of James Pitt and Ann? She was born Edgecombe Cty. @1765-7 shortly after James and Ann moved to NC from Isle Wight with Robert and Mary Bridgers Pitt and Sarah Pitt who later married Daniel Woodard. Sarah's brother Richard's granddaughter Sarah E. Pitt married Reddin Pittman. Abner is mentioned in James Pitt's will probated Edgecombe 1799.
The relationship between James, Robert and Sarah Pitt that migrated is unclear and frankly my Achilles heel. Hope this information is helpful." Joani Taylor < > May 2001
"I am interested in Pitman's as Sarah married to Abner Pitman was the sister to Richard Pitt which is my chain. Sarah and Abner's grand children married 2 of Richard's grandchildren also. Since I am still trying to define James Pitt's ( Sarah and Richard's father ) parents, am most interested in the naming pattern of Sarah and Abner's "several children to include more than one daughter" as the genealogist we hired suggested. Son Joseph Pitman m. Mary Weeks was the only one I knew definitely. The Emily you suggest is unknown but the William with Joseph J. Fountain as a witness is a definite possibility as he was the husband of another of Richard Pitt's grandchildren. More research need." Joani Taylor < > Nov 2001

"Abner PITMAN appears to have been married to Sarah PITT, daughter of James and Ann PITT of Edgecombe who moved to Edgecombe about 1766 from probably Isle of Wight Co VA. Likelihood exists that this James PITT is brother to Robert PITT who married Mary BRIDGER. Ann seems to be somehow related to Ralph WEST family. James and Ann PITT had several children: Ethelred, Richard, Mary m. Stewart, West m. Banks and Sarah m. Abner Pitman. James Pitt, Ann Pitt, Ethelred Pitt, Richard Pitt all have wills in Edgecombe County indicating the relationships.
Abner PITMAN is not my ancestor. Arthur PITT is my ancestor. Many think he was son of Robert and Mary Bridger but I am doubtful. Arthur was never named in any deeds, etc that i have seen. He lived by himself as a batchelor in Edgecombe and was never named in the administration of the estate with the other children. All of his transactions in Edgecombe are as a witness to a slave transcaction or as a buyer/seller. One of the individuals mentioned in a transaction is Abner PITMAN, likely son-in-law to James PITT, who is old enough to be either an uncle/or cousin to Arthur PITT.
Isle of Wight admin. of estate of a Thomas PITT names orphans Joseph, Arthur and Elizabeth (ca 1774). A John SMELLEY named guardian; a few years later a James PITT is named guardian. I've been trying to figure if this is the same James PITT of Edgecombe. Also posting guardian bond with James PITT in Isle of Wight were Ralph WEST and Richard WEST, who appear to have a relationship to James PITT of Edgecombe. Estate settlements of Edgecombe mention James PITT in relationship to the settlement of the estate a Ralph WEST (apparently not a resident of Edgecombe at the time). You will notice that one of the female children of Ann and James PITT was named WEST, speculation being that Ann was related to the West family; she possibly sister to richard and ralph, at this point still unproven. Here are wills-
Gammons - Will Abstracts 1793-1823:
JAMES PITT - 5 jan 1797 Feb Ct 1797
Wife ANN- negroes Rachel & Cary for her lifetime.....son RICHARD PITT...son ETTHELRED PITT...Daughter WETS PITT...Daughter MOLLY STEWART...daughter SARAH PITMAN.....
Wit: Wm Jones, Jacob Battle George Griffis
ETHELRED PITT 28 sep 1798 feb ct 1799
brother Richard Pitt ...sister Mary Stewart....slaves left me by my father JAMES PITT
mother Ann Pitt to be divided between brother RICHARD and sisters(unnamed)
Ex: brother Ricahrd, Thomas Banks (I suspect husband of West)
Wit: Exum Philips Sr. Lewis Dicken Abner Pitman
ANN PITT - 10 Oct 1809 feb ct 1821
daughter WEST BANKS...daughter MOLLY STEWART....bed SARY PITTMAN, five dollars. Son RICHARD
Ex: Son Richard Pitt, Wm Stewart (i suspect husband of Molly)
Wit: E. Humphreys, Elizabeth Humphreys
Per my calculations Sarah Pitt PITTMAN was born 1767 or there abouts. I believe Abner and Sarah are married by 1790 as Abner appears to be married in 1790 census and to have children. He is living near James Pitt." Mary < > Nov 2001

Children of ABNER PITMAN and SARAH PITT are:
i. EMILY6 PITTMAN, d. Aft. 1867, Edgecombe Co NC; m. LORENZO TYLER, 29 December 1843, Edgecombe Co NC.

estate paper in 1869 says she is wife of "J.D." TYLER - read as "L.D."

2. ii. JOSEPH PITTMAN, b. about 1787, Edgecombe Co NC; d. about 1856, Edgecombe Co NC.
3. iii. WILLIAM PITTMAN, b. about 1800; d. Bet. January 1872 & May 1873, Edgecombe or Wilson Co NC.

Generation No. 2

2. JOSEPH6 PITTMAN (ABNER5 PITMAN, JOSEPH4, ROBERT3, THOMAS2, CAPT. THOMAS1) was born about 1787 in Edgecombe Co NC, and died about 1856 in Edgecombe Co NC. He married MARY WEEKS. She was born about 1793, and died Aft. 1868 in Edgecombe Co NC.

.0086 SIMONTON Josephine P., 33601 Simpson Road, Fort Bragg, CA, 95437 (1984).

1850 census: Pittman, Joseph: No. 372, 372, I. Farmer. One married in year. Worth $250.00. Born 1787. Mary b. 1793.; 1. Henry b 1829, Laborer; 2. Lucy b 1829.
*Kinfolks of Edgecombe Co NC: Westly Pitman was son of Joseph Pitman 29 Jan 1838, DB 22 p 132; Willie and Wesley Pitman sons of Joseph, Feb 1839, DB 22 p 311.

Have you info on the Joseph Pittman that Married Mary Edwards, on 10-9-1845? On the 1850 census Joseph has a wife Mary, living with him is a son Henry Elias and his wife Lucy Anderson, they have been married within the year. Living with them also is an Edwards female 18 years old. Was this Mary Edwards or Mary Weeks at this time? I looked back on my notes for my sister for something and I found I had Joseph married to Mary Edwards not Mary Weeks. Is this another Joseph or again another wife? What connection is the Pittmans to the Edwards? All I know is Lucy Anderson's father Micajah Anderson, was once married to a Elizabeth Edwards 12-27-1850, Wesly Pittman the bondsman. Who was the female Edwards in the house of Joseph Pittman?" Commieanne Dowdy, Dec 2001

PITTMAN William d bef Spring Term 1867, Edgecombe Co NC -- "34 ac. in Edgecombe, descended from William Pittman to William Pittman" wife's name is not given, so she is dead bef Spring Term 1867
William Pittman & others
We undersigned to whom it was referred to enquire and report in what shares the petitioners hold and what interest each are entitled to in the said land, alot the value of the life estate of the petitioner Lucy Pittman in the share of her deceased husband begs to submit the following report
In endeavoring to ascertain the shares of the petitioners and what interest each are entitled to, it was found necessary to go into the genealogy of the parties - Accordingly the facts and names of parties and ancestors were gathered from Wesley Pittman, one of the petitioners, upon oath, and the following calculation deduced -
William Pittman is entitled to ------- 1/3
Emily wife of ----- Tyler is entitled to ------- 1/3
Joseph Pittman's heirs are entitled to ------- 1/3
Wesley Pittman ... 1/3 of 1/7 or 1/21
Elizabeth wife of James Fountain ... 1/3 of 1/7 or 1/21
Eliza wife of Micajah Anderson ... 1/3 of 1/7 or 1/21
Nancy wife of OD Dixon ... 1/3 of 1/7 or 1/21
Willey Pittman's heirs are entitled to -------- 1/3 of 1/7 = 1/21
Reddin Pittman is entitled to ------- 1/7 of 1/3 of 1/7 or 1/147
Ma---- wife of Lawrence Armstrong ... 1/7 of 1/3 of 1/7 or 1/147
Martha wife of John Anderson ... 1/7 of 1/3 of 1/7 or 1/147
Mack Pittman (minor) ... 1/7 of 1/3 of 1/7 or 1/147
Jo.John Pittman (minor) ... 1/7 of 1/3 of 1/7 or 1/147
Philander Pittman (minor) ... 1/7 of 1/3 of 1/7 or 1/147
Elizabeth Pittman (minor) ... 1/7 of 1/3 of 1/7 or 1/147
Henry Pittman's heirs are entitled to ------- 1/4 of 1/3 of 1/7 = 1/84
Lafayette Pittman ... 1/4 of 1/3 of 1/7 or 1/84
Bisco Pittman ... 1/4 of 1/3 of 1/7 or 1/84
Jo Henry Pittman ... 1/4 of 1/3 of 1/7 or 1/84
Caroline Pittman ... 1/4 of 1/3 of 1/7 or 1/84
Martha Etheridge's children entitled to -------1/8 of 1/8 of 1/7=1/168
Sally Ann ... 1/8 of 1/8 of 1/7 or 1/168
Mary Frances ... 1/8 of 1/8 of 1/7 or 1/168
Elizabeth Goodridge ... 1/8 of 1/8 of 1/7 or 1/168
Martha ... 1/8 of 1/8 of 1/7 or 1/168
Louis ... 1/8 of 1/8 of 1/7 or 1/168
John ... 1/8 of 1/8 of 1/7 or 1/168
James ... 1/8 of 1/8 of 1/7 or 1/168
Ellen ... 1/8 of 1/8 of 1/7 or 1/168
Lucy Pittman widow of Henry Pittman is entitled to 4/84th of 1/21th part of the whole which is the part or share her husband would have had were he living - In the opinion of the undersigned she should receive 1/8 of 1/21 as her dower interest, which is All of which is respectfully submitted ... F--- Philips C.M.E. Report ----- to Spring Term 1867

"I have files on these Edgecombe County Families: PENDER - going back to 1780s, including Gen. Dorsey Pender of the CW and all his relatives; DANCY- who married into the BATTLEs; PITTMANs who married into the ANDERSONs and WEEKS; WEEKS family going back to 1700s, specifically looking for John WEEKS; BARNHILLs of Martin and Edgecombe Counties- specifically Lemuel born around 1815; HARTs - mainly line from Spencer Hart; LLOYDs- back to Nicholas in the 1700s; NORFLEETs - specifically Isaac and his descendents. Please let me know if I can help anyone by sharing the research. Also looking for information on BRYANT/BRYAN in the late 1800s." Monika Fleming < > 2001

Children of JOSEPH PITTMAN and MARY WEEKS are:
i. MARTHA 'PATSY'7 PITTMAN, d. Bef. 1867, Edgecombe Co NC; m. DAVID ETHERIDGE, 11 November 1830, Edgecombe Co NC.
ii. MARY ELIZABETH PITTMAN, d. Aft. 1867, Edgecombe Co NC; m. (1) EDWARD FOUNTAIN, 23 June 1848, Edgecombe Co NC; m. (2) MICAJAH ANDERSON, 17 March 1864, Edgecombe Co NC; b. about 1803; d. 1879, Edgecombe Co NC.
iii. NANCY PITTMAN, d. Aft. 1867, Edgecombe Co NC; m. ORRAN D. DIXON, 1838, Edgecombe Co NC.
iv. WESLEY PITTMAN, b. about 1812, Edgecombe Co NC; m. CHARLOTTE EDWARDS, 11 October 1837, Edgecombe Co NC; b. about 1817.

1850 Census Edgecombe County # 377 Whitely Pittman 34 farmer $515 real
C. female 33 (probably Charlotte]; S.M. 12 female; J.W. 10 male; B.A. 7 female [probably Bettie]; C.E. 4 female [probably Eliza]; Julya 2 female [probably Julie Ann].
Living two houses from Wilie Pitman borther and next to James Thomas and C. Foreman; Living five houses from Joseph Pitman probably his father

1860 census Edgecombe County # 904 Wesley Pittman 49 farmer $1,000 real and $700 personal
Charlotte 46, Betttie 17, Eliza 15, Penelope 11, Julia Ann 13, David 9, Martha 3, Grigg T. Fountain 5, Julius 1
Living next to Willie Pittman and William Weeks
Agricultural schedule - 35 (15) acres $500 farm val. 30 farm imp 1 horse, 2 cow, 1 ox, 6 cattle, 30 swine, 250 val. 250 corn 1 cot 75 peas 35 pot, 150 swpot, 2 hay, 50 hay and $110 slaughter

1880 Census Place: Upper Fishing Creek, Edgecombe, North Carolina -- Source: FHL Film 1254962, National Archives Film T9-0962, Page 158B:
Wesley PITTMAN Self M W W 65 NC
Julina PITTMAN Dau F S W 31 NC
Penelope PITTMAN Dau F S W 26 NC

Marriages in Edgecombe County 1733-1868 ed. by Williams and Griffin
p. 126 Wesley Pittman married Charlotte Edwards Oct. 11, 1837 Joseph Pitman witnessed by Theo C. Hearn
i. S. M.5 PITTMAN, b. 1838.
ii. J.W. PITTMAN, b. 1840.
iii. BETTIE A. PITTMAN, b. 1843.
iv. C. ELIZA PITTMAN, b. 1846.
v. JULIE ANN PITTMAN, b. 1848.
vi. PENELOPE PITTMAN, b. 1849.
vii. DAVID PITTMAN, b. 1851.
viii. MARTHA PITTMAN, b. 1857.
ix. JULIUS PITTMAN, b. 1859.

v. WILLIAM / WILLIS 'WILEY' PITTMAN, b. 17 July 1815, Edgecombe Co NC; d. 22 November 1861, Edgecombe Co NC; m. (1) CATHERINE COBB, 22 June 1833, Edgecombe Co NC; d. Aft. September 1836; m. (2) ELIZABETH PARKER, 3 December 1839, Edgecombe Co NC; b. about 1819; d. Aft. 1880, Edgecombe Co NC.

1850 census of Edgecombe County 373 Wilie Pitman 33 farmer $300
E 31 (probably wife Elisabeth], Redin 11, M. 8 female [probably Martha], L.B. 5 male [probably
Littleberry], M.H. 3 male, S.E. 8 months female
Living next to Noah Legate and H. Pitman age 75; Living two houses from Joseph Pitman
1860 Census of Edgecombe County 903 Willie Pitman 47 O.S. Baptist Minister $1000 real $700 pers
Elisabeth 38, Redden 20, Martha H. 14, McWilder 9, Littleberry 16, Jo. John 7, Philandro 4,
Sallay Ann 3 months
Living next to Wesly Pittman and two houses from Lucy Pitman

from Marriages of Edgecombe County 1733-1868 by Wiliams & Griffin
p. 124 Willie Pitman married Catherine Cobb 22 June 1833 by David Pender witness Michael Hearn.
p. 124 Willie Pitman married Elizabeth Parker Dec. 3, 1838 by Joseph Pitman, Jo Bell

Biographical History Of Primitive Or Old School Baptist Ministers, by Reden Herbert PITTMAN. This is available from the LDS library on microfilm: Film Area, US/Canada, #1206436, Item 5.
Elder Wiley PITTMAN born July 27, 1815 in Edgecombe County, NC, married Dec. 4, 1838, died Nov. 22, 1861.
Elder Reden Herbert PITTMAN born August 20, 1870 in Edgecombe County, NC, married 1896 to Eunice Elizabeth BARNES, Parents R. E. PITTMAN and Sarah PITT. (There is a photograph in the text.)

"My great grandfather was Wiley (William?) Pittman, b. 7-17-1815 d. 11-22-1861, m. Elizabeth "Betsy" PARKER 12-4-1838. They lived in the Tarboro, Edgecombe Co NC, area. Their children were Reddin Edgar, Berry, Betty, Martha, Joseph John, Philander and Mack (McWilder?). I am not sure of Wiley's father, but maybe Joseph, mother Mary Polly Weeks?" Henry Pittman, Spartanburg SC, 2001

Kinfolks of Edgecombe County indicates Caty Pittman was wife of Willie Pittman Deed Book 21-464 Sept. 30, 1836.

1880 Census Place: Lower Fishing Creek, Edgecombe, North Carolina -- Source: FHL Film 1254962 -- National Archives Film T9-0962, Page 129A:
Elizabeth PITTMAN Self F W W 60 NC
Joseph PITTMAN Son M S W 25 NC
Philander PITTMAN Son M S W 23 NC
Elizabeth PITTMAN Dau F S W 20 NC

vi. HENRY ELIAS PITTMAN, b. about 1829, Edgecombe Co NC; d. 1859, Edgecombe Co NC; m. LUCY ANDERSON, 28 January 1850, Edgecombe Co NC; b. 30 August 1827; d. 28 March 1901.

1850 Census Edgecombe Co NC 371 Henry Pitman age 21
Lucy Pitman age 21
living in the household of Joseph Pitman age 63 farmer and wife Mary age 57

Buried in Gethsemane Cemetery Whitakers, NC.

1860 Census # 914 Lucy Pitman 27 Female Farmer, 500real, 300 per born in NC , Illiterate
Bisco 9, Lafayette 7, Caroline 6, Jo John 3
living 6 houses from a Thomas Anderson who could be her brother
The 1860 agricultural schedule Lucy Pitman: 50 (75 acres) 500 farm value 30 farm imp. 1 horse, 2 cow, 1 ox 3 cattle, 25 swine, 300 val; 225 corn 2 cot, 50 peas, 15 pot, 200 sw pot, 20 butter, 2 hay, $50 homemade, 100 slaughter

1880 Census Place: Upper Fishing Creek, Edgecombe, North Carolina -- Source: FHL Film 1254962 -- National Archives Film T9-0962, Page 154B:
Lucy PITTMAN Self F W W 53 NC
Joseph H. PITTMAN Son M S W 21 NC
Hardy BRADLEY Other M S W 20 NC

Edgecombe County, North Carolina Vital Records, 1720-1880, @
Anderson, Lucy -- born Bef 1835 -- married Henry Pittman Jan 28, 1850 Edgecombe co., NC -- born in Edgecombe Co., NC -- last known location: Nansemond Co. VA

Notes from typescript notes in a file at Blount Bridgers House on Pittman family, compiled by great granddaughter Lena Pittman Weeks - 1949.
McKajah Anderson the grandfather of Biscoe Pittman, the great grand father of Lena Pittman was a wealthy land owner - the number of acres cannot be numbered as writer does not have correct information. He made large sums of money by selling his huge cotton crops after holdings from "War between the States." He was born on the old McKajah Anderson farm, now owned by the later Robert Pittman heirs. McKajah Anderson made his will in 1879 and is duly recorded in the Edgecombe County Court House Will Book G page 545.
For some reason my great grandfather disenherited three of his children- they were Jun, Susan, and Lucy -- he also disenherited his granddaughters, Ellen and Betty and and his grandson Sip Samuel Anderson leaving them only $1 in his will. Lucy Anderson married Henry Pittman, the father of Biscoe Pittman, Susan married Frank Denton. Sip Samuel Anderson had a son named Sip Samuel he married Carolyn Pittman the sister of Biscoe Pittman. Makajah Anderson records in his will only one wife however older people say he was married three times. His first wife was Mary ELizabeth Anderson. He only left her $1 in his will. His will was recorded or made March 10th 1873 he only lived six years after the will was made. Some notation in will read as follows; "To Lawrence's church $25. To my daughter Tamsey Anne Elizabeth Anderson. I bequest the bed and coverings, a chest of drawers owned by her mother and one hundred dollars in money, a cow, and calf. To my daughter Sarah Parthenia Anderson the bed upon which I now slieep with all the coverings, my trunk, a cow and calf, and one hundred dollars in money. To my son McKajan Anderson' s children Chalres and Ada the sum of one dollars each. To my wife Mary Elizabeth Anderson --to my daughter Susan Denton to my daughter Lucy Pittman age 15 to my son John Anderson to my granddaughter Ellen WHitehead age 15, my granddaughter Bettie Anderson and to my grandson Sip Samuel ANderson the sum of $1 each. " He states further that after all debts are paid if there be any surplus that such be divide equally between my sons and dauthers as follows: Thomas, Baldy, Peter, Patrick, Joseph, Tamsey Anne Elizabeth and Sarah Parthenia Anderson I give and devise all of the real estate at my death to be equally divided as follows - Thomas, Baldy, Peter, Joseph, Tamsey Anne Elizabeth, Sarah all of the propery I divise to my son Peter Patrick and Joseph I lend to them during their lieftime and then give to their children. The property I give to my son Baldy I lend to him for life and then to this children. The property I give to my dauther Tamsey and Sarah to given to them during their life and if either die without a child, the surviing sister is to inherit her esate. if both should die without a child their estates to be equally dividied between my sons - Thomas, Peter Patrick, Joseph and Baldy. I appoit as my executors my son Thomas Anderson and H.L. Leggett.
McKajah had four girls and six sons - McKajah, Joh, Thomas, Baldy, Petere Patick and Joseph and ther girls were Tamsey Anne ELizabeth, Sarah Parthenia, Susan and Lucy. Susan married Frank Denton. Lucy married Henry Pittman, Tamsey Anne married George Carlisle. Can't find who Sarah Parthenai married. MaKah died in 1879 and is buried on their farm where he was born which is now owned by heirs of Robert Pittman. His son Joe Henry married Elizabeth Armstrong, his son Baldy married Marta Anne Armstrong -- the two brothers married the two Armstrong sisters. John married Martha Pittman the daughter of Wesly Pittman. Susan Pittman, the sister of Martha married G.M.T. Fountain and she too was a daughter of Wesly Pittman.
See the LIfe of Micjah Anderson of Edgecombe County by himself written from dictation by Benjamin Johnson colored of Logsboro township 1870 published in Tarboro in the Edgecombe Library for an interesting account of his life and third marriage.

3. WILLIAM6 PITTMAN (ABNER5 PITMAN, JOSEPH4, ROBERT3, THOMAS2, CAPT. THOMAS1) was born about 1800, and died Bet. January 1872 & May 1873 in Edgecombe or Wilson Co NC. He married (1) NELLY HAYES 23 December 1826 in Edgecombe Co NC. She died about 1832 in Edgecombe Co NC. He married (2) MARY ANN ROSE 13 April 1833 in Edgecombe Co NC.

1860 Census for Edgecombe Co NC: No. 894, William Pitman age 52 farmer 500 real, 300 per. Illiterate; Mary A 40 female illiterate; John 20; Carter 17; Henry 15; Willis 12; Alice 9; Louisa 7; Della 3

Abstracts of Wills of Edgecombe County - 1858-1910 ed. David Gammons p. 108
entry #496 William Pittman (x) 26 Jan. 1872 May Ct. 1873
son Henry Harrison Pittman 31 acres of land from the north end of the tract where I now live, so as to include the mansion house. Son Jesse Willis - 20 acres of land. Balance of property to be divided between all my children. Ex. friend Joseph J. Fountain. wit. David D. Pittman, Bisco Pittman
Record notes the widow Mary A Pittman entered her dissent to the will. heirs were Henry Pittman, Peggy A. Weeks, Emeliza Coker, William Pittman, Lucinda Womack, Alice Dixon, and Willis Pittman, all of age except Alice Dixon.

Marriages in Edgecombe County NC 1733-1868
William Pitman married Nelly Hayes 23 Dec. 1826 David Williams witness M.Hearn
William Pitman married Mary Ann Rose 13 Apr. 1833 James Coker

"Looking for the ancestors of William PITTMAN, b abt 1800 and died Bet 1-1872 and 5-1873 married (1) Nellie/Nelly HAYES 12-23-1826. William and Nellie's daughter Lucinda PITTMAN married William Richard WOMACK. (my line). William and Nellie Pittman had two other children: William Pittman, Jr. and Emeliza Pittman. William's second marriage was to Mary Ann Rose 4-13-1833. Children of this marriage were: Margaret Ann "Peggy" Pittman, John Pittman, Carter Pittman, Henry Harrison Pittman, Jesse Willis Pittman, Alice Pittman, Louisa Pittman, and Della Pittman." Brenda Parker < > Feb 2002

i. WILLIAM7 PITTMAN, b. about 1826; m. OLIVIA WOMACK, 12 September 1844, Edgecombe Co NC; b. about 1830.

Marriages of Edgecombe County 1733-1868 by Williams & Griffin
p. 126 William Pittman married Oliva Womack 12 Sept. 1844
1850 Census Edgecombe Co NC: No. 388 William Pittman 25 overseer NC; Olef 20 female born in NC; Augustus 2 born in NC
1860 census Edgecombe Co NC: No. 789 Will Pitman 35 Ditcher; Olive 30 female; "Puss" [maybe Gus?] 10; George 5; Peter 1
NOTE: If William m Olivia Womack is son of William Pittman he must have been a child of the first wife, Nelly Hayes, since he married only 11 years after his father's second marriage. bcw

ii. LUCINDA PITTMAN, b. about 1828, Edgecombe Co NC; m. WILLIAM RICHARD WOMACK, 23 September 1840, Edgecombe Co NC.

William Womack married on Sept. 24, 1840 at Strawberry, Lucinda Pittman by P. McDowll, Esq. in the Tarboro Press Oct. 3, 1840.
1860 census Edgecombe Co NC: No. William Womack 52 farmer $700 real $700 personal; Lucinda 32; Susan 20; Louisa 15; Benjamin 14; Henry 13; Martha 2 [ living beside Henry Weeks and his wife Margaret who is Lucinda's sister ]
Edgecombe County Will Abstracts 1858-1910 p, 83: Will of Elizabeth Lane in 1901 identified Lucy Wommack as wife of Levi Wommack.

"The Pittman I am having a challenge finding is my ggggrandmother. Her name was Lucinda Pittman. She married William Richard Womack. I have found a transcription of their marriage bond dated 23 Sept 1840 in Edgecombe County, NC. They had 3 or more children-one of them my gggrandmother Laura Ellen Womack who married James E. Hedgepeth." Brenda Parker < > Nov 2001

"Robert Harris b. ?? d. 1933 in Edgecombe Co NC married Laura Ellen Hedgepeth b. 1871 d. 1933. They had 4 children and 2 survived-James Eli Harris and Charlie Edward Harris. Both sons married dau. of Lemuel (Lamb or Lam) Hardy and Nancy Tilghman Mozingo. Laura Ellen Hedgepeth Harris' father was James E Hedgepeth son of Richard Richard Hedgepeth and Elizabeth Bradley. Elizabeth's parents were Stephen and Mary Bradley. Laura Ellen Hedgepeth Harris' mother was Laura Ellen Womack Hedgepeth b. 1855 d. 1923 dau of William Richard Womack and Lucinda Pitman. Marriage bond on William Wammack and Lucinda Pitmon dated 23 Sept 1840 in Edgecombe Co NC." Brenda Parker < > Jan 2002

iii. EMELIZA PITTMAN, b. about 1832, Edgecombe Co NC; m. HENRY COKER, 5 January 1860, Edgecombe Co NC.

Marriages of Early Edgecombe County NC 1733-1868 ed. by Williams & Griffin
p. 31 Henry Cocker married Emelissa Pittman 5 Jan. 1860 by Lunsford R. Cherry. J.P. Harris Pope (w) J.H. Dozier
1860 census Edgecombe Co NC: No. 917 Henry Coker 21 farmer; Emily 18 [ next to Jordan Philips and two houses from John Coker 50 and 6 houses from Margaret Weeks, possibly Emily's sister ]

Children of WILLIAM PITTMAN and MARY ROSE are:
iv. MARGARET ANN 'PEGGY'7 PITTMAN, b. 28 May 1834; d. 31 March 1896, Edgecombe Co NC; m. WILLIAM HENRY WEEKS, 25 December 1852, Edgecombe Co NC.

Marriage of Edgecombe County by Williams and Griffen p. 169
Henry Weeks married Peggy Ann Pittman, 24, Dec. 1853(?) m. 25 Dec. 1852 by L.R. Cherry, J.P. and Micajah Anderson witness , W.S. Pitt Clk.

The Williams Primitive Baptist Church
William H. Weeks Co. E 43 NC Inf. CSA - no dates
wife Margaret A. Weeks, May 28, 1834 - Mar. 31, 1896

1860 census, Leggett: Henry Weeks age 24 farmer; wife Margaret age 27; son Henry 5; son Oliver 4; daughter Mary 2; and son Hardy 2 months
Agricultural census includes: 80 (120) acres and farm valued at $1500. He owned 3 horse 4 cows, 1 ox, 6 cattle 35 swine and he raised corn, cotton, peanuts, potatoes, sweet potatoes, butter and hay.

1870 Census lists William Weeks age 38 farmer wife Margaret age 37, son William 14 as farm laborer, Oliver 12, Mary E. 11, John 5, James 3 and Margaret 1 month

v. JOHN PITTMAN, b. about 1840.
vi. CARTER PITTMAN, b. about 1843.
vii. HENRY HARRISON PITTMAN, b. about 1845.
viii. JESSE WILLIS PITTMAN, b. about 1848.
ix. ALICE PITTMAN, b. about 1851; m. UNKNOWN DIXON.
x. LOUISA PITTMAN, b. about 1853.
xi. DELLA PITTMAN, b. about 1856.
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