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I'm looking for someone to take over this newsletter. It just involves taking information from Philcoxs who write it, send e-mail, searching the Interent. If you are interested, let me know. I've been doing this for 15 years or so. Thanks

If you received this newsletter before, there's new information and new names.

Back in the early 1980s, I began investigating the history of the PHILCOX name and I'm sending this information to everyone with the PHILCOX name or with a PHILCOX connection. I've been looking up PHILCOX names around the world and send each new discovery a copy of this newsletter. Some reply with additional information, others don' I guess that's the way things go. When I get additional information, I add it and pass it on, so this is an on-going search for information. There's an index of PHILCOX names on the last pages. Please feel free to contact them and exchange information. Who knows? You might find a long-lost relative. If you make some interesting discoveries, share it with the rest of the us by sending the information to me at 8213 Palm Cove Boulevard, Panama City Beach FL 32408 or fax it to me at 904-233-9724 or e-mail me at If you want to see if we look alike, my photo is on my web page at

Norman Philcox came across this Philcox crest during a visit to England some years back.

Most PHILCOX people are interested in the name's history, who named PHILCOX is living where and who they might be related to directly or indirectly. If you have something to contribute, please include first and middle names, dates of birth or marriages or any other clues that might help.

As I travel around, I check the phone directories when I'm in various cities and I've found PHILCOXs in London, New York City, around New York state and in Toronto, Canada. Using a computer and the Internet, I've communicated with PHILCOXs in England, Australia and New Zealand. If you're on the Internet, you can reach me at If you want to know what I look like, check out

The PHILCOX name is rare enought that a lot of us are related in one way or another. At the beginning of my search, I was particularly interested in PHILCOXs with the first name Frederick, George, Robert, Charles and Allen and I found lots of them in England dating back to the 1700s and some coming to America in the early 1800s, settling in New York City (my birthplace), the northeast and Canada.


The PHILCOXs came from England in the mid-1800s and settled in New York, around the northeast and in Canada. Some of the names and birth dates go back as far as England in the 1700s. John Ridley PHILCOX (born September 25, 1786) married Mary PHILCOX (born May 23, 1786) and had three children - Charles John PHILCOX (born May 20, 1807); George Thomas PHILCOX (born May 25, 1812) and Hannah PHILCOX (born April 22, 1831). I had uncles named Charles and George (my father's brothers), so there's probably a link here.

Norman PHILCOX in New Hampshire provided me with some extensive information about the PHILCOX name and the coat of arms shown above. He came across it while researching his family history in England. He also sent me the pages from Sarah Lott PHILCOX's (his great grandmother) diary and one entry read: My dear boy, Fred G. PHILCOX left England for America on September 30, 1874 to join his brother George in Lockport, New York. George married Annie Ney on May 15, 1875 and his son, George was born February 7, 1876. Another son, Harry Horton, was born August 1, 1877. Fred married in 1876 and had a daughter (Sarah Agnes or Sadie) born November 7, 1877. The family returned to England for a visit in the summer of 1882. My son, George T. PHILCOX left England for Adelaide, Australia on March 12, 1868 and returned to England on October 17, 1870. He left for Canada on February 2, 1871. My son, Walter T. PHILCOX left England to join his brother George at Rochester, New York on August 22, 1872. On November 20, 1872, I received the sad news that Walter died on October 20th.

Other notations in the diary indicate that Sarah had a sister (Elizabeth) who died December 12, 1882, a sister (Elenor Rigby) who died in Warwich, England November 21, 1890 and another sister (Susanah Phillips) who died December 8, 1902. Susanah was the wife of William Phillip and William was Sarah's (see above paragraph) brother-in-law. There are mentions of two more sisters, Maryanne Pemberton and Esther Mottram who died November 2, 1876. Esther had a daughter (Esther) who died of smallpox January 5, 1877.

Here are some diary references to births and deaths, some with the PHILCOX name mentioned, some without but obviously all related: Agnes Mary PHILCOX - born August 21, died September 28, 1859 of scarlet fever; George Thomas - born March 13, 1851, died December 23, 1914; Walter William - born January 21, died in Rochester, New York; Harry Horton - born March 17, 1865, died October 6, 1859 from scarlet fever; Frederick James - born January 9, 1858, died July 3, 1914; Maria Agnes - born August 11, 1860, died June 28, 1862; Maryanne - born October 12, 1861, no death date; Maria (Lily), born July 6, 1863, died April 28, 1883 of typhoid fever. A William PHILCOX died September 27, 1906 at the age of 65.

Rose PHILCOX (Webster) sent me a newspaper clipping dated July 1989 from Canada that read: The descendants of Alfred and Esther PHILCOX, formerly of Coquitlam, British Columbia, held their first reunion in nine years and over 90 members were present, the eldest Herbert PHILCOX (age 75) and the youngest, Mathew PHILCOX (age six months). Family members came from Exeter, Ontario; Fort St. John; Kaleden; Burton; Delta; Vancouver; Surrey; Powell River; Gold River; Port Hardy; Maple Ridge; Burnaby; Coquitlam; Kamloops and Merritt. The family is planning another reunion within the next few years.

Malcolm PHILCOX contacted me last week. He lives in England, is 47 years old and married to Ruth PHILCOX for 22 years. He has two daughters, Zoe 15 and Ellen 12. He was born south of London. His father was a lawyer in Peckham, a suburb of London. His family lived in that area for the first half of the century. When his father, John Harden PHILCOX joined the RAF in 1940, the family moved to Surrey to avoid air-raids and stayed there. His father has two brothers, Edrick who had three daughters, Harold who never married, and a sister Dorothy who was a missionary in India for most of her life. He has two sisters, Mary (born 1937) and Joan (born Feb 29 1940). Both are married with grown children. Malcolm is the sole remaining PHILCOX in this branch of the family so the name will stop there. He is a math teacher in a small school in Worcestershire (where the sauce and china come from!) His address is Lark House, 1 Damson Way, Bewdley, Worcs. DY12 1EZ. England.


FREDERICK GEORGE PHILCOX (me) - I was born in Brooklyn NY in April of 1932. My father's parents were George Allen PHILCOX and Theresa Martha Rover (born September 7, 1873). My father was born January 8, 1910 or April 19, 1910 in New York City and married my mother, Ethel Ada Van Dollon in 1931 and they lived at 7203 Third Avenue In Brooklyn. There last address was 507 Columbia Street, Brooklyn. My father had two brothers - George Allen, born June 1903, Charles, born February 1907 and a sister, Anna Viola, born April 3, 1901. There was another child (Marian) born somewhere between 1904 and 1908 who died at the age of three. My uncle, George Allen, married and had three children: Barbara Jean (born April 9, 1934 and now living in New Hampshire); Richard PHILCOX (born December 15, 1932 and now living in California) and George Allen Jr (born January 5, 1931 and died five weeks later.) My grandfather, George Allen, had four brothers: Herman, Charlie, Fred and Hienrick and was a veteran of the Spanish-American War. He worked for the railroad somewhere in New York, remarried once and possibly had a daughter. My father died in 1970 or 1979. If it was 1979, he was living in Buffalo, New York at the time. If this Frederick Philcox is not my father, it was someone else with a Social Security number that started with 106-05-XXXX. There was another Frederick Philcox born in New York, Social Security 155-07-XXXX, born April 4, 1892-died December 1965.

My mother, uncles and aunts have all deceased. I have a brother Robert Charles PHILCOX (born May 1934 and living in California) and a sister, Rita Ann (born November 1938 and living in Iowa). I have two sons, Steven Phillip PHILCOX born in 1958 and Mark PHILCOX, an adopted son born in 1952. Steve lives in Marathon, Florida, Mark in Homestead, Florida.

NORMAN PHILCOX - Norman was born August 21, 1914 in Maplewood NJ and has a son living in Reno NV and a nephew living in Ogden UT. Norman's son, John, lives in Newport RI. Norman has traced his history back to England and his great great grandfather, John Ridley PHILCOX. His grandfather, George Thomas PHILCOX left England for Australia in October of 1868 and returned to England in October 1870. In February of 1871 he left for Canada and eventually settled in Rochester or Lockport NY where Norman's father (Harry) was born. George's brother Frederick James (born January 9, 1858 - died July 3, 1914) left England for the U.S. in September of 1874to join his brother in Lockport NY. Frederick was married in 1876 and had a daughter Sadie (Sarah Agnes) born November 7, 1877. HANK PHILCOX - Hank is an official with the IRS in Washington and the son of Norman PHILCOX's brother. Charles John PHILCOX (born May 20, 1807 - died May 19, 1885) was the brother of Norman's grandfather, Charles John PHILCOX. Norman is retired from the FBI and has written a book on organized crime.

JOHN ANTHONY (TONY) RYDER PHILCOX - Tony's grandfather (Herbert John PHILCOX) was a solicitor and was born and raised in England. He had one brother (Alfred) who lived in Lewis. Alfred had four children but no information on their names is available. Herbert married Josephine Garrett PHILCOX and they lived in Seaford, England and had four children - Nigel, Royston, Pamela and Herbert Anthony (Tony's father). Tony's father married Joyce Marnie Atkinson PHILCOX in 1940 and moved to Canada from England around 1947. There are six children in this side of the PHILCOX family: Susan, age 37 who lives in Sydney, Australia; Nigel and Timothy who live in Albert and British Columbia, Canada and two sisters (Christine and Jane) who live in British Columbia. Tony lives in Apopka, Florida. In July of 1996, he e-mailed a Tony PHILCOX living in England and they were obviously related. Tony in England wrote: "Your grandfather, John, who my family called Herbert, is my great-grandfather's brother. The brothers were Stanley George, Harry and your grandfather. John PHILCOX was the father of Roysten, Herbert, Nigel and Pamela."

RICHARD PHILCOX - born May 28, 1945 in Folkestone, Kent, England to Cyril Noneus Edward PHILCOX and Majorie Hilda Harner. His father is the only son of Bernard PHILCOX who lived in Westfield and Sussex. All members of his side of the family bear the same middle name - Noneus. No one has immigrated to the United States or Canada. The last I heard, Richard was living in Paris, France and had never lived in the United States. He answered my letter some years ago but didn't elaborate on his history.

ROSE WEBSTER (nee PHILCOX) - In 1834, a PHILCOX (first name unknown) married Frances Ann Clement in Maidenstone, Kent, England. They had five children: Fred who eventually married and had a daughter; William Godfrey who had two sons, John Alexander and Alfred Greer who had six sons. One of those sons, Herbert Greer, is Rose's father. Frances Ann PHILCOX remarried a Martin Bescancon and when she died she was buried in Matsqui, British Columbia, Canada. Rose had a brother, Allen Herbert PHILCOX, who died in an industrial accident in 1977 at the age of 41. Allen had five sons

ERIC AND RUTH PHILCOX - Eric and Ruth were married at the ages of 25-26 and have three sons: Frederic (with no "k"), Richard (born January 13, 1934), John Edward (born April 12, 1941) and a daughter, Audrey (born April 7, 1938). All are married and have children. Eric's parents marriage certificate lists Alfred James PHILCOX, Reginald (a cousin) and a Mervyn PHILCOX. Eric's aunt, Ethel Sears (nee PHILCOX) died sometime in the early 1950s and is buried at Glebe Close, North Lancing, Sussex, England.

WILBUR PHILCOX in Duncanville, Texas (born 1928) says there were three Wilbur PHILCOXs in his family. Wilbur Fiske PHILCOX III (him) married Blanche Clark in 1950 and had one son and two daughters. His son died in Dallas, Texas in 1992. His two daughters, Dale Weir and Joy Winters, have four children. Wilbur Fiske PHILCOX senior (his grandfather) lived in Woodhaven, New York and died in the late '40s. His father, Wilbur Fiske PHILCOX Jr., married Anna Wolfe and lived in Woodhaven, New York. He died in Buffalo, New York in 1959. He had no brothers or sisters.

WILLIAM PHILCOX was a jeweler and watchmaker living on High Street in Wandsworth, London, Surrey around the 1850s, married to Harriet Aldington PHILCOX. Eric's father was Henry Ernest PHILCOX (born October 16, 1882) and he had a sister, Ethel. Ethel married James Sears and they probably live in North Lancing, Sussex, England. They had no children and Ethel died in the early 1950s. Henry PHILCOX, then of Wandsworth (age 24) married Fanny Milton (age 28) at St. Stephan's Church. Their son, Eric Milton PHILCOX, was born on December 28, 1908 and Henry moved to the United States in 1909, settling in Worcester, Massachusetts. His wife and son joined him in May 1910. In 1923, they bought a grocery store and meat market attached to their house at 126 Fairhaven Road in Worcester. Henry died here in September 1964 at the age of 83. Fanny died in April of 1965 at the age of 86.

S. TERRY PHILCOX - Terry is one of two sons of George Stanley and Elizabeth Taylor PHILCOX. Terry's brother's name is Harold. His father was born in Greenburg, New York and his family moved to the Rowayton/Darien, Connecticut area when he was a young boy. Terry and his wife Carla have a son Todd who was a star quarterback at Syracuse University and two daughters, Sandra and Laura. Todd is now a professional quarterback with a major league team.

WILBER AND FRANCIS PHILCOX - Wilber and Francis have two sons, Kenneth M. and William C. Wilbur's mother's name is Madeline Kurz PHILCOX (age 85). Wilbur's father died at the age of 33. His grandfather, Frederick PHILCOX married Hannah Minsely of New York and had five children: Wilbur, George, Frederic, Caroline and Anne. Wilbur's father had five sons: Wilbur (age mid-sixties), Kenneth (deceased), Harold (age early sixties), Eugene (deceased) and LeRoy (age late fifties). Kenneth lived in Hicksville, New York and married Margaret Hansen of South Dakota. They had four children: Kenneth (who now lives in South Carolina); Gail, Deborah and John. Harold PHILCOX married Dorothy Busch and now lives in Kings Park, New York. They have five children: Joanne, Jacklyn, Kirk, Keith and Eric. Eugene never married and lived in Ozone Park, New York until his death in 1961. LeRoy PHILCOX married Michele Delhunty and they have four children: Garry, Gene, Micale and Maria. They live in North Merrick, New York.

CEDRIC REDMAN PHILCOX was born in 1930, the only son of Cecil Lodge Philcox (1888-1955), an aviator during World War I. Cecil Lodge was a rated tennis player, rating eighth in the 1926 Wimbledon tournament. Cecil came to the U.S. from England in 1968 and stayed, living in Rye, NY, Toronto, Buffalo, Columbia MD, Princeton NJ and Richmond VA. Cedric and his wife Wendy live on a 50-foot sailboat in St. Augustine, Florida. They have a daughter Amanda (b.1955) and a son, Christopher (b.1958).

GWEN MAY (33 Harebeating Crescent, Hailsham, East Suffex, England BN27 1JH) publishes a PHILCOX newsletter with information dating back to the 1800s. Some PHILCOX entries: Jim and Rosemary PHILCOX (Adelaide, Australia); Tom and Sarah PHILCOX (Sydney, Australia); William PHILCOX ( emigrated from Hartfield, England to New Zealand in 1856); Richard PHILCOX (Lewes England 1992); Robert (Bob) PHILCOX (Troon, Ayrshire, England); George Thomas and Mary PHILCOX (England 1800s); Alan PHILCOX (his grandfather was Walter Ernest PHILCOX who died March 29, 1949 at the age of 87. Alan is from Ilford, England and sent this information in 1988). Postage between the US and England is expensive. If you contact Gwen for a copy of her newsletter, please enclose an International Postal Coupon (available at any post office) so she doesn't have to pay the postage on her replies.

In May of 1994, Norman PHILCOX sent me a copy of a PHILCOX Newsletter from England. It included this information: Walter Ernest PHILCOX, born about 1870 and died March 29, 1949 came to Edinburgh about 1890 to seek work. A Robert (Bob) PHILCOX lives in Troon, Ayrshire, England. The children of George Thomas PHILCOX and Mary (nee) Powell. Jim and Rosemary PHILCOX live in Adelaide, Australia. They're son Andrew PHILCOX and his wife have a daughter born in December 1993 named Emma Louis PHILCOX. Shirley and Garry Blayney in New Zealand and Tom PHILCOX of Sydney are all descendents of William PHILCOX who emigrated from Hartfield to New Zealand in 1864. In the 1850-1860 New York census, there's a Thom PHILCOX listed. I found a Malcolm and a Steve PHILCOX in England and have been in touch with Malcolm and will get his family history shortly. I'm still waiting for Steve's reply.

Using the Internet and my computer, I was able to search newspaper around the world using key words. Entering the name PHILCOX in the newspaper database, I got a recent story about a John E. PHILCOX who works for Union Carbide in Tonawanda, New York; a January 24, 1990 story about Captain Kenneth PHILCOX, a police officer with the 107th precinct in New York; a golf sports article dated January 3, 1991 from the London Times listing Nigel PHILCOX as a professional player and (this is a good one), a newspaper article dated March 19, 1934 from the London Times that told the story of a mysterious death of a cabaret dancer named Vivian Bates PHILCOX. In an obituary dated May 29, 1987 for Charles J. Lewandowski, age 51 of Hicksville, New York, one of his surviving daughters was listed as Debra PHILCOX of West Haven, Connecticut. Searching a book database, I found a Richard Philcox who translated a book called Season In Rihata and who is connected in someway with the Caribbean Writers Service. There's a business called Philcox & Philcox in Uhrichsville, Ohio 44683. This Internet search thing is fascinating and I'll keep looking.

I got this information for Social Security Recordsdated 1800s-1900s - The zip code/state listing on the right is the zip code and state of residence of the person who received the death benefits from the PHILCOX listed.

084-12-5995 PHILCOX, ANNA 10-08-1902 NY 01-00-1979 75208 TX
055-03-4099 PHILCOX, CHARLES 02-14-1907 NY 10-27-1988 11694
087-18-7604 PHILCOX, DOROTHY 04-25-1925 NY 05-26-1990 33064
027-10-6725 PHILCOX, ERIC 12-28-1908 MA 01-00-1987 01532 MA
055-07-0477 PHILCOX, FREDERICK 01-04-1892 NY 12-00-1965 NY
106-05-9877 PHILCOX, FREDERICK 04-19-1910 NY 01-00-1979 14223 NY
092-01-8699 PHILCOX, GEORGE 07-14-1908 NY 03-00-1977 06855 CT
043-22-1683 PHILCOX, GEORGIA 04-30-1909 CT 02-27-1991
043-03-0131 PHILCOX, HAROLD 07-08-1912 CT 07-00-1984 33533 FL
105-07-6737 PHILCOX, JENNIE 02-27-1885 NY 11-00-1965 NY
148-01-5578 PHILCOX, KENNETH 02-07-1912 NJ 05-25-1991
057-12-2189 PHILCOX, KENNETH 07-07-1920 NY 11-00-1982 11801 NY
051-24-4601 PHILCOX, LORRAINE 07-11-1906 NY 07-27-1988
083-20-8962 PHILCOX, MADELINE 09-11-1898 NY 09-09-1988 11417
078-20-9094 PHILCOX, MARY 02-18-1906 NY 11-18-1989 03054
138-30-4484 PHILCOX, NORMA 08-04-1887 NJ 03-00-1974 89502 NV
099-14-3504 PHILCOX, ROBERT 01-03-1924 NY 11-00-1971
011-26-5825 PHILCOX, RUTH 01-07-1907 MA 02-00-1985 01532 MA
087-40-9965 PHILCOX, SCOTT 06-13-1955 NY 09-27-1992

Obviously, there are a lot of PHILCOXs out there. There were some noted attorneys operating in London back in the mid-1970s named PHILCOX and while visiting Toronto one year, I found (and called) a PHILCOX listed in the phone book but his conversation was brief, so I assume he wasn't interested in any possible connections. During a computer search of attorneys, I came across a Michael John PHILCOX working in Prince Rupert, British Columbia. No other information was available. There's a Barbara Philcox, attorney, in London and she replied. She'll be looking for some additional PHILCOX history. I've located two PHILCOXs by searching on the Internet. One is a research assistant at a university in Scotland, the other wrote a research paper while a professor at a university in Australia. I've e-mailed both for information. There's a Philcox Hill somewhere in Australia. Anybody know anything about that?

The Philcox Index

Here are the names, addresse, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses (when available) of all the PHILCOXs I can locate. Some of the addresses date back to the mid-1980s and might be outdated. Some were listed as early as May 2000. There might be a few duplicates. If you know of any address changes or new listings, please send them along. While we all are interested in our off-springs, I think for historical purposes, we're mainly interested in history, so let's stick with PHILCOXs of the past and near present. If I send a copy of the letter to the address listed and it's returned, that name/address is marked with an asterisk (*). Because people move around, som e of these might be duplicates.

There's a George E. PHILCOX School in Plainfield, Vermont (802-454-8601)
A. PHILCOX (4 Park Avenue, Miller Place NY 11764; 516-744-2881)
A. Philcox (21753 Mountain View Crescent, Maple Ridge BC, Canada 604-463-8246)
A.J. PHILCOX (35 Nettlecombe, Crown Wood, Bracknell, Bershire RG12 3UG, England -
Amanda-Philcox-Hansen (Ellicott City MD)
Anne PHILCOX (Wading River Manor Road, Wading River NY; 516-929-5736)
Audrey PHILCOX (5 Lyme St., Old Lyme CT 06371; 203-434-3978)
B. Philcox (1954 Walreg Drive, Oshawa, ONT, Canada 905-571-5614)
Barbara Fox (nee PHILCOX), 2 Dalton Court, Merrimack NH 03054)
Barbara PHILCOX, attorney (The Chambers of Ernst Horridge, Queen Elizabeth Building, Temple, London EC4 England)
Brian PHILCOX (250 Scarborough Road, Toronto, Ontario, Canada 416-264-8000 - there are two Brians, and
C. PHILCOX (2914 18th Street NY, Washington DC 20009)
Cedric and/or Chris PHILCOX (317 St. George St., St. Augustine FL 32084 or Comares Ave., St. Augustine FL 32084)
Cengiz PHILCOX (UK -
Christine PHILCOX( Pheasant Ridge, Newman GA 30265)
Christopher PHILCOX (47 Oceanvie Terrace, Chatham MA 02633)
Christopher Jonathan PHILCOX (317 St. George Street, St. Augustine FL 32084)
Christopher and Wendy PHILCOX (317 Saint George, St. Augustine FL 32084)
Crystal PHILCOX (Kathryn Jean Court, Fairfax VA 22033)
Cleo PHILCOX (Ontario, Canada -
D. PHILCOX (9 Homeland Dr., Huntington NY 11743)
Debra PHILCOX West 4th St., Patchogue NY 11722)
D. PHILCOX (Palo Alto CA 94301; 415-326-9574)
Dan PHILCOX (270 16th St., West Babylon NY 516-884-0617)
Daniel W. Philcox (218 Indian Avenue, Portsmouth RI 02871; 401-849-4215; email jphilcox@mail,
David PHILCOX (Breezee Court, Tallahassee FL 32303)
David PHILCOX (Covered Bridge Road, Indianapolis IN 46268)
Danute PHILCOX (12 Crystal Lane, East Northport NY 11731; 516-369-1438)
David PHILCOX (112 South Woodward, Tallahassee FL 32304; 904-561-9307)
David R. PHILCOX (5105 Broadway St, Jacksonville FL 32205)
Debra PHILCOX (1197 Cornerstone St., Cheshire CT 06410; 203-250-1114
Don PHILCOX (South Africa -
Dorothy PHILCOX (91 8th Ave., Kings Park NY 11754; 516-269-6295)
*Dorothy PHILCOX (116 50th St. NW, Pompano Beach FL 33064)
Dawn PHILCOX (520 West 123rd Street, New York NY 10027)
Don PHILCOX (Box 16452, Atlasville 1465, Boksburg, South Africa)
Doug Philcox (838 Denver Drive, Kamlopps BC, Canada 250-579-1949)
Duncan PHILCOX (Somewhere in New Zealand)
E. Philcox 400 Walmer Rd, York, ONT Canada 416-964-9268)
Eric and Ruth E. PHILCOX (127 West Main St., Northboro MA 01532)
Eric PHILCOX (29 Long Beach Dr., Sound Beach NY 11789; 516-821-2149)
Fara PHILCOX (Old Trolley Road, Summerville SC 29485)
Francis PHILCOX (31 Hewitt Blvd., Center MO, NY 11934)
Frank Philcox (981 Lake Trail Dr., Windsor ONT Canada 519-969-9429)
Frank PHILCOX (39 Nicklaus Blvd., Fort Myers FL 33903)
Fred R. PHILCOX (31 Westbrook Rd., Northborough MA 01532; 508-393-6858)
Frederick (Phil) George PHILCOX (8213 Palm Cove Blvd., Panama City Beach FL 32408 - 904-235-9804 -
Gary PHILCOX (Hwy. 528, Jackson NJ 08527; 908-928-1958)
Gary PHILCOX (929 Hunting Ridge, Wimlington NC 28414; 910-452-2034)
Gary Philcox (BSMT, Kamloops BC (250-579-5682)
Gene PHILCOX (163 Benson Ave., Elmont NY 11003; 516-326-9896)
Francis PHILCOX (31 Hewitt Blvd., Center Moriches NY 11934; 5167-878-4597)
Fred PHILCOX (31 Westbrook, Northborough MA 01523; 508-393-6858)
G. PHILCOX ( 4247 Hixon, Beamsville ONT Canada 905-563-4247)
Gary PHILCOX (929 Hunting Ridge Road, Wilmington NC 28412; 910-452-2034)
Gemma and George PHILCOX (14 Washington, Barre VT 05641)
Gene PHILCOX (163 Benson Avenue, Elmont NY 11003; 516-326-9896 or Third Street, Rockaway NY 11518)
George PHILCOX (Plainfield VT 05667)
George PHILCOX (480 Main St., Spotswood NJ 08884)
H. Philcox 1775 Quilchena, Merritt BC, Canada 250-378-2950)
H. Philcox (1010 Sabine Rd., Parks BC, Canada 250-248-2356)
Harold PHILCOX 91 Eighth Ave., Kings Park NY 11754; 516-269-6295)
Henry PHILCOX (13723 Springstone Dr., Clifton VA 22024)
J. Philcox (101 Kathleen St., Whitby Ont, Canada 905-576-9651)
J. PHILCOX (E. Calle Managua, Tucson AZ 85710)
James PHILCOX (6 Brimbal Avenue, Beverly MA 01915)
James PHILCOX (Zoratoa Ave., St. Augustine FL 32084)
James And Cedric PHILCOX (31 Westbrook Road, Northborough MA 01532; 508-921-2229)
Jodi PHILCOX (276 Old Farm Rd., Riverhead NY 11901; 516-369-5842)
John PHILCOX (W. Main St., Middletown RI 02842)
John and Anne PHILCOX (15727 Sylvan Lane, Houston TX 77062)
John A. PHILCOX (927 Crest Court, Apopka FL 32712; 407-880-1914)
John PHILCOX (Shenandoah Dr., McCormick SC 29835)
John E. PHILCOX (Six Maple Wood Dr., Danbury CT 06811; 203-748-2198)
John E. PHILCOX (218 Indian Ave., Portsmouth RI 02871; 401-849-4215)
John J. PHILCOX (Southwest 318th Terrace, Homestead FL 33030)
John M. PHILCOX (380 Hitchcock Rd., Waterbury CT 06705; 203-723-0096 or Cornerstone Circle, Cheshire CT 06410)
John PHILCOX (488 Plantation Club Villas, Hilton Head SC 29928)
John PHILCOX (S. Paint St., Chillicothe OH 45601)
K. PHILCOX (Road 258, Lewes DE 19958; 302-644-2373
K. PHILCOX (North Hollywood CA 91601)
Keith R. PHILCOX (16 Wading River Rd., Manorville NY 11949; 516-929-6796)
Keith R. PHILCOX (276 Old Farm Road, Riverhead NY 11901; 516-369-5842)
Ken PHILCOX (129 Botany Bay Blvd., Charleston SC 29418)
Kenneth and M. PHILCOX (120 Fifth Ave., Hicksville NY 11801; 516-433-0764)
Kenneth and Donna PHILCOX (797 Arlington Dr., Seaford NY 11783; 516-796-0256)
Kenneth J. PHILCOX (133 Brighton Place, Smyrna DE 19977; 302-653-7471)
Kenneth N. PHILCOX (13100 South Hills Dr., Reno NV 89511; 702-853-5856)
Kirk PHILCOX (11G Country Club Dr., Coram NY 11727 or 8th Avenue, Kings Park NY 11754)
LeRoy W. PHILCOX (82 Potter Ave., North Merrick, NY 11566; 516-546-5070)
LeRoy W. PHILCOX (3500 Westminster Dr., Lake Worth FL 33463; 407-969-0854)
Linda W. PHILCOX (Brandy Branch Road, Bryceville FL 32009; 904-266-2932)
M. PHILCOX (2345 Cranley Dr., Surrey, BC, Canada 604-535-5785)
M. PHILCOX (424 Dunsmuir St., Prince Rupert, BV, Canada 250-624-6751)
M. PHILCOX (190 Manitoba, Toronto, Ont, Canada 416-251-1213)
M.C. PHILCOX (Indian Ave., Portsmouth RI 02871)
M. and Richard PHILCOX (4525 Macomb, Washington DC 20016; 202-537-5012)
Madelin PHILCOX (9154 Chicot Court, Ozone Park New York)
Margaret PHILCOX (120 Fifth Ave., Hicksville NY 11801; 516-433-0764)
Mark PHILCOX (19220 Southwest 318th Terrace, Homestead FL; email
Mary PHILCOX (969 Belmont Ave., Brooklyn NY 11208)
Mary A. PHILCOX (969 Belmont Ave.,, Brooklyn NY 11208)
Mary PHILCOX (218 Indian Ave., Portsmouth RI 02871; 401-849-4215)
Maryse PHILCOX (4525 Macomb St. NW, Washington DC 20016; 202-537-5012)
Michael J. PHILCOX (39 Teal Way, Boynton Beach FL 33424; 407-439-6256)
Michelle PHILCOX (3500 Westminster Dr., Lake Worth FL 33463; 407-969-0854)
Nicki PHILCOX (Plantation Club Villa, Hilton Head SC 29926)
N. PHILCOX (Santa Clarita CA 91321; 805-298-2279)
N. PHILCOX (Van Nuys CA 91406; 818-709-5420)]
Nigel PHILCOX (1932 Driftwood Rd., Nanaimo BC, Canada 250-722-2891)
Norman and Zelda PHILCOX (Box 471 or Atherton Lane, Amherst NH 03031; 603-673-4374)
Pat PHILCOX (Comares Ave., St. Augustine FL 32084)
Peter PHILCOX (1621 Shaker Circle, West Palm Beach FL 33414)
P. PHILCOX (1111 Haro St., Vancouver, BC, Canada 604-681-8078)
Pat PHILCOX (5306 Highway 6, Burton, BC, Canada 250-265-4403)
Peter PHILCOX (Shaker Circle, West Palm Beach FL 33414)
Phil PHILCOX (8213 Palm Cove Blvd. Panama City Beach FL 32408; 904-235-9804)
Richard PHILCOX (4525 Macomb Street NW, Washington DC; 202-537-5012)
Richard PHILCOX (Claremont Ave., New York NY 10027)
Richard PHILCOX (Paris, France)
Richard PHILCOX (Parthenia St., Van Nuys CA 91402)
Richard PHILCOX (525 East Crestridge Blvd., Ridgecrest CA 93555; 619-371-1501)
Rita Ann Childress (nee PHILCOX - 127 North 3rd Ave., Villisca IA 50864; 712-826-2569)
Robert Charles PHILCOX (2411 Crestline Rd., Pleasanton CA, 94566; 510-846-9052)
Rose Webster (nee PHILCOX), Box 97, Fort Ogden FL 33842 and RR1, Hay, Ontario, Canada NOM 1WO)
S. PHILCOX (549 Concord Ave., Toronto, Ont. Canada 416-536-4753)
S. K. PHILCOX (129 Botany Bay Blvd. Or Blue Ridge Trail, Charleston SC 29418; 803-767-4814)
S. Terry PHILCOX (16 Norport Dr., Norwalk CT 06855; 203-838-7777)
Sandy K. And Sandra PHILCOX (129 Botany Rd., Charleston SC 29418; 803-767-4814)
Scott PHILCOX (700 North Paulus Ave., Dallas TX 75214)
Scott PHILCOX (741 Polk, Mena AR 71953)
Sharyn PHILCOX (31 Westbrook Rd., Northborough MA 01532; 508-393-6858)
Sidney W. PHILCOX (150 Ridgeway Ave., Fairfax CA 94930)
Steve PHILCOX (Marathon FL 33050; 305-743-0085)
T. PHILCOX (White Lake Road, Okanagan Falls, BC, Canada 250-497-5397)
T. PHILCOX (N. Madison St., Arlington VA 22205)
Terry PHILCOX (16 Norport Dr., Norwalk CT 06855; 203-838-7777)
Todd PHILCOX (119 Old Airport Road, Lagrange GA 30240; 706-882-7583 or Pheasant Ridge, Newman GA 30265)
Todd PHILCOX (1502 Ivy Ridge Rd., Syracuse NY 13210; 315-471-2749)
Tony "John" PHILCOX (927 Crest Court, Apopka FL 32712; email
V. PHILCOX (12223 244th St., Maple Ridge, BC, Canada 604-467-2296)
Wilbur and Frances PHILCOX, 31 Hewitt Blvd., Center Mariches NY 11934; 516-878-4597)
Wilbur F. PHILCOX (1127 Greenway Dr., Duncanville TX 75137; 214-296-5594)
Wendy PHILCOX (830 Tarpon Ave. Fernandina Beach, FL 32034; 904-261-8990 or Cordova St., St. Augustine FL)

The following PHILCOX people are in Australia and New Zealand:
AJ PHILCOX (23 North St, Henley Beach 5022; 356-9802)
C and Gertrude PHILCOX (Taperoo 5017; 341-9782)
GL and PF PHILCOX (Burford Hill Road, Gumerachu 5233; 389-1315)
GW and DA PHILCOX (365 Railway TCE, Osborne 5017; 248-1479)
JC PHILCOX (17 Summerhill Drive, Crafer 5152; 339-2253)
JT PHILCOX (9 Laurie St., Kidman Park 5052; 352-5211)
MZ PHILCOX (22 Princess St. Paralowie 5108; 281-9173)
P PHILCOX (15 Ruthven Avenu, Glandore 5037; 293-5049)
Duncan PHILCOX (11 Stamford Park Rd., Mt. Roskill, Aukland, New Zealand (father's name Bruce, grandfather Albert)

Sue Sautter of the Mount Barker Community Library in Australia told me there's a Philcox Hill and Railway Station located between Mount Barker and the Bugle Ranges on the Adelaide to Victor Harbor Railway Line in Adelaid Hills to the east of Adelaide, the capital of South Australia. They were named after Edward Odiarne Philcox who selected land in the vicinity in 1840.

A recent check of the Internet turned up thses names:

A.C. and B.G. Philcox, Windarra Park, Mt. Pleasant 5235, South Australia
G.W. Philcox, 42 Washington St., Mapunda 5373, South Australia
M.B. and K.L. Philcox, Consultant Government Road, Mt. Pleasant 5235 South Australia
C. Philcox, 126 Cove Blvd, North Arm Cove NSW 2324

A. Philcox 21753 Mountainview Crescent, Maple Ridge BC 604-463-8246
B. Philcox 1954 Walreg Dr., Oshawa Ont 905-571-5614
Brian Philcox 250 Scarborough Golf Course Road, Scarborough ON 416-264-8000
Doug Philcox 838 Dever Drive, Kamloops BC 250-579-1949

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