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Patterson Family MO/IL

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Patterson Family MO/IL

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Surnames: Patterson/Kelly/Johnson/Cross
My grandfather (Charles Dailey Patterson) left my grandmother during the depression with two small children my dad (Charles Ray Patterson, Sr.) (at the time stricken with crippling encephalitis (brain inflammation) brought on by the measles going in (residing in O'Fallon, IL until his death in 1981) and his brother Curtis Robert or William Curtis or Curtis William Patterson residing in his later years in Florisant, MO. My dad (Charles) was permanently crippled on his left side from the illness especially in his arm. He worked with steel and lifting heavy steel all of his life (died in 1981). Mom is still alive in O'Fallon, Illinois. My grandmother had to wait tables where possible mostly in the St. Louis, Missouri and sent her children to be housed by her sister (Dollie Cross Bennington and her husband Alfred Bennington) of Slater, Missouri where they lived in the attic because there was no space in the house. Grandmother married again (George Biedermann of St. Louis, Missouri in the late 1940's and took the children in). Dad found his father in the 1980's in Alton, Illinois in a tavern and introduced his himself, Charles Ray Patterson Jr. (now deceased) and his son (Charles Ray Patterson III). The old man was not impressed had a little too much to drink and again hurt my dad deeply. Grandfather Charles Dailey Patterson remarried again in Alton, Illinois to a Daisy Nancy Johnson from Carrollton, Illinois on 28 June 1943.

My dad was a very religious man and impressed religion upon his children as the only way to satisfaction and salvation. So, here I am trying to piece together the pieces of a very dysfunctional family at the grandparents level hoping that there are wonderful relatives at the great grandparent level and great great grandparent level. The only pieces I have been able to find are Charles Dailey Patterson record of funeral lists his mother as Emaline last name unknown. His social security application lists his father as Stephen Patterson and his mother as Martha E. (maybe Emeline) Johnson with a place of birth as Carrollton, Illinois. The Greene County Historical and Genealogical Society researched Stephen Patterson and Emaline Johnson and found a marriage license dated 2 September 1884 listing Stephens parents as Hezakiah Patterson (born in Bates County MO in March 1821) and mother as Martha Kelly (born somewhere in Kentucky Abt 1820) from Calhoun County, Illinois and Emaline's parents as Hans Johnson and Eloise Selock from Pike County, Illinois. The Society was kind enough to send me the 1860 Calhoun County Census listing the family:

Hezekiah Patterson age 39 Farmer born in Missouri b. 9 March 1821

Martha Kelly Patterson age 40 born in Kentucky b. Abt 1820

James age 16 born in Illinois b. Abt 1844

William J. age 14 born in Illinois b. Abt 1846

Rachel age 12 born in Illinois b. Abt 1848

Hezekiah Jr. age 10 born in Illinois b. 8 May 1848


Dennis age 8 born in Illinois b. Abt 1852

Joseph W age 5 born in Illinois b. Abt 1855

Stephen age 4 born in Illinois b . Abt 1856

Mirinda age 1 born in Illinois b. Abt 1859

The Society was kind enough to send me the 1880 Greene County Census listing the family:

Hezekiah Patterson age 59 Farmer born in Missouri

Martha Kelly Patterson age 60 born in Kentucky

Hezekiah Jr. age 30 born in Illinois

Joseph age 25 born in Illinois

Stephen age 23 born in Illinois

Estella age 4 Granddaughter (daughter of Hezekiah Jr.) born in Illinois

Emeline Johnson age 18 Servant born in Illinois

What I can't find is a definite link between Charles Dailey Patterson and Stephen Patterson/Emeline Johnson nor can I find the cemetery where they were laid to reset in or around Eldred (previously Bluffdale where their marriage license showed that they resided.) My possible great great grandfather Hezekiah Patterson died 3 December 1895 according to the Patriot Newspaper article dated Friday 6 December 1895 showing he lived in Calhoun County and moved to Greene County, that he was a devout Baptist that he was born in Bates County, Missouri (on the Missour/Kansas border) on 9 March 1821 and that the funeral was held in Eldred, Illinois (no cemetery where he was laid to rest is listed). The 1890 Greene County Census shows that Hezekiah Patterson Jr. as the head of household and must have taken in his mother because it shows that she lived at the same residence. A 1933 obituary clip shows that Hezekiah Patterson Jr. died at the age of 81 years 8 months 7 days in Eldred, Illinois (b. 8 May 1848 d. 15 January 1933) and buried at Richwoods Cemetery (no listing for the cemetery today). The article lists his wife as Mary Gunterman with two children born to them one dying in infancy and Ira Davidson who had two daughters Mrs. Vernon Regor of Chicago, Illinois and Mrs. Bryan Shackelford of Eldred. It also says he and his brothers (unknown who) engaged in timber chopping in Eldred, Illinois. It lists the pall bearers as:

George Clark George Bechdoldt Otto Bechdolt

Elbert Hurst Gilbert Tribble William Coonrod

Charles Smith

Zerlida Bushnell, Ruth Taylor as the singers.

Out of town relatives listed:

Mr. & Mrs. F. H. McCracken of Granite City, Illinois

Mr. And Mrs. Howard Walker of Granite City, Illinois

Howard Moore and children of Jacksonville, Illinois

Mrs. Sarah Dean of Jerseyville, Illinois

John Driver of White Hall, Illinois

(No listing of any other Patterson's attending the funeral)

In 1890 personal property taxes were paid by Joseph Patterson and William Patterson both living in Eldred, Illinois.

Marriages in Greene County, Illinois:

Hezekiah Patterson to Martha Kelley on 14 October 1841

Hezekiah Patterson Jr. to Nancy E. Gunterman on 16 Feb 1874

James Patterson to Nancy A. Reid on 1 August 1874

Stephen Patterson to Emeline Johnson on 2 September 1884

Joseph W. Patterson to Ida M. Groce on 17 March 1887 (Questionable)

Dennis Patterson to Anna Turnis on 5 May 1889

Dennis Patterson (son of James and Nancy) to Angeline E. Rathgeber in 1917. Daughters were Lucille died in infancy, Mary and Leontine


Hezekiah Pattrson (patriarch of the Patterson Family) b. 9 March 1821 d. 3 December 1895 (buried ?????)

James Patterson (oldest son of Hezekiah and Martha Patterson) b. Abt 1844 d. 10 June 1924 (buried by the State Richwoods West Cemetery)

Hezekiah Patterson (son of Hezekiah and Martha Patterson) b. 8 May 1848 d. 15 January 1933 (buried Richwoods Cemetery)

Dennis Patterson b. 21 January 1887 d. 29 April 1936 (son of James and Nancy Patterson) (buried Eldred Cemetery)

Angeline E. (Rathgeber) Patterson b. 27 March 1899 d. February 1964 (wife of Dennis Patterson) buried Eldred Cemetery)

Charles Dailey Patterson (son of Stephen and Emeline Patterson) b. 16 August 1898 d. 1 October 1976 (buried Upper Alton Cemetery)

Charles Ray Patterson Sr. (son of Charles D. and Lutie Ethel Patterson) b. 2 November 1922 d. 24 December 1981 (buried Lake View Memorial Gardens Cemetery)

Charles Ray Patterson Jr. (son of Charles R (Sr). and Eilene Patterson) b. 26 May 1950 d. 17 February 1990 (buried Lake View Memorial Gardens Cemetery)

May 7th 1936 "Patriot Newspaper" Obituary on Dennis Patterson states he is survived by a brother Hezekiah Patterson of Alton and a sister Mrs. Jack Bell of Eldred.

So, here I am in search of Stephen Patterson and Emaline Johnson Patterson to determine if they are the father of Charles Dailey Patterson b. 16 August 1898 (Stephen 26 and Emeline 21 at next birthday on marriage license dated 2 September 1884 making Stephen 39 and Emeline 35 at the time of the birth). Do you have any family records that show the children of Stephen and Emeline Patterson? Or do you know of any living relatives that I could contact to get this information? Was your mother a Patterson? What was her full name? Do you know the name of you grandfather and grandmother of any other Patterson information?

I am a career Army Officer (Chief Warrant Officer) in the South Carolina Army National Guard. My wife has been a housewife all of our married years. We have two boy, Jamie Charles Patterson and Josh Randall Patterson. I am 53, Nancy is 52, Jamie is 29 and Josh is 25. Jamie is draftsman for sprinkler company and his wife Kimberley Smith Patterson works with him. Josh is an electrician and currently going to college to be a civil engineer. Pictures are enclosed of my family and my father's family. My dad's name was Charles Ray Patterson, Sr. he married Eilene Florence Brauch and had 4 children, Sharon Eilene age 57, Charles Ray Patterson, Jr. (died in automobile accident in 1993 at age 42, me (Benjamin Craig Patterson) age 52, and Kieth Alan Patterson age 49.

I have been working on this for over 5 years and now I am at a complete standstill. Any information, leads or help would be greatly appreciated from y'all.

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