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William & John Parsons PA. Quakers

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Surnames: Parsons, Briggs, Gahagan, Jones, Waters

1682 LANDS Granted by PENN to Purchasers of Eng.,Ire.,Scotland,etc.:

17-George Powell, John Clare, John Hill, Christopher Forford, William Beaks, Samuel Allen, Walter King, John Passons (John Parsons)- Abram Hooper, Thomas Plaice, Richd. Mills, William Alloway, Francis Harford, John Wall - John Wallis,John Coats, Richard Collins......
57-Isaac Gelius, Peter Dalbo, John Barns, John Songhurst,
John Snashold, Jane Bachelour, Thomas Parsons, Richard Parsons.
End of this list.



A small township.--John Chapman first settler.
Ralph Smith. –First house erected. - Death of John Chapman. -William Smith. –John Penquite. -Francis Richardson. -James Harrison. -Randall Blackshaw. -The Wilkinsons. [-William Lacey. - General Lacey (2)]. -Township organized. -Townstead. -When divided. -Effort to enlarge township. -Richard Mitchell. -Settlers from New England. -Friends' meeting. -Meetinghouse built. -Ann Parsons. -Zebulon Heston. -Louisa Heston Paxson. -Jesse S. Heston. -Thomas Ross. -Improvements. - Roasdale. -Warner. -Charles Smith. -Burning lime with coal. -Pineville, Penn's Park and Wrightstown. -The Anchor. -Population. -Large tree. -Oldest house in county. - First settlers were encroachers.

Two years and three months after William Penn and his immediate followers had landed upon the banks of the Delaware, John Chapman, of the small town of Stannah (2), in Yorkshire, England, with his wife Jane, and children Mara, Ann, and John, took up his residence in the woods of Wrightstown, the first white settler north of Newtown.
The following data is from "The Friend":

After a hard life in the wilderness John Chapman died about the month of May in 1694 and was buried in the old graveyard near Penn's Park, whither his wife followed him in 1699. She was his second wife, whose maiden name was Jane Saddler, born about 1635, and married to John Chapman, June 12, 1670, and was the mother of but two of his children. A stone erected at his grave bore the following inscription:

There is neither town, nor parish, by the name of Stannah in England at the present day. It is thought that this place is identical with the present Stanhope in the valley of the river Wear, in Durham County. The church records of Stanhope show that the Chapman’s belonged to that parish before John joined the Friends, and there he was baptized. As the family records give Yorkshire as the last county he resided in before coming to America, he probably changed his dwelling place after he became a Friend. Durham and Yorkshire are adjoining counties. As Stanhope is in Durham, and not in Yorkshire, the confusion of locality remains.

The children of John Chapman intermarried with the families of Croasdale, Wilkinson, Olden, Parsons and Worth, and have a large number of descendants.

In the early history of the county they did much to mould its public affairs. Ann Chapman, the daughter of John, became a distinguished minister among Friends. She traveled as early as 1706, and made several trips to England. The family added largely to the real estate originally held in Wrightstown and elsewhere, and about 1720 the Chapman’s owned nearly one-half of all the land in the township.

When Wrightstown was laid out into a township a mile square townstead, about in the centre of it, was reserved by the Proprietary, whose intention is thought to have been to devote it to a public park for the use of the township. It was surveyed in 1695. At the end of thirteen years the inhabitants became dissatisfied with the reservation, and on petition of the land-owners the Proprietary allowed it to be divided among the fifteen men who owned all the land in the township. This was according to the terms of a deed of partition executed in 1719. These fifteen landowners were Smith, Penquite, Parsons, Lumley, Stuckbury, Vansant, Johnson, Pemberton, Ambler, Trotter, Clark, John, Abraham and Joseph Chapman, and Nicholas Williams. James Logan agreed to the terms for the Penns, and John Chapman surveyed the square, which was found to contain 658 acres, one-tenth of the area of the township.

In 1720 an effort was made to enlarge the area of Wrightstown, by adding to it a portion of the manor of Highlands adjoining, in what is now Upper Makefield. The petitioners from Wrightstown were John Chapman, Joseph Chapman, James Harker, William Smith, William Smith, Jr., Thomas Smith, John Laycock, Launcelot Gibson, Abraham Chapman, John Wilkinson, Richard Mitchell, Nicholas Allen, Edward Milnor, Peter Johnson, Garret Johnson, John Parsons, and John Johnson.

The first meeting of Friends was held at John Chapman's in 1686 (6), and afterward at John Penquite's, an accepted minister. Meetings were held at private houses until 1721. These early Friends were members of Middletown monthly that met at Nicholas Walne's. In 1721 Falls Quarterly gave permission to Wrightstown to build a meeting-house, which was erected on a four-acre lot, the gift of John Chapman.

About 1735 there was an influx of settlers from the East, a few families coming from New England, among whom were the Twinings, Lintons, and others. The Warners were there ten years earlier. Joseph, born in 1701 and married Agnes Croasdale, of Middletown, in 1723, settled there in 1726, and afterward purchased 150 acres of Abraham Chapman, part of the original Clark tract. The old mansion is still standing, 147 years old (1876 editions). An addition was built to it in 1769. He was grandson of the
first William, who died at Blockley in 1706. The ancestral acres are still in the family, owned by Thomas Warner, the fifth in descent from Joseph Warner. It is thought that 1,700 persons have descended from Thomas Warner, the first settler in Wrightstown. Those who came into the township at this period purchased land of the original settlers, sometimes with the improvements. With few exceptions the early settlers were of English or Irish descent, although there were some from other European countries. In
1750 Joseph Kirkbride, of Falls, patented 205 acres adjoining James Radcliff,

Wrightstown meeting has produced several ministers among Friends, some of whom became eminent. Of these may be mentioned Agnes Penquite, who died in 1758, aged upward of 100 years, Ann Parsons, born 1685, died 1732, David Dawes, Ann Hampton, Zebulon Heston, and Thomas Ross. Doctor Smith says but one riding chair came to Wrightstown meeting in 1780, that of John Buckman. The women were good riders, and generally came on horseback, but some of them came on foot several miles.

Ann Parson 1675-1732 - d/o John Chapman, Bucks Co., PA

Church Records: Selected Areas of PA, 1600s-1800s
Middletown Monthly Meeting
7/10/1715 - John Parsons, of Settle monthly meeting in Yorkshire, who earlier made his journey with William Baldwin and other Friends.

6/4/1717 - John Parsons and Ann Chapman's marriage orderly
accomplished. (note: She was 42 when she married John. Probably a second
marriage for both) From Georgia Watson

Husband's Name John PARSONS (AFN:GZ7S-0H)
Born: Abt. 1672
Place: <Stanghah, Skelton Parish, Yorkshire, England>
Married: 1717 Place: Wrightstown, Bucks, Pa (age abt. 45)
Wife's Name Ann CHAPMAN (AFN:GZ7R-RB)
Born: 19 Mar 1676
Place: Stanghah, Skelton Parish, Yorkshire, England
Died: 9 Oct 1732
Married: 1717 Place: Wrightstown, Bucks, Pa (age abt. 41)
Father: John CHAPMAN (AFN:GZ7R-NS)
Mother: Jane SADLER (AFN:GZ7R-P0)

Hinshaws’ Philadelphia MM, page 403. (Different John and Ann)
Ann, wd John, d 6-25-1712
Hugh d 2-1-1720
John bur 6-19-1705
John, s John, bur 4-8-1714

The above John Parsons is listed on the 1684 Philadelphia lot owners “Penn’s Colony, Vol. 1: Passengers & Ships”. He lived on Second Street, Lot # 147.

Pennsylvania Wills, 1682-1834 p883 Phila. Co. 1682-1726

PARSONS, HUGH. Philadelphia. Tailor.
January 2, 1719. April 5, 1720. D. 152.
Cousin John Young of Wrexall, Somerset County, Great Britain, yeoman,
and Grace his wife; also their children John, Anne, Mary and Dorothy.
Cousin John Parsons, ibidem, yeoman and Dorothy his wife, also their
children Elizabeth, Anne, Mary, Dorothy, Grace and Eleanor. Uncle
Richard Parsons of Bristol, England, cordwainer, and his four children,
names not given, Deborah Greene, John Shalcross, Oxford Township,
Philadelphia County, yeoman, and his wife Hannah. Abraham and John
Hooper. Executors: Mary --house, John Evans, John Knowles, Israel
Pemberton and John Warder.
Witnesses: Joseph Hawley and John Willmerton.

Hinshaws’ Philadelphia MM, page 615.

John, s John & Florence, roc dated 1681-7-4 (NOT OUR PARSONS)

1685, 6, 23. John, Somerset Co., m Ann Powell,
Somerset Co., at MH in Parish in Grinton

1699,10,29. Thomas rocf Horsham MM, held in
Sussex, Eng., dated 1699, 5, 12.

Hugh &w, Jane, rocf Bath MM, Somerset Co., Eng., dated 1714/5,1,7

1717,12,28. Ann [Parson], rocf “the several mtgs. She belonged to”

1759,8,31. Ruth [Parson], w Wm. , rocf Chesterfield MM, dated 1759,5,7.
[Ruth Person in one record] (1759-1729) William Parsons 30 years old.

1804,8,31. Elizabeth [Parson] rocf ND MM.

Church Records: Selected Areas of PA, 1600s-1800s
Wrightstown Monthly Meeting
2/1/1759 - One of the overseers has spoken to John Parsons concerning
his proceeding in marriage contrary to the rules of our Society. (John Parsons Jr. age 32 )

Church Records: Selected Areas of PA, 1600s-1800s
Wrightstown Monthly Meeting
7/7/1772 - John Parsons requests certificate, having removed
out of the Province. (John Parsons Jr. age 45 or John so. William age 17)


Pennsylvania Wills, 1682-1834
WARDER, JOHN. City of Philadelphia. Feltmaker. May 5, 1746. May 9,
1757. K.529. (Could this be Warner not Warder?) Many Warner’s In Wrightstown.
Legatees: Nephew, John Parsons, and his sons John and William Parsons.
Exec: Wife Lydia. Assistant Exec: Kinsman Joseph Stretch.
Witnesses: John Riely, Robert Forde, Edward Williams.

Area history: Watson's Annals, Facts And Occurrences of the Primitive Settlement Part I: Vol I

1st June, 1705 --- Alderman Masters, Alderman Jones, Tho's Pascall, &c.
&c. not appearing at this Council, are fined 3s. a piece.
It is ordered that Alderman Carter and John Parsons do oversee the
Repairs of the Old Cage, to be converted into a Watch house for present

Sept. 30, 1723 -- Alderman Fishbourne, Geo. Fitzwater and John Warder,
are requested to Imloy persons immediately for the Opening of the High
street to the New Ferry.

(Cousin Parsons D:152 2 1 1719 5 4 1720 Remarks: Hugh Parsons of Philadelphia. Tailor. 1/2/1719. Cousin John Young of Wrexall, Somerset County, Great Britain, yeoman, and Grace his wife; also their children John, Anne, Mary and Dorothy. Cousin John Parsons, ibidem, yeoman and Dorothy his wife, also their children Elizabeth, Anne, Mary, Dorothy, Grace and Eleanor. Uncle Richard Parsons of Bristol, England, cordwainer, and his four children, names not given, Deobrah Greene, John Shalcross, Oxford Township, Philadelphia County, yeoman, and his wife Hannah. Abraham and John Hooper. Executors: Mary --house, John Evans, John Knowles, Israel Pemberton and John Warder.)

Pennsylvania Wills, 1682-1834

PARSONS, JOHN. Philadelphia.
July 1, 1699. August 22, 1705. C. 3. (This is not our John Parsons)
Brother Thomas and his children John, Thomas, James and Sarah. Brother-
in-law William Tyler and his children William, John, Mary and Joane
Tyler. Executrix: Wife Anne.
Overseers: Wife's nephew Samuel Powell and Samuel Carpenter.
Witnesses: Samuel Carpenter, Abraham Hopper, Elizabeth Badcock.

PARSONS, ANN. City of Philadelphia, widow of John Parsons, carpenter.
April 5, 1705. August 26, 1710. C331. (This is not our Ann Parsons)
Only daughter of my sister Susannah in Great Britain. Thomas Parsons.
My brother Parsons his son by his second wife. My husband's sister's
daughter Mary. --- (?) Wadington, sister of Fras. Mary. My sister in
law Mary Parsons. William Sylor, my husband's sister's son. John
Tylor. William Alloway, son of William Alloway. Friend Elizabeth
Griffith, Friend Margaret Paul. --- daughter Ann ---. Friend John
Salbel(?) and wife Agnes ---. Thomas Story --- Richard Scill---.
Elizabeth Griffith, Susannah Gaill---?, Israel Preston and Samuel
Carpenter. Witnesses: Israel Pemberton, Ralph Cross.

In William Wade Hinshaws
Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy Vol. II, NJ. and Pennsylvania,
they were listed on Page 180 under the Burlington NJ. MM.

John and Anne Parsons,

with children;
John b. 27 Mar 1727,
William b. 11 Oct 1729 (2 Yrs. Btwn.) and
Joshua b. 19 Dec 1731/32.

William would be my 8th. Generation Grandfather.
William was said to have lived in Philadelphia some time before moving
to East Bradford (Burmingham) Twp. in Chester Co. Pa.
(Believe that William became a surveyor or apprentice? He has been found in Bucks Co., Burlington, NJ., Falls MM, Dauphine Co., Northampton Co., Montgomery Co. )

History of Chester County Book:
PARSONS, William pge 148, 158
PARSONS, Henry pge 198

This occurred before his son John Parsons (7th. Gen.) was b. 10 Jun 1755, indicating that William was 26 yr. of age and married. His spouses name is believed to have been Elizabeth ?

Also from the Pennsylvania Wills, 1682-1834 Warder, John. City of Pennsylvania. Feltmaker. May 5, 1746. May 9, 1757. Legatees: Nephew, John Parsons, and his sons John and William Parsons.

Later, William and family removed to Huntingdon County, PA.

Warrantees of Land in the County of Huntingdon, 1787-1889

Name Acres Date of Survey

Rohrer, Christian 400 January 16, 1793
Rohrer, John 400 January 16, 1793
Jeffries, Rich'd. 200 March 14, 1794
Pearson, William 150 June 17, 1794 (?)
Pearson, Wm. 400 January 5, 1796 (?)
Shade, John 13 Sept. 17, 1812
Etnier, Martin 300 Sept. 17, 1812
Etnier, John 65 August 12, 1816

(Residence: William Pearson listed on the East Bradford Twp., Chester Co. tax records from 1765-1781.!Land: Huntingdon Co. land warrantee 17 Jun 1794 and 5 Jan 1796.) (Not our William)

It seems that this found piece of data from Maryland could be important for connecting the interrelationship of Parsons/Pearson Surnames in our ancestral line.

There was another William Pearson that was listed as the so. Enoch Pearson as follows:

ID: I488
Name: William (3) Pearson (Not our William)
Sex: M
Birth: 9 NOV 1718
Death: 7 OCT 1780 in BUSCH RIVER, SC

Father: Enoch Pearson b: 12 MAY 1690 in Pennsylvania
Mother: Mary M. Smith b: 8 JUN 1697 in Darby, Chester County, Pennsylvania

Marriage 1 Elizabeth Everingham b: ABT 1720
Married: 25 MAR 1762.

William Parsons so. John Parsons, b. 11 Oct 1729, d. abt. 1781. Philadelphia Area. (Our William)

John Parsons so. William Parsons, b. 10 June 1755, Chester Co., d. 21 Oct 1822, Mifflin/Juniata Co., Pa.

Samuel Parsons so. John Parsons, b. abt.1788, d. abt. 1865. Mifflin/Juniata/Huntingdo Co.

William Lyman Parsons so. Samuel Parsons, b. abt. 1817, d. 9 Jul 1895, buried in Nossville M.E. Church Cemetery Nossville, Huntingdon County Pennsylvania, USA, His marker reads: Parsons -- William L. 1817-1895, Margaret L. Jones, his wife, 1818-1889, m. Margaret J. Jones, 30 Apr 1867.

John Lewis Parsons, so. William Lyman Parsons, b. 18 Sept 1846 in Nossville,Huntingdon Co.,PA, d. 2 Feb 1927, buried Memorial Cemetery, Newton Hamilton, Mifflin County, Pennsylvania, USA, m. Rose A. Briggs, 30 Apr 1867, Shade Gap Huntingdon Co., Pa.

Ralph Shade Parsons, so. John Lewis Parsons, b. 4 Nov 1868 in Mifflin, Pa., d. 15 Nov 1928, buried in Mount Jewett, McKean Co. Pa., (GGrandfather) (m. Ina Pearl Gahagan, 23 May 1901, Mt. Jewett, Pa. d. 01 April 1964, Lakewood, Ohio, buried in Mount Jewett, McKean Co. Pa. . Her SS# 178-09-8602 Appl. Date: 28 Nov 1936. Parents Listed as: Father: John Spencer Gahagan, Mother: Elizabeth Lettie) other ch. Helen and Georgia. (Ralph Shade Parsons sold Sewing Machines for a living. Lived in Warren, Pa., McKean County. Original Marriage Certificate #2510, Clerk of Orphans Court of McKean County, Pennsylvania. John Lusher, Minister of the Gospel. Married on the 23 May 1901. Mt. Jewett is located in Hamlin Twp.

John Spencer Parsons, so. Ralph Shade Parsons, b. 5 Mar 1902, d. 1 Aug 1972, (Grandfather) m. Bernice Aldarette Belden, 17 April 1924, Sayer Bedford Co., Pa. d. 12 Mar 1976, Lakewood, Ohio., other ch. Betty m. Tom Taylor.

(SS # : 706-10-0866 (Obtained at age 36) Date issued: 06 Jan 1937 Parents listed as: Father: Ralph Shade Parsons Mother: Ina Pearl Gahagan Baptized in the, "Methodist Church", Mount Jewett, Pennsylvania on 08 June 1902. By R. A. Thompson, Pastor. "Almost", Graduate of Cornell University as a Civil Engineer. Worked for the Erie and Erie Lakawanna Railroad. Member of the Scorpions Fraternity.)

John Spencer Parsons Jr. so. John Spencer Parsons, b. 18 Sept 1927 (My Father) m. Joan Walker, b. 09 April 1927, Marion, Ohio. other ch. James Spencer

(ME!) David Lee Parsons, so. John Spencer Parsons Jr., b. 1 Jun 1949., m. Brigitte G. Ptach, 21 May 1971, b. 13 May 1950 Germany. ch. Brandon b. 14 May 1976, Justin b. 15 March 1980, Sabrina b. 23 June1982.

Bucks County Associators

From the History of Bucks Co Pennsylvania From the Discovery of the Delaware to The Present Time by William W.H. Davis Second Edition 1905
First Battalion
List of officers of the First Battalion of Bucks Co Associators 1775
Colonel Joseph Kirkbride
Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Anderson
First Major Joseph Penrose
Second Major Joesph McIlvain
ï‚· Bensalem Company August 19, 1775
ï‚· Bristol October 9, 1775
ï‚· Falls August 21, 1775
ï‚· Lower Makefield Company August 19, 1775
ï‚· Middlestown, August 21, 1775
ï‚· Newtown Company August 21, 1775
ï‚· Northampton Company August 19, 1775
ï‚· Southampton August 19, 1775
Second Battalion
Colonel John Beatty
Lieutenant Colonel Robert Shewell
First Major James McMasters
Second Major William Roberts
ï‚· Buckingham Company
ï‚· Hilltown Company August 21, 1775
ï‚· Lower Milford Company 1775
ï‚· New Britain Company
ï‚· Nockamixon Company
ï‚· Plimstead Company August 21, 1775
ï‚· Richland Company October 9, 1775
ï‚· Rockhill Company August 10, 1775
ï‚· Solebury Company August 19, 1775
ï‚· Solebury Company August 21, 1775
ï‚· Springfield Company August 21, 1775
ï‚· Tinicum Company
ï‚· Upper Makefield Company August 19, 1775
ï‚· Warminster Company
ï‚· Warrington Company August 19, 1777
ï‚· Wrightstown

Captain Bennett's Light Dragoons
Captain Darrah's Company Bucks Co Militia December 3, 1777
Captain Darrah's Company Bucks County Militia September 21, 1778
Keller's Battalion of Militia
Captain Richards Stillwell's Company
Seven Month Men 1782

FALLS, AUGUST 21, 1775.
Captain, Thomas Harvey;
First lieutenant. Thomas Janney;
Second lieutenant, George Brown, Jr.
Ensign, Daniel Bunting.
John Antrim, Samuel Barras, John Bates, Thomas Bitts, John Blair, John Borrows, John Bryan, Joseph Bunting, Jr., Thomas Butcher, John Carns, James Carr, Stephen Carter, Richard Clark, Joseph Crozer, Robert Crozer, Joseph Doble, Edmund Fagan, Henry Fagan, William Ferguson, William Gilles, William Gore, Richard Hough, William Houghton, John Hughes, Charles Janney, William Johnson, John Keen, William Kirkpatrick, John Keen, Hugh Morton, Josiah Morgan, Henry Neafur, John Nugent, William Parsons, Lamb Pitner, John Reading, Alexander Recky, William Rice, John Roberts, John Rough, Amos Shaw, Joseph Shaw, Jacob Singleton, John Sotcher, Thomas Stradling, John Tharp, Thomas Thompson, Folard Vandegrift, John Vandegrift, William Vasey, Samuel Weagit, Benjamin Wood, and John Wood (Our William Parsons would be age 46)

Land Records For Bucks County Pa.
Catherine Paystrud Posted these to the Bucks County Mailing list and has given me permission to post to the Bucks County Site. Thanks Catherine.
Page 1
Some of Philadelphia Court Quarter Sessions 1713-34
Land Records For Bucks County Pa.
Catherine Paystrud Posted these to the Bucks County Mailing list and has given me permission to post to the Bucks County Site. Thanks Catherine.
Note from Catherine: some of them were very hard to make out but I did the best I could...

Page 2

Applications for Warrants 1737-48 Bureau of Land in Dauphin Co PA
1746 (William Parsons would have been age 17)
19 Oct- Andrea SEAFOSS 100a adj. Christian STONEBACK & Casper COLB on Branch of Tohichon Bucks Co. WP
23 Oct - John Gerhar WEISS 150 a. adj. Fredrik SNEYDER's land near the Blue Mountains Bucks Co. William Parsons
29 Oct- George HALNECKER 50 a. adj. Adam SCHOOLER and John BOMGARDNER in Upper Milford, Bucks Co. WP
29 Oct- Fredrick DERFLINGER 50 a adj. Michal SMITH and Adam WARNER in Upper Milford, Bucks Co. WP
Oct 28- Gedy KRIM 100 a. adj. his land to Yost HENRY's land in Macungie in Bucks Co since 1 Mar 1740 WP
25 Oct - Jacob HOOBLER 25 a. adj. his other land in Milford twp, Bucks Co. WP
27 Oct - George LECTY? 50 a. adj. Henry SCHLYDORN and Adam LECTY?/TEETY? near the Blue Mountains, Bucks Co. WP
28 Oct - George STEINIGER 25 a. adj. to his other land near Adam COUGHS land in Macungie Bucks Co. WP
5 Sept William PLUMSTED Esq. 50 a. near William PARSONS and Frederick HAYS over Blue Mountains in Bucks Co. RP (William Parsons would have been age 22)

John Parsons and Ann Chapman I believe are the smae as listed in Hinshaw's. The other Jon Parsons listed do not fit the dates.

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