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Letters from a descendant of Lorenzo Dow Pack, 1831 - 1893

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Letters from a descendant of Lorenzo Dow Pack, 1831 - 1893

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James Eydmann, whose wife is a Pack, very, very graciously sent me copies of three letters written 1904/05 by Annie M. Brown to Hannah Raney. Hannah was the daughter of Jonah Morris (1802 - 1867) and Jane Pack (1801 - 1869). Jane, in turn, was the daughter of Samuel Pack (Born ????, but probably 1745 - 1765, d. 1833) and Mary (Polly) Farley (b. 1757, d. 1823 - 1830).

James gave me permission to post them. They are a gold mine. I added blank lines between paragraphs and edited them very slightly. I suspect Annie pronounced the two words "at all" as one, "ay-tall", because she spelled it "atall". I made it "at all". There are some notes, in [square brackets].

If you'd like to post a follow-up to this message, please, feel free. It seems to me that a family group sheet or what my program (Roots Magic) calls an "Individual Summary", with the name of the individual as the subject, would be the easiest for everyone to grasp at a glance, but my personal prejudices are not Universal Truths.

Here they are:


Orchard, Monroe Co. West Va.
Sept 19, 1904

Mrs. Hannah Raney,

My Dear Cousin,

Your kind welcome letter received addressed to the Pack heirs, I am a daughter of the late Lorenzo Pack. And a Gran Daughter of Loammi Pack. My Gran Mother was a Lively. I have heard my Pa speak of his Aunt Jennie Morris. I am certainly glad we have found each other, for now if we cant see each other, we can write. My Father has been dead 11 years, he was one often children and they are all dead. My parents had ten children, and Pa and 7 of the children are dead there is only three of us girls and Ma living now. There was 5 girls and 5 boys, of us my only Brother died with Typhoid fever the 2nd of last month.

My sister Jennie and I married Brothers, and sister Lillian married a Green. One of Jennie's boys went to the fair and said he was going to see you. I have 3 boys and one girl, my oldest boy married the 3rd of last month, my baby is going on 12 years old. Some of Uncle Anderson Packs boys live in Oklahoma, but I do not know their address.

I don't think there is but 3 of them living. Aunt Rebecca Pack was living a year or so ago. She is Uncle Anderson's widow, she is real old, if still living. Mrs Jennie Woodson is a cousin of yours, her Mother was Polly Pack, a niece of your Mothers. I will
give you her address and also the address of my two sisters should you wish to write to them:

Mrs. Jennie Woodson
Cashmere, Monroe Co. West Va.

Mrs. Jennie Brown
Cashmere Monroe Co. West Va.

Mrs. Lillian Green
Wolf Creek Monroe Co. West Va.

The Pack name will soon be a thing of the past, the old set are all dead and gone, and most all of the boys of the young generation are dead, but I am proud of my Pack kin. and would be so glad to see you and yours, or any one of the Pack descendents. We would like so much to have you all visit us. I live 1 1/2 miles from where my Gran Father lived, and died, and from where I was bom and raised.
I live five miles from the celebrated Red Sulphur Springs that are so highly recommended for their medicinal qualities. How long have you been living in Mo., and is you Mother living?

How many children have you? I am the oldest one of Pa's children living I was 44 years old on the 23r of last month. You ought to come back and visit your Mother's native country, and visit us all here. Would all be so glad to have you come. When I write to you again, I will try to tell you more about your kin here, and give you the address of more of them so you can write to them if you wish. Excuse my badly written letter, as my pen is not at all good. Be sure to write to me soon as you get this letter I will enjoy reading a letter from you.

Much love to you
Your cousin
Annie M. Brown
Orchard West Va.


Orchard, Monroe Co. West Va.
Nov. 13, 1904

Mrs. Hannah Raney

My Dear Cousin

I will write you a few lines in answer to your most kind and welcome letter received sometime ago. I was so glad to hear from you. You wrote me such a nice letter. I am sorry to know you are a sufferer from Rheumatis, for that is dreadful. I do hope you yet get so you can walk again.

Dear Cousin, I will explain to you more fully who I am. My Father and you were first cousins, and you and I are second cousins. [Note - first cousins once removed. Ted Pack.] My Grand Fathers name was Loammi Pack, and he was your Mother's Brother He only had 3 sisters. They were Aunt Jane, who married a Morris, Aunt Betsy who married a Dickison, and Aunt Pollie who married a Lively. She married my Grand Mother Pack's Brother. I can remember Aunts Pollie and Betsy, though I was but a little child when they both died. They were very large fleshy women.

My Grand Pa had several Brothers, but I never seen any of them. My Grand Father had ten children, 5 boys and 5 girls, my Pa was next to the youngest child. If he was living he would have been 73 years old, the 3rd day of last July, but he has been dead 11 years last May. His name was Lorenzo he was born in 1831.

All my Aunts and Uncles on Pa's side are dead. I do wish we had found you before Pa died, for it did him so much good to see or get letters from any of his kin people, and you his own cousin. You spoke of sending Aunt Jane's Picture. Oh, I would be so glad to see it, as I never seen any of my Grand Pa's people but Aunt Pollie and Aunt Betsy. Grand Pa died before Pa was married. Please do send it we will all be so glad to see it. Tell your brothers, Sisters and your children to write to me. I would be so glad to read a letter from any of them. My Sister's son left home to go to your place from the fair, but he did not stay but a day or two, and decided to come home, as he did not see any one that he knew.

Aunt Rebecca Pack was living when we heard from her last. I do not know what County she lives in but will give the Post Office and State, direct your letters there and she will get them or some of her family. It is as follows

Mrs. Rebecca Pack,
Burdes, Kansas,

She lives with some of her children or Grand children. Write to me soon and often. Will be glad to hear from you at any time. With much love to you all, I close.

Your anxious Cousin,
Annie M Brown

[Note: Aunt Rebecca was living in Burden, Ks in 1900 with her grandchildren of Dr. John G. Manser and Virginia, nee Pack, in Burden, Cowley County, Ks. Both parents had died. She was the widow of Anderson Pack (1800-1858). Aunt Rebecca died Oct 12, 1907. Jim Eydmann]


Orchard, Monroe Co. West Va.
Jan 29, 1905
Mrs. Hannah Raney,

My Dear Cousin,

I will answer your welcome letter received a short time ago. Was so glad to hear from you once more, but sorry to hear your health is no better. I do hope you will soon get better.

We are all well except my husband, his health is not good at all. He has liver and stomach trouble, has been very poorly for a month or so.

I was so glad to read that old letter from Aunt Betsy and Uncle Jacob Dickison. They used to come to Pa's often when I was a little girl. Aunt Betsy used to come and stay a week at a time, and I used to ride behind Pa to their house. You are my Father's Aunt Jane Morris'es Daughter, there is no mistake about it now. You and I are second cousins, thet letter confirms it all. [Note: Again, first cousin once removed. Ted Pack.]

My grandfather only had 3 sisters and they were Jane, Betsy and Pollie. There is only 2 of your Aunt Pollie's children living, Elias and Christopher. Lively the last named is her baby, he will be 76 years old in May next, he is quite an old baby. He has not walked a step for 7 or 8 years, he has dropsy and Rhenmatism. his feet and legs are swollen so bad he can't wear shoes at all.

Jennie Woodson is a GrandDaughter of your Mother's Brother Bartley, your Uncle Bartley Pack's Daughter Pollie married Jackson Dunn, and she was Jennie Woodson's mother, so you are a second cousin to Jennie Woodson. Her Mother is dead.

Mr. James Campbell lives on your Grand Father Pack's old place. I was born and Raised 1/2 of a mile from where his old house stood.

Uncle Anderson Pack got the old home place, and my Grand Father's land joined his, was a part of the home place, but Uncle Anderson got the house. I was born and raised in my Grand Father Packs house, he willed it to my Father. I now live just two miles from the two old places.

I am so glad we have found each other. I do wish we could have found you years ago before Pa died, for it did him so much good to hear from any of his kin people, but Dear Pa is gone, and left us here to mourn the loss of a dear Father. But we sorrow not as those with out hope, for he died a triumphant death, and we hope to one day meet him, and all our loved ones in the Beautiful home of the good.

My Nephew left home with the intention of going to see you. but he did not see any one he knew there, and got so homesick he came on back. I send you my Grand Fathers family record, just the names and date of birth of him and his wife and all his children, also that of my father's family. I have the marriages, and deaths of them all, will send them later on. I thought you would like to know the names of some of your kin. You are near and dear to me, for we are blood kin. Write to me often, and I will write you in return, love to you all.

Your loving cousin
Annie M. Brown


Record of Loammi and Jane Pack, his wife.


Loammi Pack (son of Samuel and Mary Pack)
born May 20, 1791

Jane Pack (Daughter of Coteral and Sarah Lively)
born September 10, 1791
[Note: We usually spell it "Cottrell", but I imagine it has gone down in all four variations, Cotrel, Cottrel, Cotrell and Cottrell, plus some more. If you could shoot straight, work hard, stand tall and speak the truth, spelling consistently didn't matter much, back then. Sarah's maiden name was Maddy. Ted Pack]

This is their children.

Cynthia Pack, born June 11, 1812.
Lucinda Pack, born November 24, 1814.
Loammi Pack, born March 2, 1817.
Bartley Pack, born January 11, 1822.
Polly Pack, born May 26, 1824.
Eliza Jane Pack, born November 17, 1826.
Samuel Cyrus Pack, born January 13, 1829.
Lorenzo Dow Pack, born July 3, 1831.
John Lively Pack, born October 13, 1833.

[Note: Lorenzo Dow, (October 16, 1777 – February 2, 1834) was the Billy Graham of his day. His biography sold more copies, in his time, than any book save the Bible. There are at least 10,000 children named after him - or at least named "Lorenzo Dow" - on Roots Web World Connect. More than one genealogist has searched, fruitlessly, for a maiden name "Dow", and wondered why a dour Scotch-Irish Presbyterian family would saddle a baby with some romantic Catholic Italian/Spanish name like "Lorenzo". Ted Pack.]

This Loammi Pack was your mother's brother, and my grandfather. The Lorenzo Pack mentioned in the record is my father and your first cousin, so you see we are close a kin. I thought you would like to see the record. I will give you this record of pa's family on the back of this. [Note - this looks like Annie M. Brown had the family Bible, or a copy of it. Ted Pack.]

Family of Lorenzo Dow Pack.

Lorenzo Dow Pack (son of Loammi and Jane Pack) born July 3, 1831.

Mary Jane Pack (daughter of Jacob and Maria Douthat) born June 12, 1838.
Annie Maria Pack, born August 23, 1860.
Jennie Lee Pack, born October 20, 1861.
Henry Wirt [Wint? Mint?] Pack, born January 7, 1864.
James Jackson Pack, born November 20, 1865.
Mary Lillian Pack, born June 21, 1869.
Lucy Pierce Pack, born June 17, 1871.
Thomas Webster Pack, born September 8, 1876.

I had a little brother and sister that died before they were named. There is only three of us children living, that is Jennie, Mary Lillian and myself.
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