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The Origin of the Name Barak Husain Obama

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The Origin of the Name Barak Husain Obama

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Surnames: Barack, Obama, Ham, Putnam
President Barak Obama’s Name

By Mark R. Putnam

While doing a paper on PUT-ME-ON [Clothes] a hobby business that is currently only on paper, I felt certain that I was able to “put a name or meaning” to President Barak Obama’s surname.

Here is my answer:

“Bariki” in Swahili, which is from Arabic, means blessed.

It is interesting that Hosni Mubarak, the former leader of Egypt had a similar surname to Barack's given name in essence. Both mean blessed.

Of, course, “Hussain”, President Barak Obama’s middle name, means good.

The surname Obama is said to mean to crook or bend. In Swahili “-inama” means to bend.

The name Obama seems to be, a form of “Abba Hama” meaning the King [father or ruler] of Ham.

“Abba” most of the time means father or father-hood.

In the Bible, Ham was the son of Noah and the ruler of Egypt.

The name Ham is said to mean hot or fiery and was from the Jewish word “kham”. This is close to the Latin word for a forge or fireplace . . . “caminus”.

I live in the City of Caro, Michigan, which is a shorten name of the Egyptian word Cairo.

The name Ham really seems not to mean hot but to angle or hook. The Latin word “hamus” means hook.

The Libyan Diety Hammon [or Ammon] is reported in Latin.

It seems that President Barack Obama’s name means the Blessed Ruler of Ham or Egypt.

Egypt in the Bible was called the Land of Ham.

Ham seems to means to hook or hem and comes from “hame”, which is a very old [European] word meaning clothing or a covering.

“Hame” means the shirt.

Latin “camis” means a shirt.

Latin “hamus” and “camur” also mean to be hooked.

Greek “kampto” means to be hooked from which we get the word camel the animal with the hump, vaulted, curved, or hooked back.

To some people “Obama” means to be crooked or bent, but actually politically or otherwise it means to give way.

From “hamus” and “camis” we get the French word “chemise”.

The Dutch and German word “hemd”, and the Arabic word “qamis” all meaning shirt.

So, it is that President Barak Obama’s given, middle, and surname mean the Blessed Good Shirt-maker: The Blessed Good Shirt-maker of Ham.

Thanks or reading.

Mark R. Putnam

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