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Hello! - New board admin

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Hello! - New board admin

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As the new board administrator of the Norville board it is my responsibility to review messages posted to the board and delete postings, move postings and edit the Subject field, Surname box entries, and Classification where necessary to enhance the quality and functionality of the board. The author of a post have complete control over the body of the messages you post and the message text itself is never edited/changed by others.

I have been and will continue to delete any message posted that is a duplicate of another posted message, is an off topic message or that violates any of the Cummunity Guidelines. Please understand that searches for living individuls that are not geneological searches are not on topic for this board and will be deleted.

Message postings that are of variants of the surname Norville will be left on the Norville surname message board. However, I do strongly suggest that an additional posting be made on the variant surname boards as well as the Norville surname board in order to maximize the probable responses.

In addition, I have been and will continue editing the following field(s) of the messages posted on the Norville Message Board in order to maximize search results. You will find a brief explanation of the usage of each of the field(s) below for future reference.

Subject field: This field should be complete, concise, and specific in describing the content of the body of the message you are posting. The subject should not be general such as "genealogy," "searching," or "looking" because everyone posting a query on the board is searching for genealogical information. When deciding on a subject for your message try putting yourself in the place of someone searching the board and ask yourself if your subject would help them understand the content of your query.

Surname box entries: Enter only surnames (last names) that are included in the message you have posted in this box. Do NOT include surnames just because you are researching them unless they are included in the message body. List surnames one at a time separated by a comma. Example: Smith, Cousins, James, List, Van Allen, Jones, de la Croix, Wood, Woods Whether you list the names in upper, lower, or mixed case is not important. Surnames which have variants such as Wood and Woods should be listed separately and not shown as: Wood(s) or as Wood/Woods This is because the search engine would not pick them up correctly when shown in this manner.

The purpose of the Surname box entries is to enable board searchers to use the advanced search option and search ONLY on the names you have listed in the box indicating they are surnames. It eliminates from searches words appearing elsewhere in a post (but not listed in the Surname box) such as the poster's name (Sally Smith may have posted numerous messages on the board and signed them with her full name in the message body), a common word (such as Cousins above), or given name (such as James above).

Do not enter anything other than surnames in the Surname box. Do not enter given names or locations, and do not use descriptive words such as "and" "many more" "Jr." or "etc." and do not use punctuation unless it is a part of a surname (other than the commas which form the separation between each Surname entry).

Classification: If you are posting a query or replying to a query, select the default classification of Query from the drop down menu. If you are posting data/documents select the data type that most closely matches the type of information you are posting: Bible, Will, Deed, Biography, etc. A question about a document such as a Deed is classified as a Query not a Deed. Only data/documents are classified as one of the data classifications. A Query requesting a lookup is still a Query. A response to a lookup request giving the information requested may be classified as a Lookup.

The purpose of proper classification of messages is to enable board visitors to view and/or search messages by data type.

If you have any questions you may contact me at my email address provided in the "board information" or you may take a look at the Board Help and Board FAQ at the bottom of each board page.

I look forwarding to working with each of you.


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