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NIX - of Union Co., South Carolina (1700-1800''s)

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Nix of Union County, South Carolina

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Descendants of John Nix, Sr.

Generation No. 1

1. JOHN2 NIX, SR. (A. JOSEPH1) was born May 20, 1762 in Virginia, and died January 12, 1833 in Georgia. He married SARAH WINTERS in Franklin County, Georgia.

Notes for JOHN NIX, SR.:
Also on microfilm. Salt Lake City : Filmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah, 1981. on 1 microfilm reel ; 35 mm. FHL US/CAN Film
1033651 Item 4

John and Sara did not come to Ga. to 1801 or 2. John died in Ms.1832 leaving a will naming all his children living or dead. Sara was still alive. The will was probated in Monroe Ms. ,Settled in 1844 when they sold off all household goods including a bible.

My family history begins with John Nix, born in the 1760's who married Sarah ? They were living in Union County, South Carolina according to the census of 1790. They moved to Georgia around 1800. After much searching I found a land deed in Franklin County, Georgia dated march 30, 1810. John purchased 290 acres of land on Eastanolle Creek near where a Wiliam Nix had settled a few years earlier in 1795. It appears from information that I have found that these two were brothers. William was also listed in the 1790 census of Union County, South Carolina. The evidently came to Franklin County first; with my Ancestor, John, following a few years later. Old land deeds in Franklin and Habersham show that William and John bought and sold land there for several years. William died rather young according to some land deeds, leaving a wife named Sarah and at least three small children. Jonathan, Esther and Moses.

Franklin County deed books dated January 29, 1821 show that John sold 200 acres of land on Eastanolle Creek for $200.00 to Thomas (Collars?). After the sale of their land, John and Sarah, with some of the younger children, moved to Monroe County, Mississippi and appear in the 1830 census there. Only two sons remained at home, most probably the younger sons Benjamin and Aaron. The records show John died perhaps January 12, 1833. He left an estate of over $1,500.00 which was divided equally among his children and heirs. According to the settlement records that were found in the Mississippi Archives, he was a farmer with over 250 acres of land. Portions of the Estate inventory are hard to read, but show that he had horses, cattle, pigs, a goat, three hives of bees and blacksmithing tools. It took from 1833 to 1847 to settle the Estate, as the older children remained in Habersham County and two of the daughters were in Marengo Count, Alabama. During the time the Estate was being settled Benjamin died, leaving his share to three small children who survived him. John and Sarah are probably buried in the old Roberds or Cockrane Cemeteries in Monroe County, Mississippi. There are a number of their relatives buried there. john and Sarah had twelve children.

Lived in Union Co. SC, then moved to Franklin Co. Ga which gave up his area to the new county of Habersham

John Nix went to Miss.With his youngest and his oldest married daughters, including sons Arron and Moses, In his Will of1832,he named all his Children even the sons in Ga,


N200 NIX Aaron 1800 M-32 50 233 40020-20100-00
N200 NIX Benjamin 1800 M-32 50 218 32001-12001-00
N200 NIX John 1800 M-32 50 235 21110-21011-00
N200 NIX Joseph 1800 M-32 50 234 00001-00001-00
N200 NIX Moses 1800 M-32 50 217 20010-30010-00


N200 NIX Aaron 1810 M-252 61 242 NdRcd
N200 NIX Benjamin 1810 M-252 61 236 NdRcd
N200 NIX Moses 1810 M-252 61 242 NdRcd
N200 NIX Solomon 1810 M-252 61 236 NdRcd


N200 NIX Aaron 1820 M-33 121 129 420001-02110
N200 NIX Benjamin 1820 M-33 121 143 000011-00101
N200 NIX Miles 1820 M-33 121 129 000001-20101
N200 NIX Miles 1820 M-33 121 143 100100-10200
N200 NIX Moses 1820 M-33 121 129 200011-00100
N200 NIX William 1820 M-33 121 149 000010-01011
N200 NIX Wylie 1820 M-33 121 149 100100-10100

Nix families in Union County area South Carolina from 1700-1800's. I have a A.Joseph Nix b abt 1736 of Union Co., SC, other Nix's mentioned were possibly brothers of his: John, Benjamin, Aaron, Moses, Solomon, all of Union Co., SC. Are these Nix's connected with the Ambrose Nix of South Carolina?

I made a mistake about the older Winters moving to Gilmer County, GA. Their daughter moved, but considering the age in 1850 of John and Mary, I believe they may have died in Habersham County, GA. John was age 85 and born NC, Mary was 83 and born NC.
John Born ca 1765. Mary born ca 1767.

Children of JOHN NIX and SARAH WINTERS are:
i. RACHEL3 NIX, b. December 31, 1784, Union County, South Carolina; d. Abt. 1840; m. JOHN ROBARDS; b. February 19, 1771, Union County, South Carolina; d. Bet. 1825 - 1830.

They lived in Unon County, South Carolina, then moved to Georgia, Kentucky and later moved on to Marango County, Alabama. According to the Estate of her father John Nix, Rachel died before 1847. Some descendants report she died as early as 1830. Her children received her share of the Estate.

ii. ANNA NIX, b. 1786; m. (1) THOMAS ROBARDS; b. 1781; d. 1823, Marengo, Alabama; m. (2) CHARLES WIGGINTON, May 01, 1830.

Notes for ANNA NIX:
They lived in Franklin County, then moved to Kentucky, and later to Marango County, Alabama. They had 12 children. Thomas died in 1823 before the Estate of John Nix was settled in 1847. After Thomas' death Anna moved to monroe County, Mississippi to be near her family. She married on May 1, 1830 to Charles Wigginton, who is mentioned in the Estate of her father.

2. iii. JOSEPH NIX, b. 1787, Union County, South Carolina; d. Abt. 1855.
iv. LYDIA NIX, b. 1788, Union County, South Carolina; m. WILLIAM E. SMITH; b. 1787.

Notes for LYDIA NIX:
Came to Franklin County with her parents when she was about thirteen years old.

3. v. WILLIAM T. NIX, b. 1788.
4. vi. JOHN NIX, JR., b. 1794, Union County, South Carolina; d. Abt. 1862, Clarkesville, Georgia.
5. vii. JONAS NIX, b. December 10, 1796, Union County, South Carolina; d. August 15, 1867.
6. viii. SARAH NIX, b. Abt. 1798, Union County, South Carolina; d. Bef. 1870, Monroe County, Mississippi.
ix. VESTA NIX, b. Abt. 1803, Georgia; m. THOMAS WHITWORTH.

Notes for VESTA NIX:
Lived in Monroe County, Mississippi

7. x. MOSES NIX, b. Abt. 1804, Georgia.
8. xi. BENJAMIN NIX, b. December 19, 1807, Georgia; d. March 23, 1840, Roberts Cemetery, Monroe County, Mississippi.
9. xii. AARON NIX, b. Abt. 1809, Georgia; d. 1856.

Generation No. 2

2. JOSEPH3 NIX (JOHN2, A. JOSEPH1) was born 1787 in Union County, South Carolina, and died Abt. 1855.

Child of JOSEPH NIX is:
i. JOHN J.4 NIX, b. 1809; d. December 21, 1852; m. ELIZABETH ADAMS; b. 1818; d. May 24, 1866.

3. WILLIAM T.3 NIX (JOHN2, A. JOSEPH1) was born 1788. He married SUSANNAH STONECYPHER September 03, 1809, daughter of JOHN STONECYPHER and NANCY CURTIS. She was born 1790 in Georgia, and died 1870 in White County, Georgia - Nix Cemetery.

Notes for WILLIAM T. NIX:
Wiliam Nix and wife Elizabeth sell 20 acres to Solomon Whitson, November 26,1799

Lived in Union Co. SC, then moved to Franklin Co. Ga which contributed his area to the new county Habersham

William Granger Nix, was the second son of John and Sarah Nix. Census records show he wa born about 1788 in South Carolina.
He married on September 3, 1809 to Susannah "Suzie" Stonecypher, who was from Franklin County, Georgia. She was born about 1790 to John and Ann Stonecypher. William and Susannah first lived in Franklin County, Georgia, which was not too far from their home in Franklin County. On October 24, 1833, Solomon Palmer sold to William part of lot No. 14 in the first district on the north side of Tesantee Creek for $500.00. In January 1845, Wiliam bought 80 acres from William Turner for $185.00. On October 13, 1846, A. G. Pitner sold lot one in 4th district to William for $100.00. Evidently William bought and sold much land in Habersham County. The 1860 census for White County, which was formally part of Habersham, lists William's worth as $3,000.00.

The old log home of William and Susannah is still standing in White County near Cleveland, Georgia. Several orphan children were reared in their home and it is said that William never turned anyone away. Some census records show that he had eleven children, I have found the names of all of them, except for two of their dughters.

Both William and Susannah are buried in unmarked graves at the Nix Cemetery in White County, near the old home place.

i. JOHN T.4 NIX, b. February 09, 1811, Georgia; d. White County, Georgia; m. LUCINDA ADAMS, September 11, 1834, Habersham County, Georgia; b. October 02, 1813, Pendleton District, South Carolina; d. White County, Georgia.

Notes for JOHN T. NIX:
John Nix, first child of William and Susannah was born February 9, 1811. He was a farmer and mined gold in the mountains of Georgia. He maried on September 11, 1834 in Lumpkin County, Georgia to Lucinda Adams. It has been said that she was a distant relative of President john Adams. John and Lucinda are buried in the Nix family cemetery in unmarked graves in White County. To this union were born the following children.

ii. JAMES JIMMY NIX, b. July 1812; d. October 02, 1882; m. (1) ELIZABETH BETSY COLLINS; b. August 24, 1814; d. November 1859; m. (2) CAROLINE ELIZABETH DUCKWORTH, January 03, 1863; b. Abt. 1813; m. (3) REBECCA EVALINE DUCKWORTH, January 01, 1872; b. May 14, 1828.

4. JOHN3 NIX, JR. (JOHN2, A. JOSEPH1) was born 1794 in Union County, South Carolina, and died Abt. 1862 in Clarkesville, Georgia. He married ELIZABETH HOLMES February 06, 1816. She was born Abt. 1798 in Georgia, and died Bet. 1850 - 1860 in Clarkesville, Georgia.

Children of JOHN NIX and ELIZABETH HOLMES are:
i. JAMES H.4 NIX, b. 1818; m. SARAH UNKNOWN.
iii. ANDREW JACKSON NIX, b. August 02, 1825, Georgia; d. May 01, 1899, Georgia; m. SARAH HALFORD, February 13, 1845, Clarksville, Georgia; b. April 11, 1825; d. April 30, 1909, Georgia.
iv. CHESLEY M. NIX, b. 1831; m. (1) MARTHA NIX; m. (2) LUCY ANN CARTER, March 10, 1870.

Notes for CHESLEY M. NIX:
He was a miller.

v. JOHN M. NIX, b. December 24, 1834; d. June 11, 1911; m. ELIZA MAGNESS, December 24, 1854; b. July 14, 1826; d. March 26, 1920.

5. JONAS3 NIX (JOHN2, A. JOSEPH1) was born December 10, 1796 in Union County, South Carolina, and died August 15, 1867. He married LUCINDA HOLMES. She was born November 27, 1796 in South Carolina.

Children of JONAS NIX and LUCINDA HOLMES are:
i. JOHN M.4 NIX, b. June 01, 1817; d. April 10, 1844; m. ELIZABETH ETRIS, January 10, 1830.
ii. JAMES MASTERSON NIX, b. October 18, 1818; m. MAHALA CANTRELL, January 22, 1842; b. 1830.
iii. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN NIX, b. October 16, 1821; m. HULDA CANTRELL, January 21, 1841; b. Abt. 1823.
iv. WILLIAM RILEY NIX, b. February 19, 1824; d. November 19, 1856; m. MALINDA HOOD BARNETT, November 19, 1856; b. 1823, South Carolina.

William was murdered by John Black on November 19, 1856.

v. ISOBELLA SHIPEA NIX, b. April 20, 1827, 4-20-1827; m. GEORGE ADAMS, December 12, 1846.
vi. POTLEANNA NIX, b. June 20, 1831; d. December 02, 1893; m. HENRY TURNER, December 24, 1846.
vii. MOSES JASPER NIX, b. May 31, 1832; m. AGGLESSA BLACK, October 16, 1851; b. 1834.
viii. SUSANEA NIX, b. August 1834; m. THOMAS K. TURNER, June 16, 1861.

6. SARAH3 NIX (JOHN2, A. JOSEPH1) was born Abt. 1798 in Union County, South Carolina, and died Bef. 1870 in Monroe County, Mississippi. She married THOMAS CAIN December 31, 1815 in Franklin County, Georgia, son of FATHER CAIN and MOTHER CAIN. He was born 1792 in Georgia, and died August 1873 in Monroe County, Mississippi.

Notes for THOMAS CAIN:

Left the State of Georgia in the year of 1819, and settled aong the banks of the Buttahatchie River in the "Monroe County Missippi Area"/

1. Thomas Cain (Cain-Cane) was born Abt. 1792 in Georgia, and died August 28, 1873 in Monroe County, Mississippi. He married Sara "Sallie" Nix on December 31, 1815, in Franklin County, Georgia, daughter of John Nix and Sarah Unknown.

In October, Thomas enlisted as a private in Captain Walter's company of the Georgia Militia in the war of 1812 at Red Hollow, Franklin County, Georgia as a substitute for John Bowman. He was discharged at Fort Hawkins, Georgia. Thomas was served in the U. S. Army during the War with the Creek Nation from August 1813 to March 1814. He was honorably discharged at Milledgeville (Now Balwin County) Georgia. Pension file #20303.)

Sometime during this time period and before 1820, Thomas and his family moved to Monroe County, Mississippi along with two brothers, Rawson and William CAIN. All are listed on the 1820 Federal Census. Thomas settled near what is now Old Hamilton on a farm of 160 acres In the area known as the Buttahatchie Settlement.

In 1833, Thomas CAIN was named guardian of Franklin, James Monroe, Austin NIX and another NIX child not named. Thomas WHITWORTH was appointed as final guardian for these children. A Thomas G. WHITWORTH married Elizabeth Jane EASTER THOMAS in 1877. Elizabeth Jane's first Husband, William M. Thomas was a half brother of Thomas G. WHITWORTH mentioned above and the daughter of Joannah T. CAIN J. CROSBY? The mother of T.G. Whitworth and Wiliam M. THOMAS was indian.

The children of Thomas and Sally have been compiled from census, deeds and other sources. Because the census before 1850 did not list the names or relationships in the households, it is not always possible to identify them or determine if in fact the minors listed were children or younger siblings. On the 1820 Monroe County, Mississippi census shows two children (one male and one female) born 1810-1820, while the 1830 census narrows it down to 1810-1815. Since Thomas and Sally CAIN did not Marry until December 1815, it would seem this was not their son. It is possible this male was Thomas' younger brother, Able/Abel CAIN as Abel was closely associated with Thomas CAIN'S children, indicating that he may have grown up with them. The female listed on this early census was probably his sister. George HOWELL, Jr. in his studies of the pioneers of Monroe County, included John CAIN of Itawamba County, Mississippi as a possible son of Thomas CAIN. More likely John was another brother.

On December 19, 1850, Thomas applied for a bounty land for his service in the War with the Creek Nation and the War of 1812. This application was #9675 and his service was verified by the Commissioner of Pensions. He purchased three tracts of land in Monroe County with Military Bounty #11577. One of these land purchases was rejected by the commissioner of the U.S. Land Office on March 19, 1852.

On April 26, 1871, Thomas applied for a pension for his military service in the war of 1812. He was required to swear that he had not given aid or comfort to the Confederacy (Pension #15466). This must have been difficult for him to do since he was a loyal Southerner whose sons had served in the conflict. (His son-in-law Moses Perkins Lee also served in the Confederacy).

Sally CAIN filed a declaration for a pension under the Act of March 9, 1879, as a widow of a veteran. She stated that she was living thirteen miles from the County Seat and because of infirmities connected with old age, she was not able to travel there to execute the papers before an officer of the court of record. Her mark was witnessed by F. M. WHITWORTH and G. W. HOUSE and notorized by James J. BASHAM, Justice of the Peace. She gave her address as Temperance Hill, Mississippi.

Sally described Thomas as 24 years of age when he enlisted, a farmer, about 5 (five) and 1/2 (6 inches) feet tall, with flaxen hair, gray eyes and a fair complexion. Apparently, she was mistaken about his age. On September 17, 1879 she was awarded a pension of $8.00 a month....retroactive to March 9, 1878 (Pension #20303).

Thomas and Sallie CAIN lived with their daughter, Nancy J., the wife of P.M. WHITWORTH. On December 8, 1870, a deed of gift was prepared by the CAINS giving possessions and land located in Section 23 and 24, Township 15, range 18, totaling 120 acres to Nancy and F. M. WHITWORTH. F. M. WHITWORTH was required to furnish for Thomas and Sallie CAIN a "comfortable lodging, they are to eat at his table, and fare as the rest of the family during their natural life". This deed was not recorded until May 4, 1874.

Children of SARAH NIX and THOMAS CAIN are:
i. JOHN4 CAIN, b. 1814; m. NANCY UNKNOWN.
ii. FEMALE CAIN, b. Bet. 1815 - 1830, Mississippi.
iii. LUCINDA CAIN, b. 1822, Mississippi; m. (1) JOHN DILLINGHAM, October 28, 1835, Mississippi; m. (2) JAMES MCGAUGHEY, 1845, Mississippi.

Lucinda and James McGaughed deeded Land to Thomas Cain's son, Benjamin, her brother.

James was married before and had a large family from this marriage.

iv. REBECCA ANN CAIN, b. 1825, Mississippi; m. SAMUEL F. BOYD, March 06, 1845, Mississippi.

Notes for SAMUEL F. BOYD:
Notes for Samuel P. Boyd in 1860 in Calhoun County, Mississippi.

v. FEMALE CAIN, b. Bet. 1825 - 1830, Mississippi.
vi. FEMALE CAIN, b. Bet. 1825 - 1830, Mississippi.
vii. ELI CAIN, b. 1827, Mississippi; m. RUTH ANN STEPPHENS-MCGAUGHEY.
viii. BENJAMIN B. CAIN, b. October 14, 1829, Mississippi; d. 1910; m. ELIZABETH SERENA COOK, February 11, 1852, Monroe County, Mississippi; b. December 12, 1832; d. 1914.
ix. ALPHA OMEGA CAIN, b. 1832, Aberdeen, Monroe County, Mississippi; d. Aft. September 1900, Mississippi; m. MOSES PERKINS LEE, December 23, 1847, Aberdeen, Monroe County, Mississippi; b. July 22, 1818, Pulaski, Giles County, Tennessee; d. December 06, 1897, Grayson County, Texas.

100% Mississippi Marriages From 1829 to 1900, Surnames Beginning from L to M LEE, MOSES P. marr. CAIN, ALPHA 23/12/1847

Mississippi State Cavalry (Confederate)

It is uncertain at this time why Moses P. Lee was in Grayson County, Texas at the time of his death. It is possible he was visiting his Son Americus L. Lee residing in Grayson County, Texas. His age at the time of his death would have been 79 years old.

A copy of the 1900 Widows Pension for Civil War Confederates shows that Alpha Omega Lee applied for her husbands pension in September of 1900. Application states she was 68 years old, resided in Serepta, Pontotoc County, Mississippi all of her life. It is unknown at this time where and when Alpha died.

Federal Census shows that her parents were born in Georgia. The Federal Census also shows the parents of Moses P. Lee born in South Carolina (Father) and Virginia (Mother).

The South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research

Signed and sealed by James Hay, George Tucker, H. B. Murphy, M. Barnett, T. J. Greer, D. Prince, Wm. Harlan, James M. Greer, M. A. Moore, Wesly Sanders, Moses Lee, James Holabaugh(?) and Jason Greer, Magistrate.

Moses and Mollie died of Typhoid Fever.

1850 LEE MOSES P. Monroe County MS 027 Eastern Division Federal Population Schedule MS 1850 Federal Census Index MSS5a1029216


WILLIAM EDWARD LEE FAMILY BIBLE Submitted by Rovena (Lee) Hillsman, Alfred C. Lee (1826-1875) Mary Jane (Douglas) Lee (1832-1888) 1865 - Hardin County The Bible was brought to Hardin County in 1819 from Giles County by Simpson and Fanny Hooks Lee. It remained in Hardin until 1866. After the death ...

Descendants of Daniel C Carter Generation One 1. Daniel C1 Carter married Charlsanna Harriett Perkins. He was buried at Maplewood Cemetery, Pulaski, Giles County, Tennessee. He was born in 1819 at South Carolina., He was a merchant in 1860 at Pulaski, Giles County, Tennessee.

. GEORGE2 BROWNLOW (JAMES1) was born 1801 in Chatham Co., NC, and died 12 April 1855 in Bunker Hill, Giles Co., TN. He married CELIA P. LEE 1823, daughter of JOHN LEE and ELIZABETH.

Message #684 on GenForum

Looking for information on this William LEE: Son Strother LEE b. 1805 SC. William was "of Giles Co., TN" in 1815 when he purchased land there. Other children listed in his will registered after his death, Sept. 1829, were William W., Edward, Cynthia m. James R. Harville or Harwell, Tempy m. Britton Simmons, Fannie m. Thomas Chapman, and Nancy m. Jacob H. Eitell. No dower rights for a wife in will so assume she preceded him in death. Her name is still unknown to me.
In 1840 Census only William W. Lee is listed in Giles Co. Strother, his wife Catherine R???, b. 1807 NC, and children Calvin J. b. 13 Sept. 1830, Granville P. b. 8 April, 1832, William W. b. 13 Jan. 1834, James Madison b. Nov. 15, 1836, Benjamin B. b. 28 Oct. 1838, Andrew Jackson b. 10 Dec. 1839 and Joel b. 2 Oct. 1841, migrated to Tippah Co., MS about 1842. The rest of Strother and Catherine LEE's children were born in MS: John W. b.1843, twins, Mary Elizabeth and Martha b. 1844, Sarah Catherine b. 10 Sept. 1850 and Julie b. after 1850 Census.
Strother d. 18 April 1854 and Catherine d. 1895. They are buried with their children Calvin, Granville, William, Benjamin, Andrew Jackson, Joel, John and Sarah Catherine, along with many LEE spouses and children, in Wells Chapel Cemetery, Union Co. MS.

I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has any information on this William LEE family.
xi. WILLIAM T. CAIN, b. 1836, Mississippi; m. SUSAN E. COOK, January 11, 1855, Monroe County, Mississippi; b. 1837, York County, South Carolina.
xii. JOSHUA CAIN, b. 1837, Mississippi; m. SARAH FRANCIS MCGAUGHEY; b. January 1840, Mississippi.
xiii. HARRIET ARILLA CAIN, b. 1839, Mississippi; m. JACKSON A. MINTER, July 20, 1857, Monroe County, Mississippi.

7. MOSES3 NIX (JOHN2, A. JOSEPH1) was born Abt. 1804 in Georgia. He married MARTHA HARRELL December 15, 1826. She was born 1805 in Tennessee.

Notes for MOSES NIX:
He was a Blacksmith by trade. At the auction of his father's Estate, Moses bought a set of smith-tools for $37.00 and took up his father's trade.

Children of MOSES NIX and MARTHA HARRELL are:
i. JOHN W.4 NIX, b. 1828; m. NANCY DICK, March 17, 1844.
ii. SARAH ELIZABETH NIX, b. 1830; m. LEONARD MCGAUGHY, May 08, 1849.
iii. ALBERT J. NIX, b. 1834; m. SUSANNA FUNDERBURK, January 11, 1853; b. 1834, Georgia.
iv. MOSES W. NIX, b. 1840, Monroe County, Mississippi.
v. RACHEL NIX, b. 1842, Monroe County, Mississippi.
vi. LOUISE T. NIX, b. 1846, Monroe County, Mississippi; m. J. W. COOPER, October 14, 1865.
vii. ELBERT T. NIX, b. 1850, Monroe County, Mississippi.

8. BENJAMIN3 NIX (JOHN2, A. JOSEPH1) was born December 19, 1807 in Georgia, and died March 23, 1840 in Roberts Cemetery, Monroe County, Mississippi. He married DELILAH. She was born December 23, 1809, and died October 20, 1886 in Roberts Cemetery, Monroe County, Mississippi.

Children of BENJAMIN NIX and DELILAH are:
i. BENJAMIN4 NIX, b. February 15, 1833, Monroe County, Mississippi; d. June 20, 1846, Roberts Cemetery, Monroe County, Mississippi.
ii. GEORGE F. NIX, b. February 15, 1833; d. June 20, 1848, Roberts Cemetery, Monroe County, Mississippi.
iii. FRANKLIN NIX, b. 1834.
iv. JAMES MONROE NIX, b. 1835.
v. GREEN T. NIX, b. February 06, 1837, Monroe County, Mississippi; m. (1) SUSAN ESTES; m. (2) MARY MARION CONNELL; b. September 01, 1844; d. January 04, 1917.
vi. AUSTIN NIX, b. May 09, 1839; d. September 28, 1862, Civil War.

Notes for AUSTIN NIX:
Died in the Civil War.

9. AARON3 NIX (JOHN2, A. JOSEPH1) was born Abt. 1809 in Georgia, and died 1856. He married NANCY STEWART. She was born 1810 in South Carolina.

Children of AARON NIX and NANCY STEWART are:
i. ANDREW J.4 NIX, b. 1832; d. 1856.
ii. ELIZABETH J. NIX, b. 1833; m. WILLIAM A. COOK, December 21, 1852.
iv. NANCY CATHERINE NIX, b. 1837; m. ISAAC ANDERSON HOWELL, October 17, 1854.
v. FRANCES NIX, b. 1839; m. RUFUS J. HOWELL, December 29, 1859.
vi. JOHN S. NIX, b. December 22, 1841; m. ANNIE C. BOYD, November 29, 1868.
vii. MELINDA E. NIX, b. 1843, Monroe County, Mississippi; m. JAMES PUCKETT, December 15, 1858.
viii. JULIA ANN NIX, b. 1845; m. C. C. HOUSE.
ix. MARY ANN POLLY NIX, b. September 10, 1845; m. GEORGE W. NOLAN.
x. REBECCA NIX, b. 1846; m. JAMES W. HOWELL, March 21, 1860.
xi. ELIZA LOVINA NIX, m. WILLIAM CASTLEBERRY, January 20, 1847; b. 1824; d. 1862.
xii. WILLIAM THOMAS NIX, b. 1849; m. N. A. HOWELL, December 19, 1867.
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