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Nnangle- ancient history of name in Ireland

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Ancient history of Nangle name

Bob Costello (View posts)
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I picked up more background information on Gilbert de Angulo,our common ancestor,since my original post: Gilbert came from Angle, an area of Pembrookshire, Wales. It is on a peninsula in southwest Wales, just across the Irish Sea, and very close to Ireland.
Names,at that time, could evolve from objects
(ie: Richard Strongbow, who led the Norman
invasion of Ireland), coloring (ie: Eric the Red, the famous Viking leader), personal traits (Richard the Lion Hearted, King of England), or as in the case of our ancestor,
Gilbert of Angulo, from a place: Angle in Wales. Remember we're dealing with language
transitions here,Latin and French Norman to Gaelic to English over a period of many years, and de Angulo which meant "of Angle" became gaelicized to"N Angle", then "Nangle".
The Irish, who had a perchant for shortening and slurring words and names, eventually shorted the name in some areas to "Nagle".
Our name, "Costello" is spelled "Costelloe"
or "Costellow" in some cases in Ireland. Re-
member too,many of the Irish couldn't read or write, hence the English, who ruled the
country, wrote names by interpretation of the sounds.

So, Cynthia, you had your name right, regardless of what anyone tries to tell you.
de Angulo, N'Angle, Nangle, and Nagle are all rooted in the same source: Angle, Pembrookshire, Wales, where Gilbert, our ancestor, came from. Incidentally our name,Costello, came from the first name of one of Gilbert's sons, who's son in turn
(As best I can figure) was called,in Gaelic: MacOisdealbh, meaning "son of Oisdealbh". Gilbert had a son: "Hostilo" and I believe it was his son (Gilbert's grandson) who was called MacOisdealbh or "son of Hostilo" in Gaelic. This is my own theory, since all of this is shrouded in the mists of time, language changes, and personal interpretation by monks priests, who did most of the writing of history in those times. Anyway, the Costellos are an offshoot clan of Gilbert's line, while you guys are in the direct line. All very simple! Right?
Your cousin, many times removed:
Bob Costello
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