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Moye family from Ga

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Moye Family in Georgia

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The orginal Moye house burned in 1889 and the house the I presently
live in now was built in 1889 on the same site. The Jackson House was built in 1820s and it is still owned by the orginal
Jackson family!! He was a large landowner and was once a very wealthy man! But Martha was a bit to be desired! (the court case tells all!)

If any of you can confirm were William Wiley Moye moved to after he left Monroe Co Ga....(Which I believe is another Ga County) Clinton-Jones County let me know and I will try to go to the courthouse! I have also heard that Kitty came from Washington County GA.

If you could shed some light on the names of more Wiley-Kitty kids..I would be greatful....All I have is Thomas W. but I believe the Penny-Peruna-Penina could be daughter(s)of Wiley-Kitty?

(This is a basic letter that I send people who have interest in the Moye Family)
My name is Julie Knott...And no I am not related to you....But I do live in a house with a cemetery that would be of interest to you...It is located in Lamar County, Barnesville Georgia...I have notice on the interenet in several places...That some of the information has already been given out....But I hope I can add some more information that might help...This past Oct '99 I was invited to the Moye Family Reunion in Barnesville Georgia. And received more information...I have been searching for the past 15 years!! The dates are from the headstones in the cemetery...In my back yard and Fredonia Church (Were I was Married) There are 10 Unmarked headstones in the cemetery also.

I am not sure if you know that the area that these people came from was once named Lamont Ga it was made up of 2 counties Monroe, Pike. When Georgia was purchased then the land was sold off 1821 in 202 1/2 acre plots. There was a Two Other Moye's that purchased it originally (Brothers?) William Wiley Moye purchased it 1829 the plot I live on now and it stayed in Moye hands until 1931. There has only been one other family (Ledbetter's) besides my parents purchase 1984. We have the orginal Cemetery, Smokehouse and until recently the original old store. And A Moonshine Still Where the Second Family Was in Business!

If you would like to contact me personally my number is (770-358-1564) I have a lot more info!

The most often question that is asked me is...Why or How do I have the interest in learning more about the Moye family when I do not have any family ties!

When my parents purchased the farm in 1984 for a retirement home...they had to do extensive repair to the house it had set empty for several years...The first room that they refinished was the room that would be one of the windows
in this room at the front of the house is etched in the window (Ashley Moye May 8 1928 and above it it reads Kim) and months later I got to meet the living Ashley Moye and question him about the window!

(I recieved some of this information from a family memeber it was typed many years ago..the authur is William Burton Moye (1893-1962)

Moye Family History

William Wiley Moye (1771- ) From NC Married Kiddy Hill Peddy
William Wiley Moye was born in North Carolina of French parentage. His parents died when he was a mere youth. In early manhood he moved to Washington GA. Later he moved to Clinton, Jones County GA. In 1848 his son Thomas W, with his sisters and mother, moved to Lamont GA (WHAT IS NOW BARNESVILLE GA-MY HOUSE) the Moye home place, where he engaged in farming and merchandising. This farm has been occupied by some memeber of the family since 1850 (Actually 1930s). All the Moyes in Lamar County are the descendents of William Wiley Moye, through his son, Thomas W Moye. The Moyes have always stood for what is best in religious, social and community welfare. They have always worked for the betterment of their respective communities. Thomas W and his sons William and Andrew saw service in the War Between the States, while the grand son Alton J is a veteran of World War I.

William Wiley Moye
Married March 28 1813 Kittie Hill Peddy (1791-Died Dec 5 1878 Age 84)
I have seen several spellings but this is what is on the marker)
Kittie's Parents Jeremiah Peddy and lavinea Skinner
1.)Thomas W (8/5/1814 to 2/8/1888)
Married Elizabeth Floyd Johnson (2/1/1816 to 4/5/1898)
A) William Died in the Confederate Army (2/25/1845 to 2/28/1862)
B) Andrew J Confederate Veteran (6/30/1848 to 3/14/1890)
C) Priscilla A (3/7/1850 to 9/1/1882) Married Green Bush
a) Thomas
b) M. A.
c) Luther
d) Angie Bush Whittle
e) Ernest
D) Thomas J (2/19/1852 to 8/11/914) (Farmer and Merchant)
E) Alexander Stephen-s (10/20/1855 to 10/23/1933)
Married 12/22/1880 Josephine Floyd (10/8/1858 to 9/12/1932)
a) Lois V 10/27/1881 to 12/5/1884(Dies in Infancy)
b) Floyd (Thomas) (1883-1914)
Married (12/17/1913) Carrie Belle Dumas (1882-1948)(Accident)
2-Newton (Alexander) (1906-1985)
Married Willie Nell King (1905-1965)
a-Ruth King-Godebuch (SP?)
b-Alexander Newton JR
c-Thomas Floyd Moye II
d-Carrie Nell Moye
3-Ruth Lee (1909-1913)
4-Annie Joe
5-Caroline (Oldest living in Lamar Cty)
c) Herbert (12/20/1885 to 12/16/1957)
Married Emma Griffin (1886-1911)and
Hennri Winter (12/23/1890 to 11/4/1969) (Had Children)
1-Herbert Jr (6/13/1921 to 3/4/1989
Married Roena Smith (11/26/1922 to.... )
2-Kathryn Sharpe (Lives in Charleston SC)
3-Infant Son 2/27/1925 Died
d) Gussie lee Married Henry F Buford
e) Arthur S (3/27/1891 to 1/27/1944) Farmer-Engineer
Married Mollie Sue Gibson (9/6/1888 to 4/22/1969)
1-Antoinette (Passed Away)
2-Helen (Never Married)
3-Sue (Adopted)
f) William Burton (5/5/1893 to 10/15/1962)
Teacher-Professor of Mathamatics-Middle GA College
g) Alton Jones (4/27/1895 to 10/12/1972)
Married Ethel Sappington (9/27/1894 to 2/2/1991)
3-Lamar (11/18/1928 to 2/3/1979)
h) Elizabeth (Lizzie Joe) (8/31 to 12/21/1898) (Dies Infancy)
F) James M Married Lizzie Bankston (farmer and merchant)
c) Marie
G) Cicero (Nov 1855 to Dec 1858) (Died in Childhood)
H) Lucious P Married Eva Cruthfield (farmer and merchant)
a) Bessie
b) Thomas Alvin
c) Rolf
I) Leon J (7/19/1869 to 10/1/1931) Last to be buried at the Cemetery
Married Beatrice Seay 27 Nov 1874 to 30 Dec 1961
a) Thomas Rumble
b) Harry J (3/2/1908 to 6/22/1910)
c) Ashley (Met him he was born in my bedroom!)
J) Alaqueen (2/23/1845 to 5/8/1853) First buried in the cemetery
I was told by Ashley that there was a stand of cedar trees there that she
like to play in and when she past away that is were they decided to put the Cemetery.
K) Martha V (3/14/1862 to 12/2/1876)(Died in Childhood)
L) Benjamin (July 1860 to Sep 1861) (Died in Childhood)

2.) Jerry Married Mrs Brantley
3.) Alexander Married Miss Holloway
4.) Elizabeth DOB 1836 Married John Jackson Thurmon II DOD 30 Oct 1862
A.) Mary Elizabeth Thurmon Aug 1858- 1901 Pike GA

5.) Martha Married John Jackson and William Collier
6.) Mary Married James Stalling
7.) Kiddy Married Benjamin Bush (11/9/1830 to 1909)
a) Nathaniel Lafayette Bush DOB 1857
b) Ben Hill Bush
c) Phineas Thomas Bush
d) Melville P Bush
Katurah???? Monroe Co Census

1860 Georgia Census

14 373 362 Moye Thomas 45 M Merchant 1,500 4,300 Geo
15 373 362 Moye Elizabeth 33 F Geo
16 373 362 Moye Wm 17 M Farmer Geo
17 373 362 Moye A J 12 M Geo
18 373 362 Moye Priscilla 10 F Geo
19 373 362 Moye Thomas J 8 M Geo
20 373 362 Moye Alexander S 6 M Geo
21 373 362 Moye James M 2 M Geo
22 373 362 Moye Kitty 66 F NC
30 375 364 Moye Mary 25 F Geo
31 375 364 Moye Mary E 3 F Geo
32 375 364 Moye Wiley 1 M Geo
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