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Surnames: Moxley
I have a copy of "William Moxley, Westmoreland County, Virginia" by Mr. J.H. Sorensen, 6544 Kerns Road,Falls Church, Va, 22044 Copyright 1993
J H. Sorensen
All Rights Reserved

This is your best source.

Here are the first 14 pages of a 637 page document.

J.H. Sorensen has probably passed away. But there may be someone at the above address who is continuing to correspond.

You can also get another Moxley book from Lorene Moxley Sturgill Route 1, Box 120, Piney Creek, North Carolina 28663 (you need the index also. "Hoppers, Moxley, Toliver and Related Families". This one would list who you are looking for.

There is another Moxley book "Nehemia Moxley, His Clagettsville Sons and Their Descendants" by Allie May Moxley Buxton, 28001 Ridge Road, Damascus, Maryland 20872
This starts in 1737. But this line is much later than what you requested. This one is a "shirt tail" branch of mine.

Julius Howard Sorensen was born July 12, 1913, Kansas City, Missouri, Eldest son of Soren Kjær Sorensen, born Thisted, Denmark and Marianne Johanne Zachariasen, born Lejrskov, Ribe, Denmark.
Graduate; 1933, South High School, Omaha, Nebraska, 1950, Benjamin Franklin University, Washington, District of Columbia. Married, Muriel Scharre, October 7, 1950, Washington, District of Columbia.
Retired 1974, from the United States General Accounting Office of Washington, District of Columbia. After retirement became interested in genealogy, despite having no ancestors in the United States, and unrelated to any of the subjects of this genealogical study.

born about 1610, in England; died about 1668,
Westmoreland County, Virginia; married about 1636 in England to Ann Bush, who was born about 1618, in England; died circa 1669, Westmoreland County, Virginia.

(1) WILLIAM MOXLEY, children of: (Ann Bush)

(2) 1. WILLIAM MOXLEY, born about 1640, in England; died 1713, Westmoreland County, Virginia; married about 1668, wife’s name unknown. Purchased 350 acres of land the 12th day of June 1669, in Westmoreland County, from John Quigley and wife, Elinor. (Deed & Will Book No. 1, Page 392, Westmoreland County, Virginia). Second wife, Mary Redman, was the relict of John Redman. (Order Book 1698-1705, page 246, Westmoreland County, Virginia)
Little is known about (1) William Moxley, he probably settled originally near Mobjack, Gloucester County, Va, it was from there that his son, (2) William Moxley, migrated to Westmoreland County, and where in 1669, purchased the 350 acres of land near Nomini, Virginia, part of a parcel of land containing 1050 acres, granted to John Whitson, Patrick Spence and Thomas Dyar, by pattent from the Honorable Governor and Council of Virginia. The said land being by conveyance from the above Whitson to Wm. Bishop and Mary Lansden and also the above said Dyar, by conveyance having made over his part unto John Quigley, and by the said John Quigley, by conveyance unto William Moxley. (Deed & Will Book No. 1, Page 394, Westmoreland County, Virginia)
On the 28th of January 1683, William acquired 192½ acres of land from Thomas Collinsworth for the consideration of three thousand three hundred pounds of good tobacco in casks. (Deed & Will Book No. 2, Page 82a, Westmoreland County, Virginia) on the 8th of September 1696, William assigned all his rights to the above mentioned property to Richard Omohundro (presumably his brother-in-law) for an unknown consideration, and who on the ensuing 22nd of October 1696, transferred title to the same to Edward Ransdell, Cople Parish, Westmoreland County, (Deed & Will Book No. 2, Page 83a, Westmoreland County, Virginia)
March 29, 1704, Page 224, Order Book 1703-1705, “William Moxley as marrying Mary, the relict of John Redman, together with Mary by their petition setting forth that John Redman died seized of one messuage or parcell of land, where the ferry on Nomony River in Copeley Parish, containing 100 acres and that they have a just right of dower in the 100 acres whereof she hath nothing, the same being detained from them and now possessed by John Redman, son and heir of John Redman, and praying that the land might be divided, it is ordered that the Sheriff doe summon John Redman to shew cause why the reasonable dower should not be laid out and assigned to William Moxley and Mary his wife, as also their arrears of rent.”
October 25, 1704, Page 246, Order Book 1703-1705, “Whereas Wm. Moxley and Mary his wife, relict of Jno. Redman, at a Court held 27 September 1704, recovered a judgment against John Redman for the right of dower, which to Mary did belong, of 100 acres whereof John Redman died possessed on the westernmost side of Nominy River near Nominy Ferry and also an order for John Redman to refund unto Wm. Moxley and Mary his wife all money, tobacco or other consideration he at any time received for rent of the land, as also pay the costs of suit, for that it was not ordered the Sheriff to put Moxley into the possession of the land or execute the rest of the order upon the petition of Wm. Moxley, it is now ordered that the Sheriff do forthwith give unto Wm. Moxley and Mary his wife the peaceable possession of the lands and also that he levy and seize of the estate of John Redman so much as will satisfy and pay the rent.”

William Moxley by indenture dated the 23rd of July 1705 leased unto Patrick Pursley and Margaret his wife, for their natural lives, one hundred and fifty acres of the Moxley plantation, without the disturbance of the said Moxley. The consideration to be the care of the Moxley hogs and cattle by the Pursleys, and one ear of Indian corn the twenty fifth of every December, their failure to perform shall result in the forfeiture of ten thousand pounds of good tobacco. (Deed & Will Book No. 3, Page 377, Westmoreland County, Virginia)

(2) 2. ANN MOXLEY, born about 1642, in England; died 1705, Westmoreland County, Virginia; married circa 1659, to Richard Omohundro of Westmoreland County. Their son, Richard Omohundro, was the recipient of the gift of land, conveyed 8 May 1713, Deed & Will Book No. 5, Page 165, Westmoreland County, by (1) William Moxley, Senior, as was concluded by Malvern Hill Omohundro, in his, “The Omohundro Genealogical Record” (CS71-056, Library of Congress). The father of (2) Ann Moxley, the said (1) William Moxley was deceased when the maker of the aforesaid deed of gift. It was (2) William Moxley, who executed the same in favor of his grandson, Richard Omohundro, the son of Ann “Nancy” Moxley and William Omohundro.
It is exceedingly doubtful that (1) William Moxley was alive May 8, 1713, date of the aforementioned deed, he would have been more than 100 years of age. William Moxley, Junior, mentioned in the deed, was destined to be (3) William Moxley, Senior, who left a will dated May 8, 1744, therefore it was his father, (2) William Moxley, Senior, who conveyed the land to his grandson, Richard Omohundro, son of his daughter, (3) Ann “Nancy” Moxley the wife of William Omohundro.

(2) WILLIAM MOXLEY, children of: (Unknown)

(3) 1. WILLIAM MOXLEY, born circa 1670, Westmoreland County,
Virginia; died leaving a will dated 8th of May 1744, in Westmoreland County, proved 30th of October 1744. (Deed & Will Book No. 10, Page 61, Westmoreland County); married circa 1696, Westmoreland County to Ann Quigley, who was born about 1680, Westmoreland County, the daughter of John Quigley and Elinor Spense, and grand-daughter of William Spence and Elinor Draper. Ann (Quigley) Moxley died circa 1739, Westmoreland County, Virginia.

(3) 2. THOMAS MOXLEY, born about 1672, Westmoreland County, Va; died 1702, Princess Anne County, Virginia; married about 1690, Westmoreland County, to his first cousin, Ann Omohundro, who was born about 1675, Westmoreland County; died 16 August 1697, Princess Anne County, Virginia, daughter of (2) Ann Moxley and Richard Omohundro.

(3) 3. ANN “NANCY” MOXLEY, born about 1674, Westmoreland County, Virginia; died circa 1700, Westmoreland County; married about 1690, Westmoreland County, to her first cousin, William Omohundro, who was born about 1666, Westmoreland County; died 1699, Westmoreland County, son of (2) Ann Moxley and Richard Omohundro.
Regarding the preceding information, See the writings of Zelma (Wells) Price, “Of Whom I Came; of whence I came”, Volume 7, CS71, W455, Library of Congress.

(3) 4. DANIEL MOXLEY, Planter, was in Charles County, Maryland, when he executed a Deed dated the 6th day of March 1707, recorded in Stafford County, Virginia (Deed Book Z, Page 440) in favor of John Underwood. The said John Underwood, did on the same date execute a deed in favor of Thomas Chapman, Senior, for the same land, and partial wording in said deed as follows; “formerly purchased by Thomas Moxley lying in Bournes Pattent and sold by the heirs of said Moxley to me the said Underwood.” (Deed Book Z, Page 442)

The presence of this Daniel Moxley in Charles County, Md. in the year 1707, suggests the possibility of him being the father of a William Moxley, who could possibly be the father of Nehemiah Moxley the subject of the genealogical study entitled, “NEHEMIAH MOXLEY” His Clagettsville Sons and Their Descendants, by Allie May Moxley Buxton, 28001 Ridge Road, Damascus, Maryland 20872.
(2) WILLIAM MOXLEY & Unknown
(3) WILLIAM MOXLEY, children of: (Ann Quigley)

(4) 1. WILLIAM MOXLEY, born before 1700, Westmoreland County, Virginia.
died, Fairfax County, Virginia, leaving a will dated, 3rd day of March 1752. (Will Book “B” No. 1, Page 1, Fairfax County.) The named wife, Mrs. Jane Watkins, was at least a second wife of William, as a daughter-in-law (step-daughter) Jane Watkins is also named in William’s will. Mrs. Jane Watkins Moxley, after the demise of William Moxley, signed a prenuptial agreement with John North, 19 June 1753. (Deed Book “C” No. 1, Page 530, Fairfax County, Virginia) which states: “the Said Jane hath by the said William Moxley, three children, to wit: Samuel, Thomas & Nathaniel Moxley.” William named eleven children in his will. Court Order Book 1721-1731, Page 372, Westmoreland County, Virginia, reveals the name of Elinor, the probable first wife of William Moxley, her last name unknown.
On the 16th of June 1744, William Moxley leased one hundred acres of land lying in Fairfax County from John Alexander of Stafford County, Virginia, at an annual rent of five hundred and forty four pounds of tobacco, to be paid yearly by the twenty fifth day of November, for and during the life of William Moxley, Jane Moxley and Jane Watkins. (Deed Book “A-I” Part 2, Page 394, Fairfax County, Virginia.)

(4) 2. THOMAS MOXLEY, born before 1700, Westmoreland County, Virginia.
died Fairfax County, Virginia, leaving a will dated 6 January 1749. (Will Book “A”, Pages 319, 394, 527, Fairfax County Virginia.) Fairfax Harrison in his article “A Group of Northern Nek Families”, published in ‘Tylers Quarterly Magazine’. states; “One of the witnesses to Thomas Moxley’s will was Henry Gunnell, which is evidence supporting the family tradition that Thomas Moxley’s wife, Ann, was a sister of Henry Gunnell. Ann Gunnell was supposedly the daughter of William Gunnell, who described himself as of Westmoreland County, however, there is no evidence in the marriage records of Westmoreland County to indicate a marriage between Thomas Moxley and Ann Gunnell.
However, there is some evidence in Richmond County, Virginia records that seems to refute the said, “family tradition”, and that Thomas married Ann Smith, daughter of John Smith, sawyer, before 26 March 1741. Deed Book 11, Page 124. (Will Book No. 4, Page 21) 6 April 1752, deed from the Executors of Thomas Wright Belfield, Gentleman, deceased, to William Ford for certain land, reciting the same was purchased 26 March 1741 by the said Belfield from Thomas Moxley, who married Ann Smith, daughter of Smith, sawyer.
(1) WILLIAM MOXLEY, & Ann Bush
(2) WILLIAM MOXLEY, & Unknown
(3) WILLIAM MOXLEY, children of: (Ann Quigley)

(4) 2. THOMAS MOXLEY, (continued)

Further evidence of the marriage of Thomas Moxley and Ann Smith, can be found in the following obituary.

August 7, 1843
“Died at Walnut Grove July 23, 1843, Mrs. Ann Smith Summers, widow and relict of George Summers, Esq., in the 85th year of her age. This venerable lady was the daughter of John Ratcliffe of Fairfax County, where she herself was born October 16, 1758, Although of delicate physical constitution, and often times the victim of disease she has survived all the contemporary members of her family.”

John Ratcliffe married Ann (Smith) Moxley, widow of Thomas Moxley. Deed Book D-1, Part 1, Page 387, Fairfax County confirms this marriage of John Ratcliffe and Ann (Smith) Moxley, relating, “Joseph Moxley and Anne, his wife, jointly with John Ratcliffe, and Anne, his wife, late widow and relict of Thomas Moxley, deceased,”

Mrs. Ann Smith Summers, deceased, daughter of John Ratcliffe and Ann (Smith) Moxley, carried the name of Ann Smith (Ratcliffe) which contributes evidence that Thomas Moxley married Ann Smith.

(4) 3. JOSEPH MOXLEY, born before 1700, Westmoreland County, Virginia.
died there leaving a will dated 18 May 1734, (Deed & Will Book, No. 8, Page 271, Westmoreland County), wife not named, he was deceased before the will of (3) William Moxley was written, however, his own will establishes the relationship to the former, thus; “Lastly I desire that my Brother John Moxley with my Brother Samuel Moxley may and will be my Executors to this my last will and Testament.”

(1) WILLIAM MOXLEY, & Ann Bush
(2) WILLIAM MOXLEY, & Unknown
(3) WILLIAM MOXLEY, children of: (Ann Quigley)

(4) 3. JOSEPH MOXLEY, (continued)

Orders 1731-1739, Part II, Page 266a;
On motion of Cavan Dulany, Attorney of John Moxley, one of the Executors of Joseph Moxley, dec’d, concerning the management and Disposal of Sarah Moxley and Joseph Moxley, orphan children of the said decedent, It is considered by the Court that as much as the said children have not estate sufficient to Keep them without labour that they be bound out to some handicraft trade or marry as the law Directs, the boy until he attains the age of twenty one years compleat and the girl to be bound to some honest house-keeper in this County until she attains the age of eighteen years and it is further considered by the court that William Taylor in whose hands are most of the Personal Estate belonging to the said orphans by means of his intermarriage with the relict of the said decedent to deliver to the aforesaid Executor, John Moxley, all the said Personal Estate, to the end the same may be taken care of for the use of the said orphans and it is likewise considered by the court that the Exc aforesaid receive the rent of the said Orphans land and take care that no waste be committed on the said land and till further proceedings may be had concerning the premise.

(4) 4. JOHN MOXLEY, born circa 1701/2, Westmoreland County, Va; died there leaving a will dated 14 August 1771, (Deed & Will Book No. 15, Page 171, Westmoreland County), naming wife, Elizabeth Moxley (Elizabeth Schedrick), for the names of others in his family, See: Deed & Will Book No. 15, Page 45, Westmoreland County. John Moxley’s first wife was, Mary, See: Inventories Book No. 4, Page 89, Westmoreland County.

(4) 5. SAMUEL MOXLEY, born circa 1703, Westmoreland County, Va; died intestate, April 1768 in Fairfax County, Virginia, leaving two heirs, Samuel Moxley and Jemima Moxley. (Deed Book C-1, Page 827, Fairfax County). Samuel Moxley was deeded land in Cople Parish, Westmoreland County, by his father (3) William Moxley, Senior, on the 24th February 1721. (Deed & Will Book No. 7, Page 269 Westmoreland County.) The aforesaid land was later acquired by (4) Richard Moxley from Nicholas Minor. (Deed & Will Book No. 11, Page 454, 21 October 1752, Westmoreland County, Virginia.)
(1) WILLIAM MOXLEY, & Ann Bush
(2) WILLIAM MOXLEY, & Unknown
(3) WILLIAM MOXLEY, children of: (Ann Quigley)

(4) 5. SAMUEL MOXLEY, (continued)

Samuel was a witness to a lease of land to Robert Moxley, 2 August 1754 from George Mason. Robert Moxley in turn was witness to a lease, 1 August 1754 from George Mason to Samuel Moxley. These leases for adjoining property, originally a Northern Neck Grant #24, to Thomas Stafford, 26 June 1697, Volume NN2, for 253 acres, later found to be 300 acres. (Northern Neck Grant Book, Virginia State Library, Archives Division, Richmond, Virginia,) (Deed Book C-1, Pages 800 and 827, Fairfax County, Va.)
Samuel’s presence in Fairfax County further affirmed by; Minute Book, Part 1, 1756-1763, Page 65, Court of 16 March 1757, which states; “Samuel Moxley brings into Court his servant woman Frances Peat for having a base born child & ordered that she serve for the same one year and costs and the said Frances Peat agrees to serve her master one year in consideration of his becoming security to the Churchwarden of Truro for the payment of her fine.”
Minute Book, Part 2, 1756-1763, Page 788, Fairfax County, states; “Samuel Moxley brings into Court his servant woman, Ann Grimsley for having a base born child, ordered that she serve him one year after her time of Indenture is expired.”
Court of 17 November 1757, Minute Book, Part 1, 1756-1763, Page 175, Fairfax County, states, “Samuel Moxley made oath that Richard Moxley, dec’d departed this life without making any will as far as he knows or believes and on his motion, and giving security a Certificate is granted him for obtaining Letters of Administration of the said Decedents Estate in due form. John Glading, John Posey acknowledge a bond for the faithful Administration of the Estate of Richard Moxley, dec’d which is ordered to be recorded.” Richard Moxley was the son of (5) Daniel Moxley of Fairfax County, Va.

(4) 6. RICHARD MOXLEY, born, 13 July 1706, Westmoreland County, Virginia; died, 8 April 1777, Westmoreland County, Virginia; married, Mary Kelley, circa 1727/28, Westmoreland County, who was born January 1705, and died 27 August 1774, and the daughter of Captain John and Amy ( ? ) Kelley. The birth and death dates as shown herein were presumably obtained from the Bible which was, in 1898, in the possession of Benjamin Gustavus Douglass Moxley of “The Grove” Prince William County, Virginia.
Edward Ransdell in his will dated 1 May 1724, devised, “Item, I give unto my Loving wife Amy Ransdell all & Singular the Estate of what nature & kind So ever that I am now possessed of by virtue of my intermarriage with her, which did belong to her former husband Capt. John Kelley, dec’d he further devised, “Item, I give unto my daughter in Law Mary Kelley, a heifer of two years old”. (Deed & Will Book No. 8, Page 22, Westmoreland County, Va.)
Amy Ransdell (Amy Kelley Ransdell) in her will dated, 17 January 1729/30, devised, “Item, I Give and Bequeath unto my daughter Mary Moxley one Cow and one Chest”. (Will Book No. 5, Richmond County, Virginia.)
Mary Kelley married Richard Moxley between 1 May 1724 the date of Edward Ransdell’s will and 17 January 1729/30, the date of the will of Amy Ransdell, probably around 1727 or 1728, as their first child, Alexander, was born 7 March 1729, and who was probably named for the brother of Mary Kelly.

(4) 7. DANIEL MOXLEY, born circa 1707, Westmoreland County, Va, died 1774, leaving a will dated 18th May 1774. Daniel and wife Mary, were apparently childless, as no children were named in his will. (Deed & Will Book No. 16, Page 1, of Westmoreland County, Virginia.)

(4) 8. MARGARET MOXLEY, born circa 1708, Westmoreland County, Va.
married John Peyton, who died in 1778, Westmoreland County, leaving a will dated 13 March 1774 and proved 30 June 1778, naming sons, John, William Wharton, and Thomas. Wife Margaret as named, to have use of the estate for the younger children, after which all the estate “to all of my children”.

(2) WILLIAM MOXLEY & Unknown
(3) WILLIAM MOXLEY, children of: (Ann Quigley)

(4) 9. NANCY MOXLEY, born 1708/9, Westmoreland County, Virginia; died 1787, Westmoreland County, Virginia.

The will of (4) 7. Daniel Moxley, deceased, who is shown above is repeated here as it establishes the identity of the male children of (3) William Moxley who remained in Westmoreland County, Virginia.

“In the Name of God Amen. I, Daniel Moxley of Westmoreland County in the Parish of Cople, being weak and sickly of body, But at this present time in sound sense and memory thanks be to Almighty God for it, and calling to mind the uncertainty of this transitory life knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die, do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following. Imprimis, I commit my Soul into the hands of Almighty God who gave it me, nothing doubting but at the general resurrection thru the interception & mediation of my blessed Saviour and Redeemer Jesus Christ to receive the same again with a full pardon for all my sins, and my body I commit to the ground from whence it was taken, to be buried in a decent Christian like manner according to the discretion of my Executors here after named and as for what worldly Estate it has pleased the Almighty to bestow upon me and bless me with, I give and dispose of the same as followeth, Viz: I lend to my beloved Wife Mary Moxley the use of my whole Estate for and during her natural life. Item, I give and bequeath to my friend Mr. William Chilton, my white Virginia made Rugg to him and his heirs forever. Item, I give and bequeath to my Nephew Richard Moxley, junior, Son of my Brother, Richard Moxley, thirty Pounds current money to him and his heirs forever. Item, I give and bequeath to my Nephew, Joseph Moxley, son of my Brother, Joseph Moxley, my negroe named Kate and her future increase to him and his heirs forever. Item. I give and bequeath to Daniel Moxley, son of my Nephew, Joseph Moxley, which is son of my Brother, Joseph Moxley, my negroe Girl named Penny, to him the said Daniel and his heirs forever, with all her increase. Item, I give and bequeath to Daniel Moxley, son of my Nephew, Richard Moxley, Jr., which is son of my Brother, Richard Moxley, my negroe man named Will, to him and his heirs forever. Item, I give and bequeath to my Nephew, William Moxley, son of my Brother, John Moxley, my negroe woman named Judea and her son Peter all the Judea’s future increase, to him the said William & his heirs forever. Item, I give and bequeath to my Nephew, William Moxley son of my Brother, John Moxley, all the rest of my Whole Estate, consisting of Household furniture and stocks of all kinds with everything else which I have not already before given, to him and his heirs forever.
6. NANCY MOXLEY, (continued)

DANIEL MOXLEY (will continued)
Item, and lastly I appoint and ordain my Loving wife, Mary Moxley, and Capt. Thomas Chilton and my Nephew, William Moxley, son of my Brother, John Moxley, whole and sole Executrix and Executors of this my last Will and Testament. In Confirmation whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seale, this the 18th day of May, Anno Domini 1774.
Signed, Sealed & Delivered in the presence of us
Augustine Sanford
John Weaver

(2) WILLIAM MOXLEY & Unknown
(3) WILLIAM MOXLEY & Ann Quigley
(4) WILLIAM MOXLEY, children of: (Elinor________) 1st wife

(5) 1. DANIEL MOXLEY, born Westmoreland County, Virginia; died Fairfax County, Virginia, leaving a will dated 20th of January 1761. (Will Book “B” No. 1, Page 258, Fairfax County, Virginia.)
married, Ann Musgrove, daughter of John Musgrove. (Will Book “A-I” Part 1, Page 182, Fairfax County, Virginia).

(5) 2. WILLIAM MOXLEY, born Westmoreland County, Virginia; Apparently left home and did not return as his father’s will states; “I give to my son William Moxley twenty shillings current money if he ever comes to demand it.” (Will Book B, No. 1, Page 1, Fairfax County, Virginia).

(5) 3. SIBBEL MOXLEY, called Sibbell Burk, in her father’s will. Fairfax Harrison in his article “A Group of Northern Neck Families”, published in Tyler’s Quarterly Magazine, suggests that Sibyl (Moxley) Burk was the second wife of John Hurst of Accotink, Virginia, who left a will dated March 10, 1787. (Will Book E-1, Page 349, Fairfax County).

(5) 4. HANNAH MOXLEY, called Hannah Reagan, in her father’s will.


(5) 6. ANN MOXLEY, called Ann Rials, in her father’s will.

(5) 7. ELIZABETH MOXLEY, called Elizabeth Lowe, in her father’s will.

(5) 8. MARTHA MOXLEY, presumed to be the daughter of William and Elinor Moxley, however, she was not designated as “Daughter” in his will, although as Martha Boling, she was bequeathed a feather bed and furniture to be delivered after the death of Jane Watkins Moxley North, widow and relict of William Moxley, deceased. Martha Boling, after the death of her husband, Gerrard Bowling, whose will was dated 29 December 1779, married Joseph Plummer, circa 1785.
(2) WILLIAM MOXLEY & Unknown
(3) WILLIAM MOXLEY & Ann Quigley
(4) WILLIAM MOXLEY, children of : (Elinor______) 1st wife

(5) 8. MARTHA MOXLEY, - (continued)

District of Columbia
Washington County to wit. On this twenty second day of November in the year Eighteen hundred and thirty four personally appeared Miriam Ball before me the Subscriber a Justice of the Peace in & for the County aforesaid and made Oath on the Holy Evangely of Almighty God that the facts stated on the within Certificate are just and true as stated to the best of her Knowledge and belief.
Sam’l S. J. Peace.

I hereby certify that I was well acquainted with Martha Plummer formerly Bolling now dec’d that I married to her son Samuel Bolling on the 20th of Feb’ry 1787 she having married my father Joseph Plummer about two years previous that she was grandmother of Robert Ratcliffe of Fairfax County, Virginia and I have often heard her say she had given to her said grandson a legacy the amount not recollected at this time, which was placed in the hands of Richard Ratcliffe father of the said Robert.
Given under my hand this 22d Nov. 1834
Miriam Ball

Miriam Ball’s, Affidavit relating to Executor’s Legacy. (Chancery FF *63, Moss & etal vs Ratcliffe Executors, Fairfax County, Virginia.)

(2) WILLIAM MOXLEY & Unknown
(3) WILLIAM MOXLEY & Ann Quigley
(4) WILLIAM MOXLEY, children of : (Mrs. Jane Watkins) 2nd wife

(5) 1. SAMUEL MOXLEY, born Fairfax County, Virginia Jane North, the widow of John North and relict of (4) William Moxley, and Samuel Moxley, their eldest son and heir at law of the said William, did by Indenture dated 27 February 1762, (Deed Book E-1, Page 138, Fairfax County, Virginia) surrender their rights to the lease between William Moxley and John Alexander, (Deed Book A-I, Page 394, Fairfax County), for the consideration of forty pounds, current money of Virginia, to them in hand paid by Charles Alexander.

(5) 2. THOMAS MOXLEY, born Fairfax County, Virginia.
died 1787, Fairfax County leaving a will dated 23rd January 1787. (Will Book E-1, Page 213, Fairfax County, Va) married Hester Beall, daughter of Sophia Beall of Alexandria, Virginia. (Will Book D-1, Page 326, Fairfax County, Virginia). Thomas was given “a negro boy named Harry”, in the will of his father, William Moxley, (Will Book E-1, Page 1, Fairfax County), which he, Thomas, bequeathed to his wife, “Esther”, “a Negro man named Harry” for the period of her widowhood. This legacy is relied upon as an important clue in determining the descent of this line. The town of Alexandria, Virginia, had early in 1749, been staked out in lots by John West, Jr., Surveyor for Fairfax County, assisted by the then seventeen year old George Washington. On the morning of July 13, 1749, the said lots were sold at public auction by John West, Jr., who was appointed town clerk to keep account of sales. The average price of the thirty-one lots sold that first day, was nineteen and one-half pistoles. (A pistole was then worth approximately four dollars.)
Thirty six years later, June 21, 1785, Thomas Moxley, acquired two parcels of ground in the “David Griffith Addition”, to the Town of Alexandria, from the developer, David Griffith, for the consideration of twenty-four pounds, five shillings and seventeen pounds, ten shillings, on the two tracts, respectively, plus ground rent. One parcel encompassed lot numbers 8, 9, and 10, the other parcel, lot numbers 19 and 20. In addition to the ground rent, Thomas Moxley agreed to pay whatever taxes that were assessed from time to time, and to erect by 1 November 1787, on some one lot in each parcel, a dwelling house, at least sixteen feet square, with a brick or stone chimney. (Deed Book (1785) B, Pages 308 and 315, Husttings Court, Alexandria County, Virginia.)
(5) 2. THOMAS MOXLEY, - (continued)

Alexandria Gazette
Thursday, July 26, 1787, Page 3

To be Rented, And immediate possession given.
Two Houses on the County wharf-with south fronts on Oronoko Street, One with three rooms on the first floor, two above, with fireplaces in each, a kitchen back, and a good stable, conveniences which adapt it for private family or tavern. The other house has an excellant cellar for liquors, or kitchen and pantry, three rooms on the first floor, and a large room on the second. These houses, particularly the last, command a view of the river and ferries, and are convenient to several good wharves. All persons indebted to THOMAS MOXLEY, deceased, are requested to make speedy payment to enable the Subscriber to settle with the creditors, who are hereby desired to bring in their accounts properly proven.
HESTER MOXLEY, Administratrix,
Alexandria, July 26, 1787

(5) 3. NATHANIEL MOXLEY, born Fairfax County, Virginia; and believed by this compiler to be the Nathaniel Moxley appearing in the 1790 United States Census of Rockingham County, North Carolina, listing 5 free white males and 5 free white females. Nathaniel had among his children at least four sons, namely, Daniel, William, Samuel and Thomas, who possibly were named by Nathaniel, for Daniel and William, his two half-brothers and Samuel and Thomas, his two full brothers.

Sons, Daniel, William and Nathaniel, later in Alleghany County, North Carolina, and who were believed by later generations of the Moxley family to have come from Rockingham County, North Carolina.

For a superb genealogy of later generations of the Moxley family, See; “Hoppers, Moxley, Toliver and Related Families”, by Lorene Moxley Sturgill, Route 1, Box 120, Piney Creek, North Carolina 28663
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