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Moodie's - Orkney's, Caithness > N.Ireland c1645 > America c1718 - c1770

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Moodie's - Orkney's, Caithness > N.Ireland c1645 > America c1718 - c1770

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Surnames: Moody - Moodie - Mudie
I am trying to piece together a family tree for my Moody family (name at one time was probably spelled Moodie or Mudie). This is the info I have to date.
First let me start out by saying Thank Goodness for DNA testing. I was going No where with my family genealogy and was searching up all the Wrong trees even though circumstantial evidence seemed to be very good, the DNA proved otherwise.

There just aren't any records of my Moody family once they came to America. The first solid sign I have of my family in America is my 5th grt. grandfather James MOODY.
He appears magically out of nowhere in Buxton, York Co., ME on Jan. 13, 1774 to marry my 5th grt. grandmother Elizabeth DONALD (his 1st wife). They have 2 children, Sarah and James and then in Dec. 1776 James enlists at Ticonderoga, NY into the Rev. War into Capt. Daniel Lane's company with the MA Continental Army. (All of the state of Maine at that time was under MA rule). He served for 3 years and several weeks before his release.

When his service was up, he came back home and he and my 5th grt. grandmother had my 4th grt. grandfather Joseph Moody b.c1781/82. To my knowledge he was their last child together. Again, there are no birth records of their children I have been told due to various fires or weather conditions.

At some point after Joseph their son was born, I'm not sure what happened but it appears that James just up and left his family one day and never returned. Perhaps the stresses of the War had done him in. But for whatever reasons he he shows up in Annapolis Co., NS sometime before July 1784 and marries a 2nd time to a Sarah BAKER and has 9 children with her. Their children intermarry with several of the Ulster-Scot families who also fled to this area and this continues on down the line. By the 1881 Nova Scotia Census, the Moody's that are descended from this line all state that they are of "Irish" descent in the census. However they probably only knew that their grt. grandfather or someone in the family came to North America by way of Ireland. They might not have realized that their roots were really in Scotland.

My family were mostly sea going men which meant that the Dad's were probably away most of the time. This may be why and how my James was able to escape his 1st wife and family in Maine and she just assumed he was lost at sea or something happened to him. If she ever remarried, there is no known record of it. I have searched high and low for proof of that but never have found it.

The most recent hint at where our family came from was from DNA results of a family who links to a Thomas Moody b.c1710 in Londonderry, Ireland. This family married into the McQueston family (seen spelled Numerous ways...McHuiston, McCuiston and all stem from Clan Uisdean/Uisdein in Scotland a sept of Clan Donald/McDonald).
The McQueston's hail from the Isle of Skye and the Moodie's from the Orkney's and Caithness and an area from Aberdeen to Edinburgh, and also found in other areas of Scotland as well.

The Moodie's of the Orkney's from info in The Moodie book publ. in 1906 by the Marquis of Ruvigny and Raineval whose mother was a Moodie of this family, states that the Moodie's of the Orkney's and Caithness descend from the early Earls of Norway who ruled over the Orkney's and Caithness during their Viking era. My Father's DNA haplogroup is Norse and that has been verified.

Many of the Other Surname near DNA matches we have which don't mean a whole lot to our recent ancestry but I believe hold the key as to whom our family was hanging out with Centuries ago, bears many of the Surnames found in the Moodie family tree.
Names like Duncan, Stewart, Hutton, Ramsay, Jackson, Wallace, Johnson, Patterson, Richardson, etc. etc.
One of the surnames near matches we have is Kinnamon.
I have noted Several Kinamond's in the Monikie, Angusshire area and also around Dundee. From the Moodie book there is a genealogical chart of Robert the Bruce that eventually leads down to the Moodie's of Melsetter ("seter" being an old Norse word attached to many a farm and dwelling house I have been told), shows the surname of Kynninmond. I do believe this is the same surname as it was anciently spelled since this chart goes back to the 1300's.

I don't think my father's DNA would share these same surnames if there wasn't some Ancient connection between these old Scottish families and mine. The Moodie's of Melsetter (name of their homestead on the Orkney Isles), claiming they come from a Norse link and my father being a Moody with proven Norse DNA and all of those names that show up in his DNA near matching charts, I believe may be some form of Ancient genetic proof without an actual paper in hand.

When my James Moody came to America I have no idea. There are several James Moody's who came directly from Scotland to Boston at a time that very well could be him. There were several who came earlier than the 1700's who might also be his grandfather or grt. grandfather, at this point I just don't have any answers for his whereabouts.

No one ever kept any records of family genealogy for our Moody's and I'm the first known to ever take on the task of trying to hunt down their roots.

If anyone out there has any genealogy about their Moodie family leaving Scotland for Northern Ireland probably around c1640 to 1650 and then coming to North America in the early to mid 1700's, please let me know.

Thank You.

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