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Descendants of Elijah Melton (1773-1826)

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Descendants of Elijah Melton (1773-1826)

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Surnames: Melton, Spivey, Meador
The following is a report written by Melita Knox Fendley in 1958. I have transcribed it. It contains several Bible references and several wills.

The original is in the Library of the West Texas A & U University (Canyon, Texas) under the file of William Davis Howren

Items in [ --- ] are by Robert Burlingame

Source: Our Meltons by Melita Knox Fendley - 1958
Extract from page 1, as extracted by Aaron Sharpe Howren, Jr
The earliest progenitor that we know of was Elijah Melton, born 2 Aug 1773, presumably in Georgia. He was married 3 times, but his last wife is the only one whose name we know. She was Ann Green. By his first wife he had 4 children: The first Ellender (a girl), born 14 Jan 1797. She married John Scott of Jasper County, Georgia in 1813. The second child was William Melton, born in Georgia near Milledgeville, 13 Nov 1798, move to Erie, Alabama in 1818. His wife's name was Sarah Meador. Later he moved to Mississippi and in 1848 was a member of the state legislature of that state. He moved to Texas in 1851, settled near Dresden, Navarro County, became affectionately known to all as "Uncle Billy". He became a member of the Texas House of Representatives from Navarro County in 1853. He died 15 Mar 1873. His wife died just before that 6 Jan 1873. They are buried in the old Duncan Cemetery at Zion's Rest, Navarro County. The other two children were Elizabeth Melton (married John Duke), and Thompson Melton (never married). By his second wife, Elijah Melton had one son, Jeremiah.

[The text from Melissa Knox Fendley begins at this point:]

IV …have known the direct relationship.
V Thompson Melton, son of Elijah Melton and his first wife, was not married; he made the Nuncupative Will, mentioned above, on 25 Aug 1821 in the presence of Elizabeth Duke, William Melton, John Duke, and “Ellenor” (Ellender) Scott, all mentioned above as children of Elijah Melton, except the John Duke who was husband of Elizabeth Melton. In 1821 when this Will was made, there was another son of Elijah’s named.
Jeremiah Melton, born 1810 (this date obtained from the US Census Records of Navarro Co, 1850). In the state of Georgia was mentioned in his brother, Thompson’s will, dated 1821, and also in the will of Jeremiah’s father, Elijah Melton, who named William Melton as guardian of Jeremiah, aged 18 years. (Ref, See copy of Elijah’s will dated 12 Dec 1825). Because of the skip in the birth dates of Thompson and Jeremiah it is believed that Elijah Melton had remarried and that Jeremiah was a second wife’s child. The said Jeremiah was married twice, first to Rebecca Meador and second to Mary Ann Graham (Ref, “Green Co, Alabama Marriage Book B” for first marriage. And “Will of Jeremiah Melton, dated 1871 proved 25 Mar 1872 Navarro Co, Texas”. The 1850 US Census referred to above gives Jeremiah Melton, born in Georgia, age 40, therefore he was born in 1810. His wife Rebecca was Rebecca Meador, was born in South Carolina age 35, so she was born in 1815. They were married 21 Oct 1834, Green Co, Alabama and the same census lists them with the following children: Dorcus born 1836 (married a Crossland), Elizabeth born 1837 South Carolina (Married Ed H Calhoun first and Solomon Green second 16 Nov 1866), James born 1839 Alabama, William born 1840 Alabama, Lucy born 1844 Alabama (married a Sator), Lucinda born 1846 Alabama (married H L Crossland 23 Dec 1864), Lavator born in Texas, Eliel, and Henry Clay. The names of the last 2 are mentioned in Jeremiah’s will and the following 6 children are named as Mary Ann’s six minor children, thus, children by his last marriage: Sarah R, James Anna, Maragaret J, Elizabeth A, William Maban, and Mary T.

Elijah Melton’s last wife (3rd) was Ann Greene, the daughter of one Benjamin Greene, believed to have been descended from the Rhode Island Greenes. (See Grandpa Alexander C McMillan’s statement to his daughter Mollie (Mary Catherine McMillan), dated 2 Sep 1904.) Referring to the old Melton Bible again, we find: Elijah Melton’s last wife, Ann Greene was born 7 Oct 1787; they had four children , namely: Martha Ann born 1818, Mary Crawford born 1819, Elijah Green Melton born 1822, and Louisa Freelove Melton born 1824. Ann Greene Melton died 28 Nov 1848 and her Funeral sermon is included in the back of these data. She was buried in the Old Hollow Square Cemetery, Hollow Square, Alabama, located on Highway 60, between Wedgeworth and Moundville, Alabama, in that part of Green Co that is now known as Hale County. Reference has already been made to the fact that her daughter, Mary Crawford Melton’s husband, George B Spivey is buried beside her, and both graves are well marked with granite stones. The cemetery has very few marked graves within the well kept plot where an iron fence surrounds it with only the one gate close to the road that passes by it. (Going towards Moundville, from the south, the cemetery is plainly seen on the left side of the road.) According to the funeral sermon, given herewith, Elijah and Ann Greene Melton were married in 1817. Their children:

VI. Martha Ann Melton, was born 15 May 1818. Married Thomas King 13 Feb 1838. They later lived in Ennis, Texas and had six children:
Elijah and Elisha (twins) (the later married Eliza Grant and they had Bertha, Myrtle who married a Harrison and moved to Greenville, Texas.),
Coodledee (as she was called, I never knew her by any other), and others.
Lourette (she married Dr Thomas Oliver),
Artie King (who married Arch Moore) and
Thomas (Tom) King who married Bessie unknown.

VII. Mary Crawford Melton, born 26 Nov 1819, married 8 Jan 1840 George B Spivey (born 2 Nov 1812 in Franklin Co, North Carolina, died 15 Dec 1855 Green Co, Alabama, buried Hollow Square Cemetery, Hale Co, Alabama). The name of one George Spivey appears in the DeSaussure’s list, 236 according to information obtained from Marion’s Men, by Broddie. (I have not written to the War Department to learn if he was the father of George B Spivey.) I know of only four children by name as follows:

Paoli Spivey, born 1 Apr 1842, died 8 Jan 1893, married Cynthia Pevehouse, born 10 Aug 1843, died 28 Aug 1922. They were married 29 Mar 1866 and had children:
Florence (Tom Blair),
Minnie (Travis Holland),
Betty (Jack Franks),
Lillie (William S High),
Jimmie (single),
Tank (born 1874 died 1902),
Dosie A (1883-1902),
Alliene (1879-1896),
Tillie H (1888 – 1909), and
G M Spivey (1893-1897).

Alleine Spivey
Born 2 Apr 1852 died 6 Jul 1909 Married Aaron Sharpe Howren born 7 Oct 1839 died 16 Mar 1918, and they had twelve children:
Mary Hannah (Mamie) born 7 May 1871, living in Dec 1958
Frances Marion (Fannie) born 6 Oct 1872, died 1929 or 1930 [actually 28 Feb 1931]
Alice Lou born 11 Mar 1974, died 8 Oct 1875
Daisy (cousin Daisy Brockway) born 30 Apr 1875, living Dec 1958
Hattie born 22 Jul 1876 died 8 Sep 1877
Kate born 16 mar 1878 died 19 Nov 1878
James Alva born 16 Jan 1880 died 28 Apr 1880
Alleine Spivey (R H Nunn) born 30 Jan 1881 died Fall of 1931
William Davis (Doris), born 28 Jul 1882,Amarillo this 1956
Aaron Sharpe Jr married Bernice and Mary, born 23 Dec 1883, living this 1956 in Lexington Kentucky
Elizabeth (Bess Anderson) born 5 Jul 1886 California this 1956
Anna Lee (Will G Word) born 9 Feb 1888, living this 1956

L S Spivey (Cousin Tank), married Leah Melton, (daughter of W R [I think this should be C] Melton born 1854 known as “Crockett Melton”) and they had 7 children
Nora (Ford),
May (Huddleston),
Mattie (Richter,
Ruth (Alooro) and
Dr Jim Spivey of Fort Worth Texas (died in recent years).

Frazier Spivey married Adelaide Pierce and they had five children of whom I know: Maude (Will S Knight), Cora (Brocks), Loeta, Callie (R E Marshall), Maurita (Frank Taylor)

VIII Elijah Green Melton was 4 years old when his father died. His mother Ann Green Melton was made guardian of her four children, Elijah Green being her only son. He was born 20 Jan 1822 died 17 Jan 1875 (dates found on their tombstones, located in the old Dresden Cemetery, Navarro Co, Texas. Shows also that his wife, Mary Elizabeth (Betsy) Howard was born 13 Feb 1819 died 8 Jan 1887. (NB: On 21 Oct 1938, John H Melton, one of the sons of this couple stated to MKF, the compiler of these data, that his father Elijah Green Melton came to Texas from Alabama about 1849, locating first in the old Bryan School house settlement.) They had 7 children as follows:
Martha Ann, born 10 Jan 1847, married Joe Campbell
Mary Elizabeth (Mollie), born 29 Mar 1849, married (1) George Green and (2) John Weeks
Sarah Jedidah born 20 Jul 1851, married Tom Skiles
Amos Wade (Waid), born 31 Jan 1855, married Minnie Alice Summers. They had a number of children amon whom was the Rev Walter W Melton, Baptist minister, formerly president of Baylor University, Waco, Texas)
Charles, born 17 Feb 1857, died 7 Sep 1857
John H, born 2 Sep 1858, married Hattie Griffin, died
Ethan Elijah, born 14 Feb 1861, died 8 Jan 1887

IX Louisa Freelove Melton, daughter of Elijah and Ann Greene Melton, was born 8 Aug 1824, died 24 Dec 1892, buried Oakwood Cemetery, Corsicana, Navarro Co, Texas. She married 6 Nov 1845, Green Co, Alabama to Alexander Campbell McMillan of Marengo Co, Alabama, born 2 May 1825, died 10 Nov 1903. 420 W 6th ave, Corsicana, Texas at the home of his daughter, Mrs Wiley Johnson. He was buried beside his wife, Oakwood Cemetery. They had 9 children, as follows:

A. William Crawford, born 22 Sep 1846, died 27 Jan 1891, married Martha Isabel Melton, daughter of W R Melton (called “Crockett”), no relation of Elijah Melton so far as we know. Martha Isabel was born 22 Jul 1853, died 20 Jul 1937. They had:
Mary Catherine (Mollie) who married W Emory McDonald born 2 Aug 1868 died 27 Jan 1916 and had Hazel and Ruby McDonald
Robert McMillan
Pearl McMillan married Tom Walton and had Neal and Lanier (married Mary Ann Dumas)
Walter McMillan, lives in California, this Dec 1956.
Annie married James O Anderson and had one son Allen Anderson, whose wife’s name is not known
Janie, married Alfred Spocks and had 2 boys, Alfred Jr and William Travis. Both are married and have children
Lewis McMillen, single, died before 1930

B. James A McMillan, son of A C and Louise Freelove Melton McMillan. Was born 18 Sep 1848, died 20 Nov 1878

C. Mary Catherine (Mollie) McMillan. Born 1 Sep 1850. Died 7 Sep 1929. Single

D. Frances Louisa McMillan, born 12 Nov 1852, died 25 Aug 1936 in Corsicana, Texas, at the old home 420 West 6th Ave. She was married at Old ???, Navarro Co, near Dresden, Texas 15 Jun 1870 to Wiley Johnson, born 5 May 1844, Red Clay, Georgia (Whitfield Co) and he died 23 Dec 1924 at the little house, 410 West 6th Ave, Corsicana, Texas. Both are buried in the Oakwood Cemetery. They had 12 children as follows

1) Mattie Lou, born 9 Apr 1871, Dresden, Texas, died 12 Jun 1945 at her family home 602 W 3rd Ave, Corsicana, Texas. Buried on the Knox family lot, Oakwood Cemetery, Corsicana. She was married 29 Oct 1890 to Chris L Knox, born 2 Dec 1867 Charleston, Tennessee, died 1 Sep 1951. is buried on the same family lot beside his wife, Mattie Johnson Knox. They had 3 children:
Melita, born 16 Dec 1891, married 8 Oct 1918 Walter H Fendley who was born 1 Feb 1886. died 20 May 1940. [Note Melita Knox Fendley was the author of this report]
Louise, born 25 Jul 1893, died 30 Dec 1912
Christopher Johnson Knox, born 30 Dec 1895, married 7 Nov 1917 to Elizabeth Murchison, born 16 Jul 1896, Athens Texas. Christopher died 3 May 1942, leaving one child, a daughter, Sarah Beth Knox Storm and her husband Frank Joseph Storm in Amarillo Texas and their two boys Frank J III, born 19 Dec 1956 and Christopher Knox Storm born 7 Mar 1951
Walter, Louise and Christopher are all buried on the family lot in Oakwood Cemetery, Corsicana, Texas.

2) Luther Alexander Johnson, born 29 Oct 1875, married 19 Jul 1899 to Turner Read, born 13 Sep 1879. They had 3 children,
Mary Frances (J M McGee),
Luther A Jr (Louise Saley) of Waco, Texas, and
Turner Read Johnson (Don McKenzie), she died 29 Sep 1943, Washington DC).
LAJ and TRJ have 5 grandchildren and several great grandchildren.

3) Little Mary Lora Johnson, was born before LAJ and after Mattie, but she died in about 2 years.

4) James Samuel, who died age 8 years

5) Ernest Newton Johnson, born 10 Oct 1879, living in Dallas, Texas this Dec 1958, was married 14 May 1902 to Bessie Pullen, born 19 Nov 1880 Memphis, Tennessee. They have 3 children
Adelaide (Bob Bowles)
Ernest Wiley (Elizabeth Lyle)
Betty (Alvin Moody) Houston, Texas
Ernest and Bess have 6 grandchildren, no great grandchildren as yet.

6) Frances Lillian Johnson, born 8 Feb 1882, now living in the old home of her parents at 420 W 6th Ave, Corsicana, Texas, which her husband W P McCammon, Funeral director, has converted the lower floor into a reception room, chapel and offices. The upper floor being their own apartment and living quarters. Lillian and Perry were married 15 Jun 1909 and have 2 children,
James Wiley (Louise Walker)
Sarah Louise (Albert R McElwrath)
Lillian has 2 grandchildren, no great grandchildren

7) Robert Douglas Johnson, born 2 Mar 1884. Now lives in Houston, Texas where he recently retired Vice President and Treasurer of the Federal Land Bank in that city. They have 3 daughters
Katherine Louise (Ted Nelson)
Dorothy Elizabeth (Robert Ross)
Elva Marie (Jack Josey)
Doug has 7 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren

8) Wiley Neil Johnson, born 28 Sep 1886, died 24 Dec 1955 at his home 3704 Dartmouth, Dallas, Texas. He was married 24 Nov 1914, Mexia, Texas to Louise Bonner. They have 2 cildren
Neil, Jr (Barbara Hull of St Louis)
Betty Johnson (george W Delavan of San Antonio
Neil and Louise had, before Neil’s death 7 grandchildren (none since).

9) William Hugh Johnson, born 15 Jul 1888, died 21 Jun 1937. Was married 21 Oct 1922 to Margaret Clarkson Fletcher (a widow) Corsicana, Texas. They had no children and Margaret has re-married.

10) Jerry Lee Johnson, born 12 Feb 1890, died 18 Feb 1890.

11) Sloan Johnson, born 22 Mar 1891, married 5 Oct 1921 to N David McKee. They had 2 daughters
Frances Mary (James Hart) and died 5 Apr 1945.
Marjorie (Cletas Hines). And they have 2 little girls. Thus Sloan has 2 grandchildren.

12) Minnie Johnson, born 21 Jun 1892, single, a teacher in the Dallas Public Schools.

E) Robert Hamilton McMillan, son of A C and Louisa Freelove Melton McMillan was born 24 Mar 1855. Died 20 Nov 1876. Single

F) Elizabeth Ann McMillan, born 1 Mar 1857. Died 19 Sep 1872. Single

G) Martha Melissa McMillan, born 18 Mar 1859, died 24 Nov 1867. Single

H) Minnie Lounette McMillan, born 20 Apr 1861, died 17 May 1944. Single

I) Neil Campbell McMillan, born 29 Jul 1866, married 1894 to Mrs Elizabeth Zorkowsky, died in California 1940.

Elijah Melton, the progenitor of this big family, died between the year 1825, when he made his will, dated 12 Dec and the US Census Report of 1830, Green Co, Alabama which gives Ann Melton as 1 female (40-50), 1 male (5-10), 1 female (5-10), 2 females (10-15)

Copies of reference material follows:

Printed by Mark and Charles Kerr, His Majesty’s printers
Present Owner: Mrs Walter H Fendley, 1422 West 4th Avenue, Corsicana, Navarro co, Texas (this Dec 1958).

Records follow:

Elijah Melton was born 2 Aug 1773
Ann Melton was born 7 Oct 1787 at 8 o’clock in the morning
Martha Ann Melton, daughter of Elijah & Ann Melton was born 15 May 1818
Mary Crawford Melton, daughter of Elijah & Ann Melton was born 26 Nov 1819
Elijah Green, son of Elijah and Ann Melton was born 20 Jan 1822
Louisa Freelove Melton, daughter of Elijah and Ann Melton was born 8 Aug 1824

The following names, believed to be slaves:
Gracyann was born 21 Sept 1843
Franklin was born 14 Aug 1842
Matthew was born 26 Nov 1844

(Over in the back of this Bible was found the two names, which thus far I have been unable to determine where they should be placed in the family)
Ann G Greene was born 11 Jun 1811
Peleg Green died 19 Jan 1846

(Made by Alexander Campbell McMillan to his daughter, Mary Catherine (Mollie) McMillan, dated 8 Dec 1904)
Ann Greene was the daughter of Benjamin Greene, owner of two merchant ships, one commanded by himself, the other by his son. Captain Greene also owned an interest in a large dry goods establishment in Savannah, Georgia. When returning from a foreign country with both vessels laden with merchandise, he was overtaken by pirates; both vessels and all merchandise were captured and confiscated. Capt Greene returned to his place of business in Savannah, Georgia to find that his partner had proven false to the trust placed in him and made way with all their property and left the country. Captain Greene died soon thereafter. It is said that his wife accompanied him on his voyage at sea, and they made their home on the briny deep. (Benjamin Greene’s wife, believed to have been named Crawford).

NB. Some 20-25 years ago, I had corresponded with a Mrs Hubart L Crandall, New London, Connecticut, who seemed to think our ancestors one and the same, because, as she said, the same pirate story had been related to her by her aunt. She asked if a relative of mine by the name of George Greene had settled in Georgia; however, never having heard of a George Greene in our connection, our correspondence was dropped. The name of Peleg Greene had not then shown up in the old Melton bible, which I found in the attic at Mama’s a few years ago. And thus, one day, in the Dallas Public Library, among the Georgia records I chanced to find:

“Peleg Green and wife Freelove of Washington, Wilkes Co, Georgia, power of attorney to one John Morney of the town of Providence, Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, to collect all money, etc due them in the State of Rhode Island. June 17, 1790. Barrett Brewer, J Webster, test: (Refs Vol II, “Early Records of Georgia by Davidson.

Since Grandpa McMillan’s [Alexander Campbell McMillan] mother was Louisa Freelove Melton, the daughter of Ann Green (Melton) who married Elijah Melton, and by that time I had found the Peleg Green and wife Freelove, I became interested and began to examine every Georgia book I could find,. Among them in the same book mentioned above, I found:

“Benjamin Green to Sydner (Sawdor) Cosby, merchant, ‘Beloved friend’, power of attorney for all business, June 20 1785. Samuel Criswell, testator (Ref, Vol II, “Early Records of Georgia”, by Davidson)
Immediately, I decided this “beloved friend” was my Benjamin Greene’s partner who proved false to the trust reposed in him in Savannah, Georgia.

Then I went to the Archives of Rhode Island, Vital records 1666-1890, 1st series, Vol X, page 129, from St Johns Church, Morrisons – Providence Rhode Island and found:

“Peleg Green married Freelove Crawford, Apr 18 1779

So there, in far away Rhode Island, I had traced two people believed to have been connected with my own family, one of whom was even named in my Elijah Melton Bible. So I continued to look further and found:

“William Green, son of George and Anne, 21 Apr 1746
Peleg Green, son of George and Anne, 15 Jun 1748
Benjamin Green, son of George and Anne, 27 Aug 1750
Mary Green, daughter of George and Anne, 29 Jul 1753
(Ref, Rhode Island Vital records, Vol I, P 120, East Greenwich, RI, Births and deaths)”

This, I would say, proves:
Peleg Green mentioned in my old Elijah Melton Bible, to be the brother of Benjamin Green (father of Elijah Melton’s wife Ann Green) both to be sons of George Green about whom Mrs Crandall inquired, and said was a cousin of hers. Note also, George Green’s wife was named Anne – perhaps our Ann Green Melton’s name came from her grandmother Anne.

I wrote at once to the former address I had, many years ago, but Mrs Crandall’s son answered, saying his mother had passed away some years ago. You see, many of us let these interesting facts pass us by when with possibly but little more effort we might unravel many tangled threads. Do you see why genealogy is such a fascinating hobby?

Now I believe that it can truly be stated that we are related to the Rhode Island Greene’s, a large history of the family being in the Library of Congress, but since Uncle Luther has left there, I do not know if I will ever get up there to do research.

Present owner this Dec 1956, Hubert Smith, Emhouse, Texas

Records follow

John Scott was born 25 Mar 1788
Ellander Melton was born 14 Jan 1797
Obadiah Meador was born 18 Feb 1797
Thomas Obadiah Smith was born 16 Jul 1876
Julia Frances Smith was born 7 Feb 1878
Mary Eliza Smith was born 21 Jan 1874
John G Meador was born 14 Mar 1888
Eliza Jane Scott was born 23 Oct 1886

Obadiah Jeremiah Meador was born 26 Jun 1848
Ellender Ann Meador was born 30 Aug 1850
Benjamin Franklin Meador was born 18 Aug 1853
James Neal Meador was born 13 Oct 1854
John Douglas Meador was born 18 Jan 1858
David Thomas Meador was born 27 Jun 1860
Frances Isabel Meador was born 17 Aug 1864
Eliza Florence Meador was born 3 Oct 1866
Lucy Jane Meador was born 26 Oct 1868
Willowby Ardene Meador was born 4 Mar 1871

John Scott died 25 Jul 1843
Ellender Scott died 15 Nov 1867
Obadiah Meador died 16 Nov 1856

Eliza Florence Meador died 8 Jun 1865
James Joel Meador died 2 Jul 1870
John Douglas Meador died 18 Dec 1879
John G Meador died 29 Apr 1880
Eliza Jane Meador died 26 Nov 1887
Frances I Melton died 9 Apr 1898
Lucy J Russell died 24 Nov 1898
Harry Melton was born 30 Mar 1818, died 27 Dec 1918
Ross Smith born 29 Mar 1920
Dan Miller Smith born 16 Oct 1921

John G Meador and Eliza Jane Scott – 25 Aug 1847
Ellender Ann Meador and S S Smith – 19 Sep 1869

Thompson Melton’s Recuperative Will
Made on the 25th day of August 1821 in the presence of Elizabeth Duke, William Melton, John Duke and Ellenor Scott, to wit, “I, Thompson Melton, do will and bequeath all my worldly effects to my beloved brothers, William Melton and Jeremiah Melton, to be equally divided between them, given under our hands.” Green County, Alabama, November 15, 1821.
Signed, Ellender Scott (x), William Melton, John Duke, Elizabeth Duke (x)

(The name Ellender is found spelled various ways, ie Ellenor, Ellender, Lemma, etc, as is the name Meador spelled sometimes, Meador, Meadow, and sometime the s is added to the name.)

Jeremiah Melton’s Will

Navarro County, Texas
Dated 25 Oct 1871, proved 25 Mar 1875

Lavator Melton Administrator/Executor

To wife, Mary Ann and to her 6 minor children= Sarah R, James Anna, Margaret J, Elizabeth A, William Maban, and Mary T.

To the heirs of my deceased daughters: Dorcas Crossland, Elizabeth Green and Lucy Staton, all having received their prorata of all my real and personal estate, will not be represented in division of bequests.

To my son Lavator T Melton, $150 special

Balance of my stock, horses, cattle etc to be equally divided among my 4 children herein named: James Melton, Lucinda Crossland, Eliel Melton, and Henry Clay Melton, after paying all debts, etc.

Wife appointed guardian of 6 minor children, heretofore named and executor of will named,

Extract from page 10
Marriages from the Records of Green county, alabama Book B
p. 90 Jeremiah Melton to Rebecca Meador (not of age – consent), 21 Oct 1834

p 244 – Mary Crawford Melton to George B Spivey, 8 Jan 1840

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