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Anyone know what happened to THOMAS MAYO of early Beaufort. He was in the 1790 census very close (just one household from) SOLOMON MAYO.

Here is where I am - I need help from early NC MAYOS.

Our line begins with a daughter, Sarah Mayo who was the daughter of a William Mayo and Martha Cannon. William died (or left) and Martha married Wiley Thomas Bennett. Some early classic genealogy made mistakes where Martha and Sarah went.

I decided to use DNA to confirm if my classic work showing WILLIAM was the son of ROWLAND MAYO, at the time a County Commissioner for Beaufort. Rowland's Will has gone missing from the State Archives. Perhaps there is a Mayo researcher who was able to secure a copy before the original disappeared? All I have is an abstract. It showed Rowland had three sons: William, David, and John and one daughter Nancy. Nancy was married at the time Rowland wrote his will. Her husband was Josiah B Jewell and they lived in Craven County at the time her dad died.

I found a family still living in Beaufort Co who could be tracked back to possibly being a brother of our Sarah. It looked on paper (census records) as if Martha and William had three children before something happened to William. There was a boy descendant for this line and I asked him if he would do a FTDNA kit so I could test my theory and determine if he was kin. He did. And my theory proved right.

When it comes to ROWLAND MAYO I need help. Here is where I am.

I know that Pherebee Bond wrote a will naming Rowland as her executor. She refers to him as "BROTHER". She also refers to WILLIAM BOND as brother. I have been able to determine that Pherebee and WIlliam Bond were the children of ROBERT BOND. I believe ROWLAND's father died and Robert Bond married MARY (maiden surname unknown) who was a widow. Robert had a first wife who gave him a son JOHN and a daughter Sarah Polly. I believe Rowland and Pherebee were half siblings via their mom's line.

Rowland was asked to help several different MAYOS of Beaufort with property matters. He served as a witness for Solomon Mayo.

Rowland was born in the 1770s most likely (per census records and the age of his children). Many on Ancestry have Robert BOND's family wrong I believe.

Right now I need help on two fronts - I need to DNA confirm our MAYO line. Sadly our FTDNA kit has only one other MAYO match - and this man claims a direct line connection to a SOLOMON MAYO f CAMPBELLS Creek. His kit is incomplete (no pedigree attached) and not anchored (no Family Finder test).

I have a working theory that Thomas Mayo may be related to our ROWLAND. By the 1790 census Rowland's dad had died - maybe during the war? - and Rowland can't be found in the home of his stepdad. SO where was he? In Robert's will he made clear he wanted his own son WILLIAM to learn a trade. So it is possible that Rowland was somewhere at school? He also could have been living with a relative. I can see where he might be the other male in Thomas Mayo's home.

Adding to this suspicion, in the 1830s Thomas Mayo (of HYDE) sold Rowland (of Beaufort) a slave.

I have not been able to track either of these THOMAS MAYOS very well so far.

When it comes to DNA I have a couple of promising autosomal matches with boy MAYOS but these men have not completed their kits and ordered the Ymarker test so I have no idea if our match is along our paternal MAYO clan line or not.

I need to connect to researchers who are seriously working early MAYOS of Beaufort, Carteret, and Hyde counties.

Please message me via Ancestry. If you have done an autosomal (family finder) test via Ancestry you will move your raw data to FTDNA so we can isolate the direct lines using Ymarker information.

and when he died or left Mary wed Robert Bond. I believe Pherebee was their first child and William BOND their second - all hypothetical based on Robert's will. When PHEREBEE wrote her will (she never married) she mentioned her brother WILLIAM had left the area.

I need to connect to descendants of Robert BOND and even to descendants of JOHN BOND, Robert's dad. I found a WILLIAM BOND living in MONROE GA who fits the age and place of birth (if only a state is sufficient). There is a chance this GA line shares a direct connection via MARY to our MAYO line.

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