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John Mayo (1598-1676) on MA - proof of parents sought

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Re: John Mayo (1598-1676) on MA - proof of parents sought

Jean Mayo-Lakatos (View posts)
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Hi Al,
It appears that you've gotten your information from the Mormon Ancestral File. I actually gave them my research as well, and they mixed up 3 different versions of Rev. John Mayo's ancestry into a sort of chicken soup.

I was able to prove that Rev. John Mayo1 did not marry Elizabeth Saunders, Hannah Graves, or Thomasine Constable. Hannah Graves married John Mayo of Roxbury, MA., and not Rev. John Mayo. Rev. John Mayo didn't marry Thomasine Constable in East Malling, Kent, England, because I just had 2 English researchers of Kent, England comb the records in Kent, and no such marriage record exists over there. He didn't marry Elizabeth Saunders either. I had the Dorset, England records checked by a Dorset researcher, and this is what he found.

John Mayo, born ca. 1590, son of the Rector of Cattistocke, Dorset, England, married Elizabeth Saunders in Dorset...I don't have my research in front of me to give you the town, but it could have been Caundle Bishop. This family has connections to the other towns as well that you name in your original posting. Anyway, this John Mayo, born ca. 1590, cannot be Rev. John Mayo, because this John Mayo married, had children whose names do not match up to those of Rev. John Mayo, and there is record of him dying and being buried in Dorset, England. His wife, Elizabeth, died there a few years later. So he cannot be Rev. John Mayo.

My sources are the following:

1. Ronnie Cobb, researcher for East Malling, surrounding towns, and the county of Kent in general. I also checked several records offices of that area, as I could not find a central records office for Kent, like I could in other counties of England.

2. Mormon IGI Index for Kent, England.

3. Christopher Langston, researcher for Dorset, England, who lives in Bridport, Dorset, England.

4. Dorset, England County Records Office.

5. Mormon IGI Index for Dorset, England.

6. Present Rector of Cattistocke, Dorset, England.

The reason lots of people thought that Rev. John Mayo was the son of John Mayo, rector of Cattistocke, Dorset, England was because it is said that at the time of his death, Rev. John Mayo had in his possession a book entitled, " The Pope's Parliament ", by John Mayo, rector of Cattistocke, that was published in 1591. I have found this rare book at the Yale University Law Library, and they were good enough to copy it on paper from microfilm and bound it and send it to me. I'm sure they would do the same for you if you are interested.

So that is the main reason that people think that Rev. John Mayo is the John Mayo, born ca. 1590, s/o John Mayo, rector of Cattistocke, who married Elizabeth Saunders, etc. But that has been completely disproved.

The Thomasine Constable, East Malling, Kent, England connection was brought to me by another researcher. I have just finished working on that theory, and have met some delightful people in the process in England. There is no record that can be found for John Mayo marrying Thomasine Constable in Kent, England, especially not in East Malling or surrounding towns. There is no record of John Mayo at all in East Malling or surrounding towns for that time period, that any of my researchers could find. There are Constable's living in East Malling however, but none connected to this Thomasine Constable, or her parents, Thomas and Ann Constable.

I think this information came from the Mormon Kent IGI Index, and the original source was named as a researcher, and not an actual record. This is kind of obvious because when you see the entries concerning it on the Roots Web World Connect Project, it only gives the date of marriage as 1618/1619. It gives no further date or church or whatever, which often can be found on the Mormon IGI index records. And every time I see this theory floated around, the source is always named as another record or book or anything is named as the original source for this information.

Because of the research that I sent to the Mormon Ancestral File in Utah, a jumbled up mess has happened and the towns and counties have been messed up. Caundle Bishop, West Orchard, Shaftesbury, and Cattistocke all lie in Dorset, England...and this area pertains to John Mayo, rector of Cattistocke, and his son, John Mayo, born ca. 1590.

Farthinghoe, Thorpe Mandeville, Middleton Cheney, etc. are all in Northamptonshire, England. It was thought that Rev. John Mayo was born on April 2, 1598 in Middleton Cheney. However, I had the town historian of Middleton Cheney, Nancy Long, personally look at the record, which at that time, could still be found in the parish records there, and this is an error. A Crescent Mayo, s/o Peter Mayo, was born on April 2, 1598, and not a John Mayo. So that theory is not correct. I followed it up with Rachel Watson of the Northamptonshire County Records Office to verify this.

I did find record of Rev. John Mayo and his family of origin, that I believe to be accurate, in Farthinghoe and Thorpe Mandeville, however. My sources for that information are:

1. Nancy Long, Town Historian of Middleton Cheney, who did the legwork for me and personally held the records in her hands.

2. Rachel Watson, archivist at the Northamptonshire County Records Office.

3. Farthinghoe parish rector...I was able to write to him several times before he retired.

4. Thorpe Mandeville parish rector.

According to the Banks Manuscripts, Rev. John Mayo came to Nauset from North Newington, Oxfordshire, England, which is only a few miles away from what I believe to be his boyhood home in Thorpe Mandeville, even though both places are located in different counties.

I believe this Banks research to be accurate. North Newington is a stone's throw from Broughton Castle and Lord Saye and Sele...and to Banbury, the hotbed of Puritanism. In the 1630's, Lord Saye and Sele had secret Puritan meetings held in a secret room at the top of his castle. I believe Rev. John Mayo attended these meetings, along with some Warwickshire Puritans located just over the border between Warwickshire and Oxfordshire.

The reason I believe this is because in America, Rev. John Mayo wrote letters to Lord Saye and Sele and was said by the Gov. of CT. to have special favor with Lord Saye and Sele, a.k.a. William Fiennes. Also, in a letter written by Rev. John Mayo, he mentions these Warwickshire friends by name, who were the earliest settlers of CT., and were funded by Lord Saye and Sele, the Earl of Warwick, etc.

I have alot more research to send to you, but I will do so by e-mail. I hope I have managed to explain myself well enough for you this morning on only one cup of coffee. I'm going for my second cup now. If you have any questions, or if you would like any information on your Mayo line from " Rev. John Mayo and His Descendants " by Jean Mayo Rodwick, published in 2001, please do not hesitate to contact me at: . Have a great day.

Jean Mayo-Lakatos.
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