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German Immigrants late 1880''s

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Re: Mayer Family

Bruce Pusch (View posts)
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Surnames: Mayer, Poletti
Hi Robert,

Thanks for your response to my Mayer query.

I think my Lorenz Joseph Mayer may well be buried in the Lutheran All Faith Cemetery in Maspeth, Queens, NY although when I called there I was unable to verify it.

I believe he lived in Brooklyn after his first wife died and he left Mankato, Minnesota. I believe Lorenz Joseph Mayer married, as a second wife, a woman with the last name of Poletti there in Brooklyn.

If you want to check my information further, I do have a GEDCOM posted on the Web at:

Perhaps you'll find something posted there that will help you. If you find any corrections or can make any additions that will help me or others, please let me know.

I've also attached my long tree twig end (or research) list below, I share your problem for I'm still trying to find many of my ancestors and their descendants.

My research list runs about four pages long so you might not want to print it out. I would appreciate it however if you would just quickly scan the capitalized last names and let me know if any of the names jump out at you and if you have any information on them you can share with me

Thanks for your interest and response.


Researching (to 1500): John ADAM born 1510 in England, Rose ADCOCK born 1599-1610 in England, Richard or Joseph ALDEN born abt 1550 in ?, Ralph ALLEN born abt 1540 in ?, JANE AMYAS born abt 1540 in ?, Elizabeth or Isabel ANDERSON born 1621 in England, Dorothy ANDREUS or ANDROSS or ROYLE ANDREWS born 1611-1615 in England, John ANDREWS born abt 1575 in England, Walter ANSTYE abt 1525 in England, Joan or Joane or Joanne ARNETT or ARNOTT born 1691-1596 in England, John Hewson ATWOOD born abt 1509 in England, John ODLIN or AUDLEY born abt 1603 in England, Thomas EYRE or AYER born 1549 in England, Elizabeth BAKER born abt 1528 in ?, Joan BAKER born abt 1550 in ?, Nicholas BAKER born 1760 in England, John BAILEY born abt 1590 in England, Thomas or Henry? Thomas BAILLIOU or BARLOW born abt 1560 in France, Susannah BAXTER born abt 1590 in Sarah BENJAMIN born abt 1650 in ?, Richard BEST born abt 1500 in ?, Thomas or Henry BEVINGTON born abt 1730 in ?, Prudence BIRD born 1548-1560 in England, Mary BLACKSOLL born 5/1/1574 in England, Ann (BLACKMAN OR BLAKSON?) BLAKNON born abt 1761 in PA, MD or England, William BLYSSYNGE or BLESSING born abt 1574 in England, Thomas BLISS born 1560 in England, John BOITHES born abt 1525 in England, Thomas BOLTWOOD born abt 1596 in England, James BOWEN born 1550 in Wales, John BOYSE born 1569 in England, William BRICE born 1732, Joanne BRIDGER born abt 1540 in ?, Henrie or William BRIGGS born 1574-1580 in England, Ann BOURNE born abt 1590 in Wales, Jane BROMLEY born 1562 in England, Edward or Nicholas BROWN born 1586 in England, Arthur BROWN or BROUNE or BROWNE born 1574 in England, George BROWNE born abt 1560 in ?, Mary or Anne BECKET or BECKETT or BUCKET born 1590-1599 in England, Mary BURLEY or BUCKLY born 1621 in England, William BUNTINGE born abt 1524 inb England, Thomas BUCKMASTER or BUCKMINSTER born abt 1612 in Wales, Helen BURGOYNE born abt 1570 in ?, Richard BURLEY born abt 1600 in England, Sarah or Ann BURR born abt 1620 in ?, William BURRINGTON born 1637 in Portsmouth, RI, Abigail BURT born abt 1620 in ?, Sarah BUSBEY born abt 1590 in ?, Elizabeth CABLE born 1596-1603 in England, John CABLE born abt 1570 in ?, William CADMAN born 1620-1632 in England, Thomas CAKEBREAD born abt 1590 in England, Beatrix CALVERLY born abt 1550 in ?, Thomas CARTER born 1608-1610 in England, Thomas CASSE born abt 1540 in ?, Alice CAUNTON born 1526 in ?, Roger CHANDLER born 1580-1582 in England, Roger CHAPYN or CHAPIN born abt 1534 in England, Elizabeth CHILEAB or CHELEAV born 1602-1605 in England, Stephen CHICKERING born abt 1515 in England, Richard CHYLTON or CHILTON born abt 1505 in England, Adam CLARK born 1681 in Palmer, MA, Alice CLARKE born abt 1540 in ?, Elizabeth CLARKE born abt 1560 in ?, Joan CLIEFFE or CLIFFE born abt 1547 in England, Anne COLLINGE born abt 1524 in ?, John COOLEY or COLLYE born abt 1569 in England, Sarah SAVAGE/ GRANT/TREMAINE or COLTON born 1607-1632 in England, Ann (Annie) CONLEY born 11/9/1819 in Manhattan, NY, Mary Margaret COOKE born abt 1560 in ?, Benjamin COOLEY born 1615 England, ?, John CORBIN born abt 1600 in England, George or Richard or William CORNWELL born abt 1530 in ?, Elizabeth (CROMBAUGH ?) CRONBAUGH born 12/4/1808 in PA, Thomas CROMPTON born abt 1570 in ?, Andrew CULBERTSON born abt 1612 in Scotland ?, Thomas CUTLER born abt 1580 in ?, Mary DALTON born 1569 in England, Agnes or Anne DAY born abt 1538 in ?. Jane DAVENPORT born abt 1525 in ?, Jane or Elizabeth DAYE born abt 1579 in England, Joan DELOW born 1542 in England, Richard DAVOL or DEVILL or DEVOL born 1530 in ?, Anne DOUNDY born abt 1580 in ?, Thomas PLYDRYM or DUMMER born abt 1570 in England, Sarah DUNTHORNE or DUNKHORN born 1552 in England, Elizabeth DUTTON born 1/22/1807 in England, William EARLE born abt 1560 in ?, Henry EASTON born 1549 in England, Alyce ELDRED born abt 1570 in ?, Richard EMERY born abt 1548 in England, Mary ENDOE born 1607-1611 in ?, Thomas ERSKINE born abt 1530 in ?, John WEBB EVERED born abt 1573 in England, Francis FURNER or FERMOR born 1540-1544 in England, Richard Field or FIELDE born abt 1500 in ?, Robert FISKE born 1521-1525 in England, Anne FITZWILLIAM born abt 1504 in ?, Deborah FORD born abt 1580 in ?, Andrew J. (FORESTER?) FORRESTER born abt 1840 in WI, Mary FRANKLIN born 1590 in England, Robert FULLER born abt 1570 in ?, Alice GARMENT born 1600 in England, Mary RICE or GERNOR born 1626 in MA, Elizabeth GIBBONS born 1617 in England, Zachary GOODYEAR born abt 1590 in ?, Sybil or Sibilla GOLD or GOULD born abt 1527 in England, Alice GRANTHAM born 1599-1601 in England, Thomas GRAVES born 1585 in England, Avery GRAZEBROOK born abt 1530 in England, Jane GREEN born abt 1528 un ?, Rebecca GREEN born 1646 in ?, Edward GREENE born abt 1570 in ?, Elizabeth GRIFFITH born 1556 in Wales, Audrey GYLMAN born 1577 in England, Olive or Richard HARDING born abt 1590 in ?, Olivia HARMON or HARMAN born abt 1548 in England, Thomas HAIL or HEALD born 1588 in England, Arthur HATHAWAY born abt 1605 in Wales or England, Mary HAYWARD born abt 1600 in ?, Nathaniel HAYWARD born abt 1660 in ?, Thomas HAYWOOD or HAYWARD born abt 1617 in England, Thomas HAYWARD born 1571 in ?, Martha HEATH born abt 1610 in ?, John HINCKES born abt 1560 in ?, Richard HISCOCKES born 1556 in England, John HISCOCKES or HITCHCOCK born 1586 in England, Ann HOLLAND born abt 1570 in England, Lydia HOLLAND born 1574 in England, Obadiah HOLMES born abt 1607 in England, Matilda HORNE born 1524 in England, James HOWARD born abt 1600 in ?, Mary HOWARD born abt 1555 in ?, Henry HULINGS or HULINS born 1540 in England, William HUMPHREY born 1520 in ?, Ann HUNT born 1563 in ?, Annie or AGNES or Anne HYDE born abt 1502 in ?, Margaret IDEN born abt 1530 in ?, Katherine JOHN born 1502-1507 in England, Henrietta JONES born abt 1766 in MD?, Joseph JONES born abt 1574 in England, Richard W. JONES born 1762 in MD, Augustine Walker or John JONATT or JOUATT born 1557-1560 in ?, John of KENT born abt 1520 in ?, George KING born abt 1570 in England, Peter KINNEY born abt 1620 in ?, Clayton B. KNOX born abt 1868 in Laclede, KS, Margaret KREABLES born abt 1560 in ?, Jenne or Joanna or Jennie or Jeanne LAMAN born abt 1563 in England, Robert LANTERSEE born abt 1554 in ?, Elizabeth LAWE born abt 1560 in ?, Anthony LAWRENCE born 1555 in England, Henrie LEAKE born 1568 in London, England, Judith LEAVITT born abt 1578 in England, Jacques or Jan or Jean LE MAHIEU born abt 1559 in Holland, Thomas LEE born abt 1620 in ?, Robert LEETE abt 1570 in ?, Jane or Elizabeth LIDE or LEIDS born 1571-1583 in England, Mary LEWEN born abt 1610 in ?, Brian LONGBOTHAM born abt 1530 in ?, Margaret MADLE born abt 1560 in ?, Isaac MAGOON or MAGOUN born 8/1676 in MA, Robert MANSFIELD born abt 1594 in England, Thomas MARBLE born abt 1500 in England, Sybil MASON born 2/1538/1539 in England, John or Johis MAUD born abt 1500 in ?, Dietrich MEYER or MAYER born abt 1810 in Germany?, Lorenz Joseph MAYER born abt 1830 in Austria?, John MCNAUGHT born 1610 in ?, Alexander MACNAUGHT or MCNITT or MCNUTT born 1656 in Ireland, Elizabeth MERCHANT born abt 1760 in ?, Nancy Jane MILLER born 10/6/1842 in Chillicothe, OH, Paul MILLER born abt 1790 in England, Thomas MITCHELL born 1566 in England, John MOLINEUX born 1525 in ?, Frances MOLYNEAU born abt 1540 in ?, John MOORE born abt 1590 in ?, Anne MORRIS born abt 1550 in England, John A. MULLYNS or MULLINS born abt 1520 in ?, Barbary MUNFORDE born abt 1579 in England, Elizabeth MYTAR born abt 1560 in ?, Elizabeth NICHOLS born abt 1569 in ?, John NORTHEND born 1558 in England, Mary ORMSBY born 11/21/1672 in ?, Frances PARKER born 1628-1633 in RI, Nancy (PACKER?) PARKER born 1743-1760 in Uniontown, PA, George PARKHURST born 1588 in England, Matthew or John PATRICK born abt 1681 in Ulster, Ireland, William PENNY born 1539 in England, William John PEOPLES born 1759 in Ireland, Henry PEPPIT or PEPPER born abt 1564 in London, England, Alice PHILLIPS born 2/24/1632 in England, Nicholas PHILLIPS born 1586 in England, Elizabeth PLAYTER born abt 1580 in England, John PURCHAS or PURCHASE born abt 1560 in ?, Johann PUSCH born abt 1850 in Germany?, Johann Casper PUSCH born 1705 in Germany?, Richard RADCLIFFE born abt 1510 in ?, John ROGERS born 1523 in England, Richard SAVAGE born abt 1570 in England, Thomas SAVAGE born abt 1594 in ?, Thomas SEALY OR SELYE born abt 1700 perhaps in Scotland, Samuel SESSIONS abt 1620 in ?. William SEWELL born abt 1520 in England, Elizabeth MAR or SHARPAROWE or SHARPEARROWS born abt 1604 in England, Thomas SHAW born abt 1538 in England, William SIMMONS born abt 1550 in ?, Alice SMITH born abt 1553 in England, Eunice SMITH born abt 1780 in ?, H. L. or Katherine SMITH born abt 1580 in England, Samuel SMITH born abt 1549 in ?, Patrick SNOW born abt 1550 in ?, Stephen SOAME born abt 1576 in England, Robert SOULE born 1564 in England, John SPOFFORD abt 1588 in England, Thomas STALLION born 1515 in England, Esther STEDMAN born abt 1610 in ?, John STOWE born abt 1550 in ?, Elizabeth STRUTT born abt 1594 in England, Isabella SWIFT born abt 1531 in England, Deborah THOMAS born 1639-1648 in MA, Isabel TOLLEMACHE born 1509-1561 in England, Jane or Joane TOURNEY born abt 1519 in England, John TOWNE born abt 1560 in ?, Elizabeth TOWNSEND born abt 1586 in ?, Cecily TURMOR born abt 1510 in ?. Mary TURNER born 1583 in England, William TYLSON born 1539 in England, Hannah TYNG born abt 1600 in ?, William VASSALL born 1592 in England, John VINTON born abt 1620 in ?, Alice WALTHAM born abt 1570 in ?, Thomas or Stevin WARNER born 1500 in England, Mary ISAKE or WATERMAN born abt 1562 in England, Thomas WEBB born 1534 in England, Mary PHIPS or PHILLIPS or HOWARD or WELLS born 1610-1640 in England, Philemon WHALE born abt 1590 in ?, Martha WHATLOCK born abt 1575 in England, Nicholas WHITE born abt 1580 in ?, William WHITE born 1591 in England, Sarah WHITING born abt 1595 in England, John WHITMARSH born 1595-1596 in England, Joseph WILEY born about 1681 in Londonderry, Ireland, Arthur WILLIAMS born abt 1590 in ? Margaret VOCHIN or WILLIAMS born 1568 in England, Robert WILLIAMS born 5/29/1580 in England, Stephen WILLIAMS abt 1560 in ? Elizabeth WILMARTH born 2/4/1647 in MA, Stephen WOLTERTON born 1580-1590 in England, Nicholas ATWOOD or WOOD born 1539 in England .


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