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What is the origin of the Mannings?

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Re: What is the origin of the Mannings?

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Surnames: Manning, Brandon, Waters, Plaise, Pulsipher
I've been researching the Manning line in my tree for awhile. There is a lot of historical information about the Mannings of Kent, England who connect to some noteworthy persons in history. This is one recent document I've located. Genealogical Gleanings in England also has quite a bit to offer.

Historians disagree about the origins of the Manning family. Some say that the Mannings originated in England, others say Germany. Wherever and whenever the family originated, this chapter follows the Mannings to Massachusetts in 1721.

From Germany to England

Rudolf de Manning, or Ranulph de Mannheim, was from Mannheim, Germany. He married Elgida , whose nephew was King Harold I of England. Because of his marriage, Rudolf de Manning received a grant of land in Kent, England. Rudlof de Manning and Elgida had a son, Simon de Manning.

A Crusader

Simon de Manning, son of Rudolf de Manning and Elgida, was a companion of King Richard the Lionhearted and was the first English baron to accompany King Richard on the second Crusade in the 1190’s. He was knighted on the battlefield. Some historians say that this Simon de Manning is the same person as the Simon Manning discussed below, but this is impossible, because King Richard died in 1199, about thrity-six years before the Simon Manning discussed below was born. It is therefore likely that this Simon Manning was the grandfather, or perhaps the father, of the Simon Manning discussed below.

Simon (or Symon) Manning (or de Manning), son or grandson of Simon de Manning, was born about 1235, and he married Tyraphena, about 1269. Simon, Tyraphena, and all of their children were born in Bettreds Castle, Kent, England. Children of Simon Manning and Tyraphena were:
Stephen Manning (below)
Robert Manning (born 1272)
Eylmer Manning ((born 1274)

Stephen Manning, son of Simon Manning and Tyraphena, was born in Kent, England, about 1270, and died in 1310. William Manning and Robert Manning (born 1303) were among his children.

William Manning (or de Manning), son of Stephen Manning, was born in Codham, Kent, England, about 1301. He married Joanna de Chyrfold (or Chersholt), born about 1301 or 1315, daughter of Richard de Chyrfold and his wife Johanna. Johanna was her father’s sole heiress, and brought his property to the marriage. Among the children of William Manning and Joanna de Chyrfold was Simon Manning . William Manning died in 1343, the 17th year of King Edward III.
A Sister of Geoffrey Chaucer
Simon Manning, son of William Manning and Joanna de Chryfold, was born about 1335 or 1344 in Codham, Kent, England. About 1364, he married Katherine Chaucer (b. ca. 1348) in London, England, daughter of John Le Chaucer and Agnes Copton. Katherine Chaucer ’s older brother was Geoffrey Chaucer, the famous writer.

Among the children of Simon Manning and Katherine Chaucer was John Manning .

John Manning, son of Simon Manning and Katherine Chaucer, was born about 1365 in Codham, Kent, England, and he died in 1412 or 1413, the 14th year of the reign of King Henry IV. About 1401, he married Alice (or Alicia) Walden, born about 1369.

Among the children of John Manning and Alice Walden were:
John Manning
Doctor Manning
Hugo Manning
Catarina Manning

John Manning, son of John Manning and Alice Walden, was born about 1399 or 1402 in Codham, Kent, England. He died in 1435 or 1436 in the reign of Henry VI. About 1431, he married Juliana Brockhill, born about 1406 in Downe, Kent, England, daughter and heir of Richard Brockhill (born ca 1376 in Downe, Kent, England). Among their children was Hugh Manning.

Hugh Manning, son of John Manning and Juliana Brockhill, was born about 1431 or 1432 in St. Mary Cray, Kent, England. About 1456 or 1480, he married Margaret Brandon (born in 1440, daughter of Sir William Brandon ). Hugh Manning died in 1502 and is buried in St. Mary Cray.

Children of Hugh Manning and Margaret Brandon were:
John Manning
Richard Manning (born 1482)
Robert Manning (born 1485)

John (or Johannes) Manning, son of Hugh Manning and Margaret Brandon, was born about 1480 or 1481 in Downe, Kent, England. He married first Agnes Petley (or Petty), (born about 1502, daughter of John Petley of Downe), and they had three children. John Manning married second Thomasina Tracy, and Hugh Manning was their son. John Manning died April 10, 1543, the 35th year of the reign of Henry VIII .

Children of John Manning and Agnes Petley were:
Henry Manning
GEORGE MANNING (born 1520, married Joan Wallis )
Johannes Manning (born 1528).

Henry Manning, son of John Manning and Agnes Petley, was born about 1500-1510 in Downe, Kent, England, and he died there about 1582-1594. He married Catherine Kirkener (born 1535-1540, daughter of Erasmus Kirkener and Agnes or Agusta Waller ) about 1548. Erasmus Kirkener was born in 1495 in Germany. He went to England, where he was an armor-maker, and made armor for King Henry VIII. Henry Manning learned armor-making in his father-in-law’s shop, but he went on to other things. He became Keeper of the Royal Park at Greenwich, and he was also Knight-Marshall, a sort of judge of crimes in the royal palace. Among their children was Henry Manning II.

Henry Manning II, son of Henry Manning and Catherine Kirkener, was born about 1560 in Greenwich, Kent, England. He married Jacosa Day about 1579 in Downe, Kent, England. William Manning was their son. Henry Manning II died July 14, 1614.

[William] Manning Went to America

William Manning, son of Henry Manning II and Jacosa Day, was born in Essex, England, about 1592. About 1614, in England, he married Hannah, born about 1593. Some think Hannah died on the voyage to America in 1634. Later, William Manning married Susannah Kirchener (ca. 1593 – October 16, 1650), and still later (in Massachusetts) he married Elizabeth. ...

Notes added by Judy Alberts: GEORGE MANNING, son of John Manning and Agnes Petley, had a daughter, Phebe. PHEBE MANNING married 1st, JAMES WATERS, and 2nd, WILLIAM PLASSE. Phebe sailed to America in 1637 with her second husband, William. Accompanying them was her son from her first marriage, RICHARD WATERS. It is generally believed that Richard married his stepsister, REJOICE "JOYCE" PLASSE, although there are inconsistencies in the facts as presented. Most glaringly, he had several children born in America before he is credited with having arrived with his mother and stepfather in 1637. Possibly he came earlier and returned to England to bring his parents back with him. Also, the marriage of RICHARD WATERS and REJOICE PLASSE in Massachusetts in 1637 does not explain the existence of the four children supposedly born to them between 1630 and 1636.


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