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Macks in erie Pennsylvania

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Elisha Mack

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Hi Barbara Great to hear from you again. I hope everything is going well from your surgery and that it wasn't too serious. I am going to send you all of the Elisha's that I have and see if there is any info that you can use. I don't have the wives anmes that you mentioned. I have a Clarence E. but not with the wife that you mentioned.Elisha b. 5-26-1785 in Middlefield Mass.married Sarah Hayward b. 12-10-1789 in Concord Mass. Married 6-11-1809 in Plainfield Mass. elisha died 11-24-1854 in Albany, NY and Sarah died 3-4-1819 in Albany Elisha was a Morman. Elisha's parents were Col. David b. 1-10-1750 in Hebron,Ct He married Mary Talcott b. 9-21-1750 and they were married 4-24-1774 in Hebron. He died 3-24-1845 in Middlefield Mass. Mary was b. 9-21-1757 in Hebron and died 7-11-1827 in Middlefield Mass. David was the son of Elisha and Mary Ellis Mack Marys parents were John and Abiah Phelps Talcott. Davids Children were Mayr b. 11-17-1774--Lois b. 3-14-1776 in Middlefield, Marrried Jacob robbins 9-17-1794 in Middlefield. David b. 2-17-1778,Mindwell b. 6-9-1779, d. 6-23-1862 in Hinsdale Mass. Married Icabod Emmons 12-9-1799,,John Talcott b. 8-23-1781 Middlefield d. 4-16-1858 in Middlefield Married Lydia Randall 3-5-1805. she d.10-30-1917 in Hinsdale Mass, Elisha b. 5-26-1783 Middlefield d. 11-24-1854 in Albany NY married Sarah Hayward b.12-10-1789 in Concord Mass m. 1809 in Plainfield Mass d, 3-4-1819 in Albany NY,Anna b. 12-18-1784 d. 11-27-1857 in Aurora Ohio m. Isaac Clarkb.8-13-1779 in Becket Mass d.9-21-1837 in windham Ohio m. 4-17-1806, Phebe b. 6-30-1786 d. 5-21-1851 in Middlefield m. Uriah Church b.4-30-1785 in Middlfield d. 5-14-1851 m.1-11-1810, Zilpah b. 2-3-1788 d. 3-14-1871 in Middlefield m. Hon. Azariah Smith Sr.. b. 12-7-1784 d. 11-12-1846 m. 8-29-1811,Lucy b.2-19-1790 d. 12-9-1841 in HInsdale Mass m. Seldon Spenceer b. 2-10-1790 d. 3-24-1827 in Norhampton Mass. m. 5-13-1813 in Middlefield, Hannah b.10-29-1791 d. 11-20-1836 m.George W. McElwain b. 5-4-1783 d.7-18-1861 m.4-27-1817 in Peru Mass.,Abigail b. 6-17-1793 d.7-5-1840 in Cortlandville ( now Cortland) NY m.Willam elder Jr. b.5-5-1789 in Chester Mass. d.10-17-1865 in Cortlandville NY m.9-5-1815 in Middlefield Mass, Laura b.6-4-1795 d. 10-15-1884 in Middlefield m. Solomom Root b. 2-8-1791 m.3-16-1815,Samuel E. b. 1780 in Middlefield,Mass. col David's Grandfather was Deacon Josiah Mack and his great Grandfather was Josiah of Scotland. David was the deacon of the Congressional church in Middlefield. Now there isElisha mMack who married Julia Ann Murphy. He was b. 2-7-1811 in Windsor Mass d. 10-3-1889 in Albany NY m.12-23-1837 in Rensslaer NY. Julia was b.8-8-1816 in NY d. 10-6-1897 in Albany. This may not all be in order with the Elishas as I'm doing this off and on and I may forget what I wrote before--so just over look me. elisha b.4-25-1728 in Hebron Ct d. 5-24-1783 m. Mary Ellis b. 9-27-1733 in Plymonth Mass d. 6-24-1819 in Middlefield Mass m. 3-1-1750 in Middlefield. Elisha was the son of Deacon Josiah Mack and Abigail Peterson. Elishas children were Elisha b. 5-13-1759 in Hebron Ct d.12=7=1850 in Lenox Mass m. Sarah Blossom Howe b.7-13-1758 in Cape Cod Mass d.3-15-1835 in Lenox Col. David and Mary Talcott-who I did already- Lois b.11-15-1753 in Hebron d.12-8-1769, Abigail b.8-17-1756 in Middlefield d. 3-16-1827 m. David Tarbox b.4-30-1755 d.1-3-1821,Molly b.6-2-1761 d.2-1842 in Hinsdale Mass m.Abel Cheeseman 1780, Warren b.6-16-1763 in Hebron d.7-3-1843 m. Sophia Larabee, Mindwell b. 7-10-1765 in Hebron d. 4-25-2775 in Hebron, Sarah b.7-6-1767 d.7-10-1818 m. Oliver Blush d.7-20-1846, Martha b. 6-6-1769 in Hebron d. 5-1-1775 , Lois b.11-28-1770 in Hebron d.8-5-1775,Lydia b.6-12-1773 m. Stephen Wood, John b.10-13-1776 d.10-29-1795, Moses b.3-27-1778 d.3-28-1778, Aaron b.3-27-1778 d.4-11-1778, John b.4-27-1779 in Middlefield d.2-13-1833 m.Sarah Richards b.8-15--1787 in Brooklyn NY d.1-25-1866 m.10-27-1808, John b.1765, Lydia b.4-27-1772 in Hebron Ct d. 3-25-1773. Then there was Elisha b. 5-5-1768 in Lyme Ct d. 10-19-1839 son of Josiah and Betsey Bennett #1 wife and Taphena Lord # 2 wife. I don't know what children belong to what wife though. There was Lydia Lord b. 12-1-1798 in Lyme Ct d.6-19-1802 in Lyme, Matilda b.10-15-1794 d.8-20-1829 m.Elisha Lord b.7-1790 d.1-3-11868 in Brooklyn Pa ,Elizabeth b.5-3-1796 d.9-30-1829 m.Preston Tiffany b.4-29-1795 in Dimock Pa d.9-23-1795 m.2-19-1818, Fanny A. b.4-11-1798 d.12-10-1850 in Brooklyn Pa m. Alfred tiffany b.1781 d.1860 in Brooklyn m.2-1-1818, Elisha Jr. b.4-18-1800 in Ct d.6-24-1872 in Brooklyn Pa m. Lois Robinson b.1801 in Vt., Enoch b.1796 d. 10-1-18-5 in Lyme Ct. buried in Ely Cemetery. Now--Elisha and Lois. Elisha b. 11-18-1800 in Lyme Ct. m. Lois Robinson 1824 in Brooklyn Pa where they moved in 1810 or 11. Lois was b. in Vt. 1801 d. 1882. dau. of Sam and Sarah Ann Brown. Elisha is the one buried in Macks Settlement in Brooklyn Pa that I visited. Their children were Mary b.1832 in Vt, Albert b.5-11-1825 in Pa d. 10-29-1843 , Henrietta b.1869 in Vt. Lydia b.1837 d.4-22-1851 in Brooklyn m. Charles E. Crandall, Ellen b. 5-17-1849 buried in Brooklyn. There is quite a gap in between the children so I am probably missing some. This Elisha was very vague from where I got the info. Now Elisha and Julia - Elisha b. 2-7-1811 in Windsor Mass d. 12-3-1889 in Albany NY m. 12-23-1837 in Troy NY son of Elisha and Sarah Hayward Mack. Julia b. 8-8-1816 in Watervliet NY d. 10-6-1897 in Albany NY children-Sarah Eizabeth b.4-27-1839 d. 7-6-1840 in Albany, Ella Lewis b.1-13-1841 d.3-31-1864 in Albany NY m.Edward Elisha Mack (hope this is right) b.2-5-1836 Lenox Mass m.6-30-1864, Elisha b.8-19-1843 d.2-10-1853 in Erie Pa. james Hayward b.8-19-1845 d.12-1-1845 in Erie, royal Cooper b.12-11-1846 d.12-26-1848, Laura Augusta b.6-21-1849 d.1-17-1854, Lucia Spencer b.3-11-1853, Elisha b.10-24-1855, Julia Frances b. 10-10-1857 d.3-10-1863 NextElisha b.5-5-1768 in Lyme Ct. d. 10-19-1839 in Brooklyn Pa..m. Lydia Lord b.7-10-1768 in Lyme Ct d. 3-19-1798 in Brooklyn Pa m. Lyme /ct, children-Matilda b.10-15-1794 d.8-20-1829 m. Elisha Lord b.7-1790 d.1-3-1868 in Brooklyn Pa ,Lydia Lor ( excuse this--I lost my place and maybe messed it up) something else-- Elisha and Lois who lived in Brooklyn Pa lived ther in 1870 and he was a farmer. It seems that Albert was the son of Jeremiah Ely and Henretta Mac and maybe?? Elisha raised him? Very vague on this Elisha. There was an Elisha Mack son of Elisha Mack and Sarah that I have nothing on except that he married harriet P. Clark in Salem Mass. then another Elisha Sweet Mack the son of Orlando Mack and Eliza Earnest m. Hannah Welsh b.1-3-1854 in sandwich Ill. m.10-13-1887 elisha b. 10-12-1851 in Keuka Park NY, Hannah d. 2-20-1901 in Sandwich Ill. Now-- elisha Mack b.1774 d. in Toronto Ind. m. Hannah Graves b.12-26-1779 d. Montaque Mass m.1-16-1793 in Montaque Mass. Elisha was the son of Capt. Elisha Mack and Diadema Rathburne. they moved form
deerfield Mass 1825 to Western NY to Toronto Ind where they died. the children of Elisha and Hannah were Calvin m.Laurette Ross 12-1-1814 in Deerfield Mass, Julius Frary b.10-20-1794 in Deerfield d. 1812, Submit b.2-13-11798 in Deerfield m.William Watson b.2-13-1298 in Deerfield m. 3-27-1823 in Deerfield, Diadema b.1-29-1801 in Deerfield m. Reuben Puffer m.4-18-1822. Now-- Elishaha Hutchinson Mack Jr. He was a Baptist Minister for 50 yrs and a teacher in Ga. & Ky. Then he owned the hardware store in Erie Pa. He M. Emmea Eugenia Sweet He was the son of Amos and Betsey Ingham Mack He was b. 5-19-1817 in Middlfield Mass. d. 5-19-1903 in Erie.Pa. Emma b. 3-30-1830 dau. of Hon.alderman Henry R, Filley. Emma was b. in NY children--emma Cora b.3-7-1846 in Jamestown NY, Eugenia Josephine b. 1-24-1848 m. Ewing Underwood Amith b. 3-2-1849 in Chigago ILL. m.4-29-1874. Ida b.8-21-1856 d. Batavia ILL 1902. Elisha Hutchinson b.7-21-1858 in NY m. Sarah Eleanor Crouch b. 6-14-1864 in Pa m. in Erie d. in Erie. --Elisha son of Elisha and Emma b. 7-1858 in NY m.Sarah Eleanor Crouch b.6-1864 in Pa d.1892? in Erie m. 9-24-1891 son James Walworth b. 1829 in NY d. 1922 in Oregon m. Sarah Cleveland Nicklin Harlen #2 and 31 Helen Mar Dustin m. Sarah in Oregon in 1855. Elisha b. 5-13-1759 in Hebron Ct d. 12-7-1850 in Lenox Mass m. Sarah Blossom Howes b. 7-13-11758 in Cape Cod Mass d. 3-15-1835 in Lenox Mass m. 6-30-1781 in Middlefield Mass He was the son of Elisha and Mary Ellis Mack She was the dau of Thomas and Thankful Paddock Howes, children were Elisha b.9-26-1784 in Middlefield Mass d. 1854 in Albany NY m. Sarah Hayward b. 10-12-1789 in Concord Mass ( you have this one) next is Sarah b.9-22-1782 in Middlefield d. 8-25-1850 m. Russell Little b.9-5-1782 d.7-5-1865 in Lenox,Amos b.6-12-1786 d.4-13-1857 in Weedsport Ny m. Betsy Ingham Mack b. 5-25-1789 d. 1-13-1859 in Owego NY m.7-4-1808 in Middlefield. Thankful b. 4-1-1790 in Middlefield m. Royal Cooper b. 4-26-1787 in Thompson City Ct. d. in smithfield NY m.12-17-1812, Charlotte b. 11-24-1792 in Middlefield d. of cancer 9-13-1844 m.Amos Cone b.11-13-1789 d. 3-25-1860 m.12-19-1816 in Middlefield, Laura b. 8-7-1795 in Middlefield d.1864 josiah b. 6-15-1798 in Middlefield d.Lenox Mass. m. Maria Ward b. 4-13-1800 Middlefield d. 8-8-1882 in Grenell Iowa m.99-26-1822 Then there is Elisha Mack b.5-5-1768 d. 10-19-1839 b. Lyme Ct d. Brooklyn Pa and buried in the Mack cem in Brooklyn. He was the son of Josiah and Betsey Bennet Mack. He married Tiphena dau. of marvin and emily Walcott Lord. She was b. 3-17-1803 in Lyme Ct d. Brooklyn buried in westside cemetery in Brooklyn. They were m.9-9-1802 children were Marvin Lord b. 5-20-1803 in Lyme Ct. d. Brooklyn Pa m. Mary, Enoch b.1-30-1806 in Lyme d.2-20-1881 Beloit, Wisconsin m. Phoebe Loretta Roberts b.2-20-1810 d.6-6-1898, alfred Walcott b.2-12-1807 d.8-15-1884 in Berre Ny m. Elizabeth Jewett b.5-1-1816 Brooklyn d.1-27-1901 m.9-13-1834, Horace Roscoe b. 10-13-11809 d.4-13-1851 m.Mary Miles b.1-24-1815 in Brooklyn d. 4-5-1895 m.2-26-1838 in Brooklyn. John Broughton b.7-15-1811 in Brooklyn d 3-6-1890 in Phelps NY m. Mary Jane Bangs b.6-11-1828 in Bethay Pa d.2-3-1884 in Phelps NY m.10-24-1847. Mary Emily b.7-27-1813 in Brooklyn d. 4-14-1872 in Carbondale Pa m. Loren Lathrop Bagley b. 6-8-1811 in Brooklyn d.4-14=1872 in Carbondale m.1835 in Brooklyn. Ursula Griswold b.10-17-1815 d. 7-15-1877 in Phelps NY m. George Mack b. 11-16-1812 d.7-21-1891 in Beloit wisc , Charles Newell b.8-10-1817 d.12-27-1860 in Beloit m. Sarah Rose b. 8-23-1831 m.3-2-1848, Enoch b.10-17-1804 d. 1-10-1805 William Gustavus b.3-15-1819 in Brooklyn d.12-7-1901 in Albion NY m. Lucy M. Loveland b. 11-20-1825, Ansel Freeman b. 5-3-1821 d.12-2-1881 in Binghamtom NY m. Martha M, Bly b. 1829 in Beloit Wisc. Adeline Loretta b.5-20-1824 in Brooklyn d. 8-12-1897 never married. I don't know which children are tiphenas and which are Lydia Lords as he was marrieid to Tiphena Lord too. They were no relation to each other. Now-- Elisha Mack b. 3-10-1831 in Richfield NY d. 6-22-1852 in Bath NY m. Sylvia Hitchcock b. 9-26-1827 d.4-27-1898 m. 3-20-1850 child Jane E b. 12-17-1852 m. Lewis Alvin Davis b. 4-25-1850 in Stephens Mills NY m. 9-7-1867 This Elisha was Killed by lightening. He was the son of Elisha and Abigail Sweet Msck. Next-- Capt. Eisha Mack son of Ebenezer and Hannah Huntley b. 7-16-1745 Lyme Ct m. 7-16-1745 in Lyme Ct Diamema Rathburne b 8-30-1748 d. Mass 11-1799,Elisha d.11-15-1830 in Washington D>C> m. 1767 in Lyme Ct She was the dau. of David and Thankful Higgins the children were Abner b.1770 in Lyme m. siel Chapman b. 1-7-1768 m.9-20-1803, Elisha b,5-11-1174 in Lyme d. Toronto Ind. m. 1-16-1793 in Montaque, Mass m. Hannah Graves ( you have the rest on him) Samuel b.1778 David b. 11-29-1784 in Montague Daniel, Hannah Elizabeth, Diddema b. Deerfield Mass m. James Smith b. Bond Ind. m. in Deerfield, Thankful b.1-19-1782 in Montague d. 1-1870 m.willis Phillips b.1775 in R.I. d.8-1831 in Hague NY m. 1-10-1799 in Gill Mass, Melinda b.Deerfield m. Nathan Hatch b. N. Leverette Mass. Next---Hon Eloisha Mack b. 5-26-1783 in Middlefield Mass d. 12-19-1852 m. Catherine Sewall Pynchon Orne b. 9-1780 d. 12-24-1218. Elisha was the son of Col David and mary Talcott and he d. 12-19-1852 in Salem Mass, He was also married to Harriet clarke #2. Children were Mary Catherine b. 9-25-1816 in Salem d. 2-13-1862 in Salem m. Dr. Henry Wheatland b. 1-11-1812 in Salem d. 2-27-1893 m.2-3-1858, Esther Clark b.9-25-1821 in Salem d. 12-24-1884 in Salem, Harriet Orne b.1-31-1827 in Salem d.3-15-1879 in Salem, Dr. William b.8-11-1814 in Salem d. 6-9-1895 in Salem. Next--Elisha son of Warren and Sophia Larabee Mack. b. 12-10-1793 in Pittsfield Mass d. 1-31-1879 in Bath NY m. Abigail Sweet b. 1-25-1798 in Petersburg NY . Pay no attention to what is afterthis as I made a mistake and didn't know how to correct it-, if this helps or you can add some dates or info to it let me know. I f you want more let me know. Get better soon! nothing after this--------------------------

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