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Looney origin of O'Luinigh

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Surnames: Looney
I have also received the following info on our surname. It's excellent and goes all the way back to origin. It is the Mhuintir Luinigh website and message board and I would easily recommend it to anyone serious about Looney origin. You have to apply and it is free.

Mhuintir Lúinígh

The Uí Lúinígh Web Group

You can access the content on this site by using the folder index on the left side of the page. Photos are stored in "Pictures", communications from members are stored in "Messages", and genealogy, history and etc. are stored in "Documents". Just click on what you want. If prompted to join this group or to "log-in", please do so; it's free. This is necessary to avoid having unsuitable pictures and messages posted on the site.

The place name "Mhuintir Lúinígh" means "land of the Ui Lúinígh". The following anglicized family names are known to have been used by branches of the Uí Lúinígh in Ireland or later in other countries:

Lunney, Lunny and Looney, sometimes prefixed with "Ó", being the most common, and

de Launay, Laney, Lenagh, Lennagh, Lennan, Lenney, Lennon, Leny, Leonard, Leynagh, Leyning, Linacre, Linan, Linneen, Linnegar, Linney, Loney, Loonyne, Luneen, Luney, Lunnay, Lunnie, Lunnye, Lunyn and Lynegar, sometimes prefixed with "Ó", being less common.

Most Uí Lúinígh today live in Canada, the United States and Australia, some in England, Scotland, Ireland and Northern Ireland, and a very few in countries such as Brazil, Belgium, France, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates and Singapore.

The Gaelic name "Uí Lúinígh" means "descendant of Lúinech". "Lúinech" is an ancient Irish name meaning "armed" and "the Lúin, used as a man's name". The "Lúin" was the enchanted spear of the ancient gods of Irish mythology. The Lúinech after whom we are named, and from whom we are all descended, was a noble of the Cinel Moen tribe of the Gaelic kingdoms of Tír Eóghain, Ailech and Magh Ithe. Lúinech was a son of Gairmlegaigh (Gormley, King of Magh Ithe), the son of Ferdalaigh, the son of Tendalaigh, the son of Edalaigh, the son of Faelain, the son of Colmain, the son of Moen, the son of Muiredaigh (King of Ailech), the son of Eóghain (King of Ailech), the son of Néill Naoighiallaigh (Niall of the Nine Hostages, King of Tara and High King from 379 to 405 AD). Lúinech was recorded in the genealogies of the Gaels as being of the 100th generation in descent from the Biblical Adam. [There is a complete listing of this genealogy in the "Documents" section of this website.]

Our ancestor King Niall of the Nine Hostages was the founding father of the Ui Neill dynasty that ruled most of Ireland for the next eight centuries during Ireland's "Golden Age". King Niall was leading a united force of Irish, Scots and Brittons in raids against the Romans in Gaul (France) when he was assassinated in 405. King Niall's son Eoghain conquered northwestern Ireland and established his own kingdom and royal seat at the Grianan Ailech west of modern day Londonderry around 425. The Grianan Ailech is a large stone ring fortress that was already hundreds of years old by the time it was captured by Eoghain. [There are several photographs of the Grianan Ailech in the "Pictures / Clan Photos" section of this website.]

Please use this webgroup to post messages and pictures, family histories, and travelogues, so that we can learn more about our world-wide Clan and its members.
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