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I think I solved the MYSTERY

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I think I solved the MYSTERY

Jaylene Lineberry (View posts)
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Ok well now that I have your attention I hope to help you and I put the pieces together. Over the past 5 years I have been attempting to link my family into the Lineberry Lineage. At first I figured that I had to some how been connected to this 1750's Jacob that came from Germany. However I could barely link grandfather Sherman Lineberry into the mix.

After some years from my very amateur post in 2000 I received some help from a distant cousin named Steve Gillett. He gave me the boost I needed at least to start the puzzle. As it seemed at this point of my research there was a man named Abram/Abraham that lead a wagon train from North Carolina thru migration paths in Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, and Illinois. The myth which I found in story form in a Cumberland County History book on him and a family chart complied in1972 by a Rogene Lineberry. It again stated that the name was changed and that it was from Germany also that Abram and most of the family too was from North Carolina.

Now that the door at least going back this far was open I could try to link it to the infamous "JACOB". Wrong! Nothing is what I found. Except for some very incomplete and partial guess charts online Abram seemed to of hatched. I continue with my research and was able to at least start to support that this migration did take place however almost another 3 years have passed with no luck.

Even with traveling to Illinois, and visiting the Toledo Archives I was unable to prove anything but the fact that this man did die and he had the tombstone to prove it but that there was even more questions forming. The idea of Jacob Sr coming from Germany bothered me. It seemed without thoroughly researching everyone’s work that there was lost of confusion on these NC, Jacobs and who was who let alone which one was the oldest and if he was the first to arrive. I started to match up dates of all Lineberry that were known around my "Abram's" age. Again it was looking as if this man if connected should connect and rather easily, expect ally if this "MYTH" of wagon trail etc was true.

Now to just fill you in on some of the facts / idea that at this time was floating in my head. I figured that this NC Jacob was not the first to arrive or if he was that he had come with a brother or other family maybe another male. Now I couldn't prove or disprove it but the thought of a plantation and a wagon train across west terriority and these myths seemed to well thought out to not have a hint of some truth. (Oh Plantation you ask?... Yes another one of the facts/myths was that he was heir to a plantation with brothers and possible due to the civil war and family disputes gave up his rights and got out of dodge if you know what I mean) Now the incomplete charts stated that Abram/Abraham's father was a John Lineberry m. to a possible Molly Lineberry and folks that was it!

Now a little upgrade on my history these last few years. I currently work for the Clarksville-Montgomery County Public Library as a Genealogist/Librarian. This pasted week I just finished attending NGS 2005 GENTECH in Nashville. Which for those that aren't familiar, these is the National Genealogical Society's Genealogist Conference for the United States. Here scholars and professional gather to teach everyone how to research etc.

Well I believe I DID LEARN SOMETHING! :)

At lunch I decided to stop into the States Archives and Library and poke around a bit before the conference was over and I had to return home. I live other 45 mins away from the Nashville Library but you know the closer it is the less likely you are to actually visit. Well...... (Catches her breath) Now that I have talked your ear off I am going to explain in detail what I found and why I think that I might with definitely more research solve the Mystery of All LINEBERRY'S.

Now where to start… Ok first let me explain how I found what I believe to be the jewel of all jewels. Now I was walking thru the family history isle and found myself a bit lost. I happened to start shelf-reading the books and saw that I was in a very large collection of books on Virginia. Now something caught my eye. It was a 1780-90 something tax list/census book on heads of households in Virginia. Since this was claiming to be an early census prior to the Federal 1790 and a tax list I couldn’t help but seek a peek in the index. And to my surprise I found two men Peter and John with lots of livestock living at ripe old ages. Now the catch was that the name was not Lineberry but Lionberger. This didn’t stop me however from poking about some more. As researchers we all know and or have seen Lineberry spelt many different and very wrong ways. Now the idea of a John with a similar last name and wealth not to far from North Carolina keep my attention. A valuable piece of information stated in the book was that they lived in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

So I searched the racks more and more till I found that portion of their collection and two hours later and a pile of books in the walk way with my nose stuck deep in them I found family records and history’s that you wouldn’t believe. Including a brother “Jacob” and parents going back to Germany. The wonderful thing was this John did have a child named Abraham and he owned a PLANTATION. My story came together but I believe that all the raw data I am still reading and shifting through will help many many connect and correct there stories too. Now something to keep in mind if you attempt to search as I did and find more cause I will be honest once you see some of what I found you will want to look more; keep in mind that in the early 18th century and 19th century states and counties were forming and changing. Something I learned was that records usually created in one spot aren’t always in the place you think of. Such as this Shenandoah Valley was called many different things over the years that our ancestors lived there. Keep in mind this and try to as I am now doing study the land and time and history as I found the area I speak of is now considered to be Page/Orange/a few other county lines.

Well enough of me lecturing, sorry it’s my job coming out of me. I am going to create a new reply off of my own with replication of the details and stories, one in particular that I think will put all this in to light.
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