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I think I solved the MYSTERY

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Re: I think this monkey wrench doesn't help your theory

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This is a little from Jacobs great,great,great,grandson that throws a monkey wrench into your theory. Okay, we'll start then, in 1752. Jacob Lineberry and his wife and two children, William and Jacob Jr, settled in Randolph County, North Carolina. They were farmers and I suppose that was about the only industry going then was farming support themselves. And of course, like every children, grew up. This Jacob married and raised a large family. I have in some of my papers the names of his children. This Jacob Jr eventually was an old Revolutionary War Veteran. At one time he was at home and saw this detachment of British soldiers led by some infamous British officer that was known for his murderous acts and, of course, Jacob Jr saw him coming and ran on an hid. His wife had baked for a large cake of corn bread and it was hot and very odorous, pleasant to the masculine appetite. She wrapped it in some clothing of some kind and hid it in the chest. The officer came in...through it and they got it and they ate it themselves. Of course, they could find no men folk there and they went on. But Jacob Jr could have easily killed this British officer but knew that he would massacre the whole family had he chosen to do so. (see page 3-4 of W.S. Lineberry's book The Lineberry Family for story where Leonard probably originally heard of this incident).
Of course after the war settled and people began to go on about their business because this old man made his will, I have a copy of it in my papers, in I believe it was 1821 and the name was different than what we have it as today. It was kind of a jaw breaker in German and this is what they come out with, Lineberry. And, of course, that's been the family name since. Many, many Lineberry families started to North Carolina and various other states in the United States and it is all one, all one family.
This Jacob had a son that was born about 1780 and around in this section of North Carolina there was quite a number, quite a large German settlement in there. And they still had in Winston Salem a whole, well guess you'd like it like a national museum consisting of the old houses and premises of those early dwellers dating to early 1800 and earlier. The old finishings and everything in there and beautiful furniture and other furnishings...even their ... and various things like old blacksmith shops and this and that and the other. Woodworking shops...
Well this Jacob Lineberry III married Elizabeth Fanning. She was the daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth Fanning and no doubt they were from Randolph, North Carolina too and he was, he had gone to the end of the edge of Virginia in what was then Grayson County. Grayson County had just recently been cut off in Montgomery County in the year, I believe, 1796. The same year 1796 Jacob Fanning got up there and got a grant of land. You could go up there and buy all the land you wanted for 25 or 50 cents an acre. Rather than handle it, they had agents looking after their business in these locations and they lured to sell the land to get settlers in there, get their names on the actuaries. They would give them a land grant on a parchment about like a sheep skin. These parchment land grants were signed by the governor and dated and I'm sure this date was 1796.
Perhaps maybe that year or a year later, I'll say 1800 give or take and I'd think it'd be a year prior to 1800 this Jacob who married Elizabeth Fanning and no doubt after Jacob Fanning and his wife had both accompanied them up to Grayson County had come back to Randolph County, North Carolina and of course, Jacob Lineberry III and Elizabeth Fanning were married then and went back into Virginia probably 75 miles or maybe a little more up there into the edge of Virginia.
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