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I think I solved the MYSTERY

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John W. Wayland, Ph.D "A History of Shenandoah County Virginia,1927

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Surnames: Lineberry, Lineberger, Lionberger, Leyenberger, Stover, Kauffman, Boyer, Huffman, Printz, Almond, Broaddus, Botts, Hite, Herschberger, Long, Hockman, Grove, Edge, Mauck, Brubaker, Wolfensberger, Skidnow, Yates
A History of Shenandoah County Virginia , by John W. Wayland, Ph. D. ,1927

Page 706 Top of the page Title “SKETCH of The Lineberger Family

(Originally spelled Leyenberger, but now spelled by one branch of the family as Lineberger and by others as Lionberger).
Upon request of relatives and friends, I will try to write a sketch of the Lineberger family, the facts that I will give being based on information I have at hand, together with my own personal knowledge of the family.
My great-grandfather, John Lineberger, lived in the Hawks Bill Valley, known as Shenandoah County, Virginia, now as Page County. His father Jean Leyenberger (he changed the spelling of the name soon after arriving) came to Virginia from Alsace-Lorraine early in the eighteenth century, with other colonist from the same section, and took up all the land from Grove’s Mill to the Graves’ land, then a veritable wilderness. The Indians were so hostile that the family had to abandon their newly acquired lands for awhile. It is believed that they went to North Carolina, and returned later. John’s brothers, Peter and Louis are supposed to have remained in North Carolina, this supposition being based on the fact that there are a similarly (Lineberger). There were two sisters, Barbara, who married a Stover, and Mary, who married a Kauffman.
The Lineberger family is of Alsatian or Lorraine descent, a mixture of French and German blood sometimes referred to at the time the family came to America as Palatines, but of then French nationality. John Lineberger was American born, or came to this country when quite young. He became lost with a friend, once when a boy, in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and they were compelled to stay out all night. In wandering during the night they came upon ground that glittered brilliantly; each secured a specimen, which proved to be nuggets of silver. All efforts to afterwards locate this spot were futile. He was married three times and became the father of seventeen children. He died in 1815. His first wife was Barbara Boyer, to which union were born two children, David and Barbara. David lived on the Hawks Bill at what is known as the Joseph Huffman farm, now owned by his son, W. D. Huffman. David because the father of six children His two sons Isaac and John, lived in Luray, Virginia. John Lineberger, whose name sometimes appears as “Lionberger,” conducted a large mercantile business in the large brick building on West Main Street, now owned by ex-sheriff Rosser. He was in my boyhood well remembered by many of the older citizens of Page County. The building in which this business was conducted was erected by John and Isaac. Later John went to Booneville, Missouri where some of his descendants are now living. He had four daughters, Nancy Lincoln, the mother of Angeline Printz, wife of Lorenzo Printz, also Josephine Stover; Barbara Almond, the wife of Emanuel Almond, of Luray, who is well remembered by our middle-citizens; Isabel Broaddus, wife of Rev. Andrew Broaddus, the father of the later lamented A. Broaddus of Luray; and Sally Botts, of whom we have lost trace.

Page 707

John Lineberger’s second wife was Barbara Stover , a descendant of Jacob Stover of Stove’s Town, now named Strasburg—after his birthplace, to which union was born three children, John, Peter and Susanne. This family all went west early in the eighteenth century and their descendants are scattered throughout the western states, particularly Tennessee, and some as far west as Texas, so I have heard. Susanne lived in Ohio and married a man by the name of Hite, a descendant of Baron Joist Hite, the Pioneer and first settler of the Shenandoah Valley.
John’s third wife was Barbara Herschberger, the result of this union being eleven children; four sons and three daughters lived to an old age and reared large families. The remainder of the eleven children died when quite young. Samuel Lineberger, or Lionberger, as the name began to be spelled in Virginia, was the oldest of the family and lived on the adjoining farm to the southward, known as the Rev. John Huffman farm, now owned by his son Charles S. Huffman. Abram lived to the westward just across the creek on the farm now owned by the late Rev. Samuel Spitler’s widow. Joseph lived on the adjoining farm to the northward of Abraham’s place; know as the Reuben Long place, now owned by his son, W.J. Long. Samuel Lionberger (or Lineberger) was born in 1790; died 1868. He married Susan Hockman near Kimball, Page County, Virginia, who died about the year 1850. To this union five sons and four daughters were born, whom I will mention later.
Abraham, the second son of John Lineberger, married Anna Koontz. He was the father of eight children, tow sons and six daughters. He left this country and went to Hancock County, Illinois, in 1838 and later to California, where he died in 1868. His wife died in 1860.
Joseph, the third son, was born in 1794. His wife was Esther Bruner. To this union were born five sons and three daughters. Joseph Lionberger—as this branch of the family had now changed the spelling of the name—with his eight children and son-in-law, Jacob Grove, brother of the later Joseph Grove, left this country for the wild west in a covered wagon in the year 1835. They landed in Hancock County, Illinois, after many long weeks travel, and were among the early settlers of that country. He died in 1868; his wife in 1865. Rebecca Grove, daughter of Joseph, is the only one of the family now living, and who should be credited with the greater part of this information. Her brother John W. Lionberger, grew up with that country and became a very noted man. He was correspondent for the county paper for nearly a quarter of a century; he contributed to its columns under the nom de plume of “Plow-Boy.” He held the office of justice of the peace for over twenty-five years; he was also supervisor and taught school for a while. He wrote a partial history of his life, and died at his home in La. Crosse, Illinois, February 10th, 1902.

Page 708

The fourth son, Jacob Lionberger, was united in marriage to Elizabeth Edge, to which union two sons and four daughters were born, He, also, with his family, went west and died in 1887; his wife died in 1864. He has one son living, whose name is Silas. The four brothers’ sisters were Mary Grove, Polly Mauck and Leah Brubaker. Mary Grove was the mother of John Grove, father of J.P. Grove, now living on the Hawks Bill. Polly Mauck was the mother of our venerable Robert Mauck; Leah Brubaker lived in Ohio.
We now go back to Samuel Lionberger’s children. His oldest son John, went to Crawford County, Illinois, and married Susanne Hite’s daughter, a cousin of his, for his first wife (his second wife’s name is not known) and reared a large family. David married Emily Skidnow, of West Virginia; to which union were born tow sons and three daughters. In his early life he lived in this country, three miles north of Luray, near what is now known as Sandy Hook; later he went to Champaign, Illinois, where his descendants are now living. Jacob went to Weatherford, Texas and married a wealthy lady by the name of Wolfensberger. He was a school teacher. He has one son living, whose name is John M. Lionberger and who is married and living in Weatherford. William also went west and married a lady by the name of Graves; later he went to Fort Worth, Texas, where he died in 1897. He has one son living whose name is Melville. Samuel J. Lionberger, the youngest, lived on the old homestead, which remains in the family to this day. He was united in marriage to Susan H. Huffman, who is now living at the age of 66 years, in the year 1850, to which union was born three sons and eight daughters. Six members of this family live within a radius of three miles of the old pre-revolutionary homestead; one son in Greensboro, N.C., two daughters in Cooper County, Missouri, and tow daughters are dead.
The four daughters of Samuel Lionberger are Nancy Huffman, wife of Rev. John Huffman, Susan Yates, now living, wife of Slaughter Yates, of Culpeper, Va., Sarah Hite, now living, wife of Jacob R. Hite, of Marksville, this county, and Mary Anne, who died when young.
With all the generations of Lionbergers born in Virginia, there are but two families now living in the state that are known by this name.

Luray, Va., Feb. 27th 1905

The foregoing sketch was supplied for this work by Hon. Walter F. Lineberger, M. C., who represents the 9th district of California. The latter’s wife was Florence Elizabeth Hite, great-great-great-granddaughter of Joist Hite, and a great-granddaughter of Major Isaac Hite of Belle Grove.
Hon. And Mrs. Lineberger were married at Los Angeles, June 16, 1909. They have four children: Elizabeth, born 1911; Walter Franklin, Jr., born 1913; Janet Hite,

Page 709

born 1918; and Anne Lorraine, 1920. The families of Lineberger and Hite have intermarried for many generations in the Valley of Virginia. It is also a remarkable coincidence that they immigrated to America from the same locality in Alsace, about 200 years ago.

End Sketch


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