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SURNAME: Leyva History

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By Genealogist: Peggy Leyva-Conley

Phillip (Felipe) Leyva and his wife Jeannette Margaret Reed-Leyva moved to Hollister, California in the early 1950's. The couple met in Hanford, California at Jeannette Reed-Leyva's fathers farm. This was the Reed Families winter home in which they traveled back and forth between properties also owned in various parts of Oregon. When the snow season would come the Reed family locked up the estates and would head out to Hanford, California.

Jeannette Reed-Leyva spent fifteen years traveling back and forth between her family owned farms. There her father Herman Hugh Reed hired Felipe Leyva to paint their Victorian home. This is where Phillip met his soon to be wife Jeannette M. Reed.

The couple married and moved to Arizona for several years. They both decided to return to California, and settle in San Benito County, Hollister, California. Phillip Leyva was a self-employed businessman in the Painting and Carpenter field for over forty years. He was a perfectionist in his trade. He was an avid Fisherman and a naturally gifted Spanish guitar player. Felipe’s home was near the rivers of San Francisco De Conchos, Chihuahua, Mexico where he fished. He was also in a Mariachi band back in his homeland.

Jeannette Reed-Leyva was born in Spring City, Tennessee. She has traveled throughout the United States. Her family came from an Aristocratic background, which traces its roots to early settlers in the USA. She has fond memories of her Southern Heritage on the family Fugate, and Reed Farms growing up in Tennessee. Jeannette recalls her mother Sylvia M. Fugate-Reed making homemade quilts with aunts, and cousins throughout her upbringing. The family rode their family horses around the farms and raised Tobacco, Cotton, Corn, Hay, Potatoes, Cows, Tennessee Walking Horses for the farm. The family would can their own crops and make homemade pies, cakes, and jams. The family had various settlements, which consisted of Orchards, Two Story Homes, Smoke Houses, animals, and crops on the Reed and Fugate farms. The family grew up Baptist back in the South.

The heritage leads back to England and various parts of the USA such as Baltimore, Maryland. She comes from the Old Families of Virginia and Tennessee as well as many from North Carolina, Georgia and Kentucky. Some her oldest family lines are the Reeds, Davenports, Lees, Fugates, Swaffords, Rowes, Hales,

The couples both were long members of the Apostolic Full Gospel Church of Christ. Phillip also helped to build in the church in the early 1960's. Their children are Phillip Jr., Lonnie Kenneth, Joel Kenneth, Peggy Ann Leyva-Conley, Judy Ann Leyva-Vaulstrom, Mary Elizabeth, Linda Sue Leyva-Jaurez, and Ruby Sue Leyva. The children grew up on the Bolsa Ranch off Bolsa road. At a time when it was filled with Apricot, Walnut, Prune Trees, Horses, Cows and prairie land. The new Changes has enforced a new highway to go through the old property off McConnell Road which was the families last address before they all grew up and moved their own separate ways. Some of the siblings still live in Hollister, and many have moved off to the greater Bay Area in the Silicon Valley, and San Francisco area.

Peggy Leyva-Conley
Hollister, California

Peggy Leyva-Conley's (Some of my Colonel Family Lines) Adams, Amos, Bacon, Ball, Barger, Bledsoe, Bolling, Brady, Brewer, Buchanan, Buckingham, Cagle, Campbell, Carter, Clinton, Coffey, Crockett, Davenport, Davis, Dorton, Edwards, England, English, Ferguson, Francisco, Fugate, Fulkerson, Galloway, Garrison, Gibson, Godsey, Greear, Greene, Haddix, Hale, Harwood, Higgenbottom, Holladay, Holloway, Horne, Horton, Howell, Jefferson, Johnson, Kissinger, Lawson, Lee, Lemmons, Lewis, Leyva, Little, Litton, Mason, Manning, Massey, McIntosh, McKinney, McPhail, Neace, Noble, Overton, Owens, Parkey, Patton, Pendergrass, Pennington, Phillips, Raleigh, Redwine, Randolph, Reasor, Reed, Rhea, Riley, Ritchie, Robbins, Roberts, Robinson, Roosevelt, Rowe, Rose, Russell, Sizemore, Smith, Southern, Steele, Stevens, Stewart, Stricklin, Swafford, Tate, Thomas, Taylor, Vermillion, Vicars, Virginia, Vitatoe, Walker, Washington, Wells, White, Williams, Wolfe, Wolfenbarger, Worthington, Young etc;

LEYVA, Phillip Felipe Ureta
Born: May 4th, 1914
Place: San Francisco De Conchos
Chihuahua, Mexico
Married: 1959
Place: Yuma, Arizona
Buried: Hollister, California - May 1993
Phillip (Felipe Ureta) Leyva's Father owned a farm in Chihuahua, Mexico consisting of Horses, Donkeys, Cows, Chickens, Roosters in which the family lived off their farm for food. My father recalls Poncho Villa and his armies coming to the family farm and stealing the family animals. He recalls the soldiers sitting at his family table as he watched them eating his food. To some in Mexico he was a hero to the locals he was a bandit, a their who lived his life destructive. Felipe remembers leaving on a train at the age of thirteen to leave his country, which was in an uproar due to the war. His sister Belinda Leyva was a policewoman in Mexico City; he spoke of many brothers and sisters. Leyva became a self-employed businessman, as a professional Painter and Carpenter throughout San Benito County, Hollister, California.

Copyright "The Hall Of Names Incorporated”.
The Surname LEYVA has been traced to its source in Castile, in North Central Spain. The fist group to populate what are today Spain and Portugal were the Iberians. In 711 Spain was invaded by Muslims from Africa. The Christians of the north, however, began a concerted resistance that would reconquer the peninsula After 800 years. Castile became independent and began a series of alliances and battles that would push the frontier southward. The Leyva Family originated in Castile, leader of the Christian Reconquest of Spain from the Muslims. Thus the family branched to Southern Spain, becoming established in Seville and Cordoba among other centres, and eventually Granada. The first settler was Francisco Leiva who settled in America in 1528. He is recorded in the CATALOGUE DE PASAJEROS A INDIAS and arrived almost a century before the Mayflower. Prominent among members of the family the noble and distinguished Leiva family of Castile. Conquistadors soon followed the first explorers, and Spanish settlements were founded throughout Central and South American. The settlers built upon these foundations of the "Spanish Empire" included members of the LEYVA Family. Early migrants to the New World bearing this surname were many who did settle in the Caribbean and the Central America including P. Leiva who settled in New Orleans in 1835. 2nd Settler traced is Juan De Leyva whom settled in Venezuela in 1534 and I.V. Leiva who settled in New Orleans in 1860.

Coat Of Arms: LEYVA - The Leyva "Coat Of Arms" has a Castle on it in gold. Castile, Spain got it's name because of all the CASTLES in Castile, Spain which where used for protection during the attacks from the Moors and Muslims. Jews got brought to Spain to work and were protected by Spain from the Muslims. The Jews MIXED with many Spanish people as well as Italians and Portuguese. Many Leyvas are found in Spain, Portugal, South America, Caribbean, Florida, Cuba, Venezuela, El Salvador, Mexico, California, New Mexico, and Arizona and elsewhere around the United States.

LEYVA, Francisco (Frank)
Born: Approx. 1890,
Place: San Francisco De Conchos Chih, Mexico
Spouse: URETA, Mercedes
(Her parents were URETA, Jose Angel (Joe) and Mother was RODRIGUEZ, Paula)
Born: Aprox. 1895
Leyva Farm Owner

LEYVA, Faustino married
ALVAREZ, Francisca (Francis)

REED, Jeannette Margaret
Born: Sept 12, 1932
Place: Spring City, Tennessee, Rhea County

REED, Herman Hugh Reed 1905-1980
Born: Claiborne, Tennessee
Buried: Salem, Oregon
Owned various REED Farms throughout his life in Tennessee, Oregon, and California, Real Estate. Rode Horses and specialized in Tennessee Walking Horses in Tennessee.
FUGATE, Sylvia Margaret (Twin to Bill Fugate)
Place: Spring City, Tennessee, Rhea County, 1909
Buried: Salem, Oregon 1998

“Surname REED Meaning” – Reed is of Old English - British. The history of this
Ancient Northumberland family traces its ancestry as a family of Boernician origin before the year 1100 and appears first in the ancient records in Northumberland.

“Surname FUGATE Meaning” – Fugate is a gatekeeper of the fowl like in the fowl bird. It appears in England and France. Captain Josiah Fugate was of the earliest American Immigrants to America appearing in Baltimore, Maryland.

Sylvia M. Fugate-Reed left the remaining Reed Estate in Hanford, California to each of her children. Jeannette Reed-Leyva, Betty Jo Reed-Halverson, Peggy Ann Reed, Laura Reed-Klampe, Lonnie Kenneth Reed. The Turner, Oregon Farm was deeded to her only son Lonnie Kenneth Reed and care-taker, her daughter Peggy Ann Reed in her last remaining years.

REED, Samuel Hugh (Buried at Sunset Cemetery)
Lived in Madisonville, Tennessee Monroe County
ROWE, Laura 1883-1956 (Buried at Sunset Cemetery)

“Surname ROWE Meaning” - Rowe is of British/English. The history of this ancient Norfolk family traces its ancestry as a family of Norman origin before the Year 1100 and appears first in the ancient records in Norfolk. Copyright – International Hall Of Names.

The Reeds owned a 300-Acre Plantation and Real Estate throughout various parts of Madisonville, Tennessee. Many of the local roads are named after this line of Reed families of Tennessee, as they are some of the earliest settlers of the region. The property has been passed on between many generations of children and still remains in the family. The family members have auctioned off some of the Reed land for new housing developments in Madisonville, Tennessee as well.

REED, John
“Surname MANNING Meaning” - British, English Ancestry. The history of this ancient Cheshire family traces its ancestry as a family of Anglo Saxon origin before the year 1100 and appears first in the ancient records in Cheshire. Copyright – International Hall Of Names.

John Reed was one of the first settlers of Tennessee to own his own Logging Business to help build homes for the new settlers to various regions of Tennessee. His sons use to help send the logs down the Cumberland River, and the Tennessee River to channel them down faster for building the land. Upon John Reeds death his wife Martha Manning-Reed moved back to her hometown and opened up her own General Food Store.

Born: 1871 Jan Bp Rhea County, Spring City, TNN (Buried at Ewing Cemetery)
HALE, Laura MD: 1893, Dec 3 mp TN, Rhea Co. (Buried at Ewing Cemetery)

“Surname HALE Meaning” - British, English and, or Irish. The history of this ancient Cheshire family traces its ancestry as a family of Anglo Saxon origin before the year 1100 and appears first in the ancient records in Cheshire. Copyright – International Hall Of Names.

William worked at the World Famous Dayton Courthouse, known for the Scopes Trail. He also owned two settlements/Farms at a road named "Fugate Hollow" Which more then the Prominent Fugate Family lines of this region owned half of this region. The Tennessee Valley Authority wanted all their land for the Purpose of the TVA River Project. They came in and called it "eminent domain" and developed many Fugate Properties for the TVA Project for the Nation Wide Electric Power, which is, now called Watts Bar, in Spring City, Tennessee. A marble, Greek column wall is dedicated to many of the family members as they are some of the most oldest and prominent families of this area: The wall consists of the Fugates, Reeds, Manning, Hale, Barger, Pendergrass, Wyatt, relatives listed on the monument facing the river in which their land was used.

FUGATE, William
Bd 1834, Nov, Bp Russell County, Virginia, Dp Rhea County, Spring City, Tennessee
Bd 1841, Bp TN, Dd 1884/88, Dp TN, Rhea County

“Surname Swafford Meaning” - British/English. The history of this ancient Norfolk family traces its ancestry as a family of Norman origin before the year 1100 and appears first in the ancient records in Norfolk. Copyright – International Hall Of Names.

Martha Swafford comes from the old Swafford Families of Tennessee. Most of Dayton, Tennessee is named or owned by the Swafford families of this region as well as the Fugates.

William is listed in “The Fugate Family of Russell County, Virginia a Genealogy of the Descendants of Francis, Benjamin, Colbert, Zachariah, Henley William Fugate, Settlers of Moccasin Valley from 1772” - Gateway Press 1986 ' by Dr. David Faris, Baltimore, Maryland.

Williams’s brother Colbert Fugate worked at the Virginia State Capitol Colbert C. Fugate owned land at Rye Cove and served as a member of the Virginia legislature in 1852. He was a delegate from Scott County to the Virginia Convention of 1861. In the early debate, he voted to table a motion to investigate Federal action in Virginia. However, after Lincoln's call for troops to act against the seceded states, he joined the majority, which adopted the ordinance of secession and was one of its signers. He voted to expel the members from western counties who had opposed the ordinance. He voted for the adoption of the Confederate Constitution. Sources:

Bd 1800/05, bp TN, Claiborne, Co, dd bef 1850, dp TN, Rhea or Bledsoe Co.
DAVENPORT, Martha (Patsy) Elizabeth birth Lee Co. Washington, Virginia Birthdate 1810, death date aft 1850, TN, Bledsoe County.

The Davenport Surname Family history is that of the ancient Cheshire family, which traces its ancestry as a family of Norman origin. Copyright – International Hall Of Names.

Author: David Faris - The Fugates Of Russell Co. Virginia 1986 - Pg. 64 Zachariah Fugate, son (probably) of William Jane Fugate, was born say 1801 (aged 20-30 in 1830). After his father's death in 1808 he probably resided with his uncle Zachariah (administrator of his father's estate) and appears to be in that household in the 1820 census. He was married to Martha Elizabeth Davenport, daughter of Claiborne Davenport. She was born about 1810 (aged 40 and one daughter under 5.) Their children were born in Virginia until 1834, and from 1835 in Tennessee. He appears to have died before 1850 when his widow and children appear in the Bledsoe County, Tennessee census. They appear in the Rhea County censuses from 1860. Three of their children, Claiborne, Lewis and Elbert were buried at Ewing Cemetery, Yellowcreek, near Spring City, Tennessee.

Martha Elizabeth Davenport Zachariah Fugate are confirmed by "The Fugate Family of Russell County, Virginia "A Genealogy of the Descendants of Francis, Benjamin, Colbert, Zachariah, Henley William Fugate, Settlers of Moccasin Valley from 1772 by Dr. David Faris 1986 Gateway Press, INC, Baltimore, Maryland. History Center: Project Fiche # 2liB7-10S #5743 - U.S CAN 929.273 F953F

There is much history recorded and written on the Royal Blue Bloods of America consisting of the DAVENPORTS. Author: Dr. John Scott Davenport The surname DAVENPORT neither comes from the River Devon, which flows into the English Channel (east side of Britain), nor from the proximity of a port in Cheshire (west Coast of Britain, above Wales). The name traces back to our immigrant ancestor, Orme de Aunceporte, a Norman who came to England with William the Conqueror in 1066. The Davenports were the hereditary foresters of the King, had their baronial lands in Cheshire. Under primogeniture, meaning the eldest son inherited all lands and titles, younger sons had to fend for themselves--meaning that by 1620, when the first Davenport (Lancelot) came to America, there had been as many as thirty generations of younger sons and their posterity who, being without the lands or titles, had gravitated to the lower ends of the economic scale and social classes. If you will consult "Burke's Peerage," the Who's Who among the British nobles and blue bloods (available at most large public library reference rooms, particularly those who cater to genealogy), which is updated and a new edition published almost as regularly as the Guinness Book of Records, you'll find a large section devoted to the Davenports. The noble beginnings of the family are recounted, the coat of arms is shown (there are variations for the Catholic and Anglican branches of the family), the noble descent (oldest sons) of the family is detailed, and present Davenports of title are noted. This is definitive, not conjectural. Davenport is a generic name--not a derivative.

As hereditary foresters of the King, the Davenports were literally the game wardens on the King's hunting preserves (largely in Cheshire) and had the authorized power to put poachers to death without trial. Hence, the crest of the Davenport coat of arms originally was a serf's head with a rope around its neck, signifying that the Davenports had the power to hang without appeal to the King. Davenports who went on Crusades to the Holy Land upon their return substituted the head of a Saracen with a rope around his neck. When Henry the VIII broke away from the Catholic Church, those Davenports who followed him took the head of a priest with a rope around his neck as their crest. There was a canard started by baronial families jealous of the life and death authority suggested by rope around the neck, etc, to the effect that the crest signified that all Davenports deserved to be hung. There is a long, fascinating history of the Davenports among the minor nobility of England. There is an old English doggerel that goes: In Cheshire the Lees are as thick as fleas, and there are as many Davenports as there are dogs' tails. As descendants of younger sons who did not inherit the title nor right to the coat of arms, the history of the family is as much ours as the more favored.

FUGATE, William
Bd 760/65 bp Virginia, dd bef Mar. 1808, DP Russell Co, Virginia
Md bef 1805
Mp TN, Claiborne, TNN?
Dd aft 1810
Owned Land throughout his life in farming.

“Surname STEVENS” – This name is English, Irish and, or German. The history of
This ancient Gloucester shire family traces its ancestry as a family of Norman origin before the year 1100 and appears first in the ancient records in Gloucester shire. Copyright – International Hall Of Names.

Mary Agnes Lee
Born 1773
Lee Valley, Hawkins, Tennessee
March: 19 Nov 1795
Saltville, Virginia
Died: abt 1839
Saltville, Virginia
Claiborne Davenport Sr.
Born: 1759

“Surname LEE” - British/English, The history of this ancient Cheshire family traces its ancestry as a family of Norman origin before the year 1100 and appears first in the ancient records in Cheshire.

Claiborne Davenport served in the Revolutionary War as a private in Captain Charles Fleming’s Company, 7th Virginia Regiment Commanded by Colonel McClenachan, He re-enlisted in the 5th Virginia Regiment under the Command of Colonel William Davies, he participated in the Battles of Brandywine, Germantown, Monmouth, Stony Point, and the siege of Charleston, where he was taken prisoner, but managed to escape and make it back to the American lines. He was discharged from service December 1, 1780 for this service he received a pension in 1818. In 1839 he moved to Wayne County, Kentucky to live with his Son, Lewis.

Mary Agnes Lee lived in Saltville, Virginia and the history there is as; Saltville, Virginia is located in Southwest Virginia, on the border of Smyth and Washington counties. Saltville is known as the "Salt Capital of the Confederacy,” because it was the Confederate States' main source of salt during the Civil War. During the Colonial Period, colonists opened the first salt mines of the Virginia frontier at Saltville. During the Civil War, Union and Confederate forces fought battles over the saltworks. In the 20th century, Saltville was the home of a flourishing chemical industry.

Mary Agnes Lee is listed in the Ancestors and Descendants of Gresham Lee of Buckingham County, Virginia - published by Richard Edward Lee of Madison Heights, VA. She was named after her mother and comes from one of the most famous LEE lines of American - known throughout the Civil War, due to Robert E. Lee, and his brothers - signers of the Declaration of Independence. Lines which tie into George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson, the Randolph of England and
America. "The Buckingham Co. Lee Families" by Richard Edward Lee lists on page 44/45 the following on Mary Agnes Lee. The marriage register of Washington County reflects a number of marriages involving the Lees of this time period. The selective list is as follows: 1795, Nov 19, Groom, Davenport - Bride - Aggy Lee.

Marriage Certificate for Claiborne Davenport/Aggy Lee (Mary Agnes) The Commonwealth of Virginia, County of Washington, In the Clerk's Office of the Circuit Court of the County of Washington: I, Katherine G. Mock, Clerk of the Circuit Court of the County of Washington, in the Commonwealth of Virginia, do hereby certify that according to the records of my office, Claiborne Davenport Age N/S, Color N/S, and Aggy Lee Age N/S, Color N/S, were married on the 19th day of November 1795 in Washington County, Virginia by Nicholas Reagan, as appears of record in Marriage Register No. 1 Page 106. Katherine G. Mock, Clerk – By Jewel W. Carbary, Deputy Clerk.

Claiborne Davenport (Thomas1) was born 1759 in Virginia, and died August 18, 1842 in Wayne County Kentucky - Children of Claiborne Davenport and Mary Lee are: John Davenport b 1796, Saltville, Virginia d. 1876 Sabinal Elizabeth Davenport, b. 1798, William Davenport, b. March 13, 1800, Saltville, Washington County, Martha Elizabeth Davenport, b. 1801; m Zachariah Fugate, Stephen Davenport, b. 1803; m Murdock, Rebecca Davenport b. 1806 m. Dorten Polly Davenport, b. 1808, Claiborne Davenport, b. 1810, Lewis Menefee Davenport, b abt 1811, Washington Co, VA d 1863 Wayne Co., Sarah Jane Jinsey
Davenport, b. 1817 , James Davenport.

Mary Agnes Lee
Born 15 March 1723/1724
Buckingham Co, Virginia
Died: 12 Nov 1774
Lee Valley, Hawkins, Tennessee
Spouse: William Lee
Born: 1731
Plantation Owners

Richard Henry Lee
Born: abt 1701
Died: Jackson, Tennessee
Spouse: Mary Grisham
Born: abt 1704
Plantation Owners

Richard Lee
Born: abt 1677
Surry Co, Virginia
Died: King and Queen, VA
Spouse: Mary Young
Born 1679
Plantation Owners

William Lee COLONEL
Born: 1650
Mar: 1675
Northumberland, VA
Died: Sept. 1696/1703
Spouse: Alice Felton
Born: 1650
Richmond Co, Virginia
Died: abt 1703

Richard Henry Lee COLONEL
Born: 1613
Spouse: Anna Contable Owen (Father/ Richard Owen)
Born: 1615
Richard Henry Lee was well known throughout the Civil War as well as his other family members. This family line is of aristocratic backgrounds highly recognized in American History.

John Lee
Born: abt 1584
Of, W, England
March: 21 Oct 1599, England
Spouse: Jane Hancock
Born: abt 1590
Of, T, England
Died: 1639, England

Johannes or John Lee
Born: 1530
Of Colton, S, England
March: 1553
Died: 14 May 1605
W, England
Spouse: Jocy Romney Lee
Born: 1529
Died: 1609

Thomas Lee
Born: abt 1509
Of Langley, S, England
March: abt 1531
Of Langley, S, England
Died: Bef 1619
Spouse: Hoke
Born: abt 1513
Of Langley, S, England
Died: Before 1623

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