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Parents of Samuel S. Lewis born July 4,1784 Virginia

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RE: Parents of Samuel S. Lewis born July 4,1784 Virginia

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Surnames: LEWIS, CALHOUN, LYNN, GIVENS, LOVE, WHITLEY, LEMASTER, Washington, Marshall, Fielding, Merriweather, Daingerfield, Taliaferro, McClelland, Strother, Long, Crow, Montgomery, Finley, Murray, CATHEY, Jones, Thornton, Madison, Bryant, McClanahan, McClenahan, Poe, BRISCO, LOVE, Twigg, Ball, Marshall, WHITLEY, Howard, VEST, Taylor, Kimberlin, McFarland, Moore, Stark, Smith, Cochran, Donahoo, Sudduth, Williams, Barker, Lindly, Houston, McQueen, Bullock, Curry, DePaw, Craven, Lawhon, Chamberlain, Hines, Morris
here is the info I think you are after
Your Samuel is generation 6

Descendants of ANDREW LEWIS

Generation No. 1



2i.JOHN2 LEWIS, born 1678 in Donegal, Dublin, Ireland; died February 01, 1762 in
Bellafonte, Staunton, Augusta Co. Va.

"Early Families of Eastern and Southeastern Kentucky" page 432
Lewis Family of Fleming, Carter and Greenup Counties
According to tradition the progenitors of the Lewis family of Virginia were first of the Louis
family of France who fled to Wales during the Huguenot persecutions. Some authorities
have discredited this theory, but, however that may be, most of the first Lewises in America,
and particularly in the Southern colony, came from Wales.
One tradition which has continued in the family says that their progenitors in Wales were
two of four brothers, Samuel, William, Robert, and John; that Samuel migrated to Portugal,
William died in Ireland and that Robert and John migrated to America and established
homes in Virginia early in the eighteenth century.
John Lewis was b. in Ireland in 1678; m. Margaret Lynn. In 1720 he killed an Irish
landlord, fled to America and finally settled near the town of Staunton, Augusta County,
Virginia. He had many conflicts with the Indians and built his dwelling house with
portholes through which he could fire on the savages and so protect his family. He d. in
1762 in his 84th year, leaving a large family of whom General Andrew Lewis was the most

"Some Prominent Virginia Families", page 621-645
The Lewis family of Virginia is one of the most distinguished families in the State. It is
connected by marriage with many of the best-known names, such as Washington, Marshall,
Fielding, Merriweather, Daingerfield, Taliaferro and others. The men of the family from
the time when they first settled in the colony, about the middle of the 17th century, have
been men of action and distinction; they have won for themselves the most remarkable
record as soldiers. It is recorded on the tombstone of "Pioneer John" that he furnished five
sons for the Revolution. There were five colonels in the Revolution--Colonel Nicholas,
Colonel Fielding, Colonel William, Colonel Charles and Colonel Joel--and quite a number
of majors and captains. The Lewises also won a gallant record in the War of 1812, the
Mexican War and in the Confederate States Army.
The Lewis family were originally French Huguenots, and left France after the revocation of
the Edict of Nantes, 1685. Three brothers--namely, William, Samuel and John--fled to
England. (see Smiles' "History of the Huguenots.") Shortly afterward William removed to
the north of Ireland, where he married a Miss McClelland; Samuel fixed his residence in
Wales, while John continued in England, Descendants of each of these three brothers are
supposed to have settled in Virginia.
About the middle of the seventeenth century four brothers of the Lewis family left Wales.
I. Samuel Lewis, went to Portugal; nothing is known of him
II. William Lewis, d. in Ireland
III. General Robert Lewis, d. in Gloucester Co., VA
IV. John, d. in Hanover Co., VA
Generation No. 2

2. JOHN2 LEWIS (ANDREW1, WILLIAMA) was born 1678 in Donegal, Dublin, Ireland, and
died February 01, 1762 in Bellafonte, Staunton, Augusta Co. Va. He married MARGARET
LYNN 1715 in Ireland.

"Marriages of Some VA Residents", Vol 4, page 149, 154, 155
Lewis, _______, father of Thomas, Andrew, William and Charles, res. Augusta Co., m.
_____ Lynn, sis. of William Lyn, whose will, 1757, Spotslyvania Co., proves the marriage

Lewis, John, b. 1678, Ireland; d. 1 Feb., 1762, Augusta Co., aged 84, son of Andrew and
Mary (Calhoun); rem. from Ireland to Penna., 1720, to Virginia, 1732; m. in Ireland,
Margaret Lynn, dau. of the Laird of Loch Lynn and sis of William Lynn, whose will, dated
21 Oct., 1757, Spotsylvania Co., named her and her four Lewis sons.

Children of JOHN LEWIS and MARGARET LYNN are:

3i.Samuel Lewis, born 1716 in Donegal Co., Ireland; died in after war.
4ii.Thomas Lewis, born July 04, 1718 in Donegal Co., Ireland; died January 31, 1790 in
Lynwood, Rockingham Co., Va. He married Jane Strother January 26, 1748/49.

5iii.ANDREW3 LEWIS, born April 23, 1720 in Donegal Co., Ireland; died September 26,
1781 in Bedford Co., Va.

6iv.Margaret Lynn Lewis, born Abt. 1726 in Donegal Co., Ireland; died in Ky. She married
(1) William Long Bef. March 07, 1758. She married (2) William Crow Bef. February 28,

7v.William Lewis, born November 17, 1726 in Donegal Co., Ireland; died November 1811
in Monroe Co., West Va. He married Anne Montgomery April 08, 1754.

8vi.Anne Lewis, born Abt. 1728; died in Adams Co, PA. She married Michael Finley , Jr.

9vii.Charles Lewis, born March 11, 1735/36 in Bellefonte, Augusta Co., Va; died October
10, 1774 in Battle of Pleasant Point, West Va. He married Sarah Murray.

10viii.Alice Lewis, born Abt. 1738.

Generation No. 3

5. ANDREW3 LEWIS (JOHN2, ANDREW1, WILLIAMA) was born April 23, 1720 in Donegal
Co., Ireland, and died September 26, 1781 in Bedford Co., Va. He married ELIZABETH

"DAR Patriot Index-Centennial Edition"
Lewis, Andrew Sr.: b-4-23-1720 IR d 9-26-1781 VA m Elizabeth Givens VA

Kegley, p. 564; Jones Gene., p. 187; Peyton, p. 286; DAR no. 66 912.
Lewis, Andrew, Brig.-Gen., b.1720, Ireland; d. 1781. Bedford Co.; res. Botetourt Co.; m.
1749, Elizabeth A. Givens. He was son of John and Margaret (Lynn).


11i.JOHN4 LEWIS, born September 14, 1746; died in Knoxville Co., Tn (murdered by his

12ii.Samuel Lewis, born September 04, 1748; died in Greenbriar, West Virginia.

13iii.Thomas Lewis, born Abt. 1752; died December 1800 in Killed by falling tree. He
married Sallie Thornton.

14iv.Andrew Lewis, born October 1758; died 1844. He married (1) Elizabeth S. Madison
June 1778. He married (2) Margaret Bryant 1792.
"Marriages of Some VA Residents", Vol 4, page 149, 154, 155
Lewis, Andrew, Jr., Col., b.1759, son of Gen. Andrew and Elizabeth (Givens); m. 7
June, 1778, Botetourt Co., Elizabeth "Eliza" Madison, dau. of John (d.1784) of
Montgomery Co., and Agatha (Strother).

15v.Ann Lewis, born Abt. 1760. She married Rowland T. Madison 1781.

16vi.William Lewis, born Abt. 1764; died 1812. He married (1) Lucy Madison. He
married (2) Nancy McClanahan. He married (3) Hannah Poe.

17vii.Charles Lewis, born Abt. 1765; died Infant.

Generation No. 4

11. JOHN4 LEWIS (ANDREW3, JOHN2, ANDREW1, WILLIAMA) was born September 14,
1746, and died in Knoxville Co., Tn (murdered by his slaves). He married MARTHA PATSY

"Marriages of Some VA Residents", Vol 4, page 149, 154, 155
Lewis, John, b. ca 1751, son of Gen. Andrew and Elizabeth (Givens), m. Patsy Love of
Alexandria, VA.

Children of JOHN LEWIS and MARTHA LOVE are:

18i.SAMUEL5 LEWIS, born 1762 in Botetourt Co., Va; died 1815 in Knox Co., Tn.

19ii.Charles Lewis, born Abt. 1764. He married Juliette Isabell Twigg June 24, 1800.

20iii.Elizabeth Lewis, born Abt. 1770. She married (1) (2)// Ball. She married (2)? (3) //

21iv.Andrew Lewis, born Abt. 1772. He married Jane McClanahan Abt. 1794.
"Marriages of Some VA Residents", Vol 4, page 149, 154, 155
Lewis, Andrew, son of John and Patsy (Love), m. ca 1794, Jane McClenahan, dau. of
Col. William of Botetourt co.,

Generation No. 5

in Bontetourt Co., Va, and died 1815 in Knox Co., Tn. He married ESTHER WHITLEY 1779
in Woodford Co., Ky, daughter of WILLIAM WHITLEY.


22i.Henry6 Lewis, born June 06, 1780 in Bontetourt Co., Va; died June 29, 1864 in
Hamilton Co., Tn. He married Eleanor Howard.

23ii.SAMUEL S. LEWIS, born July 04, 1784; died February 10, 1838 in Jasper Co., Tx.

Generation No. 6

was born July 04, 1784, and died February 10, 1838 in Jasper Co., Tx. He married SARAH
LEMASTER August 12, 1802 in Henry Co., Ky, daughter of JOHN LEMASTER and SARAH

"The Handbook of Texas", The Texas State Historical Association, 1952
Lewis, Samuel S. was morn about 1785 and came to Texas from Tennessee in March, 1832.
He married Sally Lemasters and was the father of two children. Lewis represented Bevil in
the Consultation and Jasper County in the First and Second Congress of the Republic. He
died between the end of the regular session of the Second congress, December 17, 1837,
and the beginning of the adjourned session, February 23, 1838. Bibliography:
"Biographical Directory of Texan Conventions and Congresses" (1941); Amelia W.
Williams and E. C. Barker (eds), "Writings of Same Houston, II (1939)

"New Handbook of Texas", The Texas State Historical Association
Lewis, Samuel S. (1784-1838). Samuel S. Lewis, early Texas settler and congressman, was
born to John and Sarah Lewis on July 4, 1784. [This is incorrect, his parents were Samuel
L. Esther Whitley--see "The Family of John Lewis, Pioneer" by Irvin Frazier] He
married Sarah Lemaster in Henry County, Kentucky, on August 7, 1804. They moved to
Indiana, where their seven children were born, five in Indiana Territory and two after it
became a state. Lewis founded Orleans, Indiana, and served with the Indiana militia in the
War of 1812. In the mid-1820's the family moved to Ouachita Parish, Louisiana, where
Lewis became justice of the peace. He sent his slaves and some of his property to the
Mexican state of Coahuila and Texas in 1830 and followed with his family in 1832. By 1835
he and his sons, Martin Baty Lewis and John Taylor, had settled their families in the Bevil
municipality on Indian Creek in what became Jasper County. Lewis served as lieutenant
colonel in the battle of Nacogdoches in 1832 and participated in the siege of Bexar in 1835.
He was a Bevil delegate to the consultation of 1835 and represented Jasper County in the
First and Second Congresses of the Republic of Texas. He died on February 10, 1838, at his
plantation in the Bevil district.
Bibliography: C. K. Chamberlain, "East Texas," "East Texas Historical Journal 4
"(October 1966). Mrs. Harry Joseph Morris, comp. and ed., "Citizens of the Republic of
Texas" (Dallas: Texas State Genealogical Society, 1977). Texas House of Representatives,
"Biographical Directory of the Texas Conventions and Congresses," 1832-1845 (Austin:
Book Exchange, 1941).

"Newton County Nuggets", compiler Pauline Hines, 1986 Samuel Lewis signed a
marriage bond on 7 August 1804 in Henry County and married Sarah LeMaster on 12
August at the home of John and Sarah Vest Lemaster. Rev. Benjamin Whitson, a
Methodist minister, tied the knot.
For a 3 page article from this book on Samuel S. Lewis by R. M. Lewis, contact this
webmistress or the Newton County Texas Historical Society.

"Jasper Newsboy" from The Jasper County Archives, October 7, 1998
Samuel S. Lewis, son of John and Sarah Lewis [wrong again--his wife's parents are John
Sarah Lemaster, his parents are Samuel Esther] was born in Virginia, July 4, 1784.
He married Sarah Lemaster on Aug. 7, 1804 in Henry County, Kentucky. Sarah, born in
Virginia on March 12, 1785, was the daughter of John and Sarah (Vest) Lemaster.
By or before 1806, Samuel and Sarah moved to Clark County, IN. Sarah was a sister to
James Lemaster who married Nancy Kimberlin, and it is possible that Samuel and Sarah
were at Kimberlin blockhouse.
The Lewis family remained in Clark County until after 1810, then moved to Orange County
where Samuel laid out the town of Orleans, IN. The original plan shows it was signed by
Samuel Lewis and William McFarland on March 1, 1815 as owners of the land. The Batttle
of New Orleans was the inspiration for choosing the name. In 1965, Orleans, IN celebrated
its sesqui-centennial. Their history records it to be the oldest town in Orange County and
states: "The first house was built by Samuel Lewis, and as saw mills had not yet found their
way to this frontier, it was made of logs, and was used as a tavern for several years, where
the wants of the weary pilgrims to this Western World could be supplied, and where at night
before a blazing fire they were beguiled with the marvelous stories of the new country's
wonders and adventure. In 1817 Samuel Lewis built the first brick building there." During
the War of 1812 Samuel Lewis' service has been difficult to determine. When his widow,
then living in Newton County, TX, applied for Bounty Land she stated her husband's papers
had been stolen by Indians. She was elderly and her memory did not serve her well. She
knew her husband had served from the spring of 1813 to the spring of 1814. She thought
perhaps his company was commanded by Capt. Zachariah Lindly (or Curry) in the regiment
under the command of Col. Wm. McFarland, or a Col. DePaw. It is possible he was in Capt.
Craven's Company which was mustered in for one year service May 1, 1813, or he may have
served later in the Indiana Militia, as many men did.
Lewis and McFarland had many land transactions. We find that on May 21, 1814, Samuel
Lewis received a patent from the President of the United States and in Salem, IN, on March
3, 1815, Samuel Lewis, Esp., of Washington County sold it to Wm. McFarland of
Jeffersonville IN for $196.25. Other deeds show they bought and sold property for several
Later both families moved to Louisiana where they sojourned before entering Texas.
Ouachita Parish, La, records show Samuel Lewis sold all his remaining land in Orange
County, IN to his brother, James, on Aug. 5, 1828. The Lewis' third daughter, Anne, was
married to Lewis Donahoo while the family was in residence in Louisiana. Marriage
records show the ceremony was performed by her father, Samuel Lewis, while he was
Justice of the Peace in Ouachita Parish, on Feb. 3, 1831. His eldest son, Martin B. Lewis,
had established his family by this time and his first born son, John Kenny Lewis, arrived in
the same parish July 15, 1826.
The family moved to Texas between the first and fifth of March, 1832, as stated in the
certificate of character dated Jan. 20, 1833. Lewis produced testimony that his servants and
other property had been in Texas since January, 1830. The Alcalde was Wm. McFarland.
The McFarland and Lewis families continued their friendship after the move to Texas as
they are mentioned a number of times in the McFarland Journal which was kept during the
years 1837 to 1840 by Thomas s. McFarland, a son of William.
Samuel Lewis served as lieutenant colonel in Melton McQueen's company with Col. Bullock
in the Battle of Nacogdoches, and was in the Battle of San Antonio de Bexar in 1835 during
the Texas Revolution.
He and his son received bounty land on Cow Creek for this service. Sam Houston signed a
grant for one-half league land in Jasper County.
A notation found in an old ledger reads: "Samuel S. Lewis, Sen. died on his own plantation
in his own dwelling house in Jasper county, Texas, Feb. 10th, 9 o'clock A.D. 1838 being 53
years 7 months and 6 days of age".

"Journal of the Coincidence Acts of Thomas S. McFarland"
29th of Jan.--Col. S. S. Lewis arrived here today, have not yet seen him, as I was away
from home
(in search of horses which I had feared was stolen,) he went to stay with Dr. Lawhon
where his lady was staying for some days previously. On my return from the woods in
company with my Br Saml--the dogs engaged in a fight, which was truly sanguinary, and
A notation dated Jan. 30, 1837: Visited Col. Lewis yesterday at Dr. Lawhon's--was
pleased to see the old gentleman--obtained some information concerning the acts of
Congress, of which he is a member. He has presented me with a very handsome pipe of
German manufacture, made of porcelain, gold and buffalo horn, and well finished in every
part. I was much pleased with this handsome mark of friendship and token of esteem. Col.
Lewis left his for home this morning with Madam Lewis.


24i.Martin Baty Lewis, born June 13, 1806 in Clark Co., IN; died March 14, 1884 in
Madera, CA. He married Nancy Moore October 30, 1825.

25ii.John Taylor Lewis, born February 14, 1808 in IN; died October 12, 1892 in Newton
Co., Tx. He married Sarah Maria Stark Abt. 1833.

26iii.Charlotte Lewis, born May 28, 1810 in Clark Co., IN; died Abt. 1829 in Ouachita
Parish, LA. She married Philip A. Smith.

27iv.Elizabeth Lewis, born March 04, 1813 in Orange Co., IN. She married Joseph

28v.Julie Ann Lewis, born August 29, 1815 in Orange Co., IN; died 1890 in Marcelina,
Wilson Co., Tx. She married Lewis Donahoo February 03, 1831.

29vi.William McFarland Lewis, born March 01, 1817 in Orange Co., IN; died February
02, 1900 in Leon Co., Tx. He married Mary Ann Sudduth.

30vii.MALINDA7 LEWIS, born March 30, 1824 in Green Co., IN; died 1892 in Tx.

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