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Leake book Families OF Virginia

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Leake book Families OF Virginia

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Surnames: Leake Leak Leek Leekye

families of Virginia



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It is probable that the Leake family came to England from Normandy as the name is first spelled de Lec. A Luke de Lec is mentioned in Cathedral Charters in 1208 and Robert de Lee is mentioned in the same book in 1272 as being pre-sented at Levertan Church, Lincolnshire, England. The English Genealogist, book four, names several Leakes among its Lincolnshire families. Simon de Lake is also mentioned nine generations back of 1562, which would be about 1275 to 1300. It is, therefore, evident that the name was undergoing a gradual evolution and is said to have been derived from the occupation of physicians of that time, who were called leechs from the use of that animal in drawing blood from their patients. A record of John de Leek is also found in the tax collections for Lancaster, England, in 1332.

By 1600, the name was most commonly spelled Leake and the records of many Leakes are to be found in England about that time. Some of the surnames are also given as Leek and Leak. An three of these forms of spelling are also found in the later Virginia records for the same individual. The most common English given names were Robert, William, John, Frances, "Talter, Elizabeth, :Mary, and Susan. These names occur with great frequency in Virginia today in this family.

The family attained its greatest prominence in England during the seventeenth century. Sir Robert Leake is mentioned as Hying about 1400. Sir Francis Leake, who was born in 1656 and died in 1720, was probably the father of Sir Francis Leake, first Earl of Scarsdale, 1581-1655. He was made Earl in 1645. The elder Sir Francis Leake was also the father of

http://www.heritagequestonline.comidvimage/ genealogy /stage/ dvimage?filename=/HQO/i... 8/2312007

Richard Leake who lived about 1590-1660. The eldest son of Sir Francis Leake II was Sir Nicholas Leake, 1625-1681, and was the second Earl of Scarsdale. Robert Leake, 1659-1684, son of Sir Nicholas Leake, was the third Earl of Scarsdale. Sir Francis II married Anne Carey. Sir Nicholas married Lady Frances Rich, third daughter of Robert Rich, Earl of Warwick.

Richard Leake, 1590-1660, younger brother of Sir Francis Leake II, was the father of Ca{)tain Richard Leake who lived 1620-1696. Captain Richard Leake served in the British Navy and ,vas the father of Sir John Leake, the noted English admiral. Sir John Leake, 1656-1720, was knighted by Queen Anne on February 3, 1703, and was made vice-admiral. He defended Gibralter in 1705, defeating the French fleet, for which he was promoted to admiral and later First Lord of the AdmiralitY. In 1708, he captured Minorca. His only son, Richard Leake, 1682-1720, died a few months before his father and left no heirs.

Many Leakes came to Virginia during the early history of the colony. Among them were John Leake, 1635; Andrew Leake, 1642; Richard Leake, 1639, Warwick County; Richard Leake, 1636, Accomac County; Richard Leake, 1637, New Norfolk County; Christopher Leake, 1650; l\1:ary Leake, 1654, Northampton County; Fra. Leake, 1653, Northampton County. Others came to New York and Massachusetts. The descendants of none of these are traced in this book and but little is known of them.

Howeyer, two families of this name in Virginia have fairly accurate records. One of these is headed by William Leake who settled in Goochland County in 1685, and is said to have been a first cousin of Sir John Leake. He married Mary Bostick and they came directly from England. The other family was headed by Samuel Leake, who with two sons came from genealogy /stage/ dvimage?filename=/HQO/i... 8/23/2007

England about 1770, and is said to have settled in the Shenandoah Valley but soon moved to Orange County and Albemarle County. However, most of the Albemarle County Leakes were of the Goochland branch which are so called to distinguish them from the Orange County branch.

Samuel Leake of Orange County married a Miss Raner in England. Their sons William and Robert emigrated with them to Virginia. It is said that another son stayed in England. The authority for this is the traditions of the family and a short sketch of the Orange branch written by Robert Sharp Leake of West Jefferson, Ohio, in 1897.

The Goochland and Orange County branches were rather closely related through their English ancestry and knew their relationship and visited one another in Virginia. Both families claim descent from Richard Leake, 1590-1660, and claimed relationship to Sir John Leake. The Goochland family claimed that William Leake and Sir John Leake were first cousins. The Orange County family claimed close relationship with Dr. John Leake, 1729-1792, who established the Westminister Hospital. The Goochland family also claimed relationship with Dr. John Leake. The Orange family also claimed that Samuel was a grandson of Richard Leake.

Dr. John Leake had, according to the English records, two brothers and one sister. One of these brothers was Dr. William Leake of St. Philip's Hospital, Minorca Island. The other brother was not named but may have been Dr. Samuel Leake, who was a physician and practiced in Virginia.

The father of these brothers was Rev. William Leake, a clergyman of the Church of England, 1705-1775. Rev. William Leake was a son of Richard Leake who in turn was the son of Walter Leake, 1635 to about 1700. This Walter Leake was also the father of William Leake of Goochland County. This William Leake was probably a brother of Richard who stayed

in England. Now, Walter, father of William of Goochland, was a brother of Captain Richard Leake, 1620-96. This would make William of Goochland a first cousin of Sir John Leake, 1656-1720. The probable genealogy would be as follows:

1. Sir Francis Leake, 1550-1611, who had issue:

2. Francis Leake, 1581-1655, Earl of Scarsdale.

Francis Leake, 1581-1655, earl of Scarsdale, married Anne Carey and had:

3 a. Nicholas Leake, 1625-1681, Earl of Scarsdale. 3 b. Richard Leake, 1590-1660.

3 b. Richard Leake, 1590-1660, had two sons:

4 a. Capt. Richard Leake, 1620-1696, father of Admiral Sir John Leake.

4 b. Walter Leake, 1635 to about 1700.

4 b. Walter Leake, 1635 to about 1700, had two sons: 5 a. William Leake of Goochland, 1664-1725.

5 b. Richard Leake.

5 b. Richard Leake, son of Walter Leake (4 a) had issue: 6. Rev. William Leake of England, 1705-1775.

6. Rev. William Leake, 1705-1775, had issue:

7 a. Dr. John Leake of Westminister, England. 7 b. Dr. William Leake of Minoria.

7 c. Dr. Samuel Leake who emigrated to Virginia.

An interesting account of the origin of the Leake family of Virginia is given by the late Hon. Shelton F. Leake of Charlottesville in a letter to his nephew, Dr. Henry K. Leake of Dallas, Texas, written Aug. 14, 1879. It is quoted in part as follows:

"Shelton tells me that you wish a fuller sketch of our family than the one I sent you. I am not much learned in legendary lore and can give you but a meager outline. Our history has not been an eventful one.

"As I told you before, the first Leake that ever came to Virginia (William) is said to have been the son by a first marriage of a very wealthy man on the marches (confines) of Wales in England. His mother having died in his ea.rly infancy, his father married a second wife by whom he had issue. The estates were entailed so that they would have descended to the eldest son. During the absence of the father, the stepmother had the first born kidnapped and sent to Virginia. It so happened that a company of Gypsies were in the neighborhood at the time, and the step-mother persuaded her husband that the gypsies had stolen his son. Immense rewards were offered but, of course, without results.

"This is the legend current in our family. In confirmation of it (undoubtedly authentic), the following incident is given: My uncle, Austin D. Leake, was, about 1795, sent to college at Carlisle, Pa. He was expected home every day, when one day a young man rode up to my grandfather's. My grandmother saw him alight and, supposing him to be her son, ran out and threw her arms around him, and kissed him before she discovered her mistake. He was wonderfully like my uncle Austin and gave his name as Leake from one of the northern states. He was travelling for pleasure and remained for some weeks at my grandfather's. He said that he was descended by a second marriage from a very wealthy Englishman on the Marches of Wales and that the only son by the first marriage was stolen by Gypsies. Up to this time our name had been spelled Leak, but the young man persuaded my grandfather that the true spelling was Leake, and so it has remained ever since."

The arms of the Leake are argent on a saltire engrailed azure, nine amulets or, on a canton gules, a castle of the third. The crest is a cannon mounted on a carriage all proper. The motto is 17 ix ea nostra voco. Its translation is "I scarcely call these things my own." A more liberal translation is "The

deeds of long descended ancestors are but by the grace of imputation ours."

As can readily be seen, the foregoing is a probable rather than a proven genealogy but it is included as a family tradition that is supported by some English records. It furnishes a basis for further genealogical research and is of too great an interest to omit.

No further attempt has been made to trace the descendants of Dr. Samuel Leake of Orange but the family of William Leake of Goochland has been traced in some of its lines through the medium of well established records. Though the citation of these records may be tedious, it is necessary to prove the various assertions, and to preserve such records in case the originals should ever be destroyed.


Fortunately, the family Bible of Mary Bostick, wife of William Leake, who was the immigrant ancestor of the Goochland branch of the family, has been preserved and is in the possession of Miss Sue Howard Leake of Richmond, Virginia. The date of printing of this Bible appears to be 1495 but it is more probably 1595. The title page bears this inscription:

"Imprinted at London by the Deputies of Christopher Barker, Printer to the Queenes most excellent Majestie"

The fly leaf of the Bible has these notations written on it:

"We have been in America one year May 25th 1686" "Mary Bostick her Booke

Given by her grandfather

Mary Bostick"

"William Leak His Booke March 25th


"Josiah Leak his Book 1751"

This proves that William Leake married Mary Bostick and that they came to Virginia on May 25, 1685. It is probable that they were married after they came to the colony.


William Leake came from Nottingham, England. Their children were born in St. Peter's Parish and are listed in the parish register. Their home in Goochland was named Rocky Spring and remained continously in the family until recently.

William Leake (1), who was born in 1664 and died in 1725, married Mary Bostick and had issue:

Walter Leake (2), born about 1704 and died in 1758, who married Judith Mask.

Mary Leake (2), born about 1706 and died about 1765.

William Leake (2), baptized July 15, 1694 (Reg. of St.

Peter's Parish).

Jane Leake (2), born January 11, 1700/1 (Reg. of St.

Peter's Parish).

Richard Leake (2), baptized December 11 ... (Reg. of St. Peter's Parish).

Walter Leake (2), son of William (l) and Mary Bostick Leake, was born in 1704 and was a vestryman of St. James Parish and lived at Rocky Springs where he died in 1758. He had a large family. His wife was Judith, daughter of John Mask. She was born April 14, 1698.

The register of St. Peter's Parish contains the following entries:

"Judith Daughter of John Mask born ye 14th April and

baptz. ye 19th of July 1698.

"Mary Daughter of John Mask bapt. ye 31st Mae 1700. "William Son of John Mask Borne ye 6th Mae 1701. "Timothy Son of John Mask Borne ye 20th June 1702. "Thomas Mask deceased ye 15th d of February 1687/8."

There was a Thomas Mask who came to James City in 1638. He may have been the father of John Mask.

Walter Leake's will is recorded in Goochland County in Will Book 7 on page 279. A true copy is given below:


"In the Name of God Amen. I Walter Leak, of Goochland County, make this my last will and testament, (being very sick) Revoking all other wills by Me formerly made. And Appoint this my last, Acknowledging myself in my proper senses, I praise God for the Same.

"First: Desire my Body to be buried according to the Discression of my Executors hereafter named, without pomp.

"Secondly: that my Debts may be all paid when due, and as for my Temporal Estate it hath pleased God to bestow upon me, I give as follows, Viz. Impris. I give and bequeath to my son Josiah Leak part of the land whereon I now live, viz. the South Side from the road beginning at Groom's line and thence up the road to the Creek and up the Creek to Coles' Spring branch, thence up the 3d. branch to the line, to him and his heirs forever. And the said Josiah Leak is to pay to Samuel Leak five and twenty Pounds Currt. Money.

"Item. I give and bequeath to my two sons John Leak and William Leak the remainder of the aforesaid land on the North Side of the aforesaid road that is to say anyone of them is to have the whole Paying the other for his part of it. and he that will give to the other the most for his part of it, shall take the whole to him and his heirs forever.

"Item. I give and bequeath to my two sons Mask Leak and Elisha Leak my Piece of Land in Albemarle which I bought of Paul Michaux to be equally divided between them in quantity and quality to them and their heirs forever.

"Item. I give and bequeath to my three daughters, Mary Christian, Christian Johnston and Judith Leak twenty Pounds apiece after their Mother's decease.

"Item. I lend to my Daughter Elizabeth Coleman my negro girl Agge to wait on her and to work for her, her lifetime and after her decease the said Agge and her increase if she has any shall be Equally divided amongst her children.

"Item. I lend to my loving wife and desire that she may have the use of all my Estate indu •.. ing her lifetime and widowhood, both land negroes, cattle, etc., and after her decease or marriage then these legacies to be paid, and the remainder of my Estate to be equally divided amongst all my children. I also desire that those of my children which have not been helped towards housekeeping with Bed, Pot, and Stock, etc. as the others, may be helped with such necessaries equally to what the others have been. I also appoint my loving wife Judith Leak and my son Josiah Leak Executors of this my last will and Testament, desiring my estate may not be appraised nor give security.

"Whereunto I set my hand and seal this 31st day of October Anno Dom. 1757. Published in Presence of us."

John Humber

Charles Christian Junr Walter Leak (seal)

Elizabeth Humber

At a court held for Goochland County May 16th, 1758. This writing was proved by the Oaths of John Humber and Charles Christian Junr. to be the Last Will and Testament of Walter Leak decd. which was admitted to record.


Va. Wood Cl. Cur.

From this will and the family records we find that Walter (2) and Judith Mask Leake had the following children:

Josiah Leake, Sr. (3), who inherited Rocky Spring. He was born in 1730 and died in 1789 and his will is on file in Goochland County, in Will Book 16, page 475. The family records show that he was married three times

(1) to Ann Fenton, (2) to Ann Minter, (3) to Ann Foster.

William Leake (3) who married Judith Moseley and moved to North Carolina.

Mask Leake (3) born in 1735; died in 1813; married Patience Morriss of Hanover November 22, 1758, (Douglas Register, page 4).

Samuel Leake (8) who married Elizabeth Morriss of Hanover. He was a Presbyterian minister and a graduate of Princeton (see Foote's history). He died in 1776 in Albemarle County and left his widow and three daughters.

Elisha Leake (3) who married (1) Joyce Thomson April 20, 1760, (see Douglas Register, p. 5) and had at least one son, George Thomson Leake, who was born April 8, 1781, (see Douglas Register, p. 103). Elisha Leake married (2) Fanny Curd by whom he had two sons, Col. Samuel Leake and Richard Leake of Shelby Co., Tenn.

John Leake (3), probably John M. Leake of Amherst County who served in the Revolution.

Elizabeth Leake (3) who married James Coleman in 1751, (see Douglas Register, p. 26-32).

14. Judith Leake (3) who married John Christian in Goochland on May 9, 1771, (see Douglas Register, p. "; 12). ~~:

Mary Leake (3) who is said to have married a Mr. Christian.

16. Christian Leake (3) married William Johnson before April 13, 1751, (see Douglas Register, p 41) and had issue:

A,Judith Johnson, born April 13, 1751.

B.William Johnson, born June 18, 1753.

C.Walter Johnson, born September 23, 1755.

D.Samuel Johnson, born November 17, 1757.

E.Manoah Johnson, born July 13, 1759.

F.Jeremiah Johnson, born February 14,1762.

G.Stephen Johnson, born September 20, 1763.

H.Christian Johnson (daughter), born February 15, 1767.

l. Josiah Johnson, born Apri124, 1769


Josiah Leake, Sr., (No.7) was the son of Walter Leake (No.2) and Judith Mask. He was born at Rocky Spring in 1730 and died there 1789 as he inherited the old Goochland homestead from his father. His will was probated in Goochland in 1795 and is recorded in Will Book 16 on page 475. Josiah Leake served as captain of militia in the Revolution being promoted to this rank in July 1777, according to McAllister's Virginia Militia in The Revolutionary War. According to the Douglas Register he married Ann Fenton in Henrico on January 1, 1759. According to the family records, his second wife was Ann Minter and his third wife was Ann Foster.

By his first wife, Ann Fenton, Josiah Leake had two daughters:

17.Lucy Leake (4) who married Frederick Jones.

18.Judith Leake (4), born in 1762, who married Charles Woodson, son of Drury Woodson. The marriage bond was dated September 23, 1780. Charles Woodson lived in Cumberland County and was a captain in the Revolution. They had a son named Charles Lewis Woodson who was born in 1794. (See William and Mary Quarterly, Vol. VI, p. 349.)

By his second wife, Ann Minter, Josiah Leake had two sons:

19.Josiah Leake, Jr., (4), born Oct. 26, 1770; died May 12, 1847; married Elizabeth P. Hatcher in 1799. 20.Walter Leake (4) who married Susanna Jones in 1790 and moved to Maysville, Kentucky. He was at one time a member of the Kentucky Legislature.


Josiah Leake's third wife was a widow, Ann Foster. By

her he had two sons and one daughter:

21.John M. Leake (4) who never married.

22.Samuel Leake (4) who never married.

23.Christian Leake (4) who married Ogglesby Scruggs.

19.Josiah Leake, Jr., (4), son of Josiah Leake, Sr., (No. 17) and Ann Minter, was born October 26, 1770, and died May 12, 1847. He married Elizabeth Porter Hatcher in January 1799. She was born August 5, 1777, and died October 10, 1857. Josiah Leake, Jr., inherited the old Leake home at Rocky Spring in Goochland, which county he represented in the Legislature of Virginia in 1810-11. They had nine children as shown by the family records:

24.William J. Leake (5) who died in 1812.

25/Elizabeth Porter Leake (5), born Jan. 11, 1808; died Nov. 27, 1829.

26.Thomas J. Leake (5), born March 5, 1804; died September 3, 1804.

27.Sallie H. Leake (5), born December 4, 1801; died Aug. 4, 1819.

28.Ann Eliza Leake (5), born Dec. 19, 1799; died April 3, 1815.

29.Samuel Davies Leake (5), born Dec. 14, 1809; died July 18, 188!.

30.Walter D. Leake (5), born June 25, 1813; died Feb. 28, 1873.

31.Josiah M. Leake (5), born October 16, 1805; died in infancy.

32.Martha A. C. Leake (5), born in 1818.

29.Samuel Davies Leake (5), son of Josiah (No. 19) and Elizabeth Hatcher Leake, was born December 14, 1809, and died July 18, 1881. He married Fanny Minor Kean in 1833.

She was born September 16, 1816, and died May 1, 1865. They had the following children:

3'3. William J. Leake (6), born in 1840 and died in infancy.

34.Patsy Collis Leake (6), born December 10, 1841; died July 9, 1922.

35.William Josiah Leake (6), born Sept. 30, 1843; died Nov. 23, 1908.

36.Sallie Ann Leake (6), born Jan. 1, 1847; died June 29,


37.Charles Anderson Leake (6), born July 16, 1848.

38.Lavinia Kean Leake (6), born September 2, 1851.

39.Mary Minor Leake (6), born March 10, 1853.

40.John Marion Leake (6), born January 20, 1854.

Walter D. Leake (6), son of Josiah Leake Jr., (No. 19) and Elizabeth Porter Hatcher Leake, was born June 25, 1813, and died February 28, 1873. He married Jane Margaret Kean who was born December 29, 1819, and died April 6, 1867. They had issue:

41.Martha Eliza Leake (7) who married William Miller.

42.Andrew Kean Leake (7), born in April, 1842, and married Violet Harris.

43.Charles Launcelot Leake (7) who married Sue Howard Shield.

44.Carlisle Leake (7), born in 1846 and died in infancy.

35. William Josiah Leake (6), son of Samuel Davies Leake (No. 29) and Fanny Kean Leake, was born September 30, 1843, and died November 2~ 1908. He served as judge and was at one time president of the Virginia State Bar Association. He married, first, on July 3, 1866, Sarah Rebecca Jordan, who was born September 10, 1846, and died May 13, 1890. They had the following children:

45 Fannie Kean Leake (7), born December 26, 1867, and married Rev. James Lindsay Patton in 1890. Rev. J. L.

Patton was born November 20, 1866, and died November 4,1915.

46.Josiah Jordan Leake (7), born February 13, 1870, and married Liza F. Beirne. He is a lawyer.

47.Mary Anderson Leake (7), born March 15, 1872, and died July 12, 1872.

48.Charlotte Lavinia Leake (7), born Jan. 3, 1874, and died Jan. 31, 1874.

49.Stuart Fitzhugh Leake (7), born Aug. 19, 1879, and died Jan. 2, 1880.

50. Stuart Carlisle Leake (7), born October 13, 1881.

51.Walter Samuel Leake (7), born January 27, 1875, and died May 2, 1875.

40. John Marion Leake (6), son of Samuel Davies Leake (No. 29) and Fanny Minor Kean Leake, was born January 29, 1854. Both he and his father gave many years of labor to compiling the data on the Leake family. He married, first, Elizabeth Miller in 1876 and married, second, Margaret Robertson in 1909. Elizabeth Miller was born January 29, 1853, and by her he had the following children: : 42.John Marion Leake (7), born May 24, 1876, and died

August 14, 1878.

53.James Miller Leake (7), born October 1, 1879.

54.Josiah Leake (7), born October 25, 1881.

55.Samuel Callis Leake (7), born July 21, 1883.

56.Minor Reeve Leake (7), March 6, 1890.

57.Margaret Caskie Leake (7), born May 2, 1888, and died April 29, 1889.

58.Fannie Miller Leake (7), born September 2, 1882, and died April 5, 1893.

59.Elizabeth Leake (7), born Nov. 10, 1893, and died June 17, 1894.

60.William Mayo Leake (7), born September 25, 1896, and died July 19, 1897.

41. Martha. Eliza Leake (7), daughter of Walter D. Leake (No. 30) and Jane Kean Leake, married William Miller and had issue:

61.Kate Miller (8).

62.Margaret K. Miller (8).

63.Walter Leake Miller (8).

42.Andrew Kean Leake (7), son of Walter D. Leake (No. 30) and Jane Kean Leake, was born 1842. He married Violet Harris and had issue:

64.Jane Margaret Leake (8), born June 13, 1873.

65.David Harris Leake (8), born July 13, 1875.

66.Lewis Knight Leake (8).

67.Walter Alexander Leake (8), born in February, 1883.

68.Charles L. Leake (8), born February 2, 1886.

69.Catherine Fredrica Leake (8), born September, 1889.

70.Eliza Overton Leake (8), born December 27, 1893.

59.Charles L. Leake (7), son of Walter D. Leake (No. 30) and Jane Kean Leake, married Sue Howard Shield and had issue:

71.Mattie Carlisle Leake (8).

72.Sue Howard Leake (8).

Note.-Walter D. Leake (No. 30) was a distinguished lawyer and citizen of Goochland County, Virginia. He was a member of the legislature of Virginia in 1846 and later.

He was also a member from Goochland in the convention of 1849 and of the Secession Convention. He was a captain of artillery in the Civil War.

John M. Leake, son of Josiah Leake, Sr., moved to Alabama and was a member of the Alabama Legislature Legislature in 1822.


Chapter IV Line Of Mask Leake

Mask Leake (3), son of Walter Leake (No.2) and Judith Mask Leake, was born in 1735 and died September 1, 1813. On November 22, 1758, he married Patience Morriss of Hanover, the service being performed by the Rev. William Douglas according to the Douglas Register. In his letter to Dr. H. K. Leake of Dallas, Texas, written in 1879, Shelton F. Leake of Charlottesville states:

"Mask Leake was my grandfather and died in the year I was born, 1812. He was born in 1735. He had (to live to be grown) five sons, vis.: William, Walter, Austin, Josiah, and Samuel, the last being your grandfather. I ought to have told you that my grandfather married Patience Morriss of Hanover County, Virginia. A somewhat singular circumstance it was that four sisters (Misses Morriss) of Hanover married Albemarle Gentlemen and settled within a diameter of four miles. My oldest uncle, William, was a plain farmer and an excellent man. He died in or about 1833, leaving three sons and one daughter. The next, Austin, was a lawyer of distinction but sank down while in the midst of an argument in the Supreme Court of Appeals in Richmond, and expired in half an hour. He had not reached the prime of life. A grandson of his (Chas. Austin Leake) was at father's in Yazoo City some years ago. I have made a mistake. Austin was the third son. Walter, the second son, was the grandfather of Walter Kearn Leake. You know all about him, I suppose. He was, during Mr. Jefferson's administration, a candidate in this (the old Albemarle district) for Congress against Gov. Thomas Mann Randolph (Mr. Jefferson's son-in-law). Randolph beat him by two votes, and he instantly announced again. Before another


election, however, Mr. Jefferson appointed him United States Judge of the then District of Mississippi, and it was generally thought that the appointment was given him in order to get him out of Gov. Randolph's way.

"Josiah Leake, the fourth son, studied law and was rapidly rising in the profession when he died in Lynchburg at quite an early age, unmarried. My father married Sophia Farrar of this county. She died in 1819, so that I can barely remember her. Her mother was Susanna Shelton of Louisa. The Sheltons were wealthy and stood as well as any. I know nothing of my grandfather's (Farrar's) family. I do know that his immediate family stood well.

"The old Leake family mansion yet stands at Lickin Hole in Goochland and is still held by one of the family.

"I hardly know of any other particulars that I can give.

One fact that I may state is that the Leakes are now less numerous in this county than they were seventy-five years ago, and I believe they are less numerous in this state. I am the "Last or the Mohicans" here. My only son, for the moment here, is with you in Texas. The old family is scattered to the four winds. One branch went to Kentucky, Walter Leake, a first cousin of my father, went to Kentucky, and was in Congress for many years from that state. Another settled in North Carolina where one of them (Walter K. Leake) was the regularg Democratic candidate for governor some years since. He and I had a correspondence once. He was then very wealthy, but I had a letter from him, two or three months since, stating that he had been ruined as a result of the war. Another branch settled in Georgia, with one of whom I once had a brief correspondence. After all, I believe that your father was the cleverest man of the family that I ever knew. But this letter is sufficiently long. I am apt to become garrulous on this theme. We are all as well as usual. My wife's health is delicate though she leads an active life. Shelton met with a very cordial recep-


tion on his return. Indeed, he is very much beloved here. Pray remember me most affectionately to all your family and believe me as ever."

"Your affectionate Uncle, S. F. Leake."

The will of Mask Leake is recorded in Albemarle County in W·ill Book 5, page 301.

"In the name of God, Amen, I, Mask Leake of Albemarle County, do make this my last Will and Testament, revoking all by me formerly made do Constitute this my last. First, I desire my Body to be buried then that all my debts be payed, then I lend to my beloved wife, Patience Leake, the plantation on which I now live with the house and Kitchen Furniture and Stock and my Negroes, Philip, Buster, Luckey and Munday, during her Natural Life and to be disposed of as hereafter provided for and as I have given my son, William Leake, my Negro Man, Dick, and the land on which he lives and to my son, Walter Leake, my Negro Woman, Cloe, and her Increase and my Boy, Charles and the land on which he lives and to my son, Austin Leake, a Liberal Education and to my Daughter, Lucy Buster, my Negro Woman Sallie and her Increase and instead of land my Negro Man Will and now I give and bequeath to my Son Samuel Leake my Negro Woman Agge and her Increase and the land on which he lives and after the decrease of my wife the land on which I now live to him and his heirs forever and, if need be, I will that my executors sell so much of my other land as to answer the payments of my debts and after the decease of my Beloved wife that whatsoever may remain to the Estate may be sold at Publick Sale and the money issueing may be Equally divided betwixt William Leake, Walter Leake, the heirs of Austin Leake, Deed., (Joseph S. Leake and Philip Jefferson Leake to take their father's part), Lucy


Buster, and Samuel Leake and I appoint my Sons William Leake, Walter Leake, and Samuel Leake Executors of this my Last Will and Testament. Witness my Hand and Seal this 8th day of September, A. D. 1806."

Mask Leake (Seal)

"Codicil, Aug. 19, 1813

"Item, I give to my grandson Joseph Leake in addition to what I gave him in my Last Will ..... "

Probated, Oct. 1, 1813.

Mask Leake lived near North Garden Throughfare in AI. bemarle County. He was an elder of the Cove Presbyterian Church which he often represented in the Presbytery of Hanover. The Virginia Magazin.e of History reprinted a petition presented by Mask Leake and others to the General Assembly of Virginia for the relief of the payment of tithes to the Epis· copal Church. His land in Albemarle was given him by the father of his wife.

He was a captain in the Revolution and was at Yorktown with two of his sons, William and Walter. See MacAllister's Virginia Milit.ia in the Revolutionary War, and Wood's His· tory of Albemarle County.

9.Mask Leake (3), son of William Leake (2) and Judith Mask Leake, was born in 1735 and died September 1, 1813. On November 22, 1758, he married Patience Morriss of Han· over and had issue:

73.William Leake (4), born in 1759 who married Anna Minter.

74.Walter Leake (4), born in 1762 and married Elizabeth Wingfield.

75.Samuel Leake (4), born in 1765 and died in 1774.

76.Austin Leake (4), born in 1768.


77.Lucy Leake (4), born in 1770 and married John Buster.

78.Judith Leake (4), born in 1772 and died in 1779.

79.Elisha Leake (4), born in 1774 and died in 1779.

80.Josiah Leake (4), born in 1777 and died in 1806.

81.Samuel Leake, Jr., (4), born in 1779 and died in 1832.

Married Sophia Farrar in 1821.

73. William Leake (4), son of Mask Leake and Patience Morris Leake, was born in 1759 and died about the first of September, 1834. He married Anna Minter, daughter of Anthony Minter of Powhatan County. He served in the Revolution and rose to the rank of captain. See Wood's History of Albemarle County, and the court records cited below. The following record of the Pension Office is also of interest:

"Record and Pension Office,

WAR DEPARTMENT Washington, March 4, 1904.

"Mrs. Katherine S. Jones, Charlottesville, Va.

"It is shown by the records of this office that one William Leake served as a private in Captain John Mark's Company, 14th Virginia Regiment, commanded by Colonel William Davies, Revolutionary War. He was drafted February 16, 1778, to serve one year. His name appears on the muster roll for January, 1779, dated at Camp Middlebrook, February 5, 1779, with remark: 'Draft. Sick, Brunswick.' His name also appears on the company pay roll for January, 1777, with remark: 'Left out Oct. Nov. and Dec. Pay calculated 16, Feb. Have joined since muster and discharge. Pay advanced.' Nothing further relative to this soldier has been found of record.

"By authority of the Seceretary of War:

"F. C. Ainsworth,

"Chief, Record and Pension Office."


Intimate details regarding William Leake and his family are best given through the citation of his will and court records from the County Clerk's Office at Charlottesville, Va.

w. B. 12, page 317

"In the Name of God, Amen. I, William Leake of the County of Albemarle, being in my right mind and common memory, do hereby make and ordain this my last will and Testament utterly revoking and disannulling all former wills made or ordained by me heretofore. After my just debts and funeral charges are paid, I dispose of my estate in the following manner, that is to say,

"I premise it is my will that my Executors hereafter named at my decease shall conduct my plantation in the best manner thay can till all of my debts are paid if my Creditors will wate so long, if not to sell so much of my property as can best be spared and payment made.-

"Item. I give to my beloved wife, Caroline M. Leake, my Negroes to wit,: Yellow Gim, Etta and her children to Wit:

Annice, Silva, Ned, Sam, Mariah, and Agnes and their further increase. Also three feather Beds and furniture together with all the Bed Clothes she brought with her, also whatever clothing she has or may make for the house together with one mahogany bureau, one dining table, one Cherry Tea Table, and Walnut Candle Stand, a looking glass, twelve winsure chairs, a sette, four Silver Table Spoons, and sixteen Silver Tea Spoons, one Cream Pot, a Brittana Tea Pot, one plated Rim Caster, six Bowls & Stands, to be disposed of in any way she cares. I also lend her two horses and one gig, the house and kitchen furniture as she chuses together with the house I live in and all the land on the North Side of my Spring Branch beginning at Cole's line keeping the Branch to my Spring, from thence to a corner tree on Hart's land. I also lend her six cows


and ten sheep and as many hogs as may be necessary for her family if so many may belong to my Estate. I also lend her Lucinda during her natural life also my Loome and two Spinning Wheels, one Flax Wheel and also the cotton, wool, and flax, raw and spun during her natural life.

"Item. I give to my Daughter, Elizabeth A. Anderson, my Negroes to Wit: Milly and her two children, Henry and Louise and all of their future increase forever and one horse and feather Bed and furniture, one Cherry Bureau, to her and her heirs forever. The above property is now in her possession at this time.

"Item. I give to my son Samuel Leake my Negro man Isham, one horse and one feather Bed and furniture and as much of my other property as will make him equal to his sister Elizabeth.

"Item. I give to my son Walter Leake my negro man Jesse and one horse and one Feather Bed and furniture. The above property is now in his possession and as much of my other property as will make him equal with his sister Elizabeth.

"Item. I give to my son William M. Leake my negro man Moses and one horse which he has now in his possession, also one Feather Bed and furniture which he will get when he wants it and as much of my other property as will make him equal with his sister Elizabeth.

"Item. I give to my son Josiah Leake my negro man Black Gim, one horse and Feather Bed and furniture and as much of my other property as will make him equal with his sister Elizabeth.

"Item. It is my will that when my children are made as equal as possible the balance of my Estate should be sold to the highest bidder or appraised as my legatees may agree


amongst themselves and equal distribution among all my children be made in order to carry this my last Will and Testament into execution. I also appoint my sons Samuel Leake and Josiah Leake my Executors to sign and acknowledge deeds or any other duties that this my last Will and Testament may require. Whereunto I have set my hand and prefixed my seal this thirteenth day of November one thousand eight hundred and thirty, all being wrote with my own hand and sealed and acknowledged in the presence of."

William Leake (Seal)

Witnesses Nath. Garland John Amonett Garnett White

On March 16, 1833, William Leake made a codicil owing to the death of his son, Josiah Leake, in which he dirests that the part left Josiah be sold to discharge debts of the estate. This will was recorded October 22, 1836, and an appeal was taken August 7, 1835.

The testimony in the suit concerning this will supplies much genealogical and biographical data and the most interesting items are quoted below:

"The deposition of Mrs. Sally Robinson taken at her home on Friday the 9th of Oct., 1835, between the hours of 11 o'clock in the morning and sunset of the same day before me, William B. Harris, a justice of the peace according to the notice returned herewith to be read as evidence in a suit in which Samuel Leake & others are appellants defending in the Superior Court of Albmarle County. This deponent being sworn according to law, deposeth and sayth:

"Captain Leake and myself were raised in two miles of each other. Our fathers were brothers and our mothers were sisters, and the uttermost friendship existed between the two


families. After our marriage we lived in three miles of each other and the same friendship existed until the day of his death. I considered him a man of plain but sound mind with firmness and stability. I never suspected him of failing until after he was paralized which took place, I think, in 1827. It was then evident to all who were much acquainted with him, so much so that his wife frequently spoke of it to his acquaintances. The year following, I think it was after a second attact of his disease, I was at his house and his wife remarked that she had told Mr. Leake that he would have to get one of his sons to come home and take charge of him and his business. Accordingly, his son William came home the next year and continued with his father several years. In the summer of 1831, Cousin William Leake and his wife being on a visit at my house, in the course of the day the old gentleman became irritable in consequence of a trifling joke which produced considerable laughter in the company. Next day I dined at his home and his wife in apology for his irritation the evening before, said she was afraid to let him go from home without her as he was apt to take the wrong notions, 'for,' she said, 'he is not himself.'

"In the latter part of 1832, Mrs. Leake took up the strange nation that her husband had deeded or made over his property to his son Samuel. This notion produced a great distraction in the family. During the time of this unpleasant state of things in the family, I was sent for particularly by Mrs. Leake to come visit her. I was also required by the children to go hoping I would succeed in convincing their mother that she was mistaken and that peace might be restored to their father, at least in that particular. It may be proper to state that this deed which was causing so much distress in the family was nothing more than Bonds which the old gentleman had given his son for money borrowed of him and which were renewed about this time. Samuel came to see me and brought with him the papers that I might see for myself and be able to silence her SllS-


picions on this subject. Walter came over in a day or two and brought one of his own horses for me to ride to his father's. When I got there she met with her usual friendship but evidently with feelings of a strong nature. She soon commenced her tale of woe and while on that subject she seemed to be in a rage, so much so that she was all in a tremour. She spoke of the deed and intimated that her mother had revealed it to her from Heaven. She said that Mr. Leake had told her that Samuel would not see her suffer but that she would go to the poorhouse before she would receive anything from his hand. She spoke very degradingly of each of her husband's sons. She said he had told her before they were married that his children were good children but it was not so.

"Her husband was present during this conversation but said nothing in reply. He would sometimes walk the room apparently in great distress and as it were, breathe out his feelings as though unconscious of what was said. 'Poor Josiah,' he would say, '1 have never given him anything. I always intended to have given him Little Jim,' and then he would stop. She told me of a conversation that had passed between herself and her husband, she did not say when, respecting some person who had before marriage made provision for the support of his wife, provided she was left a widow. 'Mr. Leake', said she, 'why did you not provide for me in the same way? It is not too late now.' She would say, 'How can I bear to see these poor little negroes that I have raised torn from me by Sam Leake?'

"These are a few things of many that took place during my visit, but not having charged my memory with them, I am not able to state them with accuracy. I could not understand whether I had quieted her suspicions with regard to the deed but I believe that I left them as I found them, a miserable family. He told me his wife was unwell and gave me to understand it was her mind, then remarked, 'We think we are doing the best we can for her but she won't think so.' Knowing that I had heard all about the unpleasant state of things in the fam-


ily and the cause of it, he did not explain the cause of his dissatisfaction.

"In the early part of 1833, I was sent for to see the old man who was ill during my stay and his wife talked of but little else· but his children, speaking most disrespectfully of them to me in his presence. He would request her to stop that conversation, remarking it was very unpleasant to him and no doubt it was to me but she paid no regard to him."

In the papers of this suit, William Leake was called Captain William Leake. In this connection the following citations are of interest:

"Testator was in the War of the Revolution and shortly after entering was transferred to the Continental army."

Caroline M. Leake was his second wife as shown by the testimony of his physician, Dr. J. Grinder which is given below:

"I was acquainted with William Leake of Albemarle County who lived fifteen miles from Charlottesville . . . I also knew his wife, her name was Caroline. I did not know his first wife. Mrs. Leake was much younger than Mr. Leake. I was his family physician .... He had two attacks of paralysis, the first in the fall of 1827 at Walter Coles' on the Green Mountain. The second attack was in September, 1828 . . . . His memory was very much impaired by this. I must say that Mrs. Leake had considerable influence on her husband. He would not do anything contrary to her wishes."

J. Grinder.

The identity of the first wife and mother of all the children of Capt. William Leake is established by the evidence of Josiah Cosby:


"I do hereby certify that to the best of my knowledge, Anney Leake, daughter of Anthony Minter of Powhatan, wife of William Leake of Albemarle, died some time in the year 1808, and that Anthony Minter, father of the said Anney Leake, died some time in the year 1812, and that William Leake, husband of the said Anney Leake, and acting executor

of Anthony Minter .... etc." Josias Cosby.

In his evidence, Walter Coles of the Green Mountain said:

"Mr. Leake and myself married sisters and have been very intimate from the time df their marriage, say 16 or 17 years .... "

Mr. Coles evidently had reference to Caroline, the second wife of Captain Wm. Leake. Walter Coles belonged to the famous Coles family of Enniscorthy.

Direct examination of witness by Samuel Leake supplemented the data on the family relationships:


"Was my father twice married and if so state the time of the death of his first wife and his marriage to the second 1"


"Yes, he was married twice and his first wife died in 1808 and he married the present wife who is the appelle in or about the year 1817."


"At what time did my grandfather Minter, who was the father of my father's first wife, die 1"


"He died after the death of your mother."


The will of Anthony Minter is on record in Powhatan County in Will Book 4, on page 78. It was made in 1808 and was recorded October 21, 1812. An abstract is given of the items of interest:

"Son Jeremiah Minter.

"To sell land reserving one half acre for a burying ground.

"Four grandchildren:: Jonas Cosby, son of my daughter Mary Cosby, Deed.; Samuel Leake, son of my daughter, Anna Leake; Woodson Layne, son of my daughter Tabitha Layne; and Josiah Minter, son of my grandson Gabriel Minter.

"My son Gabriel Minter.

"My three granddaughters descendants of my son Richard Minter, Deed., to wit: Patty Minter, Betsy Minter, and Sally Minter my tract of land lying in North Carolina which I purchased of Wm. Riddle ...

"My son William Minter, land lying in the fork of Deep and Haw Rivers in North Carolina which I purchased of James and Elizabeth Riddle ...

"My son Joseph Minter, three negroes which were in his possession.

"My daughter Betsy Dupuy ...

"My daughter Anna Leake, four slaves to wit: Sucky, Milly, Isham, and Jesse ...

"My daughter, Tabitha Layne and gran daughter Polly

Layne ...

"Grandson Gabriel Minter ...

"Children of my daughter Mary Cosby, Deed .... "Son John Minter .... "

The executors of this will were his son, Jeremiah Minter; two sons-in-law, William Leake and Tarlton Layne; and grandson, Gabriel Minter.


The late T. C. Leake, Sr., grandson of Captain William Leake wrote a brief family sketch which is in the possession of Mrs. Chappelear and is copied below:

"Grandfather William Leake married Anna Minter. I do not know dates of births, marriage, or deaths. His children were:

Samuel Leake, born June 14, 1790; died December 27th,


Elizabeth Ann Leake, do not know dates. William Leake. Do not know dates.

Josiah Leake, born January 11th, 1802; died August 14th, 1832.

Walter Leake, our father, born December 17th, 1792; died December 24th, 1859.

Mahala R. Leake, our mother, born March 18th, 1804; died May 7th, 1875.

Walter Leake of the County of Albemarle was married to Mahala R. Johnson, daughter of Benjamin and Mary Johnson, on the 16th July, 1823, of Henrico.

Our grandmother, Mary Johnson, born the 6th of August, 1765; died on the 11th of October, 1834.

James W. Leake was born August 18th, 1824, and married in 1844 to Caroline George of Goochland who died in 1858, and in 1862 married Victoria Payne of Goochland. He died in May 1887.

Benjamin N. Leake, born Sept. 27th, 1826, married Fannie Tinsley of Hanover in 1852, died in 1871 leaving three children : Walter Leake, Benjamin Leake, and Annie Leake who married William Spiller. In 1873, he married Mrs. Atwood Reeve of Hanover, nee Attie Tinsley.


Thadeus C. Leak~ was born August 17th, 1829, died J anuary 18th, 1904.

Mollie A. Leake, born December 13th, 1831.

Josiah Leake was born September 21st, 1833, was married March 29th ..... to Bettie Smith of Richmond who died Sept. 1892, leaving three children:

Pembroke S. Leake who married Bessie Patch of Henrico, Sallie Leake, and Harriet Leake who married Ashton Schermerhorn of Henrico.

Sallie J. Leake was born April 16th, 1835, and married, 1857, to Alfred Meador of Cumberland County. They have four children: Walter, James, Annie, and Mollie Meador.

Walter Samuel Leake was born July 16th, 1839 and was married Dec. 24th, 1861, to Julia Duke of Louisa County, who died in 1870 leaving one daughter, Mary G. Leake who married John W. Deitrick of Goochland. In 1875 he married Mattie Thomasson of Henrico. They have three children: Lena, Grace, and Walter Leake.

Pembroke G. Leake was born Dec. 13th, 1841, and was married (1) Dec. 1867 to Jane E. Carden of Henrico who died April, 1878, leaving four children:

Florence who married Beauregard Henly of Henrico. Effie who married T. M. Jackson of Henrico.

Clara Leake.

Ballad Leake.

Pembroke G. Leake married (2) Mrs. Ada Cauthorn, nee Nash."

From these records and other family data, it is seen that William Leake, No. 73 and his wife, Anna Minter, had the following children:

Samuel Leake (5), born June 14,1790; died December 27, 1858. He owned the old Mountain Top Hotel in the Rockfish Gap of the Blue Ridge above Mton. It was a


very popular and fashionable summer resort and it was here that the first meeting was held organize the Universityof Virginia.

83.Elizabeth Ann Leake (5).

84.Walter Leake (5), born December 17, 1792; died December 24, 1859.

85.William Leake (5).

86.Josiah Leake (5), born January 11, 1802; died August 14, 1832, unmarried. A notice published in The Whig at Richmond for August 21, 1832, stated:

"Died.-At the Hot Springs on the 14th instant, Mr. Josiah Leake, Jr., of the firm of Anderson and Leake of this city."

His brother, Samuel Leake, qualified as administrator of his estate on November 24, 1832, with Walter Leake and Jesse Snead as securities. The senior partner of the firm of Anderson and Leake was propably the Mr. Anderson who married Elizabeth Ann, sister of Josiah Leake.

83. Elizabeth Ann Leake (5), daughter of William Leake, No. 73, and Anna Minter Leake, married Mr. Anderson and had issue:

87.Samuel Leake Anderson (6).

88.J. M. Anderson (6).

89.Josiah L. Anderson (6).

90.¥lalter A. Anderson (6).

91.Sarah A. Anderson (6) who married a Mr. Boatwright and had issue:

92.Rebecca Boatwright (7).

93.Thomas Boatwright (7).

84. Walter Leake (5), son of William Leake, No. 73, and Anna


Minter Leake, was born December 17, 1792, and died December 24, 1859. He married Mahala R. Johnson, daughter of Benjamin Johnson and Mary Henley, his wife, on July 16, 1823 They lived at Aspen Grove in Henrico County, not far from Shad)T Grove Church, which was built on land donated by the Leakes. The children of this family were:

94.James William Leake (6), born August 18, 1824; died in May, 1887.

95.Benjamin Michael Leake (6), born September 27,1826; died Dec. 9, 188l.

96.Thaddeus Constantine Leake, Sr., (6) born August 17,

1829; died Jan. 18, 1904.

97.Mary Ann Leake (6), born Dec. 13, 183l.

98.Josiah Leake, (6), born September 21, 1833.

99.Sarah Jane Leake (6), born April 16, 1835.

100.Walter Samuel Leake (6), born July 7, 1839 .

101. Pembroke S. Leake (6), born December 13, 184l.

105. William M. Leake (5), son of William Leake, No. 73, and Anna Minter Leake, was born in September, 1805, and died in April, 1850, according to the inscription on his tomb in the cemetery on the farm of Mr. William Powell near Hardware bridge near Covesville, Albemarle County. This was the old Leake home. William M. Leake married Miss Dietrich who was born October 28, 1812, and died Jan. 14, 1884, according to the family records and had two children:

102.William Glodomore Leake (6), born December 27, 1848 and died October 19, 1908, at Harrisonburg, Virginia, without issue. He is said to have been a man of very economical habits and amassed a good estate which he left to found the Rockingham Memorial Hospital which contains a bronze tablet to his memory. He is buried beside his parents.

103.Elizabeth Leake who died unmarried.


94. James William Leake (6), son of 'Valter (No. 84) and Mahala Johnson Leake, was born August 18, 1824, and died in May, 1887. He married Caroline George of Goochland on December 24, 1844. The family Bible of William George and Susan Winn George, dated June 4, 1833, .is in the possession of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Snead of Hanover who very kindly allowed a copy to be made and which is given below:



William George and Susan W., his wife (formerly Susan W. Holman) were married October 14, A. D. 1819.

William J. Tinsley and Susan M., his wife, formerly Susan M. George, were married November 26, 1856.

Edwin S. Snead and Rosalin V. Johnson were married Jan. 1st, 1868.

Susan Winn Holman was born May 16th, 1790.

Robert W. Snead and Mary L., his wife, formerly Mary L.

Smithers, were married November 6th, 1895.

Benjamin Johnson and Ann E., his wife, formerly Ann E.

George, were married November 18th, 1840.

Andrew B. Nuckols and Martha G., his wife, formerly Martha L. George, were married December 23rd, 1841.

James W. Leake and Caroline C., his wife, formerly Caroline C. George, were married December 24, 1844.

William E. Snead and Mary, his wife, formerly Mary M.

George, were married December 20,1854, by Rev. A. Z. Smith.


Ann Elizabeth George, Daughter of William and Susan W. George, was born January 6th, 1823.


Caroline Chlotilda George, daughter of the above, was

born January 20th, 1825.

Susan Frances George was born November 2, 1828.

Mary Matilda George was born December 5th, 1831. Susan Maria George was born May 21st, 1834.

Louisa William George was born December 8th, 1836. John William Snead, son of William E. and Mary M.

Snead, was born Oct. 8, 1856.

William Erastus Snead, son of John W. and Nannie L.

Snead, was born Dec. 19, 1877.

Benjamin Johnson was born October 7, 1810.

George William Johnson was born September 13, 1841. Rosalin Victoria Johnson was born December 26, 1843. Benjamin Franklin Johnson was born September 20, 1846 Charles Evander Johnson was born December 23, 1849. Robert Edwin Johnson was born June 5, 1853.

Susan Ann Johnson was born January 27, 1856.

Ada Robert Johnson was born October 29, 1858.

Mollie Stuart Johnson was born January 18, 1862.

Edwin S. Snead was born September 27, 1846.

Rosalin V. Snead, wife of Edwin S. Snead, was born Dec-

ember 26, 1843.

Robert William Snead was born January 11, 1870. Lillie Belle Snead was born December 23, 1877. Daisy Pearl Snead was born November 14, 188!.

Helen Lucille Snead, daughter of Robert W. and Mary L.

Snead, was born Jan. 2, 1877.

Edwin Smithers Snead was born September 2, 1899.


William George died August 18, 1836.

Mary Marcella Snead died May 9, 1857. Caroline Chlotilda Snead died June 26, 1860.

Martha Jane Nuckols, wife of B. Nuckols, died August 28, 1836.


Ella R. Bowles, daughter of James Leake and wife of Wil-

liam E. Bowles, died June 29, 1869.

Lucy Frances Satterwhite died March 3, 1875. Stephen W. Snead died December 26, 1889.

Ada Roberta Johnson died June 8, 1860.

Emma Jane Nuckols died January 27, 1857. George William Johnson died February 19, 1862. Benjamin F. Johnson died February 6,1864. Mollie S. Duvall died July 13, 1889.

Ann E. Johnson, wife of Benj. Johnson, died Aug. 14, 1889.

James William Leake married, first Caroline Chlotilda George of Goochland who was born January 20, 1825, and died in 1858. He married, second, Mrs. Victoria Payne of Goochland. James William and Caroline George Leake had issue:

104.Ella Leake (7) who married William E. Bowles and died June 29, 1869.

105.Esterline Leake (7) who died unmarried.

106.Fannie Leake (7) who married Phillip Satterwhite and died March 3, 1875.

107.Alice Leake (7) who married Carrington Wade.

108.Henry Leake (7) who died unmarried.

James William and Victoria Payne Leake had five chil-


109.Charles Leake (7) who died unmarried.

110.Eugene Leake (7).

111.Myrtle Leake (7).

112.Jobn Leake (7).

113.Jennie Leake (7).

95. Benjamin Michael Leake (6), son of Walter Leake (No. 84) and Mahala Johnson Leake, was born September 27, 1826, and died December 9, 1881. He married Fannie Tins-


ley of Hanover County. After her death in 1871, he married Mrs. Addie Reaves, nee Addie Tinsley, sister of his first wife. His children by his first wife whom he married in 1852 were:

114.Walter Leake (7) who moved to Kentucky and married there.

115.Benjamin Leake (7) who moved to Kentucky and married there.

116.Annie Leake (7) who married William Spiller.

117.Mary Leake (7) who died unmarried.

96. Thadeus Constantine Leake, Sr., (6), son of Walter Leake ( No. 84) and Mahala Johnson Leake, was born August 17,

1829, and died January 18, 1904. He was a captain in the Confederate Army. We are indebted to him for a copy of his mother's family Bible records which are reproduced below:


Benjamin Johnson was born June 18th, 1756. Mary Henley, his wife, was born Aug. 6th, 1765.

Their Children

Elizabeth Johnson was born April 10th, 1786 (Ellis). Polly Johnson was born June 3, 1788 (Winn).

Lucy Johnson was born Nov. 1st, 1790. (Duvall). Michael Johnson was born Feb. 22nd, 1793.

Sally Johnson was born Nov. 29th, 1795 (Leake). Benjamin Johnson was born Nov. 13th, 1798.

Jane Jude Johnson was born June 5th, 1801 (Snead). Mahala R. Johnson was born March 18th, 1804 (Leake). Martha Johnston was born July 27th, 1807 (Winston).

Capt. T. C. Leake was a farmer in Henrico County. He was tall in height, weigth about 160 pounds, blue eyes, blond


hair, and somewhat bald. He married, first, Indiana Coles Shelton, daughter of William Shelton and Maria Coles of Louisa County. His second wife was Sarah Lumpkin. The children by the first marriage were:

118.Thaddeus Constantine Leake, Jr., (7), born October 20, 1854, died November 16, 1889; married Lula E. Spiller on December 17, 1878.

119.Eveline Archer Leake (7), born March 14, 1856; died Agust 16, 1918: married Ballad Williams Binford, May 6,1879.

120.Nannie Louisa Leake (7), born May 26, 1858, and died in infancy.

121.Martha Winston Leake (7), born January 13, 1860, died in infancy.

122.Katherine Shelton Leake (7), born June 25, 1861; married, first, George W. Jones, December 12, 1882; married, second, Charles W. Tandy, January 12, 1910 in Louisville, Ky. Lives at Plain View, Texas, and has no children.

123.Mattie Coles Leake (7), born August 8, 1862, and died June 28, 1863.

124.William Edward Leake (7), born Dec. 21, 1864, and married Mary Beverly Armistead in Richmond, Virginia, November 24, 1896.

125.Mollie Johnson Leake (7), born August 23, 1886, and died Sept. 28. 1868.

126.Nannie Coles Leake (7), born May 16, 1868, and died August 27, 1868.

127.George Alexander Leake (7), born May 16, 1868, and died September 1, 1868.

By his second wife, Sarah Lumpkin, T. C. Leake had one son:


128. Welford Leake (7), born January, 1887.

118. Thaddeus Constantine Leake, Jr., (7), son of Thaddeus Constantine Leake, Sr., (No. 96) and Indiana Coles Shelton Leake, was born October 29, 1854, and died November 16, 1889. He married Lula E. Spiller on December 17, 1878. He was a commision merchant, vice-president of the Tennessee Midland Railroad, and railway contractor. He was five feet and eight inches tall, weighed 170 pounds, and had blue eyes and brown hair. After his death, Mrs. Lula Spiller Leake lived in Richmond, Virginia. They had five children::

129.Willard Douglas Leake (8), born March 29, 1880, and married Rosa Meyer on January 27, 1904.

130.Maude Hatcher Leake (8), born Sept. 10, 1881, and died May 8, 1900.

131.Hunter T. Leake (8), born January 18, 1883, and married Lucy Gude on March 10, 1909.

132.Ethel Spiller Leake (8), born Sept. 26, 1885, and died in 1896.

133.Edward Archer Leake (8), born October 1, 1888, and married Anna Beveridge on April 4, 1923.

119. Evelyn Archer Leake (7), daughter of Capt. T. C. Leake, Sr., (No. 96) and Indiana Shelton Leake, was born Marsh 14, 1856, and died August 16, 1918, at Louisa, Virginia. She married Ballad Williams Binford, son of Napoleon B. Binford and Anne Maria Snead, his wife, on May 6, 1879. B. W. Binford was born Dec. 23, 1845, and served in the Confederate Army, first in the Richmond Howitzers and later with Col. Mosby. They lived in Hanover County; in Birmingham, Alabama; in Atlanta, Georgia; and in Richmond, Virginia. They had four children:

134.Nannie Binford (8), born March 16, 1880, and married George Warren Chappelear, Jr., June 7, 1917, in Richmond, Virginia.


135.Jesse Samuel Binford (8), born in Hanover on July 11, 1885, and died December 10, 1886.

136.Kate Binford (8), born in Hanover on November 25, 1888, and married Harry T. Hatch of Louisa on December 27, 1911.

137.Helen Binford (8), born at Verdon, Hanover County, on November 9, 1894, and lives in Richmond, Va.

124. William Edward Leake (7), son of Capt. T. C. Leak~ and Indiana Shelton Leake, was born December 21, 1864, and married Mary Beverly Armistead in Richmond, Virginia, on November 24, 1896. He lives in Birmingham, Alabama, and is vice-president of the Railway Fuel Company. William E. and Beverly Armistead Leake have four children:

138.Beverly Armistead Leake (8) who married Vernon Mc-


139.Ethel Wilbur Leake (8) who married Frederick Fite.

140.Robert Armistead Leake (8).

141.William Edward Leake (8) who married Janie Lovelace.

128. Welford Leake (7), son of Capt. T. C. Leake and Sarah Lumpkin, was born in January, 1887, and is married but has no children.

These dates were obtained from varied family records but especially from the family Bible of Ballad Williams Binford and his wife, nee Evelyn Archer Leake, which is given below in order that the records may be preserved:


Thaddeus C. Leake, Sr., was born August 17th, 1829. Nannie C. Shelton was born November 25th, 1830.


Thaddeus Constantine Leake, Jr., was born October 20th,


Eveline Archer Leake was born March 14th, 1856.

N annie Louisa Leake was born May 26th, 1858. Martha Winston Leake was born January 13th, 1860. Kate Shelton Leake was born June 25th, 1861.

Mattie Coles Leake was born August 8th, 1863. William Edward Leake was born December 21, 1864. Mollie Johnson Leake was born August 23rd, 1866. Nannie Coles Leake was born May 16th, 1868.

George Alexander Leake was born May 16th, 1868.

Margaret Coles Leake was born June, 1910.

Nancy Chappelear was born November 25, 1918. Georgina Chappelear was born December 18, 1921.

Ballad Williams Binford was born in Richmond, Va., December 23, 1845.

Eveline Archer Leake was born in Henrico County, Va., March 14, 1856.

Nannie Coles, daughter of Ballard W. and Eveline A. Bin-

ford was born in Richmond, Va., March 16, 1880.

Jesse Samuel Binford was born in Hanover, July 11,1885. Kate Binford was born at Verdon, November 25,1888. Helen Binford was born at Verdon, November 9, 1894.


Thaddeus C. Leake and Nannie C. Shelton were married on the 23rd of November, 1853.

Thaddeus C. Leake, Jr., and Lula E. Spiller were married on the 17th of December, 1878.

Ballad W. Binford and Eveline A. Leake were married on the 6th of May, 1879.

George W. Jones and Kate Shelton Leake were married on the 12th of December, 1882.

Charles W. Tandy and Mrs. Kate S. Jones were married


in Louisville, Ky., January 12th, 1910.

Napoleon B. Binford and Ann M. Snead were married at Warsaw, near Richmond, Virginia, the 15th of November, 1842.

William Edward Leake and Mary Beverly Armistead were married at Richmond, Virginia, November 24, 1896.

Hunter T. Leake and Lucy Gude were married at Washington, March 10, 1909.

George Warren Chappelear, Jr., and Nannie Coles Binford were married in Richmond, Virginia, June 7, 1917.

Harry T. Hatch and Kate Binford were married in Richmond, Va., Dec. 27, 1911.


Nannie Louisa Leake June 10, 1859 in Henrico.

Martha Winston Leake died February 21, 1863 in Hen-


Mattie Coles Leake died June 28, 1864, in Henrico. Nannie Coles Leake died August 27, 1868, in New Kent. George Alexander Leake died September 1, 1868, in New


Mollie Johnson Leake died September 28, 1868, in New Kent.

Thaddeus Constantine Leake, Jr., died November 16, 1889

in Richmond.

Ethel Spiller Leake died in December, 1896, in Richmond. Maude Hatcher Leake died May 8, 1900, in Richmond. Indiana Coles Leake died May 29, 1868, in New Kent. Thaddeus C. Leake, Sr., died January 16, 1904, in Rich-


Maria Louisa Shelton, died February 1, 1905, at Buena Vista and was buried at Richmond, Virginia.

Jesse Samuel Binford died December 10, 1886, at Verdon in Hanover.

Ballard Williams Binford died October 9, 1903, in Richmond.


George W. Jones died January 1,1897, in Barton Heights, Richmond.

Mrs. Susan E. Spiller died in November, 1904, in Richmono

Mollie A. Leake died February 22, 1908, in Richmond. Eveline A. Binford died August 16, 1918, in Louisa and was buried at Mt. Hope, Hanover County.

98. Josiah Leake (6), son of Walter Leake, (No. 84) and Mahala Johnson Leake, was born September 21, 1833. He married Elizabeth Smith of Richmond and had three children:

142.Pembroke S. Leake (7) who married Bettie Patch.

143.Sallie Leake (7) who died unmarried.

144.Harriet Leake (7) who married Ashton Schermerhorn.

99. Sarah Jane Leake (6) daughter of Walter Leake (No. 84) and Mahala Johnson Leake, was born April 16, 1835. She married Alfred Meadows and had five children of whom three were Annie, Mollie, and James.

100. Walter Samuel Leake (6) son of Walter Leake (No. 84) and Mahala Johnson Leake, was born July 7, 1839. He married, first, Julia Duke of Louisa County by whom he had two children:

145.Julia Leake (7).

146.Mary Leake (7).

Walter Samuel Leake married, second, Mattie Thomasson

by whom he had three children:

147.Lena Leake (7).

148.Grace Leake (7).

149.Walter Leake (7).

101. Pembroke Somerset Leake (6), son of Walter Leake (No. 84) and Mahala Johnson Leake, was born December 15, 1841, and died October 14, 1903. He was buried at Shady


Grove Church, near his father's home. He married, first, Jane Carden and, second, Mrs. Ada Nash Cauthorn. His children by Jane Carden were:

150.Effie Leake (7).

151.Florence Leake (7).

152.Clara Leake (7).

153.Ballard Binford Leake (7), born June 20, 1876; died Jan. 22, 1912.

Pembroke S. Leake has one son by Ada Nash Cauthorn:

154. Morris Leake (7).

81. Dr. Samuel Leake (4), son of Mask Leake (No.9) and Patience Morriss Leake, was born in 1779 and died in 1832. He was a physician in Albemarle County. He married Sophia Farrar in 1801 and the bond is on record in Charlottesville.


"Know all men that we, Samuel Leake and Samuel L. Walton, are held and firmly bound unto James Monroe of the Commonwealth of Virginia in the sum of 150 dollars to be paid unto the said Monroe and his successors in office to which Judgement will and truly be made we bind ourselves jointly and severally firmly by these presents with our seals and dated this 22nd day of November, 1801.

"The condition of this obligation is such that whereas there is a marriage intended to be had and solemnized between the above bound Samuel Leake and Sophia Farrar, now if there is no lawful cause or impediment to obstruct the same, the above obligation be void or else to remain in full force and virtue."

Samuel Leake (Seal) Sam!. L. Walton (Seal)


Shelton F. Leake, son of Samuel and Sophia Leake stated:

"My father married Sophia Farrar of this county. She died in 1819, so that I can barely remember her. Her mother was Susanna Shelton of Louisa. The Sheltons were very wealthy and stood as well as any. I know almost nothing of my grandfather's (Farrar) family. I do know that his immediate family stood well."

Dr. Samuel and Sophia Farrar Leake had the following children:

155. Sophia Farrar Leake (5), born in 1817 and died in 1818.

156.William J ohiah Leake (5), born in 1815 and died in 1867. He married Martha Latitia Hughes on March 5, 184'3.

157. Shelton Farrar Leake (5), born in 1812 and died in 1884.

He married Rebecca Gray July 13, 1843.

158.Samuel Austin Leake (5), born August 10, 1810 and died February 1, 1877.

159. Lucy Patience Morriss Leake (5), born in 1808 and

died in 1818.

160.Eliza Austin Leake (5), born in 1806 and died in 1890.

161.Austin Mask Leake (5), born in 1805 and died in 1806.

162.Susan Leake (5), born in 1803 and died in 1810.

156. William Josiah Leake (5), son of Dr. Samuel Leake (No. 81) and Sophia Farrar Leake, was born in 1815 and died in 1867. He married Martha Letitia Hughes on March 5, 1843. Like his father, he was a physician in Albemarle County. Dr. William J. and Martha Hughes Leake had six children:

163.Fenner Leake (6).

164.William Leake (6).

165.Henry Keirn Leake (6), born in 1847 and died in 1916.


He married Lydia Montgomery in 1869.

166.John Hughes Leake (6), born in 1854 and died in 1875.

167.William Shelton Leake (6), born in 1856 and died in 1911. He married Maybelle Cooper in 1888.

168.Martha Hughes Leake (6), born in 1862 and married Wm. M. Waters in 1886.

157. Shelton Farrar Leake (5), son of Dr. Samuel Leake (No. 81) and Sophia Farrar Leake, was born Nov. 30, 1812 and died on March 4, 1884. He married Rebecca Gray on July 13, 1843 in Orange County. Hon. Shelton F. Leake lived at Charlottesville and was a most distinguished lawyer and debater. He was a member of the Virginia Legislature in 1842, a member of Congress for the session of 1845-7, Lieutenant Governor of Virginia in 1851, and was a candidate for Governor in 1854 but was defeated by a very close vote by Henry A. Wise. In 1859-61, he was again a member of Congress. He was commonly known as the Demosthenes of the hustings. He had the following children:

169.Gay Pendleton Leake (6), born July 4, 1845, and died on August 19, 1879. She married Judge John M. White on March 6, 1866, and had two children:

170.John M. White (7).

171.Louise White (7) who married Hunter Pendleton.

172.Ada Shelton Leake (6), born in 1847 and died in 1885.

She married Samuel Gaines and had three children:

173.Ada Gaines, (7).

174.Mary Gaines (7).

175.Samuel Gaines (7).

176.Fannie Meriwether Leake (6), born in 1849 and died in 1879.

177.Shelton Farrar Leake (6), born in 1853 and died in 1898. He married Kate Nelson in 1884.


165. Henry Keirn (6), son of Josiah Leake (No. 156) and Martha Hughes Leake, was born in 1847 and died in 1916. He married Lydia Motgnomery and had the following children:

188. Ann Mary Leake (7), born 1871 and married John Sloane McCauley in 1896. They have two children: Henry Leake McCauley and John S. McCauley.

189.William Josiah Leake (7), born in 1873 and married

Gertrude Hunter.

190.John Hughes Leake (7), born in 1876 and died in 1907.

191.Walter Keirn Leake (7), born in 1878 and died in 1894.

192.Louise Mann Leake (7), born in 1882.

193.Henry Keirn Leake (7), born in 1884 and died in 1887.

194.Cary Wilkinson Leake (7), born in 1886 and died the same year.

195.David Proctor Leake (7), born in 1890 and died in 1918.

158. Samuel Austin Leake (5), son of Dr. Samuel Leake (No. 81) and Sophia Farrar Leake, was born August 10, 1810, an died February 1, 1877. He married Martha A. Boyd October 11, 1836, and had eight children:

196.Sallie Ann Leake (6), born Nov. 12, 1847, and married Joel N. Smith, April 17, 1867.

197.Mary Ida Leake (6), born March 5, 1857, and married (1) Charles E. Moose on April 22, 1886, and married (2) T. J. Yacney.

198.Samuel James Leake (6), born March 15, 1839; died October 19, 1878; married Helen Boyd, January 23, 1867.

99.Wm. Pinkerton Leake (6), Sept. 14, 1843, and died in January, 1923. He married Cornelia Brent Winn, February 5, 1873.


200.Lucy Leake (6), born Aug. 22, 1849, and died April 7, 1886. She married Marshall Dinwiddie, February, 1870.

201.Shelton Mask Leake (6), born June 28, 1851, who married Rose Elliott.

202.Frank Leake (6), born Sept. 5, 1857, and died June 23, 1878.

203.Sophia Shelton Leake (6), born March 15, 1839, and died May 5, 1909. She married Richard J. Grinstead, January 4, 1866.

A copy of the Bible records of this family was supplied by Mr. C. K. Grinstead of the Miller School and is given below:


Samuel Leake and Martha A. Boyd were married October 11, 1836. Richard Johnson Grinstead and Sophia Shelton Leake were married Jan. 4, 1866. Samuel James Leake and Helen Boyd were married January 23, 1867. Joel N. Smith and Sallie A. Leake were married April 17, 1867. Marshall Dinwiddie and Lucie Austin Leake were married February, 1870. William P. Leake and Cornelia B. Winn were married February 5, 1873. Emma J. Leake and James B. Heck were married November 24, 1880. Mary Ida Leake and C. E. Moose were married April 22, 1886.


Adelia Frances Leake, daughter of Samuel A. and Martha


A. Leake, departed this life on Friday the 23rd of March, A. D. 1838. Aged one day and fourteen hours. Frances Leake departed this life on Saturday, the 15th of February, 1845. Aged one month and twenty-seven days. Samuel A. Leake departed this life on Thursday morning, the 1st day of February, 1877. Frank Leake departed this life on the Sabbath morning of June 23, 1878. Samuel James Leake departed this life on the 19th day of October, 1878. Helen Leake wife of S. J. Leake, departed this life September, 1878. Jennie Austin Leake, daughter of S. J. Leake, died July 31st, 1874. Richard J. Grinstead, son of R. J. and Sophia Grinstead, died February 21st, 1881. Aged one year and three days. Mrs. Lucy A. Dinwiddie died April 7, 1886. Miss Eliza Leake died December 7, 1887. Mrs. L. P. Gentry died January 30, 1888. Mrs. Martha A. Leake died November 14, 1890. Sophia Leake Grinstead died May 5, 1909. William P. Leake died January, 1923. Sallie Leake Smith died in 1928.


Samuel A. Leake was born August 10, 1810. Martha A. Leake, consort of Samuel A. Leake, was born January 17, 1815. Adelia Frances Leake, daughter of Samuel A. and Martha A. Leake, was born on March 21, 1838. Samuel James Leake was born on the 15th of March, A. D.1839.

Sophia Shelton Leake was born February 4th, 1841. William P. Leake was born the 14th of September, 1843. Frances Leake was born December 19th, 1845.

Emma Jane Leake was born December 2,1842.


Sallie Ann Leake was born November the 12th, 1847. Lucy Austin Leake was born August 22, 1849.

Shelton Mask Leake was born June 28th, 1851.

Frank Leake was born September 21st, 1855.

Mary Ida Leake was born March 5th, 1857.

Sallie Ann Leake (6), daughter of Samuel Austin Leake (No. 158) and Martha Boyd Leake, married Joel N. Smith and had eight children:

204.Malcolm Smith (7).

205.Frank Smith (7) who married Nellie Black.

206.Lottie Smith (7), who married W. F. Fitch.

207.Nellie Smith (7) who married W. J. Adkins.

208.Emma Smith (7) who married George Wilson.

209.Clara Smith (7).

210.Birdie Morriss Smith (7).

211.Lucy Smith (7).

197. Mary Ida Leake (6), daughter of Samuel Austin Leake (No. 158) and Martha Boyd Leake, married Charles E. Moose, first, and T. J. Yancey, second.

199. William Pinkerton Leake (6), son of Samuel Austin Leake (No. 158) and Martha Boyd Leake, was born September 14, 1844. On February 5, 1873, he married Cornelia Brent Winn. (Data supplied by J. S. Leake of Louisville, Ky.)

Six children were born to this union:

212.William Rice Leake (7), born December 2, 1873, and

died in 1889.

213.John Samuel Leake (7), born October 12, 1874.

214.Ann Winn Leake (7), born May 19, 1876.

215.Emma Brent Winn (7), born July 25, 1878.

216.Mary Elizabeth Leake (7), born February 21, 1881.


203. Sophia Shelton Leake (6), daughter of Samuel Austin Leake (No. 158) and Martha Boyd Leake, married Richard J. Grinstead and had issue:

217.Ada Grinstead (7), who married Mr. Gaines, a lawyer from Georgia.

218.Martha Louise Grinstead (7) who married Woods Jar-


219.Frank Grinstead (7) who married Miss Foster.

220.Samuel Leake Grinstead (7).

221.Walter Grinstead (7).

222.James Hubbard Grinstead (7) who married Miss Foster.

200. Lucy Leake (6), daughter of Samuel Austin Leake (No. 158) and Martha Boyd Leake, married Marshall Dinwiddie and had three children:

223.Lucy Morris Dinwiddie (7) who married R. Newton Spencer.

224.Marshall Leake Dinwiddie (7) who married Louise Standiford.

225.Mary Brent Dinwiddie, (7) who married Cleo Spencer.

197. Mary Ida Leake (6), daughter of Samuel Austin Leake (No. 158) and Martha Boyd Leake, married (1) Charles E. Moose and (2) T. J. Yancey. Issue by first husband:

226.George Edward Moose (7).

227.Martha Louise Moose (7) who married W. A. Stokeley.

198. Samuel James Leake (6), son of Samuel Austin Leake (No. 158) and Martha Boyd Leake, had four children:

228.Mary Carter Leake (7).

229.Lula Morris Leake (7).

230.Percy Leake (7).


231. Claude Leake (7).

201. Shelton Mask Leake (6), son of Samuel Austin Leake (No. 158) and Martha Boyd Leake, married Rose Elliott and had two children:

232.Mabel Leake (7).

234.Alma Leake (7).

171. Louise White (7), daughter of Judge John M. White and Gay Pendleton Leake, (No. 169) married Hunter Pendleton in 1891 and had four children:

234.Nancy Pendleton (8), born in 1896 and married Walter B. Elcock.

235. Hunter Pendleton, Jr., (8), born, 1898, and married Marguerite Scalling.

236.Hilah Pendleton (8), born, 1900, and married Stuart .

Moore in 1927.

237.John Malachi Pendleton (8), born, 1906.

213. John Samuel Leake (7), son of Wm. Pinkerton Leake (No. 199) and Cornelia Winn Leake, was born October 12, 1874. He married Mary Louise Durrett on January 3, 1902 and had three children:

238.John Winn Leake (8) born February 7, 1903.

239.Wm. Pinkerton Leake, Jr. (8) born September 4, 1906.

240.Virginia Christian Leake (8), born April 3, 1909.

214. Ann Winn Leake (7), daughter of Wm. Pinkerton Leake (No. 199) and Cornelia Winn Leake, was born May 19, 1876 and married L. C. Gardner on July 8, 1896.

He was born November 17, 1869. They had four children:

241.Anne Louise Gardner (8), born April 21, 1899.

S242.arah Elizabeth Gardner (8), born April 17, 1902.

243.William Louis Gardner (8), born May 9, 1904.


244. Charles Leake Gardner (8), born May 16, 1906.

215. Emma Brent Leake (7), daughter of Wm. Pinkerton Leake (No. 199) and Cornelia Winn Leake, was born July 25, 1878, and married Dudley James Elvery on July 14, 1910, and have:

245. Frank Leake Elvery (8), born April 28, 1911.

216. Mary Elizabeth Leake (7), daughter of Wm. Pinkerton Leake (No. 199) and Cornelia Winn Leake, was born February 21, 1881, and married David Curry Kennedy, June 28, 1905, and had issue:

246.David Curry Kennedy, Jr., (8), born July 6, 1906.

247.William Brent Kennedy (8), born October 17, 1907.

248.Mary Cornelia Kennedy (8), born June 5, 1909. 249.Atlanta Pearl Kennedy (8), born January 18, 1911.



74. Walter Leake (4), son of Mask Leake (No.9) and Patience Morriss Leake, was born May 20, 1762, at the Leake home near Covesville in Albemarle County, Virginia, and died November 6, 1825, in Mississippi. He married Elizabeth Wingfield. He was a fine lawyer and was a member of the Virginia Legislature in 1805. Soon thereafter, he moved with his family to Hinds County, Mississippi, where he had been appointed judge of the Mississippi Territory by President Jefferson. Upon the admission of that state to the Union, he was elected its first United States Senator in 1817. He held this office until 1820 when he resigned to accept the nomination for Governor, which office he held 1822-25. He died in 1825 while serving his second term. Leake County, Mississippi, is named in his honor.

The following anecdote, which appeared in the Richmond Enquirer, is interesting and well worth recording:

"Walter Leake was Governor of Mississippe when Lafayette visited that state in 1824. He was then confined to his bed by a disease of which he died a year or two after; but sent his aide-de-camp to pay his respects to the illustrious FrenchAmerican. As soon as his name was mentioned, Lafayette repeated it: 'Walter Leake.' I think I remember him. Is he not from Virginia?' He was told that he was. 'Well,' said Lafayette, 'he was a deserter during the Revolutionary war.' He then related an incident which he believed to be authenticated. When Captain Mask Leake was about to leave home in 1781 to lead his company into war, Walter (then seventeen years old) insisted on going with him, but the old man told him that he had given up his first born to the cause of his country, and


was to dedicate himself to the same cause; and that he (Walter) must stay at home to aid in taking care of his mother and the little ones. He accordingly left him. In two days after, the old lady, a true Revolutionary matron, fitted up Walter, and told him to go and fight for his country, that she would take care of the farm and little ones herself. The boy accordingly went and later participated in the seige of Yorktown. On reaching that point, his father carried him to Lafayette and, stating the circumstances, begged some easy berth for his runaway son, which was granted. 'And so,' said Lafayette, 'Walter Leake deserted home to fight for his country'."

Gov. Walter and Susan Wingfield Leake had the following children:

250.Susan Wingfield Leake (5), born February 6, 1788; died June 13, 1861; married Judge Henry Goodloe Johnson.

251.William Morriss Leake (5), no issue.

252.Austin Leake (5), born August 15, 1792, and died December 23, 1825.

253.Walter Mask Leake (5), born May 20, 1795, and died in June 1825 at Natchez, Mississippi.

254.Lucy Leake (5), born November 10, 1800, and died April 2, 1859, at Black Ha-wk, Mississippi. She married Dr. Garrett Keirn.

255.Mary Leake (5), born in 1797 and died in 1806.

256.Elizabeth Leake (5), born in 1803 and died in 1805.

257.Eliza Leake (5), born May 15, 1806, and died September 22, 1822 in Claibourne County, Mississippi.

'250. Susan Wingfield Leake (5), daughter of Gov. Walter Leake (No. 74) and Susan Wingfeld Leake, was born February 6, 1788, and died June 13, 1861. She married Judge Henry Goodloe Johnson and had seven children:

258. Washington Lafayette Johnson (6).


259.Virginia W. Johnson (6).

260.Elizabeth Wingfield Johnson (6).

261.Thomas Johnson (6).

262.Walter Leake Johnson (6).

263.William Burrus Johnson (6).

264.Henry Goodloe Johnson (6).

265.Mary Agnes Johnson (6).

In an old family Bible found in the Madison Court Clerk's. office is a family record from which the following is copied:

"Ellen Leake, the daughter of Walter Leake and Susanna his wife, was born September 15, 1813, and died 22nd of April 1814, at about 11 o'clock with the plague or epidemic feverraging amongst us in the Western Hemisphere.

"Isaac Shelby Reid, the son of John Reid, and Judith hiswife, was born September 28, 1813.

"Susan Reid was born ye August 2nd, 1815. She is the daughter of John Reid and Judith his wife.

"Mary Leake, the daughter of Walter Leake and Susanna his wife, was born ye 14th of October, 1815.

"Josiah Leake was born Sept. 23, 1811, the son of Walter Leake and Susanna Leake.

"October 29th, 1828, Mary Samuel Leake Marshall was born, the daughter of Isham Marshall and Judith his wife.

Marriage bonds of Albemarle

Andrew Hart and Elizabeth Leake, December 14, 1786. Norman Powers and Mildred Leake, December 26, 1791.

J ames Robinson and Sally Leake, May 2, 1798.

William T. Smith and Polly Leake, March 1, 1805. Nathaniel Gilbert and Lucy Leake, September 2, 1799._

Wm. Leake, security.


Dabney Hall and Milly Leake" Sept. 2, 1805. Wm. Leake, security.

John Leake was living in Albemarle Nov. 9, 1758, when he executed a deed.

The Douglas Register Marriages

Elisha Leake and Joyce Thomson, April 20, 1760.

Jo. Leake and Nancy Fleming, both of Louisa, March 9, 1789.

Josiah Leake and Ann Fenton in Henrico, January 1, 1759.

Mask Leake and Patience Morris in Hanover, Nov. 22, 1758.

Peter Leek and Hannah Wade, April 19, 1775.

Walter Leek and Winnifred Johnson in Goochland, May 3, 1780 .

. . . . . Leek and Ja. Coleman, 1751. '11

Judith Leek and Jo. Christian in Goochland, May 9, 1781.


Elisha Leek and Joyce Thomason a Son named Geo.

Thomson, born April 8, 1781.

Walter Leek and Winny Johnson a son named John, born Aug. 22, 1774.

Will of James Christian Albemarle Co., W. B. 2, p. 48.

In the name of God, Amen. I James Christian of Albemarle County, being of good health, blessed be God for the same, make this my last Will and Testament as follows: First I desire my debts to be paid. Item. I give and bequeath to my daughter Elizabeth Christian eight hundred and ten acres of


land lying on Stonewall Creek and my two negro girls, Moll and SaIl, one bed and furniture to the value of ten pounds, and two mares and their increase which are now called hers. William Leake to have four hundred acres of land to be laid off at the upper end of my ... John Christian and William Brown out of my part ... Wm. Christian to have four hundred acres to be laid out below William Leake's. My land to be equally divided between my sons Charles Christian, James Christian, John Christian, and George Christian .....

James Christian.

Dated May 8, 1752. Recorded March 8, 1759. Widow: Susannah Christian.


The Johnson family has not been completely investigated by the author but appears to be of good standing and well connected. For a long time they appear to have lived in Henrico County where Michael Johnson died in 1785. His will is recorded in Will Book 1, on page 310, and was witnessed by Willey, David, and Martha Bowles. This will also shows his children then living.

1.Michael Johnson (1) of Henrico, name of wife unknown,

died after December 3, 1785, and left issue:

2.Benjamin Johnson (2).

3.David Johnson (2).

4.Thomas Johnson (2).

5.Jonas Johnson (2).

6.William Johnson (2).

7.Alice Johnson (2).

8.Martha Johnson (2).

9.Sarah Johnson (2).

10.Frances Johnson (2).

11.Jane Johnson (2).

2.Benjamin Johnson (2), son of Michael Johnson, was born June 18, 1756, and died in 1809. In 1785 he married Mary, daughter of Leonard Henley. These dates together with a list of their children with dates of births and notations of their marriages were obtained from the family Bible of the late Mrs. Jeanie Watson of Charlottesville, daughter of Maj. J esse Snead and Jane Jude Johnson. Mary Henley was born August 6, 1765, and died in 1834. Benjamin Johnson lived at "Aspen Grove" in Henrico County and was a farmer. His granddaughter, Mrs. Jeanie Watson, stated that he served


in the Revolution as a scout and that one of Tarleton's troopers cut him across the face with a saber and left him for dead. This was a slight error on the part of the trooper as Benjamin Johnson lived to raise a large family.

He left his family well provided for at the time of his death which occurred while he was still in the prime of life. He had been to Richmond and as the weather was very warm he ate or drank something that caused his death. His wife lived for twenty five years longer and attended to his affairs.

Mrs. Ella Johnson, daughter of Mrs. Watson, supplies the following affidavit concerning his service in the Revolution:

"Benjamin Johnson, born in Henrico Co. the 18th day of June, 1756, died in Henrico County in 1809. His place of residence during the Revolution was Henrico Co. Married Mary Henley, Henrico Co., 1785. Was private in Revolutionary War.


"Benjamin Johnson in Virginia Militia, Revolution, Dec. 3, 1777, page 82, Virginia Historical Magazine, Vol. 10.

"Certified copy of paper in my possession

" 'That Benjamin Johnson was in the Revolution in capacity of scout, and while scouting was cut down by one of General Tarleton's troopers and left for dead. But he recovered and bore to the end of his life the saber cut across his face. This paper has been handed down in the family, and I swear that it is correct. This paper was signed by T. C. Leake, a first cousin of my mother's.

The names, births, and to whom married are taken from this paper and are on my supplemental paper of Benjamin Johnson.


Signed before a notary public in Aug. 1924. Benjamin Johnson and Mary Henley had issue.

12.Elizabeth Johnson (3), born April 10, 1786, and married John Ellis.

13.Polly Johnson (3), born June 3, 1788, married John Winn.

14.Lucy Johnson ('3), born Nov. 1, 1790, married Stephen Du Val.

15.Michael Johnson (3), born Feb. 22, 1793, married Sophey Lewis.

16.Sally Johnson (3), born Nov. 29, 1795, married Samuel Leake.

17.Benjamin Johnson (3), born Nov. 13, 1798, and died in infancy.

18.Jane Jude Johnson (3), born June 5, 1801, married Jesse Snead.

19. Mahala Johnson (3), born March 17, 1804, married Walter Leake.

20.Martha Johnson (3), born July 27, 1807, married Isaac Winston.

13. Mary Johnson (3), commonly called Polly, daughter of Benjamin (2) and Mary Henley Johnson, was born June 3, 1788, and died September 30, 1857. She is buried in Riverview Cemetery at Charlottesville and the head stone gives the date of her birth as June 3, 1789. She married John Winn, son of John Winn and Mary Bowles of Hanover. He was born September 9, 1782, and died November 13, 1837. John Winn was the son of John Winn and his wife, Mary Bowles, of Hanover County. He owned Belle Monte or Belmont, a colonial estate on which much of Charlottesville is now built. He was, for many years, postmaster of Charlottesville and was the first treasurer of the University of Virginia. They had eight children:


21.Benjamin Bannister Winn (4), born Sept. 17, 1811, and died Nov. 3, 1851. He married Mary J. Garrett who was born Jan. 22, 1818, and died on July 17, 1869.

22.John Jordan Winn (4), born May 31, 1829, and married Alice Wood.

23.William Winn (4).

24.Thomas Winn (4).

25.Ann Elizabeth Winn (4) who married Judge George Rogers King on May 12, 1832.

26.Martha Winn (4) who married David B. Grettor on Oct. 24, 1838.

27.Mary Jane Winn (4) who married John A. Grettor in August, 1831.

28.Sarah Adeline Winn (4) married J ohn Yates Barrett on September 7, 1840. They were the grandparents of G. W. Chappelear, Jr.

15. Michael Johnson (3), son of Benjamin Johnson (2) and Mary Henley Johnson, was born February 22, 1793. On November 13, 1816, he married Sophia, daughter of Jesse Pitman Lewis and Nancy Clarkson, his wife, and had four children:

29.Benjamin Lewis Johnson (4).

30.Richard Johnson (4).

31.Thomas Johnson (4).

32.Jesse Johnson (4).

18.Jane Jude Johnson (3), born June 5, 1801, and died September 9, 1856. She married Maj. Jesse Snead in 1819. Jesse Snead was born August 13, 1794, and died September 7, 1855. He was a major in the war of 1812, and lived near Grand Squirrel Church in Hanover. When he returned from the war he organized the first Sunday School in America at that church in the Baptist faith. He was the son of Robert


Snead, a soldier in the Revolution, who married Sophia Harris. J esse and Jane Johnson Snead had issue:

33.Ann Mariah Snead (4) who married Napoleon B. Binford.

34.Jesse Snead (4) who married Miss Ellis.

35.Robert Benjamin Snead (4) who married Mrs. Mary Woodfin, nee Goodman.

36.Thomas Lownes Snead (4) who married Miss Rue.

37.Quintus Snead (4) who married India Thomas.

38.Lewis Snead (4) who died unmarried.

39.Ella Snead (4) who married Joseph Bozeman.

40.Jeanne Jesse Snead (4), born July 10, 1841, and died in September, 1930.

She married William Anderson Watson on December 10, 1861 and had six children:

40 a. Mamie Henly Watson (5) who married Frank


40 b. Morris Watson (5) who died unmarried.

40 c. Ella Watson (5) who married Jas. L. Johnson. 40 d. Hallie Watson (5).

40 e. Daisy Watson (5).

40 f. Norton Watson (5) who married Janie Nairne.



The early information concerning this family is very incomplete and it is hoped that it can later be supplemented. The late Mr. Norvell L. Henley of Williamsburg did some research work on them and the Southern Quarterly, Vol. 5, page 38 has a brief article on the early Henleys. From these sources we learned that the first definite member of the family was Reynold Henley who was born in England and settled James City County in 1661. The name of his wife is not known. He had a son, Leonard Henley, Sr., and possibly other children. Leonard Henley, Sr., married Elizabeth Richardson and from this time the account of the family is more fully established. The author hopes that all interested person will cooperate in the effort to compile a complete history of the family.

1.Reynolds Henley settled in James City County in 1661 and had issue:

2. Leonard Henley, Sr., (2).

2.Leonard Henley, Sr., (2), son of Reynold Henley, married Elizabeth Richardson before 1720. He patented 360 acres of land in James City County in 1694. He was justice of the peace in 1738. They had issue:

3.Turner Henley (3)'. who married Elizabeth Dandridge.

4.William Henley (3).

5.Leonard Henley (3) who married Elizabeth Jude.

6.Maj. Richardson Henley (3), born 1720 and died 1781, who married Elizabeth Brown.


3.Turner Henley (3), son of Leonard Henley (No.2) and Elizabeth Brown Henley, married Elizabeth Dandridge and had six children:

7.Frances Dandridge Henley (4) who married Tobias Leah, secretary to Gen. George Washington.

8.John Dandridge Henley (4) who was appointed commodore by Washington.

9.Capt. Robert Henley (4).

10.William Henley (4).

11.Bartholomew Henley (4).

12.Samuel Henley (4).

4.William Henley (3), son of Leonard Henley (No.2) and Elizabeth Richardson Henley, was married before 1751 to Mary, daughter of Thomas Osborne of Henrico. In 1751 they executed a deed in Henrico that shows that they sold their property there and moved to that part of Albemarle that is now Fluvanna County. Dr. B. L. Ancell gives an account of this family in The Midland Virginian for January 16, 1930. William and Mary Henley had eleven children:

13. Keziah Henley (4) who married Charles Johnson, Dec.

8, 1771.

14.Elizabeth Henley (4) who married Samuel Puryear, Nov. 24, 1775.

15.Mary Ann Henley (4) who married Benjamin Mayo, Feb. 4, 1779.

16.Mildred Henley (4) who married Wm. Cowell or Cowan.

17.Rebecca Henley (4) who married Woodson Bugg, bond July 14, 1785.

18.William Henley (4) who married Marianne Smith before 1773.

19.Leonard Henley (4) who moved to Amherst.


20.Caleb Henley (4) who married Polly Bond, bond Dec. 22, 1790.

21.Thomas Osborne Henley (4) who married (1) Martha Woodson Bugg, daughter of William Bugg, bond Jan. 11, 1792, and married (2) Polly Herndon on February 16,1809.

22.Hezekiah Henley (4).

23.Patsy Henley (4) who married Edmund Noel, bond Nov. 10, 1800.

5.Leonard Henley, (3), son of Leonard Henley (No.2) and Elizabeth Richardson Henley, lived in Henrico where his will was made January 29, 1803, and recorded June 6, 1803. He was born October 1, 1768, and married Elizabeth Jude, daughter of John and Mary Jude of Powhatan County. The will of Leonard Henley is recorded in Henrico County in

Will Book 3 on page 55 and shows the following children:

24.Turner R. Henley (4).

25.Leonard Henley (4).

26.Patrick Henley (4).

27.John Henley (4).

28.Mary Johnson (4).

29.Lucy Perkins (4).

30.Benjamin Henley (4).

6.Maj. Richardson Henley (3), son of Leonard Henley (No. 2) and Elizabeth Richardson Henley, was born in 1720 and died in 1781. He lived at "Merry Oaks" in James City County. Judge Norvell Henley stated that he married Elizabeth Brown, Samuel Dyer of York County in his will which was recorded March 21, 1757, mentions Frances, Rebecca, and Sarah Rhodes, daughters of Clifton Rhodes, and Sarah and Leonard Henley children of Richardson Henley. Maj. Richardson Henley had nine children:


31.Sarah Henley (4) who married Harris.

32.Susan Henley (4) who married Brown.

33.Alice Henley (4) who married Durfey.

34.Martha Henley (4) who never married.

35.Mary Henley (4) who married Brown.

36.Nancy Henley (4) who married Baird.

37.Richardson Henley (4) who was drowned.

38.Captain Archer Henley (4).

39.Leonard Henley (4) who married Fannie Brown and died in 1812.

28. Mary Henley (4), daughter of Leonard Henley (No.5) and Elizabeth Jude Henley, was born August 6, 1765, and died in 1834. She married Benjamin Johnson in 1785 and lived at "Aspen Grove" in Henrico County. They had nine children as listed in the Johnson family. See Be~jamin Johnson (No.2).

39. Leonard Henley (4), son of Maj. Richardson Henley (No.

6) married Fannie Brown and had six children:

40.Lucy Henley (5) who married Coke.

41.Fannie Henley (5) who married Bush.

42.Leonard Henley (5), born in 1778 and had nine children.

43.Thomas M. Henley (5) who married Sarah Yates.

44.Wilson V. Henley (5) who left issue.

45.Richardson Henley (5), born, 1786, and died in 1865, married Catherine Norvell Lightfoot and left six children.

43. Thomas M. Henley (5), son of Leonard Henley (No. 39) and Fannie Brown Henley, was born in Williamsburg but moved to King and Queen County. Bagby states in his His-


tory of King and Queen County his parents were Episcopalians but that he concluded that immersion alone was baptism and decided to join the Baptist Church. His father, Leonard Henley, opposed his connecting himself with the Baptists who were then a despised sect and threatened to disinherit him but he acted according to dictates of his conscience and became a Baptist. He married a Miss Yates, granddaughter of Bishop Yates of the Episcopal Church. He was a noted Baptist preacher.

We are indebted to Miss Sally Stroughan Henley for a copy of the Bible records of this family.

Bible Records of Rev. Thomas M. Henley


(Rev.) Thomas M. Henley, born January 6, 1783. Sally Yates, born July 31, 1783.

Mary T. Henley, born May 22, 1807.

(Dr.) Leonard Henley, born May 14, 1809.

(Rev.) Robert Yates Henley, born October 7, 1811. Mary S. Henley, born April 12, 1814.

Thomas M. Henley, son of Leonard and Mary S. Henley,

born Nov. 2, 1834.

Sarah Yates Henley, born August 27, 1836. Mary S. Henley, born August 25, 1839.

R. Y. Henley, born January 14, 1843.


Dr. Leonard Henley died November 6, 1867. Mary S. Henley, his wife, died October 9, 1843. Robert Yates Henley died June 14, 1843.

Mary Susan Henley died July 9, 1849.

Lieut. Leonard Henley was killed in battle at Vedumsville Orange Co., Va., November 27, 1863.

Sally Henley, (wife of Thomas M. Henley) died December 18, 1812.


Thomas M. Henley died March 10, 1841.

Mary Susan Henley (wife of Leonard) died October 9, 1843.


Leonard Henley and Mary Susan Perkins were married October 14, 1833.

Leonard Henley and Martha Croxton were married October 30, 1844.

Martha Yates Henley (daughter of Leonard and Mary Susan Henley) and James M. Croxton were married December 22,1859.

Christian Alice Henley (daughter of Leonard and Martha Henley) and Dr. John T. Borgham were married February 8, 1872.

James C. Henley and Nannie D. Garnett were married December 23, 1884.

Rev. Thomas M. Henley was born at Williamsburg, Virginia, on January 6, 1783. His father was Leonard Henley. At the age of 23, Thomas M. Henley married Sally Yates and soon after his marriage he moved to Tappahannock, Va. In 1834, he moved to "Hillsboro", King and Queen County. He died November 6, 1846.

From these records Rev. Thomas M. Henley and Sally

Yates Henley had four children:

46.Mary T. Henley (6), born May 22, 1807.

47.Dr. Leonard Henley (6), born May 14, 1809.

48.Rev. Robert Yates Henley (6), born October 7, 1811.

49.Mary S. Henley (6), born April 12, 1814.

45.Richardson Henley (5), son of Leonard Henley (No. 39) and Fannie Brown Henley, was born in 1786 and died in 1865. He married Catherine Norvell Lightfoot and left six children:

50. William Lightfoot Henley (6).


51.Lucy Henley (6) who married Captain George E.Geddy.

52.Susan Katherine Henley (6) who never married.

53.Octavius Henley (6) who married F. W. Hammond.

54.Louise Henley (6) who married Richard Whittaker. 55. Richardson Henley (6) who married Ida Dudley


47. Dr. Leonard Henley (6), son of Thomas M. Henley (No. 43) and Sally Yates Henley, was born May 14, 1809, and died November 6, 1867. He married (1) Mary Susan Perkins on October 14, 1833, and married (2) Martha Croxton on October 30, 1844. The children by the first wife were:

56.Thomas M. Henley (7), born November 2, 1834.

57.Sarah Yates Henley (7), born August 27, 1836, and married James M. Croxton.

58.Mary S. Henley (7), born August 25, 1839, and died July 9, 1849.

59.Robert Yates Henley (7), born January 14, 1843, and died June 14, 1843.

Dr. Leonard Henley had two children by his second wife Martha Croxton:

60.Christian Alice Henley (7), who married Dr. John T. Borgham, Feb. 8, 1884.

61.James C. Henley (7) who married Nannie D. Garnett on Dec. 23, 1884.

55. Richardson Henley (6), son of Richardson Henley (No. 45) and Catherine Lightfoot Henley, was born in 1836 and died in 1897. He married Ida Dudley Spencer and had eight children:

62.Norvell Lightfoot Henley (7) of Williamsburg.

63.Richard Leonard Henley (7) who died in 1898, unmarried.


64.Martha Louise Henley (7), who married Eugene Irving and lives in Reidsville, N. C.

65.Frank Dudley Henley (7), Assistant State Highway Commissione:r of Virginia.

66. William Spencer Henley (7), living at Savannah, Georgia.

I67.da Garfield Henley (7), who married C. W. Toombs of Ashville, N. C.

68.Catherine Norvell Henley (7) who married Burton H. Smith of Norfolk.

69.Robert Edward Henley (7), practicing law in Richmond, Virginia.

1.John Jude of Powhatan made a will on November 6, 1781, which was recorded on December 20, 1781, which mentions his wife, Mary Jude, and the children listed below:

2.Mary Jude (2).

3.Jane Jude (2).

4.Elizabeth Henley (2).

5.Benjamin Jude (2).

6.Hannah Saunders (2).

4. Elizabeth Jude (2), daughter of John (1) and Mary Jude, married Leonard Henley of Henrico. She survived her husband (see Henley No.5) who died in 1803. Their children were Turner R. Henley, Leonard Henley, Patrick Henley, John Henley, Mary Johnson (wife of Benjamin Johnson), Luck Perkins, and Benjamin Henley.

1.John Farrar (1) lived in southwestern Albemarle County where he died in 1769 leaving the following children:


2.Perrin Farrar (2) who died abopt 1793 leaving eight children who moved to Amherst County.

3.Catherine Jopling Farrar (2).

4.Sarah Spencer Farrar (2).

5.William Farrar (2).

6.Peter Farrar (2).

7.Richard Farrar (2).

7.Richard Farrar (2) son of John Farrar (1), married Susan Shelton of Louisa and died in 18C7. He was an elder in the Cove Presbyterian Church. Issue:

8.Joseph Farrar (3).

9.Landon Farrar (3).

10.John S. Farrar (3), Colonel of the 47th Regiment in· 1815.

11.Lucinda Farrar (3) who married Samuel L. Wharton and moved to Tenn.

12. Elizabeth Farrar (3) who married George Wharton and moved to Tenn.

13.Sophia Farrar (3) who married Dr. Samuel Leake.

10.John S. Farrar (3) died in 1832 and left issue:

14.Richard L. Farrar (4).

15.Matthew G. Farrar (4).

16.Elizabeth Farrar (4).

17.Martha Farrar (4).

18.Marcellus Farrar (4).

19.Sarah Farrar (4) who married Alexander K. Yancey ..

20.Sophia Farrar (4) who married George W. Piper.

21.Lavinia Farrar (4).

22. Susan Farrar (4)

Adkins, W. J 52

Ainsworth, F. C 23

Amonett. John 26

Ancell, Dr. B. L 67

Anderson, Elizabeth 25

J. M 34

Josiah L 34

Mr. . 34

Samuel Leake 34

Sarah A 34

Walter A 34

Armistead, Mary Beverly 40,


Baird, Mr 69

Barrett, John Yates 64

Bierne, Liza F •............................ 16

Beveridge, Anna 41

Binford, Ballad Williams 40,

41, 42, 43, 44.

Eveline A •............................... 45

Helen 42, 43

Jesse Samuel 42, 43, 44

Kate 42, 43, 44

Nannie 41, 44

Napoleon B 41, 44

Black, Nellie 52

Boatwright, Mr •.......................... 34

Rebecca 34

Thomas 34

Bond, Polly 68

Borgham, Dr. John T 71, 72-

Bostick, Mary 2, 7, 8

Bowles, David 61

Ella R 38

Martha ..............•................ 61

Mary 63

William 61

William E 38

Boyd, Helen 49, 50

Martha A. 50, 53

Mary A 49

Bozeman, Joseph .. 65

Brown, Elizabeth 66, 67, 68

Fannie 69, 71

Mr. .. 69

William 60

Bugg, Martha Woodson 68

William 68

Woodson 67

Bush, Mr •...................................... 69

Buster, John 23

Lucy 21, 22

Carden, Jane E 33, 45

Carey, Anne 4

Cauthorn, Mrs. Ada 33, 46

Chappelear, George Warren 41, 44

Georgia 43

Mrs. Nancy B •.......................... 32

Nancy 43, 64

Chri~tian, Charles 60

Elizabeth 59

George 60

James 59, 60

John 11, 59, 60

Mary : 9

Susannah 60

Clarkson, Nancy 64

Coke, Mr 69

Coleman, Elizabeth 10

James 11, 59

Coles, Walter 30

Cosby, Jonas 31

.Josiah 29, 30

Mary 31

Cowan, Wm. 67

Croxton, James W •.............. 71, 72

Martha 71, 72

Curd, Fannie . 11

Davies, Col. Wm 23

de Lake, Simon 1

de Lee, Luke 1

Robert 1

de Leek, John 1

Dietrick, John W 33

Miss 35

Dinwiddie, Lucy A 51

Lucy Morriss 53

Marshall 50, 53

Marshall Leake 53

Mary Brent 53

Douglas, Rev. William 19

Duke, Julia 33, 45

Dupuy, Betsy 31

Durfey, Mr 69

Durrett, Mary Louise 54

Duvall, Mollie S 38

Stephen 63

Dyer, Samuel 68

Elcock, Walter B 54

Elliott, Rose 50, 54

Elvery, Dudley James 55

Frank Leake 55

Farrar, Catherine Jopling 74

Elizabeth 74

John 73

John S 74

Joseph 74

Landon 74

Lavinia 74

Lucinda 74

Marcellus 74

Martha 74

MatthE'w G 74

Perrin 74

Peter 74

Richard 74

Richard L 74

Sarah 74

Sophia 20, 23, 46, 74

Susan 74

William 74

Fenton, Ann 11, 13

Fitch, W. F 52

Fite, Frederick 42

Fleming, Nancy 59

Foster, Ann 11, 13, 14, 59

Miss 53

Gaines, Ada 48, 53

Mary 48

Mary J 64

Mr 53

Samuel 48

Gardner, Anna Louise 54

Charles Leake 55

L. C 54

Sarah Elizabeth 54

William Louis 54

Garland, Nath 26

Garnett, Nannie D 71, 72

Garrett, Mary J 64

Geddy, Capt. George E 72

Gentry, Mrs. L. P 51

George, Ann E 36

Ann Elizabeth 36

Caroline 32, 36

Caroline C 36

Caroline Chlotilda 37, 38

Louisa William 37

Martha L 36

Mary M 36

Mary Matilda 37

Susan Frances 37

Susan M 36

Susan Maria 37

Susan Winn 36

William 36, 37

Gilbert, Nathaniel 58

Goodman, Mary 65

Gray, Rebecca 47, 48

Grettor, David B 64

John A 64

Grinder, Dr. J 29

Grinstead, C. K 50

Frank 53

James Hubbard 53

Martha Louise 53

Richard J 50, 51, 53

Richard Johnson 50

Samuel Leake 53

Sophia 51

Sophia Leake 51

Walter 53

Gude, Lucy 41, 44

Hall, Dabney 59

Harris, Mr 69

Sophia 65

William B. 26

Violet 15, 17

Hart, Andrew 58

Hatch, Harry T 42, 44

Hatcher, P 13, 14

Heck, James B 50

Henley, Alice 69

Capt. Archer 69

Benjamin 68, 73

Bartholomew 67

Caleb 68

Catherine Lightfoot 72

Catherine Norvell 73

Christian Alice 71, 72

Elizabeth 67

Elizabeth Brown 67

Elizabeth Jude 69

Elizabeth Richardson 68

Fannie 69

Fannie Brown 69, 71

Frances Dandridge 67

Frank Dudley 73

Hezekiah 68

Ida Garfield 73

James C 71, 72

John 68, 73

John Dandridge 67

Kezia 67

Leonard 61, 66, 67, 68, 69, 70


Dr. Leonard 70, 71, 72

Lieutenant Leonard 70

Leonard, Sr 66, 68

Louise 72

Lucy 68, 69, 72, 73

Martha 69

Martha Louise 73

Martha Yates 71

Mary .... 35, 39, 61, 63, 68, 69, 73

Mary Ann 67

Mary S 70, 71, 72

Mary Susan 70, 71

Mary T 70, 71

Mildred 67

Nancy 69

Norvell L 66, 68

Norvelle Lightfoot 72

Octavius 72

Patrick 68, 73

Patsy 68

Rebecca 67

Reynolds 66

Richard Leonard 72

Richardson 69, 71, 72

Maj. Richardson 66, 68

Capt. Robert 67

Robert Edward 73

Robert Yates 70, 72

Rev. Robert Yates 71

Sally Stroughan 70

Sally Yates 70, 71, 72

Samuel 67

Sarah 69

Susan 69

Susan Katherine 72

Thomas M 69, 70, 71, 72

Rev. Thomas M. 72

Thomas Osborne 68

Turner 66, 67

Turner R 68, 73

William 66, 67

William Lightfoot 71

William Spencer 73

Wilson V 69

Herndon, Polly 68

Holman, Susan Winn 36

Hughes, Martha Letitia 47

Humbert, Elizabeth 10

John 10

Hunter, Gertrude 49

Irving, Eugene 73

Jarman, Woods 53

Jefferson, Thomas 19, 20

Johnson, Ada Roberta 37, 38

Alice 61

Anne E •.............................. 36, 38

Benjamin 32, 35, 36, 38, 39

61, 62, 63, 64, 69, 73.

Benjamin F •............................ 38

Benjamin Franklin 37

Benjamin Lewis 64

Charles 67

Charles Evander 37

Christian 9, 12

David 61

Elizabeth 39, 63

Elizabeth Wingfield 58

Mrs. Ella 62

Frances 61

George William 37, 38

Henry Goodloe 58

Judge Henry Goodloe 57

Jane 61

Jane Jude 39, 61, 63, 64

Jeremiah 12

Jesse 64

Jonas 61

Josia.h 12

Judith 11

Lucy 39, 62

Mahala R 32, 35, 39, 63

Manoah 12

Martha 39, 61, 63

Mary 32, 63, 68, 73

Mary Agnes 58

Mary Henley 63, 64

Michael 39,61, 63, 64

Mollie Stuart 37

Polly 39, 63

Richard 64

Robert Edwin 37

Rosalin Victoria 36, 37

Sally 39, 63

Samuel 12

Sarah 61

Stephen 12

Susan Ann 37

Susan Winn 37

Thomas 58, 61, 64

Virginia W 58

Walter 12

Walter Leake 58

Washington Lafayette 57

William 11, 61

William Burrus 58

Winnifred 59

Winny 59

Jones, Frederick 13

George W 40, 43, 45

Mrs. Katherine S 23,45

Susanna 13

Jude, Benjamin 73

Elizabeth 66, 68

Hannah 73

Jane 73

John 68

Mary 68, 73

Kean, Fanny Minor 14

Jane Margaret 15

Keirn, Dr. Garrett 57

Kennedy. Atlanta Pearl 55

David Curry 55

David Curry, Jr., 55

Mary Cornelia 55

William Brent 55

King, Judge George Rogers 64

Layne, Polly 31

Tabitha 31

Woodson 31

Lafayette 56, 57

Leah, Tobias 67

Leake, Ada Shelton 48

Adelia Frances 50, 51

Alice 38

Alma 54

Andrew Kean 15, 17

Ann Eliza 14

Ann Mary 49

Ann Winn 52, 54

Anna 31

Anna Minter 34, 35

Anney 29

Annie 32, 39

Austin 19, 21, 22, 57

Austin D 5

Austin Mask 47

Ballad 33

Ballad Binford 46

Benjamin 32, 39

Benjamin Michael 35, 38

Benjamin N •............................ 32

Beverly Armistead 42

Carlisle 15

Caroline M 24, 29, 30

Cary Wilkinson 49

Catherine Frederica 17

Charles 38

Charles Anderson 15

Charles Austin 19

Charle.s L 17

Charles Launcelot 15

Carlisle 15

Oharlotte Lavinia 16

Christian 4, 14

Christopher 2

Clara 33, 45

Claude 54

Cornelia Winn 54, 55

David Harris 17

David Proctor 49

Edward Archer 41

Effie 33, 45

Elisha 9, 11, 23, 59

Eliza 51

Eliza Austin 47

Eliza Overton 17

Elizabeth 11, 17, 35, 57, 58

Elizabeth Ann 32, 34

Elizabeth Hatcher 14

Elizabeth Porter 14, 45

Ella R 38

Ellen 58

Emma Brent Winn 52, 55

Emma J 50, 51

Ethel Spiller 41, 44

Ethel Wilbur 42

Eugene 38

Eveline Archer 40, 41, 42, 43

Fannie 38

Fannie Kean 15, 16

Fannie Meriwether 48

Fannie Miller 16

Fenner 47

Florence 33, 45

Fra. 2

Frances 51

Sir Francis I 1, 4

Sir Francis II 2, 4

Frank 50, 52

Gay Pendleton 48,54

George Alexander 40, 43, 44

George Thomson 11, 59

Grace 33, 45

Harriet 33, 45

Helen 51

Henry 38

Henry Keirn 47, 49

Dr. Henry K 47, 49

Hunter T 41, 44

Indiana Coles 44

Indiana Shelton 41, 42

James 38

James Miller 16

James W 32, 36

James William 35, 36, 38

Jane 8

Jane Kean 17

Jane Margaret 17

Jennie 38

Jennie Austin 51

John 2, 9, 11, 38, 59

Dr. John - 3, 4

Sir John 2, 3, 4

John Hughes 48, 49

John M 11, 14, 18

John Marion 15, 16

John Samuel 52, 54

John Winn 54

Joseph S 21, 22

Josiah 7, 9, 13~ 14, 16,

19, 20, 23, 25, 26, 28, 32, 33, 35, 45, 49, 58, 59.

Josiah, Jr., 13, 14, 34

Josiah, Sr., 10, 14, 18

Josiah Jordan 16

Josiah M •.................................. 14

Judith 9, 11, 13, 23, 59

Judith Mask 10, 19, 22

Julia 45

Katherine Shelton 40, 43

Lavinia Kean 15

Lena 33, 45

Lewis Knight 17

Louise Mann 49

Lucy 13, 23, 50, 52, 53, 57, 58

Lucy Austin 50

Lucy Patience Morriss 47

Lula Morris 53

Mabel 54

Mahala Johnson 36, 38, 39, 45

Mahala R. 32

Margaret Caskie 16

Margaret Coles 43, 44

Martha A •................................ 51

Martha A. C 14

Martha Boyd 52, 53, 54

Martha Eliza 15, 17

Martha Hughes 48, 49

Martha Winstno 40, 43, 44

Mary 2, 8, 11, 39, 57, 58

Mary Anderson 16

Mary Ann 35

Mary Carter _ 53

Mary Elizabeth 52, 55

Mary G •.................................... 33

Mary Ida 49, 50, 52, 53

Mary Minor 15

Mary Samuel 58

Mask .... 9, 11, 19, 20, 22, 23, 45,

56, 59

Captain Mask 56

Mattie Carlisle 17

Mattie Cole,s 40

Maude Hatcher 41, 44

Mildred 58

Milly 59

Minor Reeve 16

Mollie A •...................... 33, 45, 50

Mollie Johnson 40, 43, 44

Morris 46

Myrtle 38

Nannie Coles 40, 42, 43, 44

Nannie Louisa 40, 43, 44

Nicholas 4

Sir Nicholas 2

Patience 21

Patience Morriss 23, 46, 56

Patsy Collis 15

Pembroke G 33

Pembroke S 33, 35, 45

Pembroke Somerset 45

Percy 53

Peter 59

Philip Jefferson 21

Polly _ 58

Richard 2, 3, 4, 8, 11

Capt. Richard 2, 4

Robert 2, 3

Sir Robert 1

Robert Armistead 42

Robert Sharp 3

Sallie 45, 58

Sallie Ann 15, 49, 50, 52

S. J 52

Sallie H 14

Sallie J 33

Samuel 2, 3, 9, 11, 14, 19, 21,

22, 25, 26, 27, 30, 31, 32 33, 34, 50,63.

Dr. Samuel .. 4, 7, 46, 47, 48,


Colonel Samuel 11

Samuel, Jr •.............................. 23

Samuel A 51

Samuel Austin 47, 49, 50,

52, 53, 54.

Samuel Callis 16

Samuel Davies 14, 15, 16

Samuel James 49, 50, 51

Sarah Jane 35, 45

Shelton F •.............. 19, 20, 21, 47 Hon. Shelton F •.................. 4, 48

Shelton Farrar 47, 48

Shelton Mask 50, 52, 54

Sophia Farrar 47, 48, 49

Sophia Shelton 50, 51, 53

Stuart Fitzhugh 16

Sue Howard 7, 17

Susan 47

Susan George 36

Susan Wingfield 57

Susanna 58

T. C. Sr., 32, 41, 62

Captain T. C 42

Thadeus C. 33, 43

Thadeus Constantine, Jr., .. 40,

41, 43, 44.

Thadeus Constantine, Sr., .. 35,

39, 42, 44.

Thomas J 14

Virginia Christian 54

Walter 3, 4, 8, 9, 10, 13, 19,

20, 21, 22, 25, 28, 32, 33, 34, 36, 38, 39, 45, 56, 57, 58, 59, 63

Gov. Walter 57

Walter Alexander 17

Walter D 14, 15, 17

Walter K 20

Walter Kearn 19

Walter Keirn 49

Walter Mask 57

Walter Samuel 16, 33, 35

Welford 41, 42

Willard Douglas 41

William 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9,

11, 19, 21, 22, 23, 24, 26, 27, 30, 32, 33, 34, 35, 47, 57, 58, 59, 60.

Dr. William 3, 4

Leake, Rev. William 3, 4

Captain William 29, 30, 32

William Douglas 41

William Edward .. 40, 42, 43, 44

William Glodomore 35

William J 14, 15

William Josiah 15, 47, 49

William M •.......................... 25, 35

William Morriss 57

William Mayo 17

Wm. Pinkerton 49, 50, 51, 54, 55

Wm. Pinkerton, Jr., 54

William Rice 52

William Shelton 49

Lewis, Jessie Pitman 64

Nancy Clarkson 64

Sophia 63, 68

Lightfoot, Catherine Norvell 69, 71

Lovelace, Janie 42

Lumpkin, Sarah 40, 42

Marshall, Isham 58

Mary 58

Mary Samuel Leake 58

Mask, John 8

Judith 8, 13

Mary 8

Thomas 8

Timothy 8

William 8

Mayo, Benjamin 67

M"Cau]ey, Henry Leake 49

John S 49

John Sloane 49

McClelland, Vernon 42

Meador, Annie 33,45

Alfred 33, 45

James 33, 45

Mollie 33, 45

Walter 33

Meyer, Rosa 41

Michaux, Paul 9

Miller, Elizabeth 16

Kate 17

Miller, Margaret K 17

Walter Leake 17

William 15, 17

Minter, Ann 11, 13, 14, 22, 23,

30, 32, 33.

Anthony 23, 30, 31

Betty 31

Gabriel 31

Jeremiah 31

John 31

Joseph 31

Josiah 31

Patty 31

Richard 31

Sally 31

William 31

Monroe, James 46

Montgomery, Lydia 48, 49

Moore, Stuart 54

Moose, Charles E 49, 50, 52

Morriss, Elizabeth 11

Patience .. , 11, 19, 22, 46, 59

Mosby, Colonel 11

Moseley, Judith 11

Nairne, Janie 65

Nash, Ada 33

Nelson, Kate 48

Noel, Edmund 68

Nuckols, Andrew B 36

Emma Jane 38

Martha G 36

Martha J 37

Osborne, Mary 67

Thomas 67

Patch, Bettie 33, 45

Patton, Rev. J. Lindsay 16

Payne, Victoria 32, 38

Pendleton, Hilah 54

Hunter 54

Hunter, Jr., 54

John Malachi 54

Nancy 54

Perkins, Lucy 68, 71, 73

Mary Susan 72

Piper, George W •...................... 74

Powell, William 35

Powers, Norman 58

Puryear, Samuel 67

Raner, Miss 3

Randolph, Gov. Thomas Mann .. 19, 20.

Reeve, Mrs. Atwood 32, 39

Reid, Iasaac Shelby 58

John 58

Judith 58

Susan 58

Rhodes, Clifton 68

Frances 68

Rebecca 68

Sarah 68

Rich, Lady Frances 2

Richardson, Elizabeth 66

Riddle, William 31

Robertson, James 58

Margaret 16

Robinson, Mrs. Sally 26

Rue, Miss 65

Satterwhite, Lucy Frances .. _ 38

Philip 38

Saunders, Hannah '/3

~lling, Marguerite 54

Schermerhorn, Ashton 33

Scruggs, Oglesby 14

Shelton, Indiana Coles 40, 41

Maria Louise 44

Susanna 20, 47, 74

William 40

Shields, Sue Howard 15, 17

Smith, Rev. A. Z •...................... 36

Bettie 33

Birdie Morriss 52

Clara 52

Elizabeth 45

Emma 52

Frank 52

Joel N •.......................... 49, 50, 52

Lottie 52

Lucy 52

Malcolm 52

Marianne 67

Nellie 52

Sallie Leake 51

William T 58

Smithers, Mary L •...................... 36

Snead, Anne Maria 41, 44, 65

Caroline Chlotilda 37

Daisy Pearl 37

Edwin ~ 36, 37

Ella 65

Helen Lucille 37

Jane Johnson 65

Jeane Jesse 65

Jesse 34, 61, 63, 64, 65

John William 37

Lewis 65

Lilie Belle 37

Mary L 36, 37

Mary M •.................................. 37

Mary Marcella 37

Nannie L •.................................. 37

Quintus 65

Robert 36, 64

Robert Benjamin 65

Robert W 36, 37

Robert William 37

Rosalin V. 37

Stephen W 38

Thomas Lownes 65

William E 36, 37

Spencer, Ida Dudley 72

Spiller, Lula E •...................... 40, 41

Mrs. Susan, E 44

William 32

Tandy, Charles W •................ 40, 43

Thomas, India 65

Thomasson, Mattie 33,45

Thomson, Joyce 11, 59

Tinsley, Addie 32, 39

Fannie 32, 38

Tooms, C. W 72

Wade, Carrington 38

Hannah 59

Walton, Samuel L •...................... 46

Washington, Gen. George 67

Waters, William M •.................... 48

Watson, Daisy 65

Ella 65

Hallie 65

Mrs. Jeanie 61, 62

Mamie Henley 65

Morris 65

Norton 65

William Alexander 65

Wharton, Samuel L 46, 74

George 74

White, Garnett 26

Judge John M 48, 54

Louise ~ 48, 54

Whittaker, Richard 72

Williams, Frank 65

Wilson, George 52

Wingfield, Elizabeth 22, 56

Winn, Ann Elizabeth 64

Benjamin Bannister 64

Cornelia Brent 49, 50, 52

John 63

John Jordan 64

Martha 64

Mary Jane 64

Sarah Adeline 64

Thomas 64

William 64

Winston, Isaac 63

Wise, Henry A 48

Wood, Alice 64

Wood, Valentine 10

Woodfin, Mrs. Mary 65·

Woodson, Charles 13

Charles Lewis 13

Drury 13

Yancey, Alexander K 74

T. J 49, 52

Yates, Bishop 70

Miss 70

Sarah 69, 70, 71

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