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Please, help others find which branch of Dit-Laplante they originate from.

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Please, help others find which branch of Dit-Laplante they originate from.

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Surnames: Surnames: Badaillac,Bauliere,Bonnier, Boutin,Bruneau,Champagne,Courville,Davaux,Of Labouriere,Dessureaux,Jacques,Laplante,Leriger,Madore,Basket Plant,Reddish-Brown,Saved,Tessier,Veillet,Ect. Ect.
Hi Fellow Laplantes,

Say(Badaillac,Bauliere,Bonnier, Boutin,Bruneau,Champagne,Courville,Davaux,Of Labouriere,Dessureaux,Jacques,Laplante,Leriger,Madore,Basket Plant,Reddish-Brown,Saved,Tessier,Veillet,Ect. Ect.)Dit Laplante,

My mother was a Laplante whos ancesters migrated from Ste-Rosalie (Near St. Hyacinthe)in the providence of Quebec.My GG-Grandparents are Cleophase and Henriette(Blais)Laplante.Their children (Adolphe,Dest'e,Philibert,Baptiste,Joseph,Alphones,Henriette,Rose),My Great-Grandparents was Alphonse & Marie(Dube)Laplante.Their children were(Rosairo,Alphonse,Henri,Romeo,Obeline,Adelia).

I Have done so well on my dad's side of the family (The Suttons), with (Y chromosome)genealogical DNA testing ,though i would give it a try on my Mom's side.Since it is the male part of the gene that is tested(Past on from father to son.),I had to ask for help from a male relative with the Laplante surname,My Male first cousins,Uncles,Grandfather's brothers male children,Ect. Ect.

The test that is done will not show any indication of prevailing genetic disorters.
The ***** Dit Laplante Surname Project was established to utilize new scientific
discoveries and methodologies to assist us in our Genealogy Research.
This new field of utilizing testing for genealogy research is called
Genetic Genealogy.

Scientists have discovered that a small portion of the Y chromosome, which
is found only in men, is passed from father to son, virtually unchanged.
This section of the Y chromosome does "not" have information that defines
a person, it simply has some markers which are passed from father to son
unchanged, except for a random mutation about ever 500 generations.
[Mutation does not signify any thing negative. It is simply a scientific
term for a change.]

The test result is a string of 25 numbers, like the results shown for our
Project in the chart below. These numbers have value when compared to the
results from another male. By comparing the results, you can tell if the
two men had a common ancestor, and approximately when the common ancestor

Our project utilizes this latest technology to determine which Lines of
the surnames are related. By determining which Lines are related, we will
scientifically prove:
- the number of points of origin of the surnames
- the variants of the surname(s)

We might also be able to identify the location of the origin of the
surnames, or at least have clues.

Family Tree DNA follows the most stringent guidelines for privacy. ---FTDNA controls the Surnames Database Library and test scores, while the University of Arizona controls and maintains your genetic assets on our behalf. Therefore, there is a double safety net. The first is maintained by Family Tree DNA according to State legislation guidelines and the other is maintained by the University of Arizona which is bound by both State and Federal privacy and confidentiality legislation.

Family Tree DNA accepts the responsibility to keep your specific data private, at the same time, making enough general information public to allow us to build a Surnames Database library to be used for genealogical purposes.

To accomplish this Family Tree DNA allows you to do the following:
You will search the existing Surnames Database Library to see if the surname you are searching is already there. If it is you may order your DNA test kit and return to search to see that the database has increased under your surname. If the name you want to search is not there you may order your test kit and then return the database to see your Surname registered. When you actually place your order you will be asked to enter the Surname that you are searching.

Your order will contain typical order information, allowing us to contact you if an exact genetic match is found, (provided you have signed the Release Form) now or in the future. This contact information, like a typical order, will require a physical address and an e-mail address.

Privacy and Confidentiality Statement

Your unique locator number will accompany your collection tube to the testing lab. The computer-generated number and your Surname, ******** Dit Laplante is the only information about you that the testing facility will see. Once your test has been completed, the results of the Y-DNA or MtDNA (Mitochrondrial DNA is from the female side) will be entered in a secure database. A comparison between your specific genetic markers and those of others in the database will then be performed.

If a genetic match is found between you and another person when you have ordered, paid for, and submitted both (or multiple) samples (you and a theoretical relative) you will be informed via e-mail.

If a genetic match is found between you and another individual who enters the library at some time in the future, both will be given the information that a potential match is in the database provided that BOTH of you have signed the Release Form. Only if both parties agree will contact information concerning the separate parties be made available to the other party. In this way, all persons in the database will have the right to decide if they want to contact their probable genetic match(es).

Your unique number and your surname but no other information is all that the lab will be provided by Family Tree DNA.

Only Family Tree DNA will have the ability to cross-reference your unique test kit number with the personal information you provided us in order to determine the names and contact information of family match(es). Privacy and confidentiality will be strictly maintained.

For a better understanding of the privacy and confidentiality commitment of Family Tree DNA,go to
Or watch these video's

For more genealogical DNA projects;

My web site is at . Not only do i hope to find which branch of Dit Laplante my family belongs to,but to define the individual lines of ****** Dit Laplantes so others can find out also.I hope you will join our group.

If you have any questons at all,please E- mail me at;
Lawrence D. Sutton;

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