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Kulczycki/Kulczycka/Swiatkiewicz/Czelusniak/Bednarksi/Ogonowski - Poland/Austria to NY

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Kulczycki/Kulczycka/Swiatkiewicz/Czelusniak/Bednarksi/Ogonowski - Poland/Austria to NY

Janet (Frascatore) Coon (View posts)
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Surnames: Kulczycki/Kulczycka/Swiatkiewicz/Czelusniak/Oganowski/Bednarski
I am the great-granddaughter of Karol and Stefania "Stella" (Swiatkiewicz) Kulczycki - they immigrated to the Amsterdam, New York area from ?Sloboda Konkolnicka?, Austria/Poland. I am searching for more information on the Kulczycki, Swiatkiewicz, Czelusniak, Bednarska(i), and Ogonowska(i) surnames of this family tree. Slodboda Konkolnicka was renamed after the Austrio-Prussian War (not sure what name is now) and now lies in the current Ukraine.

Especially would like information on Karol Kulczycki's father, Joseph, and Karol's siblings (along with any other siblings he probably had that we are unaware of).

The information I currently have on the Kulczycki line is as follows: (the numbers are the generation)

1 Joseph KULCZYCKI b: Austria/Poland
+Paulina OGONOWSKA b: Austria/Poland
--2 Karol KULCZYCKI b:1885 Sloboda Konkolnicka, Austria
d:Bet. March 1922 - 1927 in Amsterdam, NY
+Stefania "Stella" SWIATKIEWICZ b: February 1893
Sloboda Konkolnicka, Austria d: March 1967 in
Utica?, New York
-----3 Teofil KULCZYCKI d: Deceased in infancy
-----3 Teofil "Theodore" "Ted" KULCZYCKI
-------4 Gloria KULCZYCKI
+<Unknown> ROSENTHAL
---------5 Kevin ROSENTHAL
---------5 John ROSENTHAL
---------5 Kimberly ROSENTHAL
-------4 Janet KULCZYCKI
+<Unknown> OLIVER
---------5 Amanda OLIVER
-------4 Karl KULCZYCKI
*2nd Wife of Teofil "Theodore" "Ted" KULCZYCKI:
+Louise <UNKNOWN>
-----3 Amalia "Imelda" Kulczycka b: July 1912
d: August 1935
+Samuel COALTER d: August 01, 1975
-------4 Delores Mary COALTER b: January 1935
+Charles FOSMIRE
---------5 Charlene FOSMIRE b: October 12, 1953
+Leonard SCHOTTS
-----------6 Marilee SCHOTTS b: June 1978
*Partner of Charlene FOSMIRE:
+<Unknown> ORTIZ
-----------6 Raymond ORTIZ
-----------6 Adam ORTIZ
*2nd Husband of Charlene FOSMIRE:
+Leonard SERAFIN
-----------6 Daniel SERAFIN
-----------6 Rita SERAFIN
*Partner of Charlene FOSMIRE:
+Howard BRUCE
-----------6 Deanna BRUCE
---------5 Charles FOSMIRE b: August 1955
+Jodel <UNKNOWN>
-----------6 Charles FOSMIRE
*1st wife of (5) Charles FOSMIRE:
+Sara PAUL
-----------6 Bobby Joe FOSMIRE
-----------6 Michael FOSMIRE
-----------6 Chazz FOSMIRE
---------5 Patricia FOSMIRE b: March 1958
-----------6 Amy HASENFUSS b: July 1976
--------------7 Aaron Cain HASENFUSS
-----------6 Renee HASENFUSS b: March 1984
--------------7 Braden HASENFUSS
---------5 Karen FOSMIRE b: September 1960
+Frederick LEE
*2nd Husband of Delores Mary COALTER:
+Norbert SLEZAK b: January 17, 1927
-----3 Stanislava "Sadie" "Sally" KULCZYCKA b: July 1914 d: January 1991
+Charles YATCH b: August 1908
d: December 1966 Amsterdam, New York
-------4 Barbara YATCH
+Richard CASE
-------4 Yvonne Bernice YATCH b: October 1937
Amsterdam, New York
+Richard WOLFE
---------5 Jeffrey J. WOLFE b: April 1958 Amsterdam, NY
---------5 Lucinda A. WOLFE b: May 1959 Amsterdam, NY
-----------6 Holly HITCHCOCK
-----------6 Danny HITCHCOCK b: June 1988
-----------6 Amy HITCHCOCK b: February 1990
---------5 Elizabeth L. WOLFE b: September 1962
Stamford, CT
+Charles STOCKER
-----------6 Charles STOCKER b: January 1990
-----------6 Courtney STOCKER b: July 1992
---------5 Thomas C. WOLFE b:December 1965 in
Amsterdam, NY
-----------6 Adam WOLFE b: November 1990
-----------6 Chelsea WOLFE b: February 1992
*2nd Wife of Thomas C. WOLFE:
-----------6 Elizabeth BARTYZEL b: April 1984
*2nd Husband of Yvonne Bernice YATCH:
+Ronald T. RUSNICA
---------5 Kathleen RUSNICA b: August 1964
-----3 Albina Caroline KULCZYCKA b: March 1917
Amsterdam, NY d: September 2000 in Albany, NY
+John Clement FRASCATORE b: March 1912
Amsterdam, NY d: July 1992 Schenectady, NY
-------4 Stefani Laura FRASCATORE b: January 1939
Amsterdam, New York
+Robert Lawrence SCHERER b: February 1939
Albany, New York
---------5 Robert Steven SCHERER b: October 1960
-----------6 Meghan CHAFFERS
-----------6 Tia Loren SCHERER
---------5 Lisa Marie SCHERER b: January 1965 Albany, NY
+James Dominick JUBERT b: August 1967
------------6 Jennifer Marie JUBERT b: January 1988 in
Albany, NY
-------4 Johanne Rose FRASCATORE b: April 1944
Amsterdam, New York
+Richard Farrow PAYNE b: November 1943
Amsterdam, New York
---------5 Julie Lynne PAYNE b: December 1965
---------5 Richard John PAYNE b: November 1966
Amsterdam, NY
+Patricia OBRIEN
-----------6 Michael Richard PAYNE b: June 1992
-----------6 Anthony John PAYNE b: May 1995
*2nd husband of Johanne Rose FRASCATORE:
+George (Woody) Woodruf GRAHAM b: February 1939
in Amsterdam, New York
-------4 John Carl FRASCATORE b: March 1945 Amsterdam,
New York
+Diana Lynn ADAMS b: January 1947 Amsterdam,
New York
---------5 Richard Joseph FRASCATORE b: April 1966 in
Amsterdam, NY
+Jocelyn Aurora CORDOVA b: Phillipines
---------5 Janet Marie FRASCATORE b: October 1969 in
Amsterdam, New York
+Gregory Lee MERRITT
*2nd Husband of Janet Marie FRASCATORE:
+Gregory Lee MERRITT
*3rd Husband of Janet Marie FRASCATORE:
+Kevin Allen COON b: August 1964 in Tell City, IN
-----------6 Bryce Alan COON b: October 2000 Evansville, IN
---------5 Bonnie Lynn FRASCATORE b: May 1971 in
Amsterdam, NY
+Frederick Marshall CONNER b: May 1969 in
Jacksonville, Florida
-----------6 Amber Leigh CONNER b: March 1988 in
Jacksonville, FL
*2nd Husband of Bonnie Lynn FRASCATORE:
+David Lawrence HARRISON b: April 1961 in
Sanford, Florida
-----------6 Colleen Ashley HARRISON b: December 1989 in
Jacksonville, FL
-----------6 Tavis Quinn HARRISON b: December 1994 in
Jacksonville, FL
*2nd Wife of John Carl FRASCATORE:
+Cheryl CHEST
---------5 William Isiah FRASCATORE b: October 1971
-----------6 Eric FRASCATORE b: June 1992 New York
---------5 Kellie Jo FRASCATORE b: April 1975
+Janson (Jason) Charles LAY
-----------6 Nicholas LAY b: May 1993 in Florida
-----------6 Jazmin Kaylee LAY b: November 1995 Lee, FL
-----------6 Gabriel LAY
---------5 Tracey Ann FRASCATORE b: June 1977 in
Amsterdam, New York
+Dale A. CLEGG b: May 1958 in Florida
*3rd Wife of John Carl FRASCATORE:
+Judith SMITH b: September 1939 in Rensselaer,
New York
-------4 Anita Louise FRASCATORE b: August 1949 in
Amsterdam, New York
---------5 John R. RICHIAZZI b: November 1970
---------5 Laura Lee RICHIAZZI b: May 1974
-----3 Leo KULCZYCKI b: April 1920 d: Bet. 1924 - 1925
-----3 Anna Helen "Helen" KULCZYCKA b: July 1921
d: March 1978 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
+William "Rappo" CZELUSNIAK
-------4 Donald CZELUSNIAK b: March 1943
-------4 Gwendolyn CZELUSNIAK
+<Unknown> BRAHLER
*2nd Husband of Gwendolyn CZELUSNIAK:
+<Unknown> RACZYNSKI
-------4 John "Jack" CZELUSNIAK
-------4 Deborah CZELUSNIAK
+<Unknown> <UNKNOWN>
--2 John KULCZYCKI b: Austria/Poland d: New York?
+Teofila (Phyllis) SWIATKIEWICZ b: Austria/Poland d: Deceased in New York
-----3 Stefania "Stella" KULCZYCKA b: Abt. 1909 in
Austria/Poland d: Deceased
-----3 Frank KULCZYCKI
+Regina/Jean <UNKNOWN>
-------4 Barbara KULCZYCKI
-------4 Frank KULCZYCKI b: 1944 d: Bet. 1990 - 1993
-----3 John "Sharky" KULCZYCKI d: Deceased
+Noreen <UNKNOWN> d: Deceased
-------4 Kenny KULCZYCKI d: Deceased
-------4 John KULCZYCKI d: Deceased
-------4 Nancy KULCZYCKI
-----3 Leo KULCZYCKI d: Deceased
-----3 Josephine "Josie" KULCZYCKA b: November 1913 d: April 1981 Lake Worth, FL
+Joseph MURDICO b: October 1909
d: December 1997 Lake Worth, FL
*2nd Husband of Josephine "Josie" KULCZYCKA:
+<Unknown> <UNKNOWN>
--2 Michael KULCZYCKI (We were told that Michael also immigrated to the U.S., moved to Michigan, and was not heard from again - so where he died, or if he had a wife and children is unknown)

If anyone has any information on this line, please contact me!!!


Janet (Frascatore) Coon
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