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Kissane Family Name

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Re: Kissane Family Name

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Surnames: Kissane
Here is what I have on the Family name

The Name Kissane:
by Eamon Kissane, Dublin, Ireland
The English name "Kissane" is a phonetic anglicisation of the Gaelic name "Ó Cíosáin", where the "O", the first "i" and the "a" all have acute accents to broaden the vowels. I know this to be true from when I learned Gaelic in school and from my Grandfather who spoke fluent Gaelic.
The name is a composite of three Gaelic words...
Ó (or O accent) means "son of".
Cíos (or Cios - accent on i) means "rent".
Áin (or Ain - accent on A) means "the act of driving", e.g. driving cattle.
Combined into Ó Cíosáin, the name means "Son of the Rent Driver". In olden days, subjects of the local Chieftain were required to pay rent, normally in the form of livestock, to their Chieftain who leased them land to farm. The original Kissanes were employed by the Black Valley Chieftain at one time to collect this rent. Seemingly, the Kissanes at that time were taller and bigger than other families and therefore better suited to extracting the rent from the Chieftain's subjects. Rent was normally paid in sheep or cattle and the Kissanes had to collect the cattle and sheep and drive them back to the Chieftain - hence "driving the rent"!!
Fr. Jimmy told me he remembers cycling in the Black Valley one Autumn in the early 1950s and coming across two old men with two sheepdogs driving a flock of 3 or 400 sheep along the road. When the flock passed he asked the two men where they were driving the sheep. They told him they were gathering the sheep from neighbouring hills and valleys where they were grazing for the Summer to bring them back to their farm to shelter for the Winter. When he asked them their names they told him they were Kissanes and when they heard he was a Kissane too, they told him some of the history of the Kissanes that they knew.
These two men were the last male Kissanes (bachelors) in the Black Valley which was a backward area at that time - seemingly it was the last place in Ireland to get electricity in the late 1960s because it was so inaccessibly, being surrounded on all sides by steep, high mountains. Anyway, at some time in the past, the local Chieftain in the Black Valley who had employed the Kissanes as rent drivers had weakened and another Chieftain from North Kerry who was much more powerful hired the Kissanes to collect his rent in North Kerry. This, seemingly, is why the Kissanes moved from the Black Valley to North Kerry and is probably why most Kissanes now live in or come
from North Kerry. Fr. Jimmy told me that there is still one old woman living in the Black Valley who is a Kissane but there are no male Kissanes left. He also told me there is a small church in the Black Valley which he has seen which makes reference to the Kissanes in two of it's stained glass windows - I don't know when the church was built…

Dear fellow Kissane,

I am doing our family tree. So far, I have traced back to my great great grandfather Michael Kissane. He was married to Johanna Dillon (Dillane) in County Kerry, Ireland about 1854. Johanna died about March 1,1902 in Ireland at age 64. That would make her 16 when they were married.
I have identified 11 of their children, all were born in Kilgarvan, Ballylongford, Co. Kerry, Ireland:
- Nora(Sister Mary Elphage) Kissane,( -03/17/1955), Dublin, Ireland
- Margaret( Sister Bonaface) Kissane, (1848 -12/20/1930), London, England
- Delia Walsh Oakland, California
- Michael Dillon Kissane, (1866-10/15/1927, Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois he was and was my Ggrand father.
- Richard Kissane, (1875- 11/20/1940), Kilgarvan, Co. Kerry, Ireland
- Lillian (Ellen) O'Connor, (06/26/ 1876 - 10/04/1968), Belmont, San Mateo Co., California.
- Johanna Coolahan, ( - 1932), Tarbert, Co. Kerry, Ireland
- Kathleen Carroll, ( - 1930), Listowel, Co. Kerry, Ireland
- Annie O’Donnell, ( - 1930), Kilgarvan, Co. Kerry, Ireland
- Mrs. Mary Connelly, who died in 1921.
- John Kissane, went to England in the late 1800s.

My great grandfather Michael Dillon Kissane married to Johanna Mulvihill born in Listowel, County Kerry, Ireland about 1868. They met and married 6/18/1890 in Chicago, Illinois where they had 11 children. Michael was shot to death in a hold up in Chicago(10/15/1927). Johanna died 09/19/1946.

I have identified 9 of their children, all born in Chicago, Illinois USA:
- James Kissane (July 1903-6/14/1913)
- Edward Kissane (July 1903-2/18/1904)
- John Bernard Kissane(10/20/1891-08/23/1980), he was the oldest and was my grand father.
- Michael Allen Kissane(Fr. Al Kissane) (11/23/1894-03/25/1954).
- Jerimiah Emmett Kissane(04/07/1896-05/ /1973)*
- Brendan Marie Kissane(02/14/1898-06/08/1975)*
- Richard Kissane(11/16/1899 - 19?? )*
- Mary Elphege Kissane( Sister Marie Jeanne) (07/12/1901-07/15/1983) is buried at Notre Dame, Indiana.*
- Thomas Francis Kissane(09/16/1905-02/21/1989)

*Names of Sponsors from Baptismal records are William Kissane, Hannah Walsh, Michael & Margaret Dillon, - relationship uncertain. Edward & Catherine Mulvihill Johanna’s brother & sister.

Richard Kissane, born in Kilgarvan, County Kerry, Ireland 1875. He was married to Hanora O’Connor born in Tarmons Tarbert, County Kerry, Ireland. She died in 1958. Her brother Maurice was Lillian Kissane’s husband.

They had 12 children. All born in Kilgarvan, Ballylongford,Co. Kerry, Ireland:
- John Kissane,(07/13/1907 - 02/28/1977), Kilgarvan Ballylongford, Co. Kerry, Ireland
- Johanna (Sister Siobhán)Kissane,( 07/01/1908 - 09/10/1998), Baptized 07/02/1908 at the Church of St. Teresia, Ballydonoghue, Lisstelton, Co. Kerry, Ireland buried, Notre Dame, Indiana
- Mamie O’Connor, (07/13/1909 –05/31/1999), Listowel, Co. Kerry, Ireland
- Nora Kissane,(10/14/1910 -3/20/1998), Chicago, Illinois.
- Michael Kissane, (12/31/1911 - 03/03/1957) , Clountubrid, Listowel, Co. Kerry, Ireland
- Kathleen(Sister Maria Gertrude) Kissane, (04/11/1913 - 11/01/1993)
- Briget(Sister Petronilla) Kissane, (07/23/1914 -) Raheny, Co. Dublin, Ireland
- Peggy Murphy, (10/05/1915 -), Listowel, Co. Kerry, Ireland
- Richard Kissane (Fr. Dick),(11/13/1916 –10/18/2002), buried in Hemet, California.
- Thomas Kissane, (10/19/1919 -07/16/1995), Dublin, Ireland
- Maurice Kissane, (12/5/1917 –03/02/2001), Dublin, Ireland
- Neans (Sister Louise) Kissane, (10/05/1920 - 07/31/1990), Boca Raton, Florida

I would like any information about you and other relatives, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. I need full names, date and place of birth, Baptism, marriage, occupation, death and burial. Any information will be greatly appreciated..


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