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Heinrich Kachelriess

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Heinrich Kachelriess

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Kit - your August Godfrey Kachelriess is most likely kin somehow, since the Kachelriess surname is a rare one!

The first documented Kachelriess to arrive in American was Nicolaus Kachelriess. He arrived on September 27, 1737 at the Port of Philadelphia, aboard the ship "Snow Molly" which left from Amsterdam, Holland and sailed to America via Dover, England. Nicholas is most likely the progenitor of the North American Kachelriess Family, but there is no proof that this is true.

There were 95 "Palatine" passengers aboard the Snow Molly. (All passengers may or may not have actually been from Palatine, Germany. It was a common practice to record all passengers from one originating point, which simplified record keeping.) All male passengers over the age of 16 (there were 31) were listed by the ship's captain, John Howell. The other 64 passengers would have been females (all ages) or males 16 or under.

There were no other Kachelriess immigrants listed on this voyage; however, it is not known whether or not Nicolaus came to American alone, or with a wife and young family -- or other male relatives under 16 years of age, who would not have been recorded. (Source: Ralph Beaver Strassburger: Pennsylvania German Pioneers, Vol. I, page 173-174 )

A Nicholas Cochelrise is recorded on the 1737 Philadelphia County, PA Census, and appears to be the same Nicholas who arrived on the Snow Molly. At this point he disappears from PA -- and it seems possible that he died shortly after arriving in America, since he doesn't surface again anywhere (that I've found). To date, no documentation has been discovered that reveals the name of the father of Tabalt and Michael Cocklereece, but it is possible that Nicholas was their father. (It is believed that the given named "Tabalt or Tabolt" is a misspelling of another unknown name, probably Theobold, Theobald or Theobaldus, an 18th century German given name.)

Consider the following:

A 1754 land transaction for a Mathias Myars (stepfather to the two Cocklereese boys) is the first record of Mathias Miers/Myars in NC: Granville County Deeds, Patent Book 14, page 5, (abstract 2474) transaction dated 4/26/1754; Mathias Miers purchases 400 acres in Granville County on both sides of Skelton Creek; Witnesses Jno Haywood, Sher Haywood; SCC Benford Dickens, Griffin Nunary; Wm Churton, Surveyor.

1769 Tax Census records for Granville County, NC indicate Tabolt's son (who is mentioned in Mythias Myars' March 1770 Will) indicate Mythias/Mathias was born before 1753, since only males over the age of 16 were recorded. If at least 16 when his son was born, Tabolt would have been born before 1736.

Michael is probably the elder of the two since he inherited the largest portion of Mythias Miars estate in 1770.

Based on a possible 1752 birthdate for Mythias, son of Tabolt, and because he appears to be named for Mary's second husband, Mythias/Mathias Miers/Myars, it is plausible that the father of Tabolt and Michael died before 1752. Bridging the two generations, I believe that Michael and Tabolt were probably born between 1733 and 1735.

If born in 1735, Tabalt would have been 31 at the time of Mythias Myars death in 1770, and an toddler in 1737. Likewise, Michael, if born in 1733 would have been 33 in 1770, and toddler in 1737. Both Michael and Tabalt could have been born in Amsterdam, Holland. This is important since it establishes that a connection between Nicholas, Michael and Tabalt is possible.

It appears that both of Mary Kachelriess's sons (Michael and Tabalt) COULD have arrived on the Snow Molly; however, there is a problem -- a published genealogical paper (National Genealogical Society Quarterly, September 1951) which indicates Johannes Kachelriess, who is known to be the son of Michael, was born in 1760 in Holland -- 23 years after the 1737 arrival of the Snow Molly. Because of the source (NGSQ), the birth year and place are assumed to be reliable facts, but the author is dead, and the supporting documentation is unknown. Also, there are no census records that indicate John/Johannes was foreign born. I believe the reference to birthplace was actually for Michael, John's father.

In America, the name Cocklereece has been found to be an "Anglicized" version of the German surname Kachelriess (in German records of the Friedens Church in Gibsonville, NC). I've been in touch with present-day Kachelriess descendants in Germany -- who say that Kachelriess is a VERY rare German name which originates in a small area in northern Bavaria. Most Kachelriesses come from or near Unternesselbach, Mittelfranken, Bayern (Bavaria, Germany), which is northeast of Stuttgart and northwest of Nuremburg. The majority of the Kachelriess records I have found at the LDS Library in SLC, (there are quite a few in the Brenner Collection) originated in this area.

There is no doubt that your ancestor also has roots in Unternesselbach, Mittelfranken, Germany.


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