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Is There Really a Pierre Jouett?

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Is There Really a Pierre Jouett?

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Surnames: Jouett, Ruddock, Bailey, Brown, Tanner, Moore, Duncan, Robards, and many more
I have been researching the Jouett family for more than 10 years and I have been asking the same question about Pierre “Peter” Jouett and Matthew Jouett: Are they one in the same person? Today I am more convinced than ever that this is the case. I am looking for someone to provide DOCUMENTED EVIDNECE that Pierre “Peter” Jouett exist as a separate person. I know that Pierre is mentioned in the wills of his Mother and Father (listed below) and I know he is also listed on the passenger list from New York to the Carolinas in 1695/1696. But could it have been that Pierre Matthew Jouett? Could it be that Pierre changed his name or took his middle name as his first name? Why would he do this? Well, His family left France because of persecution, they then arrived in the Americas by way of Rhode Island where again they were persecuted and were forced to leave and they then moved to New York. So could it be that Pierre decided to go by Matthew as it sounds more British (English) rather than Peter or Pierre that is quite French? The other point that I would like to make that other than these three references to Pierre we see no more, yet with all of his brothers and sisters I find all sorts of documentation on them. Below are some examples of all documentation that I have uncovered. I would hope to find someone who will have the documented information for the proof of Pierre Jouett.

So let me see if we can make any sense of all of this:
Below are three different items that have different information on Pierre/Peter Jouet and Matthew Jouett:

Pierre Jouett in the first example was born in 1683 in Hanover County, Virginia this can not be true as Daniel De Jouet and Marie Coursier had not arrived in Americas until 1688 in Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island (this information comes from the book "From New Babylon to Eden" by Bertrand Van Ruymbeke). As we know Marie had her third child in Plymouth, England in 1685. So Pierre could not have been born in Hanover County, Virginia. Also in the first example Pierre dies on December 17, 1743 in New Jersey. I also do not believe this as I have done extensive research on the family in New Jersey and I can without a doubt tell you that Pierre did not die in New Jersey. Daniel (will written June 7, 1711 and proved On October 10, 1721) and Marie (will written July 4, 1732 and Proved November 25, 1732) lived in Elizabethtown, Essex County, New Jersey and both of their wills were proved in said town, county, and state. Yes it does mention Peter in the wills dated 1711 and in 1732, but what does this prove? Yes there is a Pierre/Peter and could their be a Pierre Matthew Jouet or a Matthew Pierre Jouet? And why if we find so much information on the Jouets in New Jersey, New York, Narragansett Bay, Hanover, Louisa, and Abemarle Counties, that we find nothing about Pierre/Peter other than the Passenger List of 1695/1696 when they went to the Carolinas, and the two wills?

In the Second example in red, this was posted somewhere and this has Daniel and Marie with a grandson named Matthew Pierre Jouett born Dec 1701 in Hanover County and died June 1746 in Louisa {Abermarle County} County. Pierre is born in 1683 on the Isle De Re, France and dies Dec 17, 1743 in Albemarle County. So lets look at this: If you subtract 1701 - 1683 = 18, that means that Pierre Jouett was 18 years old when Matthew was born. And he was 18 married living in Hanover County alone. Does anyone believe this? I don't think so!!!!! So let me run this by you, what if Pierre Jouet and Matthew Jouett were the same person? Intriguing? I bet I have your attention now. What if Pierre Matthew Jouet was born in 1683 in the Isle of Re, France and left with his parents to go to England and then on to Rhode Island, then to New York, the Carolinas, New York and then Virginia. Think about this he would have been 37 years old when he married Susanna Moore (she would have been 20) if they got married in 1720.
Another point to be made is that Matthew Jouett made his will on December 31, 1743( we know this because I have in my hands the document that states the date he wrote the will and it proved in the Hanover County Court) {however, I learned today that those records are no longer abled to be accessed due to the fact that those records were destroyed during the civil war by our southern soldiers, that is story for another time} and Pierre Jouet died on December 17, 1743; strange isn't it? Why would Matthew write a will when he had lost his father on days before and New Years Eve to boot?

The third example shows us that dates can be wrong al the way around check out Matthew's date of death 1734 - wrong wrong wrong!!! Nothing more to be said.

I have given you a lot to think about. Mull it over and let me know what you think.

4. PIERRE3 DE JOUET (DANIEL2, DANIEL1) was born 1683 in Hanover Co. VA, and died December 17, 1743 in NJ.
He married UNKNOWN Abt. 1701. She was born Unknown, and died Unknown. {from Joel Meador}

Daniel Jouet and Marie Coursier did NOT have a son Matthew. This was their grandson Matthew Pierre Jouett b. Dec 1701 Hanover Co. VA; d. Jun 1746 Louisa [Albemarle] Co. VA who was son of Pierre/Peter Jouet/Jouett b. abt 1683 Isle de Re, Charente-Maritime, France; WP 17 Dec 1743 Albemarle Co. VA who m. abt 1700-1 Hanover Co. VA. Pierre is named in his father's WD 7 Jun 1711; WP 10 Oct 1721 [Lib. A, p.203, Essex Co. NJ Wills]. Pierre is also shown with his parents Daniel and Marie in South Carolina in 1695: "Daniel Jouet, "sail-maker" was listed in "An Act For The Making Aliens Free Of This Part Of The Province, And For Granting Liberty Of Conscience To All Protestants." Daniel Jouet, his wife Marie, and their children, Daniel, Pierre, Marie, Elizabeth, and Anne appeared with French and Swiss refugees who wished to be naturalized as Englishmen. Their sons Ezechiel and Jean not mentioned.

Mathew Jouett died in Louisa County, Virginia in 1734. He owned extensive land in Hanover in 1732, and was said to have furnished the land and built the courthouse for Louisa County on his land on Beaver Creek. He owned the Cuckoo Tavern in Louisa County, which got its name for the cuckoo clock which hung on its walls. This was supposedly the first cuckoo clock brought to Virginia. Does this mean that Mathew Jouett was a descendant of "Willam Jewett of Hanwell, clocksmith," one of the "Newgate prisoners reprieved for transportation to Barbados," and thence to Virginia, on July 15, 1663? {from Juettgenealogy:}

Land Grant
Name: Matthew Jouet
Date of Grant: 20 June 1733
Location: Hanover County, Virginia
Description: 400 Acres on both sides west fork of Hickory Bear Creek
Matthew Jouet signs this Land Grant “Matt Jouet” and William Gooch also signs the Grant on behalf of King George.
Source Information: Library of Virginia, Land Office Patents, No 15, 1732 - 1735 (vol. 1 & 2) Page 83, (reel 13).

Land Grant
Name: Matthew Jouet
Dateof Grant: 28 Sept 1732
Location: Hanover Conty, Virginia
Description: 400 Acres on both sides Junmping Branch
Source: Library of Virginia, Land Patentes, No 14, 1728, 1732,(pt 1 & 2), Page 483, (Reel 11).

Land Grant:
Name: Matthew Jouet
Date: 28 Sept 1732
Location: Hanover County, Virginia
Description: 1074 acres on the lower side of North East Creek on the north side of the South Anna River.
Source: Library of Virginia, Land office patents, No. 14, 1728 - 1732, Pt 1 & 2, page 480 (reel 11)

Virginia Histroical Journals
Matthew Jouet
November 4, 1732, Louisa County, Virginia
A council Meeting held at the Governors House
Present at the meeting: The Governor, William Bryd, Cole Diggs, John Robinson, John Grymes, William Dandridge, John Custis, Philip Lightfoot, and Thomas Lee , Esquires
At this meeting the following was discussed: “Upon Reading the Petition of the Diverse Inhabitants of the County Louisa Desiring that a court house may be Erected on the Lnads of Matthew Jouit on Beaver Creek, and upon Reading of Sev’ll l’res relating there to, it is the Opinion of the Board that the Justices for the said County shall meet and hold Courts aat Jouet for the Space of Six Months, and if they cannot in that time Agree amongst theselves, that this board will then take it under their Consideration.”

Council Meeting held at the Governor’s House, Dec’r. 15th 1742
Present at the meeting the Governor, William Byrd, John Robinson, John Grymes, William Dandridge, Jo’n Custis, and Thomas Lee, Esquires.
In this meeting the following was discussed: “Ordered. That a Commission of the Peace Issue for Hanover County that the Justices be placed in the same order as in the old Commission preceeding the last and thomas Booth be added and Matt. Jouet left Out, and John Smith to be put into his former place.” {We are not sure what this means as there is not further mention or discussion of the procedings.}

In a Council meeting held May 3, 1743 at the Capitol those present were The Governor, William byrd, Cole Diggs, John Robinson, John Grymes, John Custis, John Tayloe, Philip Lighfoot and Thomas Lee, Esquires.
“The Board having this Day taken into consideration the Petition ot the Inhabitants of Louisa County in relation to Apponting a proper place for Erecting a Court House for the S’d County. Upon Pwesuing the plan of the s’d County and hearing the Parties, and Council on their behalf are of Opinion that Mathey Jouets Land being the place agreed on by the Majority of the Justices at a Meeting of the said County Court is the most convenient place and that the Court house to Erected there accordingly.”

Council Meeting held on December 19, 1764 those present: R’t Armistead, thomas Johnson jun’r, James Meriweather, R’d Anderson, Waddy Thomson, Cleavers Duke, William Philips, be added Thomas Johnson senior be placed accord’g to his Rank in Carolne - Cleavers Duke, to be the first of these.
“A petition of the Inhabitants of Louisa, setting forth that Situatuion of the Court House is render’d very inconvenient, it being far from the Center, and that it is old and decayed, and neccessary to build a new one, with other public conveniences and praying a Writ to issue for adjourning the Court of the s’d County to the House of John Jouett’s till a sufficient C’t House can be erected in such part as the Board shall judge most prper. Rejected on hearing Parties on both sides.”
Source: The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Virginia Historical Society, Vol. XVI - No. 1, July 1908, Editor: William G. Standard, Richamond, Virginia, Pages: 17 - 18, 20, 26 - 27.

Virginia Land Records:
Reocrds of Hanover County
There are only two old books in the Clerk’s Office of Hanover County, Virginia: The oldest being the “Small Book” and the other the “Large Book” The Small book covers the years 1734 and 1735. The Large book is a deed book from 1780 - 1790.

Page 84: date: 1733 Robt. Jennings to keep ordinary at Crutfield. Security Mat. Jouet, Jno. Dabney.
David Meriwether’s bond as Adminastator of Arthur Clayton. Deceased, bond to Nich: Meriwether. Security Thos. Prosser and Mat. Jouet.

January 1773 Thomas Trevilllian to keep a ordinary. Security Matt. Jouett (page 85)

Dec 1733 - Dinah Swift, Jno Darricott, Matthew Jouett, Security bond as adms. to Wm. Swift. (page 92)
Dec 1734 - David Meriwether (Matt Jouet) bond to keep Ordinary at Crutchfield Woodshop (page 92)
Source: Virginia Laand Records: From the Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, the William and Mary College, and Tyler’s Quarterly, Indexed by Gary Parks, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1982, Baltimore

US International Marriage Records 1560 - 1900
Name: Susannah Price Moore
Gender: female
State: Virginia
Birth Year: 1700
Spouse name: Matthew Jouett
Spouse Birth Place: PR
Spouse Birth Year: PR
Spouse birth Year: 1680
Marriage Year: 1720
Marriage State PR

"This Indenture (a deed contract or sealed agreement) made this XXW day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and forty six BETWEEN John Moore of the said will and testament of Matthew Jouett late (dead) of this county of Louisa ___________ and Susanna Jouett widow and ___________ of the said Matthew Jouett of the one part and the Honorable Philip Lightfoot of the County of York Esquire and Robert Jennings of the County of Hanover Gentleman of the other part where as the aforesaid Matthew Jouett by his last will and testament becoming ___________ on thirty first day of December in this year of our Lord on thousand seven hundred and forty three (December 31, 1743: will was written) did among other things order and direct that all his lands on Harris and Beaver Creeks in Louisa County where as his Court House has and now stands should be sold by his executor for the purposes herein motioning as by the said will of Record in the County Court of Hanover way more was fully approved."

Calendar of New Jersey Wills, 1670 – 1760; pg 269
Name: Daniel Jouett Date: 07 June 1711 Location – Elizabethtown, New Jersey
Will of – Wife Marie Coursier, Children – Daniel, Peter, Mary and Elizabeth. “Temporal Estate” The wife sole executrix- witnessed – Jonathan Dickson, John Harriman, Benj. Price. Proved 10 Oct 1721.
Lib. A. P. 203, and Essex Wills.

Calendar of New Jersey Wills, 1670 – 1760
Name: Mary Jouet Date 04 July 1732 Location: Elizabethtown, New Jersey, Essex County
Widow: will of grandson, William Dixon, moneys due me from Thomas Woodruffe, Nathaniel Crane, Joseph Haer, Daniel Clarke, Richard Miller, all of Elizabethtown, and a small silver mug. Daughter Elizabeth Ladner, and daughter Mary, Sons Daniel and Peter, Grandson Daniel and son-in-law Absalom Ladner, Friend, Rev. Mr. Edward Vaughn, to be overseer. Witnesses – Jane Tonyrelon, Mary Emott, Geo. Emott. Proved Nov. 25, 1732. Daniel Jouet and Absalom Ladner qualified as executors. William Dixon not being of age. Lib. B, P. 326.

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