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where did I come from

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Jordan Family

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I don't know if this will help, but these are two articles that I have found on the subject. You can email me direct at:
if you are unable to get this .
Barbara Jordan Straw

The Jordan Arms are described as follows, --"A lion rampant between nine crosses, crosslet fitchee." Jordain of Jordan Arms, of Dorsetshire are described by Burke as follows, ---"Azure seme de crosses crosslet. A lion rampant or" Or less technically, ---A lion of gold rampant upon an azure shield, strewn with gold crosses. The motto, ---"Percussus resurgo":---translated, ---"When struck down I rise again." The arms are said to have been used as early as Edward I.

Hutchins, in his history of Dorset says, --"The Jordans were an ancient family in Dorsetshire, and occur very early in the Coker-Fome, at Fome-Whitefield, where they had some interest, about 1400. Their arms, similar to those described, re quartered with Trenchard and Mohun, upon the painted glass windows of the ancient Manor House of Wolverton, long since in ruins, but for the time when it was built, one of the grandest in England. The windows are its noblest remaining ornament and contain almost a complete pedigree of the family. John Jordan, its ancient owner, was escheator of the county, the 5th of Henry IV.

The name Jordan is known to have been borrowed from the famous River Jordan in Palastine. And as the Name is here written, it exists in England, Ireland and Wales. There are also families who spell if Jordaine, Jordayne, Jorden, Jordin, Jordon, Jourdan. The Jordan who first settled in Wales was of Anglo-Norman origin, and was one of the companions of Martine de tours in the time of the conquest. A Robert Jordan married a Cokers in Blandford, county of Dorset, and had Robert Jordan who became a merchant in Melcomb, also of Dorsetshire, who married it is supposed, into the Fitzpen or Phippen family. Their coat of arms was nine daggars on a shield, a lion rampant in the center, etc. The Dorsetshire and Somersetshire families have on their shields a lion rampant; and the Wiltshire family have a bent arm holding a daggar.

There is a legend in the Jordan family, unsupported by positive evidence but so plausible tht it seems to explain the origin of the name and the coat of arms. It is as follows:

Comparatively few men in England had family names in the twelfth centry. Toward the close of that century, King richard, the lion-hearted, gathered an army about him and, with Philip II, King of France, sailed for the Holy Land to take part in the third cursade. In July, 1191, Acre was captured and shortly afterward Philip quarreled with King Richard and returned to France. Richard went on and fought many battles in the Holy Land.

It was during one of these battles with the Saracens on the banks of the river Jordan tht one of the nameless army, doubtless a servant to some Knight, was in a fiece fight in which the English were being beaten. The nameless one was knocked down on his back and a huge Sacacen raised a long curved blade to end his earthly existence, but the nameless one was not vanquished. Before the blade could land, he was on his feet again and in the next instant he had slain the Saracen. Encouraged by his success, he led a charge that was victorious.

It happened so the story goes, that King Richard saw the incident and that evening as the weary crusaders rested in their tents, he called the young man to him. Then inthe presence of the assembled soldiers, he conferred on him the Knighthood; and for a name, Richard turned to the placid of the nearby River Jordan and said, "I knight thee Sir Jordan".

And that, so the legend ends, is why the coat of arms carries the latin motto: "Percussus, resurgo". The nine corssed crosslet are for nine battles inthe Holy Land, while the lion rampant and other symbols indicate the order of Knighthood.

Note: Information above taken from :

There is also a site on the Jordan family that displays the Coat of Arms above described.

I don't know if this is all true, but it makes for some interesting reading.

Barbara Jordan Straw
Bartlesville, Oklahoma
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