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Jarman in Alabama

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Surnames: Jarman
I'm related to the McDaniels who had many ties with the Jarmans, but I don't know that I'm related to Obediah F. Jarman specifically. I believe two of his half-siblings, Susan and Retus Koonce, married two of my ggggrandfather's siblings, Mitchel and Drucilla McDaniel. The Jarmans and the McDaniels all moved to Sumter Co., AL in the 1830s.

According to the service records available (for a fee) at, "O. F. Jarman" enlisted in the Confederate army on March 8, 1862 in Lauderdale, MS, and served as a private in Company C, Gordon's Battalion (later 42nd Regiment, later 4th Regiment, later 2nd Regiment) Mississippi Cavalry.

From June 30 to Oct. 31, 1862, he did extra duty as a teamster. At some later point Obediah deserted the army, but on May 24, 1863 he rejoined his company. However, on July 10, 1863, he deserted again, permanently.

Below is a transcription of a four-page document at (full source information below) with my comments in brackets. I will try to attach .jpg files with images of the pages as well. Warning: the ending is disturbing.

"Proceedings of the Military Comt of Lee's (Old) Cavalry Division held at Meridian Mississippi

"Headquarters Military Comt [Committee] Lee's (old) Cav. Div.
"Meridian Miss January 18th 1865

"The Comt ____ [members?] Present.
"Col. James Thelan Presiding Judge.
"Col. T. A. Jones Judge
"Capt. Austin Pollard Judge Advocate.

"The case of Confederate States v. Private O. F. Jorman [sic] Co. 'C' 2nd Mississippi Cavalry set for trial this day was called:

"Accused being present in Comt & having announced himself ready for trial, was asked if he had any objection to any member of the Comt. to which he replied I have none.

"The Comt was cleared of all witnesses. The Accused private O. F. Jorman Co 'C' 2nd Mississippi Cavalry was then arraigned upon the following charge and specification viz:

"Charge. Desertion

"Specification to charge. In this that the said O. F. Jorman, private Co 'C' 2d Miss Cav'ly Regiment, a duly enlisted soldier in the service of the Confederate States, did desert the service of the Confederate States while his command was near the enemy at Mechanicksburg Miss, and in the month of July 1863, and was captured by the post guard on the 2d day of January 1865

"J. P. Nuckols Col
"____ Port of Lauderdale Miss

"To which the accused private O. F. Jorman Co C 2nd Regiment Mississippi Cavalry pleaded as follows viz:

"To the specification not Guilty
"To the charge not Guilty

"Lieut J. G. Brevard. 1st Missouri [Mississippi?] Battery, a witness for the prosecution was called, duly sworn & testified in substance as follows viz:

"Examined by the Judge Advocate

"Question: Do you know accused?

"Answer: I do know him.

"Question: What is his rank, & of what Co. & Regt is he a member if any?

"Answer: He is a private in the 2nd Regiment of Mississippi Cavalry, as accused stated to me, but of what Co. I do not know.

"Question: Is he, or not, an enlisted soldier in the service of the Confederate States?

"Answer: Accused acknowledged to me that he was.

"Question: He is charged with desertion; tell all you know on the subject of your own knowledge or from what you heard accused say, giving tim & place fully.

"Answer: I am the commander of the Postguard at Lauderdale Miss, a portion of which are detailed as scouts to capture all deserters from the Army & parties absent without leave. It was reported to me that accused was a deserter. One Jamison* sergeant of Co. 'C' 2nd Miss Cavalry happened to be at Lauderdale at the time. I obtained his services in piloting me to the house of accused for which purpose I obtained some men. Accused was possessed of a very fine gun & as an incentive to the men I promised that the man who first laid his hand on accused should have the gun.

"When we reached his house we knocked at the door, but no response being made, I burst the button off the door with the end of a musket. Jorman was in bed covered up. Sergt Jamison rushed up & first laid hold of him & took him out of bed. I then charged accused with being a deserter - he replied that he has papers. I asked to see them - he then shewed me an informal furlough from a Capt Gill__[?] commanding scouts on the Mississippi River. I informed him that his furlough had no proper endorsements & that he was a deserter from the 2nd Mississippi Cavalry - he then confessed that he was a deserter, that he knew he had done wrong and that he expected he would have to bear the penalty. I remarked, during the conversation, to him that he would be shot - he replied that he could not help it that he had done wrong & he knew it. I asked him how he had escaped so long - he said he had escaped from a guard before, & a portion of the time had been in Alabama laboring at the saltworks but that in consequence of his age nobody ever troubled him.

"I give only the substance of the conversation not pretending to give the precise words used. This took place at Jorman's house about the 1st of January 1865 in Lauderdale Co Miss to the best of my recollection.

"Question: In the Conversation you speak of with accused did he or not say or was anything said in his presence in relation to the time he left his command, or the length of time he was absent from it & where he left it?

"Answer: There was something said by accused in the Conversation above detailed as to the time that accused deserted, my memory is not distinct - but to the best of my recollection it was stated by accused or by Sergt Jamison to accused, that he had been absent for about two years or from the time that Genl Bragg entered upon his Kentucky Campaign. As near as I remember it was stated either by Jamison or by accused who were conversing together on the point that accused deserted at or near Columbus Miss.

"The witness was here turned over to accused who declined.

[page 4, image 9]
"To Cross Examine ____ [Lines?]
"By the Court

"Question: What is the age of accused?

"Answer: I suppose him to be about 55 or 56 years of age.

"The Examination of the witness being completed his testimony hving been read over to & by him approved the witness was caused to retire.

"The Prosecution was here closed.

"Accused declined to introduce any testimony or make any statement.

"The Comt was then cleared for deliberation.

"After mature deliberation the Comt find the accused private O. F. Jorman Co. 'C' 2nd Mississippi Cavalry Regiment as follows:

"Of the Specification Guilty--except the words while his command was near the enemy at Mechanicksburg and in the month of July 1863, substituting therefor the word[s] at or near Columbus Miss in the summer of 1863.

"Of the charge Guilty

"And the Comt do therefore sentence the accused Private OF Jorman Co C. 2d Mississippi Cavalry Regiment to be shot to death with musketry at such time & place as the Commanding General may direct, two thirds of the members of the Comt concurring therein. The Comt recommend that if practicable the sentence be executed in the presence of the Command of accused

"Austin Pollard Capt. } James Phelan, Col.
& Judge Advocate } Presiding Judge &c"

(Source: (Category "Civil War 1860-1880," Collection "Confederate Soldier Service Records"; Mississippi; Second Cavalry; O. F. Jarman (images 7-9); Original source: National Archives and Records Administration. (1960). Compiled Service Records of Confederate Soldiers Who Served in Organizations from the State of Mississippi (Micropublication M269, 427 rolls); Record Group 109; National Archives Bldg., Washington, D.C.)
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